Just Did Another Interview

On Voice of Reason radio.

Yes, it’s primarily a White nationalist radio station, that’s what most of the listeners are, but Robert Stark, the guy who keeps interviewing me, is not a White nationalist in any way, shape or form. If anything, his racial politics is something like Liberal Race Realism. I’m not sure what he is politically either, as he’s very hard to pigeonhole. Mostly, he’s opposed to US imperialism overseas, in particular our alliance with Israel, and he’s also very much opposed to illegal immigration. He doesn’t seem to have much of a position on economics as far as I can tell, though he’s not really hostile to Left economics.

Since talk of race is pissing off his WN listeners, this time we decided to primarily discuss gender.

The subject was The War on Men. It was an attack on radical feminism and in favor of equity feminism, Third Wave feminism, sex-positive feminism and punk feminism. Basically my position is that radical feminism is pro Female Sexuality and intends to inculcate Female Sexuality in law to govern public space in the US.

Radical feminism hates Male Sexuality, which is natural for females, but it seeks to impose hegemony via law over males and Male Sexuality. Being puritanical, as Female Sexuality is, it seeks to remove most to all sexuality from public space and to instate a desexualized public space over America. This is seen in Pedophile Mass Hysteria, Rape Mass Hysteria, Sexual Harassment Mania, laws against males seeking women in 3rd World countries, crazy domestic violence laws, etc.

As a Sexual Revolutionary (I came out of the Sexual Revolution) and a libertine, I am pro-sex and pro-sexual expression in public space. Therefore, I am opposed to the basic puritanism of radical feminism and its war on Male Sexuality and hence males ourselves.

We also discussed PUA game theory, Alphas, Betas and Omegas, the problems stemming from the overthrow of mandatory early marriage, and the Sodini Phenomenon, which is bound to grow in the future.

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119 thoughts on “Just Did Another Interview”

  1. “pro-sexual expression in pubic space”: that’s great typo Robert… let’s hear it for pubic space! Last time
    I looked they were a libertine space rock band based in Ulan Bator.

  2. I am a bit confused on your stance on race?

    I agree that certain races are more intelligent and aggressive than others but I wouldn’t base all my beliefs on race that is the answer and cause to everything like those at VOR.

    Because Europe and the US is void of any real historical culture to associate themselves with the exception of the Southern states which now have a heavy immigrant population they only thing they can associate with each other is race.

    Before that it was anti-Communism and now it is anti-Islam totally neglect western creation and support to both in a social/political context.

    1. VOR keeps wanting to interview me, so I’m going to do interviews with them. I know that their listeners don’t like me very much, since I’m not a racist like they are.

      I’m not a White nationalist. I subscribe to Liberal Race Realism. One of the components to Liberal Race Realism, according to those who have analyzed it, is anti-racism.

  3. We also discussed PUA game theory

    Er, no, Rob, you still don’t get it. It’s just PUA or game. There’s no “theory” in there.

    On second thought, I have no idea why I, a card-carrying Feminazi, should be trying to help you and stop you from making a fool out of yourself. Would a true Jew ever be this helpful? 😉

    1. Well,we met should be free to look at females, look at them in a sexual way, smile at them, talk to them, flirt with them, talk to them in a sexual way, etc. without being made to feel that we are evil or that we are this far from getting the cops called on us for doing so. That’s frankly what it feels like nowadays, and I don’t like it one bit!

      1. Well men being free to look at women is fine as long as men are discrete with their looking. That’s what we women do 🙂 The moment a woman gives you signals that she is uncomfortable, stop. There is something called “eye rape” that some men do. It makes their “victims” feel very uncomfortable. I sure alpha and la fluer have been targets of that type of behavior.

        talk to them in a sexual way

        Once there is some type of comfort or familiarity between the two you. Doing this to a woman you don’t know could create paranoia in a woman.

    1. I dunno. She had me go back and delete all of her old posts because she claimed she was out of her mind when she was writing that stuff. She’s going to be looking for a job soon, and she doesn’t want the posts catching up to her.

      1. She’s going to be looking for a job soon, and she doesn’t want the posts catching up to her.

        I might be doing that in the future.

        I don’t think that most employers would be exactly thrilled to hire a white nationalist.

        Of course, I don’t use my university email address to comment here or on other blogs.

        But with greater monitoring of the internet and impending censorship, you’ve got to be careful.

        1. Oh shit. I’ve used the university address of the university I graduated from when my commented here. So, once you look for a job, people delete all their blog comments and don’t comment anymore. Also, I would think that with current technology, they would be able to know who wrote what before you try to delete it.

        2. Yeah, don’t use your university address.

          I have my UC address, the address I’m using here, and an alternate Yahoo address.

          Basically, if I were to use my UC address, I would seriously hide my views, for I wouldn’t want to say anything that they might catch a hold of.

        3. Well, the university cannot do anything, I guess, but the email address would be easier for potential employers or other authority figures to access.

        4. As long as you aren’t using any email associated with your real name for the comments, you’re good to go guys.

          Also, BAG, there’s not really any greater monitoring of the internet or impending censorship any different than 5 or 10 years ago. It’s just that by now most people have realized how easy it is to just type an email address or a name into the search bar of Google.

  4. Ha ha! That bitch is finally banned. Looks like jews are an unpleasant bunch eh?

    A LOT of Jews act just like that and got banned. For a long time, we had no comments policy on here. We had to put one in mostly because of Jews, and some rightwingers.

    I’d love to have lots of Jews on this blog. I’m glad David is here. I think Mort Goldman finally left. He probably had it up to here with the anti-Semites.

    I find Jews like Angela to be totally impossible. No matter what you say, you’re an anti-Semite! WTF man. They’re almost like the Abagondsphere on the Net, where to those Blacks, every single thing you say is racist against Blacks.

    It’s almost a mental illness.

    Not only that, but the SuperJew types like Angela are always real Zionists too. “Professional anti-Semitism fighters” are always Zionists too. Goes hand in hand. I think anti-Semitism should be fought too, but it’s weird how the less Zionist they are, the less they seem to care about anti-Semitism. It’s like Zionism is a marker for paranoia about anti-Semitism.

    1. robert I think Mort Goldman finally left. He probably had it up to here with the anti-Semites.

      I see Mort on Abagonds blog. the fight mort had with anon was over the top. It gave you a good giggle robert.

  5. Oh shit. I’ve used the university address of the university I graduated from when my commented here. So, once you look for a job, people delete all their blog comments and don’t comment anymore. Also, I would think that with current technology, they would be able to know who wrote what before you try to delete it.

    3rd parties cannot see anyone’s email address when you comment on sites. I can see it, if you use it, but no one else can. Unless I tell your employers, you’re safe.

  6. Yeah, don’t use your university address.

    I have my UC address, the address I’m using here, and an alternate Yahoo address.

    Basically, if I were to use my UC address, I would seriously hide my views, for I wouldn’t want to say anything that they might catch a hold of.

    No one can see your email address here except me. There’s nothing to worry about.

  7. Also, BAG, there’s not really any greater monitoring of the internet or impending censorship any different than 5 or 10 years ago. It’s just that by now most people have realized how easy it is to just type an email address or a name into the search bar of Google.

    People getting caught for making comments on the Net were all commenting under their real names. Bad idea.

    1. Were the comments they made illegal or something? And could you please delete three comments of mine from “New Movie on Fake Holodomor” under my real name?

        1. Than what did they get caught for?

          By “getting caught” Robert just means that other people (i.e. friends, employers, coworkers, whatever) found out about their “questionable” views online and as a result socially ostracized them and/or fired them from their job. He’s talking about getting caught socially, not legally.

  8. Rob, if you for instance type your name in the Google searchbox, do you automatically become a know figure? And are you saying that before people explicitly ask the blog owner for identification, the outside world doesn’t know who made the comments?

        1. Nah, would have banned you already. Anyway, I have a journalism degree and we believe in protecting sources. We usually don’t honor requests for personal information, not if we are honorable. It’s part of the ethics of the profession.

        2. Are there situations where you could be compelled to hand over personal information by authorities? And once you post a comment anywhere, does the NSA or whoever automatically pick up on it and store it? I’ve been reading a lot of creepy articles about increasing Big Brother-ization of the Internet and other aspects of life.

      1. Robert Yes, no one knows who you are. They could ask me I guess, but I probably would not tell them unless that person had really pissed me off

        *chic noir smiles sweetly with puppy dog eyes at robert and remembers his b-day is in January*

  9. Are there situations where you could be compelled to hand over personal information by authorities?

    Only for terrorism cases, and then they go to the ISP’s, I would imagine, not to me.

    Anyway, you can always give a *totally fake email addy* on here. I guess you did not know that?

        1. Do you think anything I’ve written on this site could go that route? And I visited an Islamic forum couple of times. Didn’t join or anything, just read other people’s comments, and I felt kinda uncomfortable becuz there were militant opinions on there.

  10. Do you think anything I’ve written on this site could go that route?

    No, no blog posts of blog comments ever come under government investigations. Maybe email conversations where you are plotting actual terrorism or something. There are LOTS of actual terrorist and Al Qaeda webpages out there, and no one goes got jail for them. They just get shut down is all. But I would not publish one in the US if I were you. They are published in Muslim countries.

    1. Well I’m not even a Muslim, so I don’t know what made you think I would want to publish anything like that. I just visited a forum I think located in the UK, and read comments, didn’t join or do anything else.

      1. Youll probably get off with crucifixion, fpy3p lol. But seriously this guy is just fuckin with you. Probably some kike j*w tryin to intimidate you. Be a warrior man.

        1. And who the fuck are you? My ancestors came over on the Mayflower. None of them were Jews, not that it’s any of your fucking business. And you don’t know a fucking thing about my life.

        2. Aredguy just out of curiosity, as an Indian, what is your beef with Jews?

          White nationalists like me have good reason to be critical of Jews.

          FPY, as an Asian tired of being emasculated by Hollywood, also has a reason.

          Just curious as to why an American Indian would despise Jews.

  11. I don’t know. I looked at one of those websites because I was curious shortly after 9/11, and the FBI visited my parents, my ex wife, and my employer. My employer called me in to ask about it, and found a reason to fire me a month later in spite of ten years of good performance reviews. Also, I noticed a lot of cars parked outside my house, and when I went to investigate, they drove away. And then there was the mysterious break in where nothing was stolen except my computers. But it all petered out after a couple years. If you haven’t had it happen yet, it might not.

    1. There are so many people looking at those sites now that it would be hard for them to crack down on all of them. Also a lot of anti-terrorism types are frequenting those sites. I don’t go to those sites because I can’t read Arabic, but I used to go to them sometimes. They are always going down. There are literally dozens to scores to hundreds of basically Al Qaeda global jihad type forums out there on the Net. The spring up and go down continuously.

        1. I think it’s pretty random how you would catch their attention. I don’t think there’s any one way to predict, but you’re probably fine. Just be vigilant for any weird things happening around you.

        2. Yes.

          I was regularly in contact with some guys who were members of the PFLP and I was even doing work for them for a while. I was writing the Iraqi Resistance Reports with a PFLP member. We all had code names for each other. Nothing ever happened.

          I even called the FBI because I wanted to volunteer some info about bin Laden because I’d been studying him for a long time. An FBI guy called me back and interviewed me. Once he found out I was not a Muslim, he decided I was harmless. I told him I was a Leftwinger, but he could care less about that. If you’re not a Muslim, they pretty much leave you alone.

          Matt’s story is weird, but that was back in 2001.

  12. The worst is if they think you might do something for them, like spy on other people, or act as an agent provocateur, or even take the fall for something. I’ve since met people like that, and then they’ll really make your life hell. They especially love people who fit the “lone nut” stereotype because everyone is ready to think the worst of them anyway. I didn’t really fit that profile, so they eventually just backed off.

  13. Also the forum I visited was all in English, no Arabic and it was a pretty comprehensive forum, encompassing everything about Muslim life, including food etc. I visited the political section and I just read the members’ opinions. That’s all.
    I myself am Catholic, and if I ever do convert, it would be to Eastern Orthodox Church.

    1. Just an Islamic forum? That’s all? LOL, I have visited actual fullon fucking AL QAEDA yes Al Qaeda forums (global jihad). They’re hard to figure out because they’re all in Arabic. I think I was looking for some videos. There are all these terrorist hunter websites out there, most of them run by Jews, and that’s where I got the Al Qaeda forum links. Those terrorist hunters, including lots of Jews, hang out on those forums all the time. I suppose Western intelligence does too.

      You’re worried about visiting a measly little typical Islamic forum? Sheesh dude.

        1. I wouldn’t worry about it, fp. Even if the NSA is hoovering up every last pixel, there is too much data for them to bother with little old you. They’d be looking for certain patterns, especially in emails. Peeking at an Islamic website a few times without posting is not even going to register. Remember, there are several million Muslims in America who are checking out these sites too, and most of them are not all that political. Plus all the armchair Muslim-watchers that Robert mentioned. And there are several million more people and websites online since 9/11.

          Also, at this point I think ISPs only keep their data for anywhere between six months and two years. That could change, though.


          I’ve read that the NSA is building some big data center in Texas, if they haven’t already. I wonder what their capacity is for storing eighty gazillion internet sessions forever.

      1. How do you know that these sites are not fake jihadist ones created by Israeli or US psyche-ops?

        There was I great website I visited years ago which listed various jihadist sites and where they are located.

        There is was an Israeli private security firm Intel Centre I think it was called something like that, that the mass media used as a resource for obtaining jihadist videos which is usually militants linked to Chechnya or something like the Saudi cell that attacked targets in Saudi Arabia and a video was released of them brandishing Russian Igla missiles. .

        You can get the Martyrs of Bosnia recruitment video on Google video which features the first WTC bomber.

        1. Those were real sites. They had lots of good videos and photos on them and lots of active posters. I doubt if many of those sites are fakes run by Western intel. I bet many of the posters know each other.

          There is a center called SITE that monitors all of those sites.

        2. @Robert Lindsay

          I think it is pretty stupid of real terrorists to operate active websites. All the intelligence agencies have to do is record comments and the IP address of the posters.

          Babar Ahmad who ran Azzam publications is linked to British intelligence ran the largest jihadist propaganda network in Europe with website for Chechen jihadists and Basayeav and Khattab’s personal webmaster wiring funds and distributing jihadist propaganda videos and help financed the Nord Ost Moscow theatre siege among others.

          US is trying to have him extradited for trying to set up a Chechen training camp in Oregon with other Jihadists in the UK as well as financing the Taliban and an attempted attack on US navy vessel.


          Britain off course is trying to block it which I think they have succeeded.

          There was a good BBC documentary on Babar Ahmad were it should a clip of Khattab in Azerbaijan publically praising him.

          After 9/11 Israel was caught trying to create a fake “Al Qaeda” cell in the Palestinian territories.

  14. The “legitimate” Muslim sites are crawling with intelligence agents. They really want people who will seem to convert to Islam and then start telling on the extremists. That’s why they like the lone nut thing.

    1. Well I have absolutely no desire to convert out of Catholicism, and I didn’t even join the forum, just read some of the members’ comments.

        1. It’s been about a month and a 1/2 I believe since I last visited. Do you think a forum like that is that dangerous? It’s never been taken down, and it is based in Britain, all English.

      1. I have absolutely no desire to convert out of Catholicism

        Dude, you do realize that Pope Benedict XVI is a filthy kike-lover, right?

        If I were you I’d switch over to Eastern Orthodox, they’re much less Jew-friendly than Catholics nowadays.

        1. “When Benedict ascended to the Papacy his election was welcomed by the Anti-Defamation League who noted his great sensitivity to Jewish history and the Holocaust.”

          “In May 2009, Pope Benedict XVI visited Israel to stress the shared roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He said that his pilgrimage to the Middle East was a reminder of the “inseparable bond” between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people.”

          “In October 2009, Benedict XVI indicated that he would celebrate the following day of Judaism in 2010 by paying a visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome, which has been similarly visited by Pope John Paul II during his pontificate.”

          Have fun in your Jew-loving church, bro.

        2. Hmm, and according to Hutton Gibson (Mel’s dad), the Pope is also a homo, as is half the Vatican.

          (and Hutton’s long been a devout Catholic)

          Brother Nathanael is Eastern Orthodox.

          You should take David’s advice and become an Eastern Orthodox Christian. They’re less philo-semitic than evangelical Protestants or Catholics.

        3. fpy3p

          “The thing is I’m not Slavic.”

          lol, that was funny because it was almost random.

          fpy3p, are you by any chance the Korean anon?

  15. Besides, with the level of harassment some of us have experienced, some people actually become a little crazy, so it’s not always easy to sift truth from speculation. So I wouldn’t worry. Just live your life. I’m a Christian too, and I think it was Jesus who said that you can’t change a thing by worrying about it (paraphrasing of course).

  16. Matt – what happened to you just sounds like a random trawl. It’s just as likely to happen to you for nothing. Recall that Washington Post (was it?) recent report on the Secret State (available online) – the scale of it, the cost of it, the numbers employed, and most relevantly here the millions of ‘top secret’ reports filed away that no-one’s ever read because they’ve got so much stuff that it’s just impossible to digest it. I guess they’ve got software that scans internet activity for keywords patterns and automatically assigns priorities. Matt’s behaviour should have been a long long way from even generating an automatic ‘flag’. It’s quite likely the secret state also has a policy of intimidating the public by selecting people totally at random and hassling them – I think Matt fell under this.
    If they really want to get you, they’ll just fit you up (frame you) rather than go to the time and expense of checking out all your blog comments and emails. If they don’t want to get you, they might do the same thing just to keep the rest of us paranoid. So don’t worry, be happy!

  17. You never know what will make law enforcement types take an interest in you. A friend of mine figured out a teacher’s password and used it to change some grades in high school, and I was questioned by the cops because I talked to him online. They were hoping to uncover a hacker ring or something stupid like that.

    Anyway, the chances of being targeted for participation in a site like this are minimal. But you never know, because a single wrong person could bring that kind of attention. It’s out of your control. If you take reasonable measures to ensure your privacy like, say, not entering your university email address you’ll be fine. You’ll almost certainly be fine regardless.

    I would caution that the greater threat, in my mind, comes from malevolent individuals. There are a lot of deranged scumbags on the internet who will ruin someone’s life over nothing of any consequence. Try running your information through pipl.com if you want to see a taste of what’s available, and that’s without the benefit of a single red cent.

    So far we know that you’re a Korean guy who dislikes Jews and went to school in NYC. With that profile, you’re safe. What you need to be careful about is releasing additional details, even ones that seem harmless, because they can sometimes be used to connect the dots in counterintuitive ways. I would certainly think twice about posting the things you do in other places. That’s one that can catch people.

    Not to stir up paranoia, because again, the chances of being identified from anything here are vanishingly small. Mr. Lindsay has established a relatively open, relatively civil forum where almost anything goes. It’s a breath of fresh air.

    1. I’m sort of irresistibly drawn to this blog, but I think I’ll not comment on the political agendas if it’s all the same. There is plenty of other interesting stuff to talk about, like alphas, betas, and omegas.

      What’s the deal with aredguy? He’s an Indian? I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the Mayflower. LOL.

  18. Hey Rob, you said that as long as you were not Muslim, the authorities would leave you alone. So how do you explain the arrests and FBI harassment of white nationalist figures such as Edgar Steele and Tom Metzger?

    1. They broke the law, no? Steele hired someone to kill his wife. Metzger supposedly urged his skinhead followers to go beat up non-Whites, and then they murdered an Ethiopian man.

      1. What about framing? The Steele case in particular is very fishy. He just got out of the hospital for cancer and he has had no problems with his marriage. Also, he got stung by an informant who probably twisted his words or something.

        1. I don’t know. They have the guy on audio hiring the guy to kill his wife. Pretty damning stuff.

          I don’t know if the Feds ever frame people. Perhaps they do.

          I don’t worry about such things.

          Why do you worry about this stuff so much? Why are you so fearful, so frightened? I don’t get it. Man up, fpy!

          I don’t worry about any of this sort of shit, tbh. I take normal precautions and say fuck it to the rest. I am a bit worried about getting on the No-Fly List though.

  19. I’m also worried about the no-fly list. Why are you worried about it?

    They are putting totally innocent people on it! Like domestic dissidents, leftwingers, professors, authors, famous people, etc. Cat Stevens was on the fuckin list. He ain’t no terrorist. None of these people could possibly be a terrorist. Anyway, they search you, so even if they are a bit worried about you, what’s the deal? They search you, nothing on you, get on the plane.

    There’s fuckin 3 million people on that list! WTF man.

    1. So if you’re on the list, you can’t leave this country? And do you think someone like me would be on the list? I’m neither famous nor involved in organized political activity. All I do is get is emails from the LaRouche folks, which I just read and that’s that.

      1. You can’t get on a plane in the US. I guess you go to Canada or Mexico and board there.

        Would you quit all this ridiculous worrying and fearfulness, fpy? You sound like a little pussy-ass bitch. I want to work over to you and slap your face! And this fearfulness and paranoia is starting to get annoying dude.

        1. I just don’t wanna get trapped in Rome while it’s burning; I’m not trying to be annoying, but in the post-2001 era, you can’t really take shit for granted.

  20. I heard that the security agencies are wary of Asians being recruited by Muslim extremists because no one associates them with Islam the way they do Middle Eastern people, but they’re worried about whites in that regard too.

    1. Well like I said, I don’t have or want anything to do with Islam. Your answers always make me feel reassured. (sarcasm)

        1. My experience tells me we’re already living in a police state. The only thing most of us have going for us is that we’re too insignificant to be noticed. Unless we’re not.

        2. Dude, If you’re that worried about it, don’t use the internet at all. Believe it or not, there was a time when the internet did not exist. We read books and magazines, we sent letters, we watched TV and listened to the radio. You can still do all that, wiothout leaving bits and pieces of yourself all over the interwebs.

        3. Like bellyaching in public on the internet about how worried you are. You don’t have to worry about the Jews in Hollywood emasculating you. All they’ve got to do is hand you the knife. Sorry to be so brutally honest, but look at it this way: You hold some unpopular beliefs that may make you a target. Think about your heroes, whoever they may be. Did they act like this in the face of adversity? What about adversity that hadn’t happened yet and most likely never will happen? Get a grip, man!

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