The Duck Face Epidemic


The Duck Face Epidemic is an epidemic of young women making this stupid looking face called a “duck face” in the photos they post of themselves online. Encyclopedia Dramatica explains further. The video is funny. Seems like a stupid fad if you ask me.

I do like those photos that young women take of themselves and put on Facebook and whatnot. I also like the photos they take of themselves with their friends where they all have their arms around each other or they are all putting their faces together. There’s an intimacy there – they really so seem to love each other and care about each other deeply – that’s frankly missing from even the closest male friendships.

I was watching these three young women talk the other day. They’re all freshmen in college. They were going on about their problems and they were listening to each other so intently, and the level of empathy was so high. It was amazing. We guys don’t really get. Female friendships are very deep and intense and I actually envy them for that.

Young women are so cute in a way. Vain and a bit airheaded, but there’s something wonderful about them that seems to go away as a woman ages. The main thing is that young women are really having fun! As women age, I think a lot of them are not having so much fun anymore.

Anyway, the video is pretty damn funny.

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8 thoughts on “The Duck Face Epidemic”

  1. American culture is very judgmental about male friendships, but this is not true even of other western cultures. The whole gay thing hasn’t helped either. Most normal guys will do anything not to be perceived as gay, even if it means doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching sports and porn. In the PC feminist age, this serves to further isolate men from each other. Women watch out for each other.

  2. i sort of think that women are NOT better friends to one another than guys are. i think there’s A LOT of quiet sniping that goes on between women, which is so subtle that us guys never notice. and it is vicious. sisterhood is a myth, the only people women love is 1) themselves 2) their family and 3) their man. and they only achieve #3 when they get beyond their love of self. the past two decades of self-esteem, girl-power BS has turned them into narcissists big time.

    1. Your completly right, women seem like they have a close relationship, but they talk shit behind each other’s back’s.

  3. Female friendships are very deep and intense and I actually envy them for that.
    thank you for saying this. some men in these neck of the woods are such haters.

    i think every man should have a close female friend. Your relationships with other men don’t allow you to properly destress. I believe that combined with the natural more violent nature of men is the reason why some men go postal.

  4. I don’t really agree. Women and men will either form life long friendships at an early age or they will let those friendships atrophy never to really replace them. Women just fake replacing them by acting like their coworker of 15 minutes is a lifelong friend, and a handful of men do this as well.

    From my experience women very subtley jockey for position within their coven and use personal anecdotes of their travails to accomplish this. Even when conversing with men about an abstract topic women will try to interject some personal anecdote to make the topic personal.

    Even more so if the topic borders an area she is not comfortable talking about. These are goaltending tactics to take control of a social situation, which is not a bonding experience. Ploughing past a women’s subtle indications of disapproval here can be to invite social disaster. In this way women specifically avoid having any conversations that are not frivolous.

    Men to converse in this way must actually bond. To have a trust that the anecdotes and commentary being interjected aren’t attempts to poison the well and alter the direction the conversation is going. That is what those stories are about. Poisoning the well. Preventing truthful, objective commentary from ‘friends’ by personalizing every topic and making every subject ‘touchy’.

  5. If you ever want to see a classic duck face, walk into ANY and I do mean ANY fast food restaurant in New Orleans and order something. In addition to a duck face, you will likely get your change thrown AT you.

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