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I honestly don’t know where to begin with this crap.

This is some of the most fucked up and confused politics I’ve seen in a while.

Is socialism great, or is Socialism Death, as the video argues in one case?

The endless fascist imagery, the violent, morbid, punk, death and frankly occult imagery is very disturbing. This worship of violence, death and the occult is what fascism is all about.

The Communist leaders they love for the most part were some of the worst and most murderous Communists of all.

Stalin murdered 3.1 million people. Pol Pot caused the death of 1.7 million, 1/4 of the population. Mao did quite a bit of killing himself. Ceausescu was one of the worst, most backwards and most fascist-like leaders in the East Bloc. He had a ton of blood on his hands, and he’s nothing to envy. Ceausescu promoted natalism and made abortion illegal. This is progressive and pro-women’s rights? Stalin made abortion much harder to get in the 1930’s. Saddam Hussein was nothing but a murderer. The North Korean Kims have a horrific human rights record.

The video’s images of Nazis were very disturbing. Nazis are shit. They were shit then, they’re shit now, they’ll be shit forever. The video makes an extensive case that Stalinist Communism and Nazi National Socialism were basically one and the same thing. It’s not the case. They also play up the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, a treaty that is very misunderstood. This Communism = Nazism, Nazism is socialism, Nazism is Leftism shit could have been written by an American hard rightwing anti-Communist.

Many of the Nazbol (the name itself is disturbing as it sounds like Nazis) marchers look like skinheads. The written introduction to the video defends not only nationalism (somewhat dubious) but also “racialism,” which is just a fancy word for racism. So Nazbols are apparently not only nationalists but also racists. Apparently Nazbols are also anti-Semites. Wonderful! Such a progressive movement, moving forwards and leaving barbarism behind! But that’s not so. Instead this movement embraces barbarism and looks backwards, not forwards. The opposite of progress, or progressivism.

Fuck this Nazbol shit. It’s interesting, but it seriously creeps me out. Even thinking about it makes my head spin.

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28 thoughts on “National Bolshevik Video”

    1. Nothing really. He was the founder of modern liberalism though, and as I see it, Nazbols are anti-liberal. I don’t know what to make of it. That’s some confused stuff.

  1. Actually Dugin has abandoned the National Bolsheviks and runs the Eurasianist movement.

    NB are a fascist/anarchist group like other extreme right nationalist groups like Union of Poles and Ukrainian UNA-UNSO who are also a paramilitary group in Belarus, UNA-UNSO, Bandera and all the other WW2 western Ukrainian groups in Ukrainian, Ustashi in Croatia, etc are supported by the US, EU and Soros.

    The original Bolsheviks were genocidal monsters who really did kill millions of people during the civil war and where part of the mafia under the Russian Empire and there alliance with the Nazis to sabotage Soviet industry prior to WW2 as revealed in the Moscow trials of the 30’s.

    1. “The original Bolsheviks were genocidal monsters who really did kill millions of people during the civil war and were part of the mafia under the Russian Empire and there alliance with the Nazis to sabotage Soviet industry prior to WW2 as revealed in the Moscow trials of the 30’s.”

      This is so ignorant Jack I really don’t know where to start. The Bolsheviks organised the Red Army, 5 million strong, to defend Soviet Russia against the invasion of the country by 14 foreign armies
      in concert with the White Russians.

      The next part of your sentence is absolute nonsense. I don’t know what to say.

      1. Abiezer, what do you make of certain Jewish bankers funding the Bolshevik takeover, including Jacob Schiff, Kuhn, and the Rothschilds?

        1. It’s a lie. It’s an anti-Communist, anti-Semitic, extreme rightwing, rightwing populist lie. I mean, I wish those bankers did fund the Bolsheviks! What banker would fund a Communist revolution? Get real man. Notice they’re all a bunch of Jews, too? I wonder where this lie started? Did it start with the Nazis. It sounds like a Nazi lie, Judeo-Bolsheviks and all that.

          I can’t speak for the others, but Schiff did help to fund the *initial Russian revolution*. That revolution was simply anti-Czarist and anti-anti-Semitic. It was not Communist. It was nationalist and liberal and possibly social democratic at most. There were Communists in the coalition, but they were not the biggest faction.

          The Bolsheviks later on staged a military coup against the victorious government and purged all the non-Commies. Those rich Jewish bankers did *not* fund the Bolshevik takeover and in fact, I am quite sure they opposed it. Communism is bad for business you know.

        2. @Robert Lindsay

          “It’s a lie. It’s an anti-Communist, anti-Semitic, extreme rightwing, rightwing populist lie.”

          It is not a lie it is a well known fact that Jacob Schiff financed Trotsky and other exiled Marxists in New York to carry out the “revolution” through his Communist front organisation “Friend of Russian Freedom”as well as Max Warburg in Germany, Rothschild of London and Swedish bankers like Olof Aschberg.

          US investigative committee at the time named the international banks that bankrolled the Bolshevik takeover of Russia.

          Like support of Islamic terrorism today they actively supported the Bolshevik takeover of Russia to break up the Russian Empire and the failed attempt to seize control of Eurasia.

  2. American politics is so damn infantile! The libertardian Tea Parties are America’s version of grassroots opposition? Give me a fuckin break!

    1. Thx fpy. That’s a very astute remark. Their latest “populist” proposals were:

      1. Opposing the financial reform bill. I.e. taking the side of the banksters.

      2. Supporting getting rid of Net Neutrality. I.e. taking the side of the big ISP’s, phone companies and cable companies and allowing a total corporate takeover of the Internet.

      I honestly think that the Tea Parties are just fake populism working for the corporations, the rich, the bankers and the elite.

      Abiezer Coppe, who is British, says US politics is “so irrational.” He shakes his head at it.

      1. What is it about this country that makes it impossible for an organic socialist/collectivist movement to take hold? I laugh at Libetardian fuckwads.

      2. Back in the time 1900 to 1925 America once had a decent socialist movement. Without it the country couldn’t have produced brilliant socialist fiction by writers such as Upton Sinclair, Jack London, John Dos Passos and John Steinbeck. I’d like to know more about the glory days of US socialism, the IWW and Eugene Debs

  3. The soundtrack was great until it got to the tech-pop stuff. The video was even more gay than Lady Gagonthis. Let’s all dress up in uniforms with shiny boots and make clenched-fist salutes.

    First thing I’ve seen by National Bolshevists. I’ve been accused of being one several times on pseudo-left blogs for suggesting that internationalism undermines workers rights in the few places we’ve won them, and doesn’t help the rest of the world one bit. What that video shows to me is the hate of the jewish Trot left for anyone who strays off message i.e. supports economic nationalist socialism, the only possible socialism. I wouldn’t be surprised if this National Bolshevik thing is an elite propaganda tactic to discredit nationalism.

    Robert, I’m surprised at you disparaging Stalin and Mao as murderers.

  4. If they’re antisemites, why do they seem to venerate Marx? If they’re Marxists, why do they venerate Hitler? My head hurts.

    1. And why does anyone venerate Ceaucescu, who was undeniably a murderous, criminally incompetent twit, regardless of ideology??

        1. It would seem to me that a true Nationalist would want to elevate his people, not drag them back into the stone age.

      1. Does anyone like Ceaucescu? Notice there’s also a photo of the leader of the Iron Cross in there too. I wonder what Ceaucescu thought of the Iron Cross.

        Ceaucescu is such a loser. His own workers left their factories in the 10,000’s and marched to overthrow him. What a loser.

  5. They are promoting a certain dynamic and aesthetic, men of decisive action. Under rubric of socialist nationalism and against internationalist
    egalitarian faux “socialism.”It’s also latitudinarian in spirit without suggesting perfect political cohesion on the exoteric plane.

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