As Bad As the Human Race Gets

Gypsies. There is nothing to add.

There’s low, there’s really low, there’s extremely low, and there’s Gypsies.

I honestly don’t know what to do with them. I don’t agree with killing them, but I understand the motivation. They make US Blacks seem like Norwegians X Japanese crossbreeds. Other than music, they don’t have much cultural value. They came from India 1000 years ago, but they don’t act like Indians. They are a Criminal Race, pure and simple. The Europeans hate them, so they hate Europeans, so vice versa, so on and on.

They have an interesting appearance. They look something like mestizos, but they could also be North Indians like Punjabis. If I were a Punjabi, I would have nothing to do with them.

I refuse to call them Roma. Roma is a polite, nice term for Gypsies. Gypsies are not polite, and they’re not nice. Worse than that, they are criminals, apparently by cultural mandate.

How did Gypsies ever get so fucked up? No one knows. It’s an interesting matter, but I think it has more to do with culture than with genes. Culture and history. Capital H history.

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41 thoughts on “As Bad As the Human Race Gets”

  1. Gypsies are just like Jews! They are both non-European peoples who have migrated to and lived in Europe for a long time. Is that perhaps the common thread of both groups?

  2. They make US Blacks seem like Norwegians X Japanese crossbreeds.

    Wow, they’re that bad? 🙂

    So you’re telling me that Oakland right next door, if it were 33% gypsy as opposed to 33% black, would be an even worse shithole x10 than it already is?

    1. Now that I think about it, Ashkenazi Jews are simply intelligent, competent versions of Gypsies. Other than that, they are exactly the same, with their underhanded and seedy business practices and so forth.

      1. Jews are a million times better than Gypsies. Imagine an entire race of people that is like Ghetto Blacks on steroids. Even worse, they are at war with all the non-Blacks. All the Blacks and steal, rip off and run scams against the non-Blacks, they all support the criminals because they steal from the enemy, and the police get no cooperation. That’s what Gypsies are like.

        Underclass Blacks are actually better because there are a lot of good folks in the ghetto who cooperate with the cops, hate the criminals and want them dead.

      2. I met 5 of them so far, and all 5 were criminals. 4 stole from me, and one just got out of jail.

        5 for 5.

        I’ve never met an ethnic group on Earth with such a fucked up track record.

  3. Funny thing is, Oakland by itself is actually a pretty nice city. Lake Merritt, nice hills, Jack London Square, etc.

    But as one douchebag British student in one of my history classes once said, “A town does not just comprise the buildings and mortar, but the people who dwell within.”

    1. Yeah like this apartment complex I live in. The neighborhood is not so hot, but this complex is very, very nice. Owned by a corporation and very well kept up. The only bad thing about this place are the humans.

      1. The only bad thing about this place are the humans.


        I knew this one white guy in high school, who was a bit of a wigger and PC “you whites cannot say that” types. He also had an Asian girlfriend (not that having an Asian girlfriend in and of itself makes a white person a self-hater).

        One day, he said “I hate people. Period.”

        That’s why I find it so silly when lefties such as Robert Jensen implore us to “act like human beings.”

        Really? Are you sure you want us to act like human beings?

        Because human beings are not a very rational or kind species. This belief that humans are naturally noble and simply corrupted by the wicked societies they live in is silly, if you ask me.

        The way I see it, if humans were no good, how did societies become evil IN THE FIRST PLACE?

        I happen to have a Machiavellian view of human nature. But I digress.

      2. Exactly.

        What’s the difference between a college dorm and a minimum security prison?

        Or between a gentrifying urban neighborhood and an inner city ghetto?

        It ain’t architecture.

        This is my own theory about what’s been wrong with the US economy the last 30 years. When conditions get better, the first thing people spend their money on is better neighbors. But if everyone else is doing the same thing, it doesn’t improve anyone’s situation.

  4. I’m just curious, what about the Gypsies makes them so bad?

    I hear that they’re pickpockets and beggars, but there are far worse crimes.

    Perhaps I don’t mind Gypsies because I’ve never actually had to deal with them! Probably similar to the naive white liberal who claims to love blacks even though he lives in an all-white suburb.

    But hey, gypsies aren’t all bad! Perverts, enjoy!

    Just kidding. If getting turned on by sexy women fighting makes you a pervert, then so be it!

    Anyway, enjoy!

  5. Rob, what do you make of my theory that Ashkenazis are simply smarter, more competent versions of Gypsies? You said they were criminals by cultural mandate? Sounds familiar…..

  6. Hey Robert, don’t you also have a low opinion of Nigerians?

    Although at least they have some hot women.

      1. I guess you just have to be careful when speaking with them online.

        You know, because they might cheat you through some scam.

        1. Thanks!

          Joe Pesci is indeed the shit. Too bad he hasn’t done any movies since the final Lethal Weapon film.

          I just got tired of my old avatar, so I decided to replace it with something cooler.

  7. Dear Robert
    I have a Hungarian friend who really doesn’t like Gypsies. His solution is to set aside a part of Hungary for them so that they’ll be on their own. The problem with that proposal of course is that the Gypsies are spread more or less evenly over Hungary. It would be like creating a separate homeland for the blacks in the US.
    It seems that under the communists, most Hungarian Gypsy males had jobs. Now, fewer than 20% of males between 15 and 65 are gainfully employed and fewer than 20% of Gypsy youngsters in Hungary graduate from highschool.
    Fertility of Hungarian Gypsies at 3 isn’t skyhigh, but compared to the Hungarian rate of 1.3, it is very high.
    The egregious, hateworth imperialist Rumsfeld once called the former communist Republics in Eastern Europe the new Europe. Well, the former communist countries are the aging Europe. Fertility plummeted in all the East Earopean countries after the fall of communism. It is another casualty of neoliberal globalism.

    Cheers. James

    1. The last 50 years of liberal democracy and secularism in advanced countries has demonstrated that the more choices you give people about how to spend their lives, the less likely they are to choose to spend it raising children.

      The challenge of the 21st century is to make parenthood fun, so that we don’t have to resort to eugenics.

      1. Why raise children in an unfettered corporatocracy? Thanks to the insatiable corporate hunger for ever-cheaper labor and short-term profits, even if you work hard and do everything right, you’ll get screwed no matter what. Some fucking choice.

        1. This country is fucking insane. Considering the economic situation, one would think America would become more humble and less belligerent, but the imperialists just seem to love thinking up more creative ways of pissing of other nations and intervening military in other nations’ spheres of influence. I can’t imagine America pulling this crap if the USSR were still around.
          Thanks a lot Reagan! May your soul burn in hot feces for eternity!

        2. The people babbling about whites committing “racial suicide” are the same jokers who treat us as completely disposable cogs and can’t think further ahead than the next profit-taking.

          And they wonder why educated people say fuck it to pushing out more puppies for the ruling class. It’s because we’re smart enough to see past the next quarter. Only an idiot has kids when there is no such thing as job security.

          They need to make it worthwhile to breed. As it stand now, it isn’t worth it.

  8. I’m sure there has to be something interesting or positive about them, no? I don’t know much about gypsies/Roma. I’ve been warned about them when traveling to Europe and that they have various scams they run. But aren’t there many of them that just live normal lives? I can’t imagine that they’d all be semi-nomads.

  9. Dear Tulio
    Gypsies are musically gifted. Also, they don’t seem to be particularly violent. Even my Gypsy-hating Hungarian friend admits that violence is not their worst vice. They seem to be more dangerous for your wallet than your for physical integrity.
    Part of the Gypsy problem may be the consequence of a vicious circle. Europeans hated them and the Gypsies as a result felt little inclination to embrace European ways and respect them and their property.
    Sending all the Gypsies to school doesn’t seem to do wonders because so few of them graduate.
    I don’t have any bright ideas about the Gypsy problem, but denouncing people who have negative views about Gypsies as bigots and racists is not very helpful.

    Regards. James

    1. “I don’t have any bright ideas about the Gypsy problem, but denouncing people who have negative views about Gypsies as bigots and racists is not very helpful.”

      I’m not sure if you saying that I said this, but I didn’t make any such.

  10. Jesus Christ! You actually managed to make me laugh even harder with this one than your previous comments! Good work sir.

  11. I find this very offensive. I am a high school teacher, a christain, and I have gypsy blood. I am proud to be a gypsy. If anyone can’t stand us, they are jealous and prejustice! So go hate your mother for giving birth to you, since you are a hater!

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