Typical White American: Ronald Reagan


Ronald Reagan, more than anything else, is not so much America as he is White America. And he’s not so much bourgeois America as he is White America.

Vast numbers of working class Whites voted for Reagan in 1980, so many that we had to invent a new word, Reagan Democrats. Almost no Blacks, even bourgeois Blacks, voted for Reagan. The number is only 10% or so. Few Hispanics, even bourgeois Hispanics, voted for Reagan. He only got the support of 30% of Hispanics. Not even Asians voted for him.

Ronald Reagan represents White America, from the 1950’s to the present day, from working class to ruling class. He’s their boy; he’s our boy. In the 1950’s, he worked hand in hand with Joe McCarthy’s fascist goons. As governor of California, he threatened campus protestors and cheered on the idiot Vietnam War.

As President, he committed, said and did one evil act and statement after another. “Trees cause smog.” The fawning media gave him a pass the whole time, never calling him on anything.

In the name of fighting welfare leeches, he ranted about welfare queens driving Cadillacs, while his administration threw thousands of dying cancer patients off disability after condemning them as leeches who refused to work.

Through it all, Shithead White America, from poor to billionaires, could not stop cheering long enough to sit down. He funded death squads in Central America. He cheered on the mass murderers in Guatemala in 1982 while they slaughtered 20,000 people. He started up the Contras, who spent most of their time invading schools, medical clinics and collective farms and massacring all the “Communist” teachers, aides, doctors, nurses and farmers that they found there. Some freedom fighters.

The media, across the board, loved Reagan. Criticism in the press was nearly nonexistent. In White California, critics of Reagan were ostracized as losers and Commies.

The fanatical and irrational hatred of Communism and by extension socialism, the love of the rich and hatred of the poor and working classes, the racism, the contempt and raging hatred for the environment, the insipid and lunatic Christian fundamentalism, the fear of and and contempt for “European” and urban modernity in all its forms, the idiotic love of guns, the seething hatred of unions (even by working class Whites), Ronald Reagan was simply White America personified.

If you go anywhere in White California and say two words against Ronald Reagan, you’re risking a fistfight. He’s revered there as a God to this day. In a poll of Shitheads (Americans), Reagan recently got a 53% approval rating. This is  almost all coming from Whites. The Republican Party, since 1988, is the Party of Reagan. They feel no need to take that banner down. And why not, it’s a winner with the idiots.

When he left office in 1988, the entire Democratic side of the isle stood up and cheered. Even the furthest left of all, Teddy Kennedy, gave a raving speech that sounded like an elegy to the Pope himself. When I read that, I had to pinch myself to remind me that Kennedy was really a Democrat.

I’m lately reading essays about America written in the 1970’s. Some about the general idiocy of the culture, others about the Christian Right types. What’s so depressing about these essays is that they could have been written today. The culture hasn’t changed one bit, (if anything it seems much, much worse) and the fundie fanatics screaming about textbooks in West Virginia in 1975 are simply the Tea Parties, or really, the Republican Party itself.

That we haven’t budged an inch in 35 years implies that America is terminal. We can’t seem to get rid of the essential shitheadedness that is sadly part of character for time immemorial.

I can’t help thinking that we are doomed.

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32 thoughts on “Typical White American: Ronald Reagan”

  1. He was the only American head of state to be still in office when functionally senile, wasn’t he? Rather like Brezhnev in Russia. I remember him well. He made Margaret Thatcher look highly intelligent. I wonder what Gorbachev made of him, but was too polite to reveal?

  2. During Reagan’s 1988 Moscow summit with Gorbachev, the New York Times noted that the President had fallen asleep at a meeting with Soviet dignitaries. The Times subtitled the article: “REAGAN IMPRESSES SOVIET ELITE.” Two days later, another summit-related article in the New York Times attributed this quote about Reagan to Britain’s Margaret Thatcher: “Poor dear, there’s nothing between his ears.” The article’s headline: “THATCHER SALUTE TO REAGAN YEARS.”
    Jeff Cohen.

  3. I was pretty young during the Reagan era, this was elementary school for me. I remember liking Reagan as a kid. I didn’t know anything about politics or even care, as a kid though Reagan just seemed like a likable guy down the street. He just gave off this aura of optimism and charm and something about him gave me confidence in his leadership. This is my feeling looking back through the eyes of a 9 year old who didn’t know much about politics. I think though his popularity had much to do with these things. Win people over at the heart and they’ll follow you to hell and back like the pied piper. There was something about the guy that made him hard to hate, even now when I know about the contras and all that shit. I can’t bring myself to hate the man. I wouldn’t vote for him and don’t retrospectively endorse him, but I just don’t hate him either.

  4. Rob, you forgot something. This reactionary, idiotic, warmongering, senile piece of shit was PHILO-SEMITIC. I guess it goes with the territory.

  5. Fpy3p, you forgot something, you forgot to leave your pet obsession at home and say something intelligent instead. You’re so boring, man. I’ll tell you a little secret. You and I and Robert are actually human batteries generating the power for a world ruled by Jewish cyborgs, who are part Ashkenazi, and part Japanese robot, Series III, who have created the illusion that we live normal lives, have jobs and relationships and so on. But you are Neo. You SEE THROUGH the reality construct, and you WILL LEAD humankind to its ultimate liberation from Hebraic domination. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out, and instead you ARE ABSORBED into the Jewish cyborg collective (the Japjew cyborg engineers are very happy with your Korean features) and we FAIL to wake up to the truth of world jewish domination. BUT YOU TRIED.

      1. Dude, most posters on this board don’t dig anti-Semitism too much. After all, this is an anti-racist blog. So as long as you continue to soil the comments carpet with your anti-Semitic droppings the way you do, people are going to keep on beating you with rolled up newspapers and rubbing your nose in your Judeophobic bullshit piles.

        I mean, think about it man, come on.

        Lafayette is an anti-Semite too, in fact, a number of commenters here are, but they all tone it down a lot so they don’t need to be blogtrained.

      2. I don’t like anti-semitism. I consider it an intellectual error, a reactionary politics, and bordering on a mental illness. Therefore I will kick your Korean butt from time to time. Anti-semitism is also a form of hatred, and as a Christian I know that hatred is not the way to go. It has consequences for the hater, narrowing his universe and impoverishing his heart. You can choose not to hate, fpy3p.

        I know there’s no rehab for anti-semitism and I know that monocausal explanations of our grave socioeconomic predicament are attractive to the intellectually challenged. I also know that the anti-semite mindset is a temptation for almost any Gentile.

        I’m sure your four years in Israel gave you many insights into Jewish ethnic nationalism, Jewish ethnic solidarity and even Jewish supremacism in the Israeli. It is indeed, Israhell. I will not even set foot in the country:
        here is my poem on that subject – http://poetryforpalestine.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!92AA638F9B6EA940!3419.entry.

        I note that you have read Israel Shahak, a fine Jewish humanist critic of Judaism. It is a shame you did not learn from his humanist views.

  6. Vast numbers of working class Whites voted for Reagan in 1980, so many that we had to invent a new word, Reagan Republicans.

    It’s Reagan Democrats, and they were and are dumbshits. I could have punched some blue collar guy I met once who was blathering on about how Reagan was a “good conservative”. This in a midwestern town that has been absolutely raped by outsourcing and NAFTA.

    I hated Reagan then and hate him now.

    This stuff makes me think maybe the Third Worldists are right and the running dog white lackeys deserve to be obliterated.

  7. Almost all my relatives are blue collar or low-level white collar workers. My last regular job was as a factory clerk. I don’t have a regular job right now, and am living with family at the moment. I’m scraping by doing odd jobs and the occasional temp job.

    1. I was surprised because most working-class white Americans I’ve come in contact with were frankly politically retarded. They loved Reagan and Bush and they basically kissed the feet of their oppressors and swindlers. How did you, as a blue-collar white American, become politically aware?

      1. Though neither of my parents graduated from college, they both loved to read, and passed it on to me. I always preferred reading to watching TV, so I learned that there is a world outside the one they show us on television.

        If I hadn’t been a reader, I might have turned to the right instead of the left. I’ve been surrounded by these political retards you speak of all my life. They don’t read, and have never developed critical thinking skills, so they believe the MSM when they say you can choose Republican or Democrat, but nothing else. It’s very frustrating trying to knock some sense into them. Above all, the anti-commie propaganda we receive in the US makes it virtually impossible for most people to look outside the 2 party system.

        I was brainwashed by it myself for a long time. I also had a hard time with the left because most of the lefties I met were of the affluent cultural Marxist kind, and looked down on actual working class people like me! So I was mostly apolitical until years of shit jobs forced me to conclude that capitalism was bullshit. That doesn’t change the fact that the US left is a joke though, unfortunately.

        1. Yeah for a long time I thought she was a good writer and really smart, but for some reason not a genius.

          As she writes more and more, I’m starting to think she’s a bit of a genius too. I usually use that term to mean something great about the way they think and write.

          The thinking and writing weave together really, so it’s hard to take them apart. Writing is an expression of thinking, but great thinkers often can’t write very well. I’m not sure if there are fine writers who are not fine thinkers too. Have to think about that one.

          Some of the other geniuses on here are Alpha, you, erranter, Lafayette, Hacienda, whodares and James Schipper. I think maybe David too.

  8. It was under Reagan’s “free market” nonsense letting the billionaire globalist elite run the US and letting companies self regulate themselves and by extension every western country that has lead to the economic situation we are in today.

    Reagan was just a front man the main person driving US and international policy since 67 was Zbignew Brzezinski which he is still doing today hence his continued current operation in Afghanistan.

    You should do a post on Zbignew Brzezinski.


  9. This very computer that you used to type this nonsense, as well as the internet that enabled you to spread it, was invented and designed by whitey, that you hate so much. It is the wealth that was accumulated by whitey hard work that your likes are spreading now.

  10. I think Reagan, despite his extreme conservatism, was a very good leader, so eventually won over a lot of democrats. However, that doesn’t mean though his views were good, as Hitler was also a good leader.

    Carter, on the other hand, was more to the liking of liberals, but, honestly, was a terrible leader.

  11. A lot of times people worship the alpha male leader, even if he’s an asshole. I know that’s true from being a teacher. It’s true from being a boss, or even a slaveholder :lol:. Despite all the mushy mushy PC talk, people bow down to power, and want to be ruled over.

    1. But not even good leadership (not necessarily the correct political views) could win over blacks, and others who saw thru his smile and “dunce” persona.

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