Why Jews Opposed Reagan

An anti-Semitic commenter is confused about why US Jews did not support Ronald Reagan.

Are you sure Jews voted against Reagan, Rob?

What would they have to lose by voting for this pro-Jewish, ass-kissing plutocratic prick?

I’ve said this over and over. Jews are liberals*.

They don’t like conservatives, especially rightwing Whites, and when it’s combined with hardcore fundamentalist Christianity, the Jews are out the door sprinting.

80% of Jews voted against Reagan both times. That was the worst Republican showing among Jews for a long time. There was a “Jews for Reagan” group, but they were the 20% who voted for him. Jews led the anti-Reagan movement.

That’s why I love Jews. They’re the most progressive ethnic group in the US, the most consistently liberal, more liberal even than Blacks.

Jews have been an integral part of liberalism and the Left from the French Revolution on. From the man with his hand in his coat himself:

My primary desire was to liberate the Jews and make them full citizens. I wanted to confer upon them all the legal rights of equality, liberty and fraternity as was enjoyed by the Catholics and Protestants. It is my wish that the Jews be treated like brothers as if we were all part of Judaism. As an added benefit, I thought that this would bring to France many riches because the Jews are numerous and they would come in large numbers to our country where they would enjoy more privileges than in any other nation.

Without the events of 1814, most of the Jews of Europe would have come to France where equality, fraternity and liberty awaited them and where they can serve the country like everyone else.

Bonaparte is the spiritual father of every Jew alive today.

The European Right roared and raged at the French Revolution that shook the continent. Some of them are probably still pissed, who knows. The roots of fascism were in De Maistre’s opposition to the storming of the Bastille. The Savoyard philosopher is a fascist icon among learned Browns even today.

That’s why anti-Semitism is typically rightwing and has been for 200 years. This Left anti-Semitism we are seeing now is historically a bit odd.

Conservatives have long memories, stretching back to 1789-1808, and the smart ones have never forgiven Jews for their progressive leanings. Jews are considered to be the leading edge of progress, liberalism, socialism and even Communism in many societies. For this they are hated by the Right the world over. That’s why Hitler called it Judeo-Bolshevism. He wasn’t so far off.

The Left is Jewish!

*Well, outside Israel, Jews are liberals. In Israel, Jews are fascists, since Zionism is Jewish fascism, but that’s another matter.

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12 thoughts on “Why Jews Opposed Reagan”

  1. Rob, you’re forgetting that the contemporary American right-wing is pro-jewish to the point of embarassment. Do you think you’re ever gonna hear John McCuny, Rush Limprick, or any other stooge sing anything but praise for ISrahell and the jews?

    1. You are correct, the American Rightwing, as in the Republican Party, is now insanely Judeophilic to the point is idiocy, and they are more Zionist than your average Israeli. The only criticism of Jews and Israel you will hear is on the Left.

      But most of the real anti-Semites in the US are all rightwingers, just far outside the Republican Party. White nationalists, etc.

  2. Rob, why is the current American right philo-Semitic? And didn’t the right-wing jewish neocons first appear on the political scene under Reagan? Richard Pipes for example.

        1. That is a very long answer that I don’t feel like going to. There are a lot of articles on the Net that explore that transformation. A lot has been written about it. I’d say look around the Net and do some reading.

        2. @fpy3p

          This article should explain the Trotskyite post WW2 CIA to right wing direction keeping in mind that there is international Trotskyite Communism and national Communism (Stalin, Mao) which are opposite of each other


          No surprise that Trotskyites would create and support Neo-conservatism.

          Both are pro-Jewish and lead by Jews, have a hatred of Russia and internationalist.

          The same Trotskyite Neocons who are at the forefront of the “war on terror” and “islamo-fascism” actively support radical Islamic movements/separatists groups all around the world other than Palestine who are funded by NED that support US geo-political interests starting with the Islamic regime in Bosnia during the 90’s with links to Osama Bin Ladin who he meet personally and gave citizenship and wired money to the 9/11 hijackers which Pearle and others represented.

          Some Jews might have opposed Reagan due to the fact part of his anti-Communist campaign was aligning himself with these German affiliated WW2 era and pre-WW2 fascist nationalist groups like Ukrainian Bandera, OUN and UNA-UNSO.

          “Your husband’s courage and dedication to liberty will serve as a continuing source of inspiration to all those striving for freedom and self-determination.
          — letter from President Reagan to the widow of Yaroslav Stetsko, ranking OUN terrorist, murderer, and Nazi collaborator, read by retired general John Singlaub at a conference of the World Anti-Communist League, September 7, 1986.”

  3. Do you think there is something fundamentally sinister about Trotskyism that makes such transformation inevitable?

  4. They’re “the most prog ethnic group’ Bob says, but also those most “prog” are most anti “race reality.”
    Except, often their own, in the pose. So there numbers would be underepresented in a “white socialist or “national communist” movement.

  5. But the Jews that supported Reagan were also their most ardent supporters as well. Also not to be left out is the fact it was the richest Jews that were the chief benefices of Reagan’s economic policies, as exemplified by the likes of Ivan Barkinsky, Michael Milken, Zsa Zsa Gabor. as well as a lot of his advisers & top officials were Jewish or part Jewish as well.

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