Why Is Indian Nationalism So Dangerous?

fpy asks why I think that Indian nationalism is particularly dangerous.

What makes Indian nationalism uniquely malignant?

They are basically all ultranationalists. They’re fanatics. Seriously, horribly brainwashed fanatics. They’re about as brainwashed as your average North Korean.

I have never met an Indian who was not livid with rage over Kashmir. And their heads were filled with lies. 90% of the people of Kashmir are Muslims. After independence, they wanted to go to Pakistan, but the ruler was a Hindu, and he wanted to stay with India. So Kashmir stayed with India, even though in 1948, the UN ruled that India had to allow Kashmir a plebiscite regarding whether they wanted to go to Pakistan or India.

The truth as I studied it in the early 1990’s was that maybe 90% of Kashmiris want independence and were supporting armed guerrillas fighting the Indian state. The insurgency was brutally crushed by India. Now, Kashmir is on fire again with an intifada. Young Kashmiris are being killed nearly every day in this Indian War of the Stones. It’s so clear that most Kashmiris do not want to be part of India.

I have talked to many Indians on this subject, and they are almost all insane. Dangerously insane. These views are typical: All Kashmiris want to stay with India. Or, following Golda Meir, there are no such thing as Kashmiris. 100% of the insurgency is coming from outside, from the evil enemy state Pakistan. It’s not internal to Kashmir at all.

Even now this War of the Stones, which is so obviously a grassroots popular rebellion, is being blamed 100% on Pakistan. The stone-throwers are all being put up to it by Pakistani terrorist organizations, the Indian nationalists say.

It’s hard to believe that educated people could believe this crap, but they do. Ignorance and rage on that level are frightening. Your average Indian reminds me of an Israeli, or a Turk. Basically a flaming, lying, brainwashed, ultranationalist, militant, militaristic kook.

And they are seriously filled with hatred and rage, especially towards the West. They are dangerous people. The place has nuclear weapons!

Full of rage at the failed nature of their society, yet at the same time filled with tremendous pride. Their whole thing is that India was the greatest state on Earth until evil Muslims and British took over and ruined it. They’re furious at the West. We came in there, told them their religion was shit, told them their culture was crap, told them their science was garbage, and they’re still pissed.

Failed nations that are full of pride yet and full of rage at their fall, especially at the scapegoats who ruined their glorious nation, who dream of the Lazarus rising from the fire to reclaim to glories of old, are very dangerous states. These are the essential ingredients of fascism. And Indian nationalists have that in spades.

They remind me of Germans in the interwar period. Very fascist-like people.

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36 thoughts on “Why Is Indian Nationalism So Dangerous?”

  1. I thought Indian nationalists were pro-western? The BJP Hindutva party in India was pro-American and anti-China, anti-Pakistan/Muslim. Also, I’ve heard some Turkish nationalists claim that Kurds in Turkey are simply “mountain Turks” who forgot their language and speak Kurdish. Is this true?

    1. Goddamn fucking bastards. The Kurds were there before the Turks were. See, those Turkish garbage maggot people deny the existence of the Kurds, just like the Jewish scum in Israel say there are no Palestinians. All this ultranationalism is the lowest shit on Earth. It’s lower than whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. I can’t put into words how much hatred I have for ultranationalists. I pretty much want to do a Stalin on them and just kill every single one of them.

      Never met a pro-American Indian Hindu nationalist. I don’t think they exist. The rage and hatred these idiots feel towards the West is frightening. We destroyed their wonderful “Bharat India,” the greatest civilization on Earth! LOL! There were no glory days of “Bharat India.”

      India’s been a shithole forever, probably since the beginning of time. When the British showed up 100’s of years ago, they were shocked nearly to death at what a shithole the place was. It was just like it is today, probably even worse really. India sucks!

      1. Why are you so emotional about the Kurds? Perhaps the Turks are simply Turkified Kurds, if indeed Kurds are the original inhabitants of Anatolia. And what about the BJP Party? They take a pro-US stooge line.

        1. The Kurds have been treated horribly by the fascist Turks. Most Turkish people are essentially just fascists. They murdered 1.75 million Armenians, 350,000 Greeks and 250,000 Armenians, all because they were Christians. They’re like Muslim Nazis on steroids.

          I hate fascists. My attitude is kill em.

        2. Rob, Kurds are pro-Israel and I suspect Israel will start arming the PKK now that Turkey and ISrael are competitors.

      2. If India is merely a shit hole, why the europeans invaded it ? It had wealth and it was looted., From 1498 to 1947 the country was looted, whithout profit the Europeans would not have held india for nearly 3 centuries

        1. India is a place for free slave trade,Even today most of indians like you are call center slaves who are cheap..

          No where in the world Europeans could find cheap slaves ready to sell themselves for little money.

          Hindu indians make best slaves, they will stab their own ones for some money.

          Even today india hasn’t changed , its merely a Shithole but if you are a cockroach you would prefer that shithole, the humans who escaped that shithole understand the rotten society and corrupt humans .

          India is just a geographical land,Its hindus who turned that piece of land into a SHITHOLE by defecating on ground and polluting every river.

  2. Rob, Kurds are pro-Israel and I suspect Israel will start arming the PKK now that Turkey and ISrael are competitors.

    Kurds care nothing about Israel. For many years, Israel has been backing the Turkish genocide of the Kurds to the hilt. That’s what Israelis do, you know. They do genocides. Israelis also backed the genocides of the Left in El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia. And right now, Israel is behind India’s war on the Maoists. Seriously, Israelis are fucking garbage. I hate em. Basically just fascist Jews. That’s all they are. No pasaran!

      1. I don’t mind Jews at all. Actually, I sort of see myself as a Jew in some weird way and I want to be a Jew. I just hate those fuckers in Israel. And it’s true that a lot of Jews do act bad, I agree. It’s not that they are evil; it’s more that they are nuts.

        Jews are crazy. They’re crazed by anti-Semitism, infected with hatred and paranoia of the Gentiles, which is a fascist-like and ultimately conservative mindset. We’re always out to kill em all. A lot of their crazy, fucked up behaviors stem from this crazy paranoia.

        A lot of Jews are nearly psychotic on the subject of anti-Semitism. The worse ones are almost as bad on the subject of the Gentiles – they hate Gentiles.

        But I don’t hate crazy people. I sort of feel sorry for them actually.

  3. If Texans try to breakaway, I am sure the federal government will send in the troops.

    I can understand Kashmir breaking away during independence, but now it has been 60 years since that date and any small region trying to breakaway will be a humiliation for India. So I can understand India’s stance on this issue.

  4. “90% of the people of Kashmir are Muslims”

    Really! Since when?

    Ever heard of Kashmiri Pundits?

    Most likely, you are a dumbass with a low IQ who had his job outsourced to India.

    Have fun hating India.

    1. Bye Vinod, you Indian nationalist piece of shit. Pandits were the 10% non-Muslims, you lying shithead.

      Fuck you, fuck your country, and especially fuck you Nazi Indian nationalism. May it burn in Hell forever!

      1. Hey Mr.Lindsay..
        U are the most fanatical dumb ass i have ever seen..what eligibility u got to criticise india..We have a 5000+ years old culture and our civilization has produced some of the jewels of humanity like the Vedas,jataks,panchathanthra,mahabharatha,ramayana..
        what you are expressing through these crap posts is the inferiority complex of a common american..U may be powerful,u may be wealthy but u have no heritage..
        And Lindsay..Kashmir is a place of huge strategic importance..India cant lose it,though we lost a major part of it to pakistan and china.
        U are complaining about india colonizing Kashmir..Then one question..what the fuck are ur people doing in Afghanisthan and Iraq..

        1. Your country is one of the sickest, evillest, scummiest, most despicable countries on Earth. India is Satan, the enemy of all mankind.

          Kashmiris don’t want to go to Pakistan. They don’t want to be part of your sick Indian shithole. They want to be free. Indian fascists (all Indian nationalists are fascist monsters) can’t abide by that.

          Death to India!

          I don’t care about your culture. Your nation is shit, pure shit, 100%, the worst nation on Earth. 1/2 the population is starving. 100’s of millions can’t even read or write. 650 million shit in streets and fields. It’s the worst culture on the planet, and it’s all because of Hindusim, the most evil religion on Earth.

          PS, you’re banned.

    2. My IQ’s 147. That’s higher than yours, elephant jockey.

      I don’t have a job; I live off a trust fund. Have fun in your Indian shithole! Watch out for that woman shitting on the sidewalk in front of you! You might step in it! Oh, heck, why worry? Your shoes will just smell like the rest of India. When you go native, go all the way!

      1. My father was a teacher, then an administrator. My Mom never really worked, except later in life when she held a variety of low level jobs. She presently makes pretty good money as an admissions clerk at a college.

        My mother’s father was a very rich man. My mother grew up in a mansion in Hillsborough. Surely it is worth over a million $ now. My Mom went to school at a 1/2 Jewish school in Hillsborough, then again at a Chicago Lab School in Chicago. She’s basically a wanna-be Jew Gentile. My Dad was the same way.

        The trust fund is from my grandfather, but it is very small. The trustees dole it out once a month, and it’s only about $850/month. But my health is so bad that I can’t really work at a regular job.

        No Jews in my family, but I would not mind.

        My grandfather was born in St. Louis in 1890. A product of his times, he was a Southern White racist who disliked Blacks. He was also an anti-Semite.

        Yes! Believe it or not, there are rich folks who are non-Jewish Gentiles! And some of them are, gasp, even anti-Semites!

        Hard to believe? Think again.

      2. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to be a Jew. Would somebody please explain?

        Ron Jeremy.

        Enough said.

  5. “Pandits were the other 10%”.

    Ahh the Buddhists of Ladakh and the Sikhs of Jammu never existed then.

    Also, since when were the Pandits “only” 10%? Like since the virgin birth?

    I think you are jealous of the fact that Hinduism is a very old religion. Yes, India may be a shithole (a large part), but it has seen better days and will see better days. So will the Hindus.

    Long live Polytheism and Hinduism!

    1. Do you understand the meaning of banned, chutney breath? Banned means banned. Bye bye.

      Have fun in your shithole. See that pile of dead newborn babies over there on the edge of the sidewalk. Careful! Don’t step in it!

  6. I’ve read that Hindus believe G-d incorporates both good and evil. That resonates with me more than the Abrahamic belief that G-d can only represent goodness.

    1. Hinduism is easily the most evil religion on Earth. Worse than Islam. Worse than Judaism. Right up there with Satanism.

      If Hinduism could get rid of caste, it might be a decent religion. This is apparently impossible. Getting rid of caste is probably like Christianity with no Jesus. Apparently it’s not possible, but I wish it was. Caste is an inherent part of Hinduism. No caste, no Hinduism.

  7. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to be a Jew. Would somebody please explain?

    Jews are boss. Except for their religion, but most “religious” Jews don’t even believe in the hard form of that anyway.

    Jews are a race of geniuses.

    Jews are the most progressive people on Earth. The entire Left, from liberalism to Communism, is indebted to them.

    Jews are irreverent in terms of humor, and are among the most intellectually curious and open folks on Earth.

    Anyone who’s leftwing and smart digs the Jews.

    I want to be a Jew, except for the anti-Semitism and the Jewish relatives. This way is best. I get to be a Jew in my mind, but I have no Jewish relatives to bear nor do I suffer any anti-Semitism.

    1. Maybe. I’m broke you know. Jews help each other out. I figure some of my Jewish buddies would realize my genius and general wonderfulness and put me to work helping both of us make money. That’s what the whole Jewish thing is all about. Tribal solidarity.

      You know what it’s like to be a White Gentile? NO tribal solidarity. NONE. ZERO.

      As a Jew, you’ve got a whole tribe who’s got your back and out to pat each other on the back and help each other out and help themselves out at the same time. To those of us who are atomized and alienated adrift in late capitalism, there’s actually something to be said for the Jewish tribal model.

  8. It’s nothing fatal, but it’s totally debilitating. It’s chronic sinusitis and allergies. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I haven’t worked for 14 years. The main disabling symptom is severe fatigue. From here, no way can I drive to the Bay Area, 300 miles. No way can I drive to LA, 350 miles. And it’s been this way for a very long time now, maybe 19 years.

    I’ve already had 2 operations for it. The fatigue is so bad that it was thought to be chronic fatigue syndrome for years. Today, I slept for 22 hours. A few days before, I slept for 48 hours (with a couple of breaks). That’s normal.

    Other than that, I’m in good health. But it’s like I’m falling asleep all the time.

    1. I’m awake enough to write. But it’s hard for me to get in the car and go drive places. It does not require a lot of energy to write.

      I’m usually busy at some huge, gigantic major project or two (which I shan’t tell you about) so that’s what I’m doing online. I’m mostly researching and putting together this or that Herculean project. In between, I look at my email and my comments. If I have the energy, I respond to them or maybe dash together a post. Most of my posts are dashed off.

      When I really get some energy, watch out! This site really comes alive! You will be amazed, actually. A lot more large, very heavily researched stuff like you find under the Research heading at the top. Right now, I’m just fucking around.

      I don’t have the energy, for one thing, to exercise, and barely enough to cook. The place is a mess. Sitting online reading and writing is not very tiring, especially as writing is second nature.

      Main thing is I am way too tired to work at a regular job, 9-5 for a stranger. Maybe I could work for a relative or for myself or something very flexible like that. But even when I work for myself, I have a hard time making deadlines, etc.

      Last regular job I had I almost killed myself trying to stay awake on the job by using stimulants.

  9. I don’t know. My grandpa was an anti-Semite in 1986, but a mild one, apparently. My brother got a Jewish lawyer to represent him in a lawsuit, and my grandpa said something to the effect that all Jewish lawyers were crooks.

    However, my grandfather raised his kids in Jewish neighborhoods in California and Illinois, and his kids had lots of Jewish friends, so I don’t think he was all that anti-Semitic. Just kind of normal for an older White Southerner of his age.

  10. Mr Linsday
    To quote you:
    “Your average Indian reminds me of an Israeli, or a Turk. Basically a flaming, lying, brainwashed, ultranationalist, militant, militaristic kook”.
    Based on this one quote, I think that even if Indians are as bad as you say they are, you are even worse.

      1. Dear Robert
        Sir, I have decided to ban myself from your blog. There are various personalities on here that like to dish it but cant take it.
        It has now become an exercise in futility. I realize that I have become a liability.
        So, I refuse to stay where I am not wanted or appreciated.
        I am officially banning myself from your Blog. It has been fun.
        Your are a great man Robert Lindsay – I would enjoy meeting you in person someday. Cheers and best Regards my Friend.

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