The Truth About White Genocide in the USA

The terrifying reality of White genocide in the US is made painfully clear by this map. Whites are in green.

If you go to some of the more radical White nationalist sites like Majority Rights, you often hear that US Whites should be placed on the endangered species list by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I agree, but the only question is whether Whites are Threatened or Endangered. I would say probably Threatened.

In the map above, Whites are in green. Those are the areas with a White majority in the US. Areas with an Hispanic majority are in orange. They include much of the Southwest and Texas, part of Washington state (!), part of Kansas (!), parts of Colorado, south Florida and an area around New York City.

Yellow are areas with a Native American majority. Those areas are mostly in Arizona, South Dakota and Alaska with smaller regions in North Dakota, New Mexico, Utah and Montana.

It is Blacks that White nationalists are most upset about. White nationalists are utterly terrified that Blacks are taking over the US. As you can see, they are only concentrated in the Black Belt, which closely follows the former cotton-growing region, and along the Lower Mississippi River. The Black Zone is in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia with pockets in East Texas, North Florida, West Tennessee and around Washington DC, Detroit and Chicago. Truth is there are few large concentrations of Blacks in the US.

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13 thoughts on “The Truth About White Genocide in the USA”

  1. I always thought white nationalists used the word “genocide” simply as a dysphemism for whites becoming a plurality rather than majority of the population in the United States.

    1. I don’t know what they mean by it. I used to hang out on their sites all the time for some reason. Let me tell you, a lot of them are stark raving hysterical about this “White genocide” shit. It’s almost like they’re mentally ill.

      1. As I understand it, all they are really talking about is the fact that whites have lower average fertility rates than non-whites in most places.

        I dunno though, I personally would rather have a smaller population with higher living standards rather than a massively growing population with insufficient resources to provide for them. To hear the white nationalists talk though, you’d think they would be overjoyed if suddenly whites started breeding at the rates of Sub-Saharan Africans or something.

  2. Emphasis must be put on urban metropoli demographics, as they better represent the national declining zeitgeist.

    1. “Zeitgeist” a quaint 19th century notion that has little to no bearing in the post-modern cultural age (like most of Hegel, really).

  3. that big yellow spot in the Dakotas is actually South Dakota, the Pine Ridge Reservation I believe. Average life expectancy on the rez is about 43, and the only people making much money are the funeral directors.

    There are a couple of yellow specks up in NoDak, but not nearly the size of that in SoDak.

  4. The map indicates why Hispanic population growth isn’t much of a concern on the East Coast. The two population clusters in NYC and south Florida don’t even consist of Mexican mestizos for the most part, but rather Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans.

  5. I’m curious about something. Robert and BAG, when you see a white Latino, do you feel like they are one “your people”? I’ve known quite a few white Latinos. I used to have a Colombian room mate up till recently who was practically white. I have another long-time buddy who is half white and have Salvadorean but looks completely white. I’m friends white Mexicans and Costa Ricans. Funny thing is, it’s only been recently that even started thinking of these people as white. I used to just consider them “Hispanics” like they were fellow minorities. Then it dawned on me that these particular Hispanics are probably about 90% European DNA.

    So the question I wonder is how much racial kinship do you guys feel towards these white Latinos? I admit, I feel quite a strong racial kinship to black Latinos. I talk to this black Brazilian girl in Sao Paulo and I love talking about the black experience in both continents. Even though we are in separate cultures and speak separate languages, I still feel that kinship of race with Afro-Latinos. That isn’t to say of course that I don’t like an appreciate non-black Latinos, I just feel like black Americans and black Latinos share a similar story just in different locations, and that’s where the feeling of brotherhood comes from.

    1. Yes! The White Latinos are my people! I love them. I think I even embarrass myself because I bring it up with them a lot.

      Truth be told, working class White Latinos readily acknowledge that they are White.In fact, they are quite proud of it. You only see the White denial among the young, super-gang types (La Raza hate-Whitey politics) or in bourgeois type Blacks who work in offices and wear office clothes.

      But even a lot of these bourgeois types will admit to being White. Especially if they have roots in Mexico and know that they have Spanish blood.

      tulio, remember when I told you about that White Latino who worked in my bank? I asked him if he was Mexican and he got offended. The guy was born in Mexico! But he was not a Mexican! He was a Spaniard!

      I met another guy who has roots in the French community in Mexico. He identifies as a Frenchman, NOT as a Mexican.

      Weird how that works.

      The more bourgeois types with heavy Spanish blood clearly think they are a bit better than the mestizos, and the mestizos seem to resent them a bit.

  6. Also, it is striking how few black areas there are. That map really hits you. West of the Mississippi, it’s pretty damn lonely out here. Other than Oakland, I don’t think there are any major concentrations of black people left in California. South Central used to be, but now it’s mostly Mexicans. I know many blacks fled California for the south. Atlanta was a popular destination for professional upwardly mobile black folks looking for more affordable housing and a better sense of community. Outside of California, there are only trace numbers of black people. I used to live in Atlanta for a short time and I have lots of family in heavily black parts of the East Coast. It’s like night and day. It’s actually weird to me now to walk out in the street and see mostly black people. Like something almost looks out of place because I’m not used to it living out west. I see mostly whites and Mexicans.

    1. “That map really hits you. West of the Mississippi, it’s pretty damn lonely out here”

      Well, I live in St. Louis and its just barely west of the Mississippi and there are a lot of blacks. Same for Kansas City. I know that there are a decent number of blacks in the metropolitan areas of Texas. I’ve also heard that there is a decent sized black community in Omaha, Nebraska. Or course, some blacks are from Hawai’i…

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