I Actually Don’t Mind This Guy


Tom Metzger, Third Positionist and White nationalist racist, interviews John Jewel, a former IWW representative.

I’m not really wild about Metzger. He urged his followers to beat up random non-Whites, and they beat a poor Ethiopian immigrant to death in Portland. On the other hand, Metzger’s always been a socialist. He wants socialism for Whites, which sucks, but it’s better than neoliberalism for all.

I drove by his home in Fallbrook once 20 years ago when I was in my anti-racist mode. There were elaborate security protections all around the large two story home in a nice White housing tract. Fallbrook was still a nice place 20 years ago, heavily rural. Not sure what it’s like now.

They grew a lot of pot out there in the late 70’s-80’s. They grew the pot in the avocado ranches and irrigated it from the avocado irrigation lines. You buy an avocado ranch as a cover, grow avocados, and grow pot too.

Jewel is an interesting guy. He’s clearly a socialist, and I like his basic direction. In the entire 7-minute interview, he only mentions his “racism” once. He says he learned White racism from his father, an LA police officer in the South Central Division. However, this same racist cop also admired the Black Muslims for trying better their people, and he refused to arrest Black kids who stole food because they were hungry. Some racist cop.

Anyway, I’ve known a lot of White cops in my time. Most White cops are racist against Blacks. Trust me on that one. Blacks commit tons of crime, cops see it up close and personal, and they put two and two together. I’m not sure if I blame them.

5 seconds of racism amidst a 7-minute talk. Whoop dee fuckin doo. The rest of the talk is straight up IWW socialism channeling Joe Hill’s ghost itself straight from the gallows.

It’s Metzger who seems more racially oriented. He honestly doesn’t seem that interested in the socialist stuff, and he keeps trying to steer the subject back to race, either White power exhortations or jabs against non-Whites. I think Metzger is a racist first and a socialist second, possibly opportunistically with the latter, but who knows?

But the Jewel types are salvageable. I’ll take their “racist” Wobbly socialism over SWPL Critical Race Theory Multicultural Curriculum corporate neoliberal globalist “Leftists” any day of the week. The racism is rather problematic, but we can work that out later, or we won’t, but we’ll support them anway. I’ve never supported the divisive line of excluding or shunning racist White workers. So they’re racist? So what. If they’re workers and they’re on the Left, they’re our people. We’ll deal with the racism later if it becomes a problem, or we’ll just ignore it if it doesn’t.

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14 thoughts on “I Actually Don’t Mind This Guy”

  1. Strasser told Hitler race was the building-block of a metaphysical “spiritual culture.” The building-block, not the be-all end all.

    But there has to be a building-block and it isn’t
    economic. Otherwise, mankind would have organized in economic units and not tribes.

  2. Actually the truth is I never trained or encouraged young people to seek out non whites for violent attack. Those are the myths spread by Morris Dee’s, I certainly told whites to stand up for your race and if you are attacked fight back with everything you’ve got.
    I dont recall ever referring to my self as a Socialist but not because I would be ashamed of it especially if I said Socialist tribalism. I am extremely anti monopoly capitalist. I like free enterprise to a limit.

    1. Yeah, I admit, the SPLC and others did a pretty good job of poisoning the well against you.

      I also remember seeing you on Wally George’s show, where he grilled you because of the death of that Ethiopian student.

      I do believe in what you just said. Don’t go out of your way to harm non-whites, but if they fuck with you, hit em’ with everything you’ve got.

      So how are you helping the white race now?

      1. Your brand of white nationalism seems to differ from mine.

        I’m part of the Sam Francis, Tomislav Sunic brand of white nationalism.

        I was always under the impression that your group comprised of skinheads.

        While I admire your use of grassroots activism, I don’t really believe in skinheads, because they just turn the public against white nationalists. It’s not good for the image.

        1. For years, possibly decades, Tom Metzger has told young whites:

          *Do not get tattoos, or remove them

          *Keep strict lone wolf or small cell security

          *Keep NO racial items at home — books, flags, computer files, etc.

          * Get a good education and burro into the ‘Beast’ — act liberal if necessary

          … and so on — the Louis Beam approach. We are now essentially behind enemy lines, and must maintain ourselves until resistance builds and/or the entire System collapses.

          Tom Sunic has great potential, but the A3P operation is doomed to fail in its present incarnation. The money man is a Mormon whose children proselytize mud races. This dichotomy cannot last.

        2. @ Accidental Dissent

          Name one insightful idea to emanate from the pen of Tom Sunic (forget about his wog-accented mouth — hardly an advertisment for “American” nationalism, I’m sure you’ll grant).

          What Tom Sunic does is provide a European perspective to white nationalism.

          His high level of education and experience as a speaker throughout Europe helps give American white nationalists extra insight.

          I, at least, believe in building bridges that unite ALL WHITES, regardless of nationality.

          I’ve heard anti-racists and others claim that white Europeans despise white Americans.

          To the extent that this is true, I find it troublesome. I think that Tom Sunic, with his European and scholarly perspective, can help forge friendships between American and European white nationalists.

          He can also help white American nationalists bridge the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between white Americans and Europeans.

          We cannot win this fight alone. We must build coalitions and friendships with like-minded whites around the world, irrespective of nationality.

          @ Bob

          *Do not get tattoos, or remove them

          *Keep strict lone wolf or small cell security

          *Keep NO racial items at home — books, flags, computer files, etc.

          * Get a good education and burrow into the ‘Beast’ — act liberal if necessary

          That is all indeed excellent advice.

          Positive image, understanding the enemy, and maintaining a clean profile are all important.

          I’m certainly no follower of Metzger, but I think I could do all except act liberal. I’ve done it before or tried to do it, but I have a tough time keeping up the act.

          I’m too blunt with my views and too passionate to act like a wimpy liberal. When I do try, I’m being dishonest and have trouble keeping a straight face.

      2. Hes good for the White Youth and I agree with Robert on this. But as far as the Ethiopian trial, I know about that and I know the story and the White kid on trial was defending himself. Minorities get golden treatment when it comes to stuff like this. Look at the Rodney King inscodent. I saw the whole tape. Not just 30 seconds of a beating.

    2. “Actually the truth is I never trained or encouraged young people to seek out non whites for violent attack.”

      That’s what they all say.

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