Witch Trials/Lynch Mobs in Modern America


I’m going against the public mood here, but I’m getting seriously tired of this Pedophile Mass Hysteria crap that’s been going around for some time now, particularly in the past five years or so. It seems to be getting worse and worse every year.

I wrote some articles on Pedophile OCD, which is not Pedophilia at all, it’s just an anxiety disorder by harmless normal people who worry that they are the bad people that they most certainly are not.

I get a lot mail from those folks, and I am also getting a lot of mail from people, all men, who are being accused of being pedophiles. In every single case, the person was definitely not a pedophile. All were normal heterosexual males, attracted to females 16+ and minimally if at all to girl children (that’s the normal male pattern). Many of them are older guys who have not married. It’s worse if they never married or if they don’t have kids. It’s worse yet if they are White, since dipshits think “most pedos are White,” although this is not true, as Blacks have a 1.9X elevated rate and Hispanics have the same rate as Whites.

Some of them told me that they are seen as rather strange people, mostly very shy and introverted. Some were nervous or had anxiety issues.

They tell me that they can’t look at kids or even talk to kids at all, otherwise people start staring and talking. Actually, quite a few regular guys who have been accused of nothing have told me this, and many have told me that they now avoiding kids altogether.

I am also hearing of a lot of cases of guys in their 40’s and 50’s who are being accused of being “pedophiles” for checking out or talking to underage teenage girls. And I am also hearing about guys in the same age range being called “perverts” and “pedophiles” for checking out and talking up young women aged 18-24.

Let’s be clear about this madness. First of all, it’s not abnormal for a man of any age to be highly attracted to females aged 15+. In fact, it’s the height of normality. Sure, it’s illegal to have sex with them, but it’s not illegal to look at them or talk to them, or not yet anyway! We also see that the definition of pedophilia is insanely expanding up into the range of adulthood. Now, a 50 year old man who does an 18-24 girl is miraculously transformed into “pedo.”

So in addition to the actual pedos being hounded, we’ve got a mini-epidemic of normal guys who are being accused of this shit on a false basis.

This idiocy is following the trajectory of all mass hysterias – anti-scientific basis, mass emotional response for the swarms of idiotic masses, a lynch mob mindset, persecution of innocent people, and an ever-expanding definition of “witchcraft.”

The guy on the video, Jack McClellan, is an actual pedophile. I felt sorry for him. I saw other videos where he seemed kind of weird, but he looked pretty cool in this one. It’s clear that the guy can’t help it.

Pedophilia strictly defined appears in adolescence. You can’t catch it in adulthood. It’s not contagious. As a good rule, the pedophile is attracted minimally if at all to adults. Pedophiles can be either homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. All three lack interest in adults of their gender preference.

The guy in the video is a bit interesting in that he has sex with adult females too, specifically prostitutes. I don’t think he’s much turned on by women though. He is probably just doing that to get his rocks off. It’s clear that he prefers girls.

McClellan, who is apparently harmless, has stirred up a hornet’s nest by coming out as a pedophile and running a webpage showing where to go to look at girls in various cities. The site lists whether or not there are cops around and other pertinent information. He also hangs around places where there are lots of girls, and sometimes he takes pictures of them. He’s not on the Sex Offender list and has never been arrested on sex charges. He says he’s never had sex with a child, and he doesn’t intend to under current laws.

The guy has a propensity for publicity, and he’s had to move around all over the West Coast as various lynch mobs chased him from town to town. He’s been banned from bus services. Cops question him all the time, but he never does anything arrestable.

A judge recently issued a constitutionally questionable restraining order against him. The restraining order orders him to stay 30 feet away from groupings of children at all times. He also can’t take pictures of kids. He recently said he was going to defy the order, and a couple of years ago, he was arrested for violating the RO. As he keeps moving around, states and cities keep inventing bizarre new weird-laws to try to deal with the guy and make his behavior illegal.

I am a sexual revolutionary, a libertine and a masculinist. My attitude about sex is, “Do it in the streets,” (not literally but you get the picture). What strikes me about this Mass Hysteria, especially as it expands, is that the roots of it seem to be anti-sexual, as all sexual hysterias are. The whole purpose is to put a damper on sexual expression, even glances and thoughts, in the public space. It feels like a war on male sexuality. And I suspect a lot of it is originating, as all sexual hysterias do, from women and fathers.

As I noted above, Jack McClellan’s harmless. He’s never molested a kid or even come close. He’s violated no sex laws. As far as I’m concerned, assuming that’s all he does, he can look at girls all he wants to.

After all, they are cute. Kids are a trip. Everyone likes to look at girls – parents, teachers, females of all ages, anyone with a soul who is delighted by the spirit of the child. McLellan takes it a bit further into the sexual realm, but his love for girls is not unusual in terms of human behavior.

Frankly, I find these lynch mobs, trials and insane new weird-laws way more creepy than this guy, who’s never hurt a soul  and probably never will.

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5 thoughts on “Witch Trials/Lynch Mobs in Modern America”

  1. That guy is getting what he deserved. First off, adults having sex with children is the greatest existing taboo in our culture. This guy isn’t on stage saying he likes to look at girls that are 17 and a half. He admits too looking at girls down to age 3. You don’t have any kids I infer so perhaps you just can’t relate to the rage of all the people in that audience. If you did, maybe you’d feel differently.

    I do happen to believe there’s probably a genetic component to pedophilia. Just like some people are born with genetics or psychological trauma that lead to homosexuality*, some people may have had the wiring go bad in their sexual attraction mechanism and their triggers of female attractiveness(such as large breast and .7 hip to waist ratio) are screwed up. In that case, they clearly aren’t to blame for their attraction anymore than someone born gay is to blame for being attracted to the same sex. If that’s what he is so be it. If that’s all it was, then I could almost feel sorry for him. However, when he goes putting up websites encouraging such behavior, that’s when he crosses the line and is encouraging people to get sexual pleasure by looking at pre-pubescent kids. And nobody forced him to go on that show. For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would even openly admit such a thing on TV.

    Another interesting thing is just how disheveled and out of it that guy looks. Everything from his hair, to his clothes, to his posture and speech shows an extreme Omega male that is socially inept in every way. He may even be a candidate for Asperger’s syndrome. One of the symptoms of Asperger’s is unusual sensitivity to light, sound and other stimuli. That may have to do with why he was complaining about the stage lights and wearing sunglasses. I doubt it had to do with shame and hiding behind glasses as he wouldn’t have gone on the show in the first place if he was that ashamed.

    *I’m not saying a homosexual cannot be a psychological healthy person, but some people(esp women) have had traumatic experiences with the opposite that led them to experimenting with their own sex as a way of saying screw you to the opposite sex.

  2. Angry Americans all tweaked out on Methroids need some target for their senseless violence. I agree, it’s a fucking witchhunt.

    1. I don’t think he did but thats when a lot of the hysteria started back in the 80’s but it really got insanse over the last decade.

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