The Conundrum of School Integration

The question of integrated schools is a thorny one. A White nationalists commenter writes about his miserable experiences with what he calls Black animals at his high school:

I can understand your anti-racism to an extent, but knowing what you know about racial differences, I can’t understand the obsession with racial integration of public schools. I mean shouldn’t it be a no brainer that the IQ disparities, plus natural ethnocentrism of all humans, plus the fact that young children are immature and impulsive, plus an anti-White cultural environment be a recipe for disaster.

I wonder if you’d think differently had you attended a school with a large percentage of minorities (especially Blacks). My public school was only about 1/2 Black with about

These Black students pissed on the walls and shit on the floors (it was supposed to be funny, but I think most Whites have a more sophisticated sense of humor in their teenage years), lit trash cans on fire, physically assaulted both the principal (just pushing) and assistant principal (punch to the eye)… I could go on.

My number one priority regarding racial issues is an end to integrated schools. I don’t want other Whites to have to deal with that kind of shit. Perhaps public schools can stay integrated but it’s an absolute must to somehow find a way to make affordable Whites only private schools if the public schools stay integrated.

I actually might accept “separate but not equal,” despite the precedent it might set, in favor of minorities if it were the only feasible compromise. I have no doubt at all that I would have received a better education if despite my public school having 5

First of all, you will have no voter support for your project. You will need to get a huge number of Whites to support it, and you won’t get it because most Whites don’t care. No Blacks will support you. I doubt if Hispanics want to go back to segregated schools either. Bottom line is you will need 70-8

My plan is better.

I taught in these schools for years and describing them as a zoo and the students as animals is not a reach, and it doesn’t bother me. It only bothers me as it’s an insult to animals, and I’m an animal lover.

I like to teach 11th and 12th grade in the ghetto though, because they cause no problems. They do no work, but they are nice enough. The bad ones are dropped out, on the streets, in jail, in juvey, in prison or dead.

I don’t agree that schools must be integrated. Suppose a neighborhood or area is all Black. The school should be all Black too. Why bus people around and mess things up? Suppose a town or area is mostly White. So the school’s mostly White? So what? Leave it be.

However, a mixed neighborhood should have a mixed school that represents the neighborhood.

Neighborhood schools!

No mercy for these dangerous Black fuckoffs. You shit on the floor, you piss on the wall, you set a trashcan on fire, you push a principal, you punch a veep, you’re gone. Suspension, then expulsion.

They can all go to Black Violent Fuckoff School with Goddamned armed cops as teachers for all I care. No more keeping them around to prey on others and destroy things.

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17 thoughts on “The Conundrum of School Integration”

  1. You know Robert, even as a WN, I’m beginning to see the logic behind your whole “spread ’em out and civilize ’em!” line of reasoning.

    Oh sure, even in places where blacks are a very small minority (such as S.F. and the overall peninsula part of the Bay), they can still be rowdy every now and then, but it’s much better than places such as Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore, Memphis, etc.

      1. Yeah, cities with very large black populations like the ones I listed above can be an adventure.

        A black a block is a good idea.

        1. Well, an integrationist up to a point. Like you, I believe that blacks are manageable in small numbers, like at my UC.

          Although I am certainly NOT willing to place myself in a situation where blacks are a very large percentage of the area.

          Like I said, an integrationist up to a point. I don’t see this as really contradicting my fundamental WN beliefs.

  2. I’m assuming that you taught blacks at a public school, right Robert?

    Apparently there are a small number of charter school programs around the country (for example, KIPP academy nationally and the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York) that have had marginal success rates in schools that are majority underclass black (success in the sense of generating slightly under average children with 10-20% dropout rates and a reasonable percentage attending college, as opposed to the massively fucked-up free-for-all that defines most black-majority schools in the public school system).

    As I understand it, the general social methodology behind such programs (besides obvious things such as smaller classroom sizes and sufficient classroom resources) is providing an rigidly authoritarian (even totalitarian) environment for the children: there are strict school uniforms, and they are punished for even minor infractions such as an untucked shirt. The teachers are permitted (and in fact encouraged) to be absolutely brutal, callous, and unforgiving in their attitude towards the pupils, and often berate and publicly shame uncooperative or underperforming children. If a student gives “attitude” to a teacher, it is perfectly acceptable break that student psychologically to the point that they weep in public (this is most effective in elementary school and middle school, but still sometimes works in high school, especially with females).

    The school day is also massively extended (something on the order of 7am-5pm on weekdays, and 3-4 hours each day on weekends), and the school year is also extended to 10 months or more. The children actually end up in such programs spending more time with their teachers than they do with their parents.

    And apparently they are successful (or, like I said, at least can replicate something like an underperforming white majority school).

    In some ways I’m reminded of the state of Cuba, which is majority black, yet exhibits extremely low levels of crime and high levels of educational achievement.


      Like this. They dress up what they are doing with PC terminology, but if you read between the lines, they are basically establishing a brutal, totalitarian environment for the children (but a beneficial one in terms of long-term benefits).

      This video looks to be about a Mexican-majority school, but I’m pretty sure they use the same principles for their black-majority schools as well.

    2. Yes, and I will never teach Black kids ever again as long as I live. I’m through with that. Though maybe I could handle 11th and 12th grade.

      That’s some interesting data you have there. One of the purposes of Liberal Race Realism is that by acknowledging that the races are different, then maybe different races need different intervention models to modify behavior in a successful manner. What works for Whites may not work for Blacks and vice versa. The problem with the we are all equal thing is that there is then a tendency to use the same intervention model for all of the races or ethnicities. But I have reason to believe that this may not work well.

      If this model is what it takes to get this ghetto Blacks into shape, then let’s go for it, by all means.

  3. I went to a high school like that. The only people who weren’t afraid of the blacks were the Vietnamese. They were short and small but fearless. I witnessed a few fights between black and Vietnamese students, who really knew how to fight in group. They fucked up the black students pretty bad.

        1. The Vietnamese stand up for each other. I insulted a Vietnamese guy at a night club once. In 2 seconds I was being hit and pushed from 5 five little Vietnamese guys in every direction. They were really working me over.

          I yelled “call the cops, they’re gonna kill me” to the security guards. This settled them down, fortunately.

          I don’t think whites will ever be able to replicate that kind of thing. Whites just aren’t that spontaneous in group action. White guys would probably just laugh it off. The Viets just went at it when the guy yelled out what I said. Whites are great at teamwork, which is another thing altogether and they rely on the police too much. Somehow, spontaneous violence has been pretty much programmed out of white guys. I assume the Vietnamese learned their behavior in the jungle, the Vietnam War I’m sure just took it to a new level.

  4. BTW these anecdotes are from junior high (grades 7-8). Kinda fits well with what you say about Black students mellowing out a bit in HS.

    1. It’s not so much that they mellow out, but that the bad ones are simply gone, dropped out, in juvey, jail or prison, or else dead. Plus the existing ones are ok, so they mellow out quite a bit by 16-18. *Definitely!*

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