The PC Crowd’s War on Male Sexuality

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In the comments section, Lafayette Sennacherib opines that the PC Crowd just doesn’t seem to want men to have sex at all. I really think that the PC crowd is all about replacing male sexuality with female sexuality. Female sexuality is to be normalized and even enforced via laws and regulations.

A man is trying to pick up a woman. Obviously, he’s sexually harassing her. At the very least, he’s treating her like a sex object.

A man is looking at a beautiful woman. He is objectifying her and reducing her to a sex object.

A man is looking at a beauty pageant. He is objectifying females and disrespecting them.

A man is trying to get laid. He is evil because he is out to use and abuse women.

A man is having sex with a drunk woman (About the only way a lot of them will do it!). He is raping her.

A man is interested in group sex. He is a sick, evil pervert typical of males.

An older man looks at teenage girls, some of whom are 16-17. HE IS A PEDOPHILE! Huh?

A man is looking at porn and jerking off. First, he is first a loser for jerking off, and second, he is a sexist dog for looking at evil pornography which is hate propaganda against women.

A man buys a prostitute. He is assisting in the subjugation of women, little more than a pimp.

I do not think that society should favor male or female sexuality by law or regulation. Males and females want different things, so there is a War of the Sexes. As the French say, Vive le differance! This War is eternal and present in all normal human societies. Sexual equality is probably not possible, and some leading feminists are now admitting to this.

I enjoy Hispanic culture in the US as far as sex goes. The women seem to think that all men are just dogs when it comes to sex, so they don’t worry about it. Men look at women, and women look at men. It’s all normal. Women like men, and men like women, in spite of it all. Hispanic women have not yet been feminist-wrecked.

In other parts of the world, such as Latin America, the Arab World, Iran, and SE Asia, one finds much the same thing.

I was in an auto parts store a while back. A teenage Hispanic girl was in there with her Mom, Dad and siblings. I figure she was 15. I was 50. Well, she started looking at me. She was looking at me the whole time, giving me the eye. At first I was afraid to look back at her because her parents were there, but they made it clear that they did not give a damn, so I started looking back at her just for fun.

I can’t touch a 15-yr old, of course, but at this age, it feels great to know I can still attract such a young girl.

The weird thing was the attitude of the parents. They were like, “Hey, she’s 15, she’s a woman now, of course she’s looking at men.”

Now I’m not saying that middle aged men should go running around with underage girls. It’s against the law here, and the law may be reasonable, even if the sentences are not. But this is probably what goes on in normal societies. Young girls come of age and find all sorts of males interesting, from boys to distinguished, confident older men. It’s part of the embroidery of human existence for most of our time on Earth.

This may be backwards, sexist or reactionary, but I find it much preferable to this suffocating feminist-wrecked world of White Western culture.

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9 thoughts on “The PC Crowd’s War on Male Sexuality”

  1. I agree we need certain laws to protect women but yeah, it has gotten out of hand. We should have a lower consent age, (not 13, like Spain’s) because too many guys go to jail because of 16-17 yr olds.

    It’s a symptom of the whole cult of self-victimhood. The whole crazy I’ll sue you for offending me thing. Always got to keep your eye on your balls, make sure they don’t get in anyone’s way in public. Downplay anything masculine. No arguments, no roughhousing, no chasing girls and being human. People are pretty self-regulating now, too. The whole crop of girls have got their eyes on each other, making sure you don’t get too close to their girl at the bar. I’ve never had a girlfriend whose friends weren’t always trying to sabotage our relationship. And it wasn’t because I was mean to her or them or anything like that. They just hated the idea of her being “trapped” with me and would complain she was no longer “herself.” It’s bad out there to be male right now—especially in white society which is now basically matriarchal. She sets your things outside and keeps the nest.

    The Orwellian comparisons in the media get cliche after a while, but I can’t help being reminded of the Junior Anti-Sex League when I think of these feminists. I accidentally started talking to some straight-looking cute girls at a bar and they all turned out to be dykes. I know much of it had to be situational. They’re giving up on men and turning into men-haters. I’m surprised they weren’t all missing one breast to shoot their arrows at us better.

    And annoying, the media and our consumer society are shouting “sex, sex, sex” all day long. And the scantly clad girls will keep walking around and yet will get angry at you for staring. But when you ask women why they dress out like that, if it’s not to be looked at and attract the opposite sex, they reply that they dress for themselves, to feel good about being a woman, and simply because they like to.

    1. They are deliberately turning into lesbians because they hate men! Some of them are anyway. I don’t have a ton of sympathy for this type of lesbian. And a lot of that type with turn straight again later in life too. You watch. I’ve known some like this. Why? Because relationships with women drive them insane, lol.

      Exactly, the media is screaming sex sex sex at you all day long, and then if you look at them they get pissed.

      But when you ask women why they dress out like that, if it’s not to be looked at and attract the opposite sex, they reply that they dress for themselves, to feel good about being a woman, and simply because they like to.

      Yeah right!

  2. Women and girls also lust at men, viewing them as objects. However, as you might expect, the men welcome the flattery. Therefore, why isn’t this thing “a two way street”?

  3. Sometimes though men aggravate the situation. For instance, a child development professor ( a very gentle friendly type man) I had, commented everyday on how pretty certain female students looked. Obviously, this angered some women. Two women got really angry at him publicly in class. Though I felt sorry for the guy, his behavior was very dorky.

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