Time To Ban the Internet

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I found myself laughing when I first heard about this story, but although I realized I should not be laughing, I kept on laughing anyway. This story is just too absurd. When I read about the father’s reaction, I quit laughing.

I admit I am a bit exasperated with folks who keep trying to kill themselves over and over. A part of me lines up with the social worker who got so tired of listening to the guy threatening suicide over the line that he drove over to the guy’s house and helped him do it.

That part of me says, “Hell, just kill yourself already.”

I’ve known an attempted suicide, close to me. It was a one-time thing, I heard about it soon after he tried it, and I don’t think he will do it again. I think it had to do with some psych drugs he was taking (Xanax in this case). Folks like that surely need to be saved. Those that are constantly attempting suicide, I am not sure.

(Now) famous Myspace page of his friend who announces that he’s dead to the world, many folks’ first confirmation.

(Now) famous thread on Bodybuilding.com, a response to the famous thread that started the thing (now deleted, but here is the cached version of “I’m Trippin on Bars on My Webcam” . Followed by a warning thread to the mods to call the police here: “Mods?!”.

If you click on his profile on the site, it takes you to a link saying, “The BodySpace Member you are attempting to locate is inactive.” I should say so.

His site on Justin.tv, http://www.justin.tv/feels_like_ecstacy, has been removed, and there is no cached version. I’ve been on the site before, and it’s really strange, but it’s also a lot of fun. Mostly young people on there. If you’re older, they call you “pedophile” for even showing up on the channel. Age discrimination.

His MySpace page is here. He seems to have lots of luck with the ladies. Judging by that, I can’t see the suicidal ideation, but I’m starting to think this stuff is due to chemicals in the brain.

Some folks on the bodybuilding forum were getting tired of him coming there and threatening to kill himself over and over. Guess they won’t have to worry about that anymore.

He’s wasn’t a boy, but he was a teenager. He was 19, and he was Black, with a beautiful White girlfriend and a young son. White nationalists are encouraged to find some obscure racial angle here. I always heard young Blacks had a low suicide rate, but it has been going in recent years, and epidemiologists are shaking their heads trying to figure it out.

He was Abraham K. Biggs (aka Candyman), 19, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, near Miami.

MySpace page here. Looks like he has lots of luck with the ladies and I can’t understand someone like that killing themselves, but I’ve always thought this is a chemical thing in the brain.

The people who were egging him on are a bunch of idiots. And I think someone should have called the cops, but apparently everyone just thought it was a joke, and he was always threatening anyway. This Dadaist or Kafkaesque charade went on for 10 hours.

Much is made of the fact that he stopped moving at 11 AM and the cops didn’t show up til 3:30 PM, by which time he was history, but I’m pretty sure he was already gone by 11.

At one time, there were ~1,500 people watching the feels_like_ecstacy channel. That’s the way the site works. You will be on a channel and suddenly it will pile up with visitors for no reason.

Justin.tv is based in San Fransisco. 185 people were viewing the feels_like_ecstacy channel when the cops showed up.

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5 thoughts on “Time To Ban the Internet”

  1. I think the state should assist suicide not to do so I think is a sign of totalitarian government trying to get someone to fit into society and social structure which they clearly become alien and meaningless to them.

    I imagine it would be pretty hard to kill yourself especially if you don’t have a gun then you are probably thinking something goes wrong and you end up with brain damage or something like if you put a gun to your head and your hand jerks while pulling the trigger.

    A couple of years ago there were stories starting in Japan of groups of people meeting up to commit suicide.

  2. Men who commit suicide are wimps. One thing I admire about blacks is they don’t commit suicide. I wonder what is the reason for this fact?

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