The Multicultural Curriculum at California Universities

A friend of mine is at university now in California. He has to take some BS called the Multicultural Curriculum. It’s a requirement. They might as well call it the White People Are Evil Curriculum. It’s really stupid.

My friend is the only ethnocentric White in his classes. The other Whites are all self-hating idiots. He met one White guy who was going to join the Brown Berets (Hispanic fascists).

Many of the Whites are Armenians, and to a person, they refuse to identify as Whites. They are Armenians, not Whites, and are also rather White-hostile.

The Hispanics are really militant and all have a major grudge against Whitey. Some of the Hispanics are highly agitated and militant, almost revolutionary. The spark of their glorious revolutionary flame? Illegal aliens! The Hispanics are not very good students, and many of them drop out, but they are better students than the Blacks.

There are Blacks in the classes too, but they don’t care about the anti-White stuff for some reason. In general, they don’t even go to class. Most of them are gone before the class is over, having dropped the class or dropped out of school. It seems it’s not so much that they are dumb but more that they just are not interested in class. The smarter Blacks are the females, but some of them are also mouthy, argumentative, ignorant and won’t take no for an answer. They also have a “Let’s wing it,” slacker type attitude.

There are a lot of Asians too, but they don’t care about the anti-White stuff. They are excellent students, and a lot of them are females.

The teachers are generally Jews or non-Whites like Asians or East Indians. They’ve all got a grudge against Whites. He had a Chinese professor who went on and on about the Chinese Exclusion Act as if it were the crime of the century.

The Jewish teachers are some of the worst White-haters of them all. I never cared much about this type of Jew, but I developed an intense dislike of one Jewish sociology professor my friend had just based on his tales of the guy. There can be no doubt about it – this guy is simply an enemy of me and my people. The professor was absolutely animated with anti-White animus. It’s what he was all about.

The professors all promote some weird garbage “Leftism” that is a mixture of globalization with a strong neoliberal and pro-corporate slant on economics (endless praise of “free markets”), and pro-greed consumerist bourgeois ethic, combined with Open Borders for the West –  unlimited immigration of “good” Third Worlders to the “evil” West. It’s basically “free markets and open borders.”

I fail to see anything even slightly progressive about this project.

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36 thoughts on “The Multicultural Curriculum at California Universities”

  1. The students will drop the “free market” shit real quick once the economic collapse reaches them, and it will, soon. This fake leftism is exclusive to affluent people, and young students who still think they’re going to be affluent. Right now there’s an entire generation of students graduating up to their necks in non-dischargeable loan debt, and there are no decent jobs available. Once kids figure out that going 60 or 70 grand into debt for a useless degree is economic suicide, the College Industrial Complex will collapse, taking these idiot professors with it. I can hardly wait.

    The other irritating thing about these professors is that their cushy lifestyles don’t exist without exploitation of the third world, and America’s disproportionate consumption of resources. Not that they care to think that far, even the “Third Worldists” among them.

    If the left had any brains, they’d drop the white guilt shit, because it doesn’t work on poor white people. And a lot more white people are going to be poor. None of the whiteness studies professors seem to read economic news. They think the academic gravy train is going to last forever. They are only making people more liable to be swayed by WNs and other right wing assholes.

    1. Armenians are 100% pure Whites as far as I can tell. They look different, but they are just an ancient White people. They are probably some of the original Indo-European Aryans who came from Russia. They have zero Black in them. They as pure White as you can get. Just because we changed after we got to Europe doesn’t mean the original Whites were not White.

      1. Okay, this is how you define whiteness. But most Americans seem to evaluate whiteness by assessing how closely a person resembles a Brit, a German, or some other northwestern European. That’s probably why alot of Armenians don’t identify as white.

        1. Not here in liberal California. Here in liberal California, most Whites say flat out that Armenians are White. It would be weird to say that they are not. The Armenians just won’t admit they are White, just like the Jews, because they’re assholes. They’re stupid Whites who refuse to identify as Whites. And a lot them even hate Whites too. It’s like the Jew thing.

          Jews, who are White, say, “We are not White! We hate Whites! Fuck the Whites!”


      2. I beg your pardon robert, Kim Kardashian has had plenty of blk in her 🙂

        Besides have you seen that bootay. She thicker than plenty of sisters.

        FG Okay, this is how you define whiteness. But most Americans seem to evaluate whiteness by assessing how closely a person resembles a Brit, a German, or some other northwestern European. That’s probably why alot of Armenians don’t identify as white.

        the w nationalists have a intresting ranking table that they use. Some discount those who have brown eyes without a second consideration. h* didn’t like the brown eyes either. Darn shame since Hi&t.ler stole most of his “ideas” from tannish Mossilini(sp) .

  2. What economic collapse? There will be no economic collapse. This is always the boogie man in the closet that will eat us all. Kill the boogie man and the world looks completely different.

    Anglo capitalism is successful because capitalism as a broad principle works. It even works for blacks at the profound level of IQ. Black Americans are one standard deviation IQ wise higher than their African look-alikes. This is a nutrition, culture, race-mixing effect.

    Multi-culti is essential for whitey. Not because whitey needs the pc shit, but because it vastly broadens whitey’s mind, which tends to Euclidean linearism, monotheistic monolithism. Left to itself, this is a very bad thing.

    1. Westerners might think linearly, but the monotheistic monolithism is more characteristic of the Levant. Europe has always been a very pluralistic region. It was not one continuous empire like China and these varying interactions are part of the reason why it was more individualistic and entrepreneurial than China. And a lot of the monolitic monotheism you speak off is just an example pseudomorphosis, an older culture (the Levant) deeply imposed over the newer, but different culture (the West) so that it could not find its self-expression. Once the West freed itself from the shackles of monotheism, once the Faustian soul broke away, the European spirit reached its fullest expression. If you read Joyce and Mann you can see this struggle with Christianity and the older myths lying underneath and the new individual myths within and see that the Western mind can only find itself by giving up on the monolithic east. This is why we support diversity, individualism and trusting your own thoughts and conclusions as opposed to holy books and the redundant sophistry of our elders. But it’s also why we have a weak sense of social cohesion.

      1. You have raised some very good points.

        The Abrahamic religions, spanning from Judaism, namely Christianity and Islam, are extremely linear in their approach towards a worldview. This is a reflection of the peoples and cultures who initially created these religions, the reality of their times, and harsh and unforgiving environment in which they had lived through.

        Christianity was a foreign ideological intrusion into European culture, no matter how modified it was to become. In many ways, it was completely at odds with the worldview of the Greco-Roman philosophies that preceded it’s arrival and ultimate dominance. Societies that prior to the intrusion of Christianity, harbored many differing kinds of exotic beliefs and myths, in a very fluid manor, and many at the same time and place. These societies, as you would say, ascribed to a very non-linear form of thought. Christianity was to change all that. It, like other Abrahamic religions, must dominate, or else have own it’s validity rationally threatened unto itself. It is a never ending struggle for this ideological approach to attain.

        I have often wondered what the ultimate connection Zoroastrianism has to the Abrahamic religions, and if Zoroastrianism truly is a connection between the Abrahamic faiths, and those of the Dharmic religions of South Asia.

        1. Cyrus, are you referring to the desert climate that the early Semitic tribes lived in when you mentioned “harsh and unforgiving environment”?

        2. Do you think Levantine Arabs are essentially Arabized indigenous Levantine Semites? And was there such a big difference between the Arabs of the Peninsula and the indigenous non-Arab Semitic tribes of Mesopotamia and the Levant before Arabization?

        3. Sure, they are Arabized, and most are keenly aware if it. They still think of themselves as “Arabs”, though. At least the overwhelming majority do.

          As far as the differences with Peninsular “Gulf” Arabs, I don’t know. You would have to ask an Arab about that. Personally, I think the Levantine Arabs are far more cultured and civilized, but that is just my indirect opinion.

        4. I know that you don’t have a very high opinion of Gulf Arabs. Neither do I.

          Who does? The backwards are the backwards. Slowly they slouch towards modernity. Very slowly. Too slowly. Way too slowly. Mostly, they do more to promote extreme reaction than possibly any force on Earth. Wahhabism is a cultural export you know.

        5. Rob, do you think the development of agriculture in the Levant and Iraq made those folks more civilized compared to the nomadic Arabs of the Peninsula and Gulf?

    2. What economic collapse? There will be no economic collapse.

      Keep telling yourself this. Student loans and academia are the next bubble to pop. 40 percent of students who borrowed loans to attend for-profit institutions have defaulted since 1995:

      Who gets stuck with these toxic loans? As with subprime mortgages, the people who can least afford them. A disproportionate number of high-interest student loans go to low-income students attending for-profit institutions, according to a 2008 study by Charlene Wear Simmons, assistant director of the California Research Bureau, an arm of the state government.

      “Borrowing, combined with other risk factors for not completing higher education (such as working too many hours, lack of adequate preparation and part-time attendance), puts many students, especially low-income and first-generation students, at a particular disadvantage,” says a 2005 study by Lawrence Gladieux, an education policy consultant, and Laura Perna, assistant professor of education at the University of Pennsylvania.

      Do liberals ever bother to read economic news?

      As TrimTabs shows, and this should come as a surprise to nobody, “much of the economic growth in the middle of the previous decade was fueled by an explosion of consumer debt. Consumers treated their homes like automatic teller machines—cash-out refinancings topped out at $804 billion in the four quarters ended in Q2 2006—and they borrowed freely on low-rate auto loans and credit cards given to almost anyone who could fog a mirror. Now that the era of easy consumer credit is over, the economy is resetting to a lower level of activity. We believe the interventions of the Fed and the government to try to head off this adjustment will do more harm in the long run than the adjustment itself.” In other words the ongoing debate on whether the US is undergoing inflation or deflation is moot – the primary driver continues to be deleveraging, as Rick Santelli likes to shout on occasion. And all the other monetary phenomena are merely a side-effect. Alas, as long as deleveraging is the primary driver in the economy, nothing else matters: it has long been our contention that deleveraging must run its course. However, the Fed will not let that happen, and in doing so, it will attempt the last thing in its arsenal – in essence, suicide the economy, by destroying all faith in the actual medium of monetary exchange. At that point inflation, deflation and/or stagflation will be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

      Raghavan Mayur, president at TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, follows unemployment data closely. So, when his survey for May revealed that 28% of the 1,000-odd households surveyed reported that at least one member was looking for a full-time job, he was flummoxed.

      “Our numbers are always very accurate, so I was surprised at the discrepancy with the government’s numbers,” says Mayur, whose firm owns the TIPP polling unit, a polling partner for Investors’ Business Daily and Christian Science Monitor. After all, the headline number shows the U.S. unemployment rate today is 9.5%, with a total of 14.6 million jobless people.

      However, Mayur’s polls continued to find much worse figures. The June poll turned up 27.8% of households with at least one member who’s unemployed and looking for a job, while the latest poll conducted in the second week of July showed 28.6% in that situation. That translates to an unemployment rate of over 22%, says Mayur, who has started questioning the accuracy of the Labor Department’s jobless numbers.

      Looking ahead, there is no driver for jobs. Moreover, states are in forced cutback mode on account of shrinking revenues and unfunded pension obligations. Shrinking government jobs and benefits at the state and local level is a much needed adjustment. Those cutbacks will weigh on employment and consumer spending for quite some time.

      Expect to see structurally high unemployment for years to come.

      Read Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone sometime for some more evidence on how badly the politicians and banksters have fucked us. The US so-called left will regret its abandonment of economic leftism. You’re as out of touch with reality as the creationists. American capitalism is a ponzi scheme, and the bill is coming due. This will not end well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      1. Le Fleur,

        For profit colleges are scams. We all know that. If they have a function at all, it is to accelerate currency movement. But they don’t indicate much in economic terms.

        I follow the econ news well enough. The econ collapse as in the end of capitalism won’t occur. Productivity gains are real. Knowledge based, skills based, and tech based. The internet is a great example of wealth creation and destruction. Turns out it great for things like social media, gaming, global transmission of value producing ideas, pornography (a great income generator). But its also an incredible waste of time.

        The high unemployment, loan defaults are products of overabundance, not underabundance. The poorest Americans live longer, more leisurely, and own more than the wealthy of many other countries. America and western countries disincentive work, even obtaining college degrees, because almost all creature comforts, including exotic travel, are available with only part-time work.
        It’s incredible the number of poor, uneducated slugs I’ve met who have traveled everywhere.

        Econ shocks (not collapse) are required to get people off their asses again.

        It looks like Malthusian collapse, which is what real econ collapse is about, is a thing of the past.

        1. For profit colleges are scams. We all know that. If they have a function at all, it is to accelerate currency movement.

          Yes. From the working poor to the rich. God bless America.

          I’m not just talking about the bucket shops, though you can’t dismiss them because of the enormous number of people they victimize. I’m talking about the collusion between the universities and politicians to brainwash Americans into keeping the ponzi scheme going. First they offshore the industrial jobs, then they tell the plebes to retrain at great expense for an economy that has only been kept afloat by consumer debt. Now the easy credit is going buh-bye, and there is nothing to create growth in its place. And tons of new graduates are shit out of luck.

          Productivity gains are real.

          So is falling demand. US working class wages have been stagnant since the 70s. Only CEO wages have increased. There is no driver for new demand, now that the credit bubble has popped.

          The high unemployment, loan defaults are products of overabundance, not underabundance.

          How does the inability to find a job signify overabundance? What is your political orientation?

          The poorest Americans live longer, more leisurely, and own more than the wealthy of many other countries.

          Do you mean the people in tent cities in Reno, Sacramento and elsewhere? Or living in their cars in WalMart parking lots? How about the 45,000 Americans who die each year because of lack of health care? I talk to people online who have resigned themselves to early deaths because of needed medical work they cannot afford.

          You sound like Rush Limbaugh. Or Monkey Smashes Heaven. If this neoliberal bullshit is your answer to “Euclidean linearism and monotheistic monolithism” you can keep it.

          America and western countries disincentive work, even obtaining college degrees, because almost all creature comforts, including exotic travel, are available with only part-time work.

          Where is this magic land you speak of? I’m in the midwest. I’ve never been farther than Canada, and neither has most of my family. My relatives who are stuck with temp work and part time jobs can barely keep a roof over their heads, much less travel the world.

          Econ shocks (not collapse) are required to get people off their asses again.

          It did wonders for Robespierre’s generation. As one of the Zero Hedge commenters noted: “An increasingly impoverished middle class is no recipe for economic success, or a stable political system.”

          It looks like Malthusian collapse, which is what real econ collapse is about, is a thing of the past.

          Who told you this? Thomas Friedman?

          Capitalism is dependent upon a planet with infinite resources. I could point you to some good data regarding peak oil, overshoot, soil fertility decline and recent Monsanto crop failures, for starters, but fuck it. Reap the whirlwind.

        2. I guess we just have to wait and see.
          BTW, I’m not necessarily pro-mega-capitalist.

          It makes no difference to me if the entire Fortune 500 disappears overnight. In fact, it may good, because that would mean local level businesses could thrive again. And what’s the point of a business, if it’s not local?

          But, scaling has it’s advantages too. It’s almost a question of, do you want’ to live in 2010 or 1850.

          I completely understand, though. I think 1850 would be fine. Really. I lived in Korea when it was still agricultural. Everyone knew each other and the problems were human scale. Not outrageous, like today. Very sweet.

  3. Rob, do you think the development of agriculture in the Levant and Iraq made those folks more civilized compared to the nomadic Arabs of the Peninsula and Gulf?

    Maybe, problem is they all got Islamicized, and Islam comes from the Gulf. So the process of Islamicization transplanted Gulf culture from Pakistan to Peru, sort of.

  4. Iraq was the most civilized and progressive place in the Middle East in the 1940s/early 50s. It had the largest Communist party outside Europe. French was widely spoken among the educated. Baghdad was the jewel in the crown. It was progressive, secular, tolerant of its many ethnicities (apart from the fascist inspired Farhud against the Jews in 1941), and looked to the West. They had things like jazz, a health service. The imperial interventionist British have a lot to answer for.

    I had a wonderful documentary DVD in Arabic telling the stories of Israeli Jewish writers from Baghdad (one of whom still writes in Arabic), all Communists, who went to Israel very unwillingly. One of them, Sami Michael tried repeatedly to escape to the Lebanon, but each time was captured by Israeli security forces and brought back. I shared the DVD with a Muslim Arab woman friend of mind, and a Palestinian Jordanian woman, who basically stole the DVD, never giving it back depsite repeated requests. They couldn’t believe their eyes. As far as they were concerned, these guys were Arabs! What were they doing in Israel? They hated the place and still mourned their Baghdad of the 1940s.

    Try Shimon Ballas’ novel Outcast (City Lights Books). He’s one of the writers interviewed on the DVD, and he’s still writing. He chose to learn the colonists’ language and write in Hebrew. Or try Ammiel Alcalay’s great collection Keys to the Garden, which I bought my girlfriend in a vain attempt to teach about her people, the Mizrahim.

    The wrecking of Iraq started with us. The post WW1 division of the spoils of the Ottoman empire by the British and French. First Zionism, and the ethnic impoverishment of Baghdad through the removal of its 280,000 Jews, who didn’t even want to go to Israel and didn’t leave until there was a Zionist bombing campaign in the synagogues, and then the British removal by force of the progressive Mossadegh government in 1953. What a tragedy. Iraq is now a neocolonial backwater, occupied by another imperial power, and the opposition is Al Sadr’s Islamists. What a fucking tragedy neocolonialism is.

    1. Interesting read. You made one error, though. Mossadegh was in Iran, so his effects on Iraq would have been in a more long term, and very indirect manor.

    1. Stephen Kinzer’s “All the Shah’s Men,” as well as his latest on both Iran and Turkey, called “Reset.” I would also highly recommend Robert Baer’s “The Devil We Know.” “Drinking Arak off an Ayatollah’s Beard, by Nicolas Jubber is a fun read. Especially to understand Iran’s connection with Central Asia. Anything written by the military historian Tom Cooper is also of good use, if you are solely interested in that aspect of modern day Iran. His “Iran-Iraq War in the Air” comes to mind. “Sons of Conquerors” by Hugh Pope is also good, if you want to learn about Turkey’s ethnic and cultural connections to Central Asia, as well.

      I would also be highly suspect of many “other” authors and specialists out there, that come to mind. They really, truly, have no clue what they are talking about, yet manage on be on CNN, NPR and Fox News as “experts.”

      I can’t recommend anything about the Middle East proper or Arab World though, since, quite frankly, I don’t care.

  5. from an interview with Dahr Jamail, 10/08/10,

    FJS: Iraq has now, for the most part, disappeared from the mainstream news; why is this?

    DJ: Last time I was in Iraq was in Jan/Feb of 2009. I still have friends over there, and I still follow what’s happening in Iraq– it’s what I’ve been doing for the last seven years. The country is still a mess: Forty-percent of all Iraqis have no clean drinking water; unemployment is ridiculously high; people are still being killed– even today something like 40 people were killed. And on top of all this, virtually no reconstruction is underway: What was that latest headline? something like $8.7 billion of reconstruction funds, missing (!)… this is the second or third time this has happened– the occupation has been nothing short of a train wreck. The US has gone in there, raped, raided, and pillaged for corporate profit, and will continue to do so as long as it takes to continue to get Western companies in there, and, you know– in that regard, it’s been a success, and so there’s no need for the media to report on Iraq like it had been doing. The US has a permanent beachhead there, the oil companies are in, and all of this is being dutifully followed by the complicit Obama administration– and sadly, that’s the norm.

    The media says “mission accomplished,” but they don’t talk about Obama’s officials– his security advisors before he was even elected, who had decided that they’ll be keeping at least between 50-70,000 troops in Iraq until the end of Obama’s first term (Jan 2013) and, you know, they’re right on track for that. They’re reclassifying troops as noncombat troops to keep them there on small-scale air-force bases called lily pads, to keep a strong military presence there for – ahem – Iran, and, to monitor and control access to Iraqi oil.

  6. Well Robert, Armenians are funny. When talking with Persians about Turks, or anyone else from the Middle East, they are “white” and 100% proud Christian Europeans! Then also lobbied in the past to be counted as white, and they got it, at least in part based on the fact that they are Christian.

    In recent years, the younger generations of Armenian-Americans in places like Southern Californian, now realize that there is no benefit to being counted as “white.” In fact, the very opposite is true. Whites get punished for being hard working whites. They generally first learn about this when applying to college.

    So it, is not shocking that Armenians behave in such a manor. After all, why throw your cookies in with the ethnical losers in a given situation. Especially when you are in many cases ethnic looking enough not to pass as white?

    I had an Arabic girlfriend in college who had to take no less than three of this sob-story classes to graduate. The first two where on “Latinos in America.” She could not stand it. All “their” problems” were the fault of Americans and whites. She viewed the Mexican born professor as the most stupid, ungrateful immigrant she has ever seen. She could not understand how we Americans allowed this crap to take place at our tax-payer funded university. Both professors were Hispanic “La Raza” types, according to to here.

    Her third choice was either the African-American or Asian-American “experience.” She took the Asian-American class. No “hate-whitey” there. According to her, all the Asian kids wanted to do was bitch about how demanding and controlling their parents where. She could relate, as an Arab, and actually enjoyed the class. The class had a Jewish TA teaching the class, ironically.

    Who says Asian folks arene’t smarter. 🙂

  7. Thanks Cyrus. I’m not interested in the Arab world either, I’m afraid. Iran’s another matter. And the languages of Iran too. There are quite a few. You speak a dialect of Arabic, don’t you?

    1. No, no Arabic for me. I know the insults, having spent time around Arabs. I also recognized the occasional Arabic world used in Persian, and that is about it.

      Iran has a bunch of languages to study, just as does Central Asia. The overwhelming majority are Iranic and Turkic in origin, and heavily influenced by one another. If you speak both fluent Turkish and Persian, you can understand everyone from Istanbul to Eastern China, on some level.

      Russian helps, to. 🙂

  8. Most ethnic groups are mainly concerned with themselves, and therefore present their particular group’s struggle as the focal point of current debate, and history. Even with whites, this can get annoying. For instance, this “persecuted white man” stuff. It’s as bad the persecuted black, Hispanic, Asian, you name it. I’m interested in a balanced view coming from a college professor, if you can find one.

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