I’m Guilty of Aversive Racism

I never really knew what it is, but unfortunately, this is me to a T. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it, or what I can do about it. So I practice aversive racism. So what. Sue me.

If this is Black people’s worst problem these days when dealing with Whites, I would say they should count their lucky stars. This is the “aversive racism” shit that the Abagondsphere and Tim Wise go on and on and on about? Sheesh. What a bunch of tools. Why don’t they worry about something important instead, like getting struck my lightning? This hardly seems like something to get all worked up about.

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22 thoughts on “I’m Guilty of Aversive Racism”

  1. If this is Black people’s worst problem these days when dealing with Whites, I would say they should count their lucky stars


    You said it, Robert. We’ve really come a long way when prejudice is rapidly and subconsciously assessed through all these “implicit association tests” and other nonsense.

    If blacks are really focusing so much of their attention on aversive racists, they obviously haven’t had to deal with any REAL racists for some time.

  2. Intergroup interaction within the guidelines of the Contact Hypothesis and anti-bias interventions with elementary school children that emphasize increasing their social inclusiveness can also reduce bias through the processes outlined in the Common In-group Identity Model.

    LOL wut?

  3. What a bunch of garbage. Much of what is considered racist and xenophobic these days is simply an instinctual reaction of our reptilian brains. We kept with our own for thousands of years and had to be very careful around those of other cultures, especially if they were of a different language and skin color. Every race had to think this way for survival. Our fear of the dark goes back to those same times and stays with us to this day as well.

    It’s natural, to a degree. Hating an entire group of people based on their race isn’t, but naturally being suspect of others not like you (this goes for all races) and having enough horrible moments around them, will push you further into what many call “racism”. They try to guilt trip you, when it’s really the actions of certain minority groups who stoke the flames with their 3rd world behavior.

    1. Our reptilian brains also tell us men to spread our seed far and wide, but in polite society, we have a thing called marriage and we’re supposed to stay faithful. A woman’s reptilian brain also tells her to fuck bad boys who will treat her like shit and walk all over nice guys. Listening to your reptilian brain(since when did humans have reptile ancestors btw?) isn’t always the wisest decision.

      1. Yes, wanting to spread your seed is called being horny, wanting to fuck, getting off, it’s natural. You have to contain it and act on it properly. Blacks and browns dont have much control over that part of their reptilian brain, seeing as how they have the most children out of wedlock and are responsible for the most single parent homes.

        As for marriage, you dont need that to fuck. Have you heard of birth control, or are you black? And having a wandering eye is natural. Cheating on your girlfriend is one thing and cheating on your wife and mother of 3 kids is another. Not wanting to live in a mostly black neighborhood is one thing, attacking a black person and calling them the N word is another.

  4. It may seem trivial to you, but it has real world consequences. Luckily for you, you’ll never have to wake up as a black man and find out. Aversive racism is why blacks are prosecuted more and for longer sentences than whites with similar crimes. Aversive racism is why out government could allow the Contras to sell crack in the inner city when they know they would’ve have allowed that shit to happen in Topeka, Kansas.

    You as a white man have the luxury of not having to worry about such things. Congratulations.

    1. Speaking of crack, maybe aversive racism is why crack is prosecuted more harshly than cocaine. Same drug, only one is used by blacks, the other by whites. Gee, wonder what the reason for the disparity in sentencing is? Maybe it’s class! Lol.

        1. While I do believe in CRT and “whiteness studies” my views are more nuanced than that. I don’t think being black determines where your life will go. For the most part, if you’re black and have a good head on your shoulders and stay out of trouble, you’ll be okay…for the most part. And by “okay”, I mean make it to the middle class. I’m not one who makes excuses for bad behavior either.

    2. I certainly hope I don’t actually discriminate against Blacks in any way, shape or form. How could I? I don’t hire employees. I don’t rent property. I don’t sell anything. I try to be as nice as I can to the Blacks I run into.

      It’s just that some of the descriptions of that “aversive” avoidance behavior sounds like me, I’m afraid.

      If you could show me some way that I discriminate against Blacks, I’d love to hear about it.

      I was thinking more in terms of this paragraph here:

      Second, despite their conscious good intentions, aversive racists unconsciously harbor feelings of uneasiness towards blacks, and thus they try to avoid interracial interaction. Third, when interracial interaction is unavoidable, aversive racists experience anxiety and discomfort, and consequently they try to disengage from the interaction as quickly as possible. Fourth, because part of the discomfort that aversive racists experience is due to a concern about acting inappropriately and appearing prejudiced, aversive racists strictly adhere to established rules and codes of behavior in interracial situations that they cannot avoid. Fifth, their feelings will get expressed, but in subtle, unintentional, rationalizable ways that disadvantage minorities or unfairly benefit the majority group.

      I’m pretty paranoid of Blacks. So sue me.

      1. I’m pretty paranoid of Blacks. So sue me.

        Lol! You tell ’em, Robert!

        But anyway, I’m certainly no “aversive racist.”

        I get my racist money’s worth! I mean, heck, we whites are all racist anyway, so why not get your money’s worth?

      2. There is also good reason to be apprehensive and uneasy around blacks.

        You even look at them the wrong way, and they’ll threaten to whup your ass.

        Unless I happen to know black people on an individual level or am able to judge them as friendly (which I’m pretty good at doing), I generally avoid contact with them. Helps me avoid potential problems.

        1. As long as you don’t live in shitty, dangerous neighborhoods, blacks shouldn’t be a problem for you. Of course, one still has to put up with their primitive behavior in public places such as subways and fast food joints.

        2. If you look at a Black person the wrong way, they threaten to whup your ass? Get out of here. I’ve never done that in my life.

    3. Cocaine was being sold all over America. Crack was just rocked up coke, that’s all. Blacks wanted it in in that smokeable form, so that’s how it was sold. To this day, in this town anyway, my sources in the drug scene tell that almost all crack use is by Blacks, and that many Blacks here use crack. While crack was being sold in the city (and being used by all races really) powder coke was sold in White areas, because Whites like to sniff.

      Or they would just rock up their own coke. I’ve seen people do it, and I’ve sniffed quite a bit of coke. I also spent an evening smoking crack in LA with, you guessed it, a bunch of Blacks. Who ripped me off, BTW. This was Wilshire District too. Not really ghetto at all.

  5. I’m not one who makes excuses for bad behavior either.

    The Tim Wise crowd would say that this is a racist thing to say, but I think you ought to set an example for your race, tulio. Thing is, White people do this. At least I do. I have a reputation to uphold. Like in this complex, so many of these people just act doggy, well, I could be doggy too, but I won’t do that, because, well, I’m White, and, yeah, I want to feel like I’m better. One of the ways I do that is by trying to act like a civilized human being. Getting down in the gutter with the rest degrades me and shames my race. My great race. So I’m like a racial ambassador everywhere I go. If I fuck up and act low, I drag myself down and I drag down the whole White race too.

    Now, the Tim Wise’s think that’s horrible, but it’s that mindset that keeps a lot of Whites acting pretty good. We have a reputation to uphold. I figure anything that makes people act good is ok, even if it’s motivated by chauvinism or whatever.

  6. What gets me about these charges of aversive racism is that a lot of it is basically due to the behavior of many blacks (i.e., crime). Crime statistics overwhelmingly suggest that, as a white person, I am more likely to be the victim of a black stranger’s crime than a white stranger’s crime.

    Why don’t these Abagond-types try to improve their own people’s families, rather than just look for white racism at every turn? Oh, but I guess the aversive racism is the cause of the crime – my bad! LOL.

    1. That’s only true in specific circumstances. Yeah, if your car breaks down at night in a bad area and you see 3 black guys walking toward you, you’re probably going to be more scared than if three white guys are walking toward you. That’s not racism, that’s just the nature of statistical reality. I’m not even talking about that kind of stuff.

      None of that has anything to do with all this crap about Obama being Muslim and not being “really American” and all the bullshit spouted on Fox about Obama being anti-white and their messages that seek to stoke white racial resentment. We know race has a lot to do with why he was stuggling to get health care reform passed, and why he has to fight claims of whether he was born in the country. We know what the deal is.

      Even when blacks and whites behave identically, blacks are interpreted to be behaving worse than whites. Look at this for example: http://race.change.org/blog/view/black_thief_white_thief_abcs_iwhat_would_you_doi_catches_racism_on_camera

      1. Tulio, I cannot imagine it is fun to have to deal with either type of racism. Sorry to minimize that. Moreover, I agree with you completely, but I think there are two different types of white racism. One is the subtle type referred to in the OP, the other is overt, redneck-style, “Obama is a Muslim” racism. To clarify, I would not cross the street in the car scenario if the black men approaching me were, say, above the age of 35, but a redneck might.

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