The “Jews Are Neandertals” Hypothesis


A lot of Jews act pretty bad at times, so I can see how they get on people’s nerves.

Hell, a lot of Jews don’t like Jews. That’s part of the essential craziness of the Jewish character. They’re hyperethnocentric, they’re solipsistic and in love with themselves, staring at their Jewish reflection in the pool until they darn near fall in. Yet at the same time, they sort of hate each other, their people, and maybe themselves.

Anyway, say what you will about em, but they sure ain’t Neanderthals for Chrissake. Michael Bradley is the notorious author of the Neanderthal hypothesis, that Jews are Neanderthals while the rest of us are humans. That’s why they hate us so much, you know.

John Kaminski used to be a pretty good writer until he got the Jew thing a while back. As is typically the case with the Jew thing, it’s a progressive illness. He’s been getting crazier and crazier about the Jews. At this point, he’s nearly certifiable. With each new article, the psychosis seems to deepen. Website here.

Let this be a warning to you anti-Semites. Most mental illnesses are not progressive, but anti-Semitism often is. You just get nuttier and nuttier until the only people who will listen are your fellow sufferers.

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236 thoughts on “The “Jews Are Neandertals” Hypothesis”

  1. Neandertals leed blood to survive. Look at porphyria. They are in everything country and have all colors. Churchill, hitler, Stalin, Mao tse tung, gengis kan, atila,massai leaders, azteca kings, ghandi, egypt pharaohs, sumerian and babilonian kings, etc. An indeterminated number of neanderptals aré pedophiles, necrophiles and canibals. Compare the paintings of Hernán cortes and Francisco pizarro. The first one was a cromanion and a caníbal killer. The second one, Pizarro, was a marrano, a jehovitic neandertal, a pedophile, necrophile and a canibal. Compare the paintings and look wisely the diferente paintigs of Pizarro, many of them trying to dissimulate his neck and front (frente). Cromanion man, get out from the cage, don’t become hin catle, hin food.

  2. The Ashkenazi jews are by no stretch of the imagination Semites. They are Slakhtals; that is a bizarre concoction of; Slav, Khazar and Caucasus mountain Neandertal leftovers. Of course some of them are far more Neandertal than others, for instance– Abe Foxman, and Amy Winehouse. Many Christians in the former Khazar region share a similar freakish genetic make up, I see it in the pre Ice-Age physiognomy of some intelligent first class Ukranian pugilists.

    1. “Hence it was that the Teutones had the name of Germans, which is a foreign word and never adopted by them, they always preferring that of Theutons or Teutons, their favorite name and which in their own language they pronounce Duystchen and Deutschen or Teutchen according to their different dialects and might be rendered Tuytscones or Teutisez. This name which indeed is very singular seems to have come from Mercury whom the ancients called Theuth or Teuth.”
      pg. 206

      “It was from thence those swarms came which filled Germany and other Western and Northern countries and here you must know that the Hebrews at leastwise the modern Jews believe that the Germans owe their origin to him who was in the scripture called ASKENEZ who was the son of Gomer and consequently the grandson of Japhet. And hence it is when they speak of the Teutons or Germans they call them ALKENAZIM in their language as supposing them to be the posterity of Askenez.”
      pg. 208

      (sic: spellings are in old English type)

      “For they fancy this grandson came OUT OF ASIA into the WEST.” pg 208

      Paul Pezron “The Antiquities of Nations” circa 1706

      Askenez identified as Mercury, Mercredi, Thoth, Hermes and descendant of Noah.

      Oddly enough the “Teton Sioux” shared a similar origin for the name adopted by European transplants from rival native’s for that tribe of natives. “Teton” meaning “foreigner” or “barbarian” never actually used by them but later used to describe their language they spoke.

  3. Ah Jew persecuition by Christians continues. All right guys they killed Jesus.. So what? Jesus deserved to be beaten and nailed to the fucking cross.

    I totally enjoyed the movie “The Passion of Christ”. I totallu had an orgazm watching that mother fucker getting his arse whupped.

  4. Allimbecile- Is just another loony inbred Slakhtal. No doubt, psycho fraudster Sigmund Freud, was one of your close mentally-ill relations, who made a fortune writing about Kosher nutters just like you. I don’t worry too much about what you do to your mother; for incest and flagellation is an integral part of your weird atavistic behaviour: Warning– Oy! Leecher! Leave our kids alone!

  5. I am not implying that in a negative way. There is nothing wrong with being Jewish. Anyway, perhaps it the pic. It’s too small and it’s right in front of possibly a webcam which can sometimes distort how someone actually looks in real life. Maybe if I saw you in in person you won’t look Jewish at all.

    By the way, are comments on the ‘India Is a Shithole’ closed? I agree with you. Indians live in denial. The have this delusion of grandeur, when in reality most Indians are mid to low-medium IQ people. They no longer even participate in the Pisa testing after the two regions representing the country in 2009 (Himachel Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) came in the last 3 out of 75 world regions (outside Africa) in maths, science and reading. These tests were carried among 15 year old school kids. East Asians came top followed by Europeans. Israel came below Europeans.

    Frankly, most Indian states will be better off on their own. They are being forced into this fake nation state.

  6. By the way, I think you look more Irish than Jewish on the profile pic. Maybe a bit if Jewish as well. Are you of Irish descent?

      1. Interesting you say you are mixed European. I think a lot of white Americans are by now mixed European ancestry. There are not many pure English/British descended people left in the US. I don’t see many classically English looking people (in terms of phenotype) in America anymore. Many British descended people in the US are marrying whites of German and other European descended folks in America.

  7. The English never migrated/transported in large numbers to the USA. Most white Americans are of German/Scandinavian stock. As they were dirt poor. The Ukrainians and Russians tended to stay put because they had rich earth and sunny summers. Emigrants vote with their blistered feet.

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