Blacks Don’t Swing? An Intrepid Investigation

tulio writes that Blacks are not into the swinger, orgy and group sex scene:

Because even things like swinger clubs and orgies, its mostly whites doing it. I mean why don’t you have groups of blacks starting their own swinger/wife swapping clubs. I’ve never heard of blacks throwing an orgy.

No. Blacks are into the swinging scene all right. In particular, it’s Black guys, relatively sophisticated, civilized and more middle class ones. It’s a great way to get tons of sex. Plus Black guys are often pretty uninhibited in an atmosphere like that, whereas for instance in the group sex scene, a lot of guys traditionally have a hard time getting it up due to everyone watching and stuff. Situational impotence is a big problem in that scene.

I’ve been around the swinging scene on the net for years, and there are Black guys all over that scene. Mostly trying to screw White women. And there is this whole subset of the scene which is White women doing it with Black guys. With White husband watching or participating in weird ways. Google “White Black cuckold.” Huge scene.

I was on this site called the Bang Club for a while, and I used to get invites from other members. People would say they were traveling through my area (I lived in a vacation area), and they would like to visit me. A guy and his wife. The wives all looked good too. They sent me naked pics of them as a preview. I get to fuck the wife. I never did it because I chickened out in every case.

Once I got an invite for a group sex party down in Bakersfield in some great big house in an out of the way place. Guys were all Black, but they invited me too if I was able to get it up. Chicks were all White. Sounded like fun, but I chickened out on that one too.

The Black guys who are into that scene are more middle class, more affluent types. They have money, and many are professionals.

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7 thoughts on “Blacks Don’t Swing? An Intrepid Investigation”

  1. Well like I said, guys regardless of race are all the same. They’ll fuck anything, anytime. It’s the women that make the difference. Sure if a bunch of black women hosted a free sex party, you’d see a line of brothas going around the corner for some free ‘tang. So we can’t look at the guys. It’s the women participants that make the whole thing necessary. And I doubt you’re going to find black women that are open to getting fucked while a bunch of people stand around and watch.

  2. I lived near a swinger club in a diverse neighborhood of Dallas once. It was mainly overweight white women and black men frequenting the place.

  3. The problem with this alternative-lifestyle view is that it is always about black men and white women. But I guarantee you that you’ll never find a site where the majority of cuckolds are black men who sit and watch their black wives get screwed by white men. Usually, all you see is the white man screwing the black woman, but the black husband is never present to watch it. This is largely a “sex-industry” fad. Are there any black men who share their wives? I don’t think so. Even Asian men share their wives, but black men are not known to do this, because it is culturally unsound. Black men are too territorial over their women.

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