New Sendero Attack in Peru

Excellent news out of Peru. Sendero Luminoso recently carried out an operation against the prosecutor in Acobamba in the Huancavelica Region. The local prosecutor was shot dead as he was entering his office in the morning. The assassin headed back over the border to Huanta Province in Ayacucho, where they have a huge presence. Acobamba is near the VRAE, where there is a large Sendero group operating.

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3 thoughts on “New Sendero Attack in Peru”

  1. I don’t think killing an innocent attorney is anything to celebrate Lindsay he was only doing his job and probably has a family.

    I don’t know these people nor do I care but if they are going to carry out assassinations and terrorist attacks against non-military personal then they will get no sympathy from me.

    If they are involved in the Columbian drug trade then they are definitely CIA affiliated.

    1. That’s a very hot region. They probably arrest about one Senderista every other day in that area. That prosecutor was targeted for a reason. He’s probably been sending a lot of guerrillas down on terrorism charges. This is wartime. He’s prosecuting guerrillas and putting them in the state’s prison. He’s no innocent. An eye for an eye.

      1. He is prosecuting illegal armed groups who are probably involved in other activities like kidnapping, murder, etc which unlike Columbia and government/US backed militia execute suspected guerrillas and sympathisers without any legal process.

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