Good Video on the Taliban

A Western journalist embedded with them high in the mountains of Kunar Province. They have a very large gun, but I’m not sure what it is. We get to see them set ambushes for US convoys, avoid US planes, etc. We see them at home relaxing with their troops and their families.

One thing that is interesting is the phenotype of these Kunar Pashtuns. These are some of the Whitest looking Pashtuns I’ve ever seen. The Kunar Pashtuns are right next door to Nuristan. Nuristan and Chitral across the border has the Whitest looking people in the region. Lots of blond hair and blue and green eyes. As far as I’m concerned, these people are Whites. Anyone who says they’re not White ought to have their head examined.

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4 thoughts on “Good Video on the Taliban”

  1. Haplogroups are a good explanation for these very white looking Pashtuns. They are probably R1a; in other words, real Aryans/IndoEuropeans. They are related to Central Asian Iranic peoples as well the Slavs of Eastern Europe. These folks are all R1a.
    Arabs and Jews on the other hand, have haplogroups that have very weak connections to Europe.

  2. I saw this film on tv. It’s astonishing, especially when we see them firing from the mountain on a US convoy. We rarely see the other side of it like this, in fact never before to my knowledge. Sad ending, though – 2 of the kids we see in the film are killed by US special forces.

  3. Hey Lama, how about a little something for the effort. I sent you the fucking link.

    Pashtuns rule. Unbeatable mutha fucka’s.

    1. I don’t ref links. I just steal them uncredited, shamelessly.

      I do ref comments, but you don’t have a name. You just have a noise the doc tells you to make when he looks at your throat.

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