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Regarding the Witch Trials/Lynch Mobs in Modern America post, a commenter comments:

That guy is getting what he deserved. First off, adults having sex with children is the greatest existing taboo in our culture. This guy isn’t on stage saying he likes to look at girls that are 17 and a half. He admits too looking at girls down to age 3. You don’t have any kids I infer so perhaps you just can’t relate to the rage of all the people in that audience. If you did, maybe you’d feel differently.

I do happen to believe there’s probably a genetic component to pedophilia. Just like some people are born with genetics or psychological trauma that lead to homosexuality*, some people may have had the wiring go bad in their sexual attraction mechanism and their triggers of female attractiveness (such as large breast and .7 hip to waist ratio) are screwed up. In that case, they clearly aren’t to blame for their attraction anymore than someone born gay is to blame for being attracted to the same sex. If that’s what he is so be it. If that’s all it was, then I could almost feel sorry for him. However, when he goes putting up websites encouraging such behavior, that’s when he crosses the line and is encouraging people to get sexual pleasure by looking at pre-pubescent kids. And nobody forced him to go on that show. For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would even openly admit such a thing on TV.

Another interesting thing is just how disheveled and out of it that guy looks. Everything from his hair, to his clothes, to his posture and speech shows an extreme Omega male that is socially inept in every way. He may even be a candidate for Asperger’s syndrome. One of the symptoms of Asperger’s is unusual sensitivity to light, sound and other stimuli. That may have to do with why he was complaining about the stage lights and wearing sunglasses. I doubt it had to do with shame and hiding behind glasses as he wouldn’t have gone on the show in the first place if he was that ashamed.

First of all, the commenter believes that just because our culture has an insane, puritanical, Victorian and anti-sexual taboo about something sex-related, that somehow it deserves our respect. I’m sick and tired of puritanical, anti-sexual BS. We get enough of that day and day out as it is. There’s no reason that just because society has a lunatic hangup, the rest of us have climb on the board the Idiot Ship since everyone else is.

It’s hard to say. If I had a daughter, I might even let him take pics of her, if that’s all he wants to do, provided he doesn’t put them on the web. He could look at pics of my daughter and jerk off all he wants to for all I care, assuming that’s all he’s going to do.

The problem is that condemning this guy for liking to look at girls is like condemning you and me for liking to look at females 16+. It’s like condemning gay men for liking to look at males 16+. The behavior is normal for the individual. Of course straight men like to look at women. Of course gay men like to look at men. Of course pedos like to look at kids. Why should he be condemned for looking at kids? Why don’t we beat up guys who ogle women or beat up gays who check out guys in West Hollywood instead?

The rage of the parents is senseless. The guy hasn’t molested anyone. All he’s doing is looking at girls. Big deal! Are the girls going to be traumatized for life by some guy looking at them? Get real.

I’ve been studying this issue for almost 20 years now. It’s so clear to me that whatever the cause of it, these guys simply can’t help it. There’s no cure for pure pedophilia. I’m not so sure about the types who also have a decent attraction to adults. There’s also a group of nonprefentials who have no preference for kids. They can control their behavior, and there’s no reason for them to do what they do.

I actually did not feel that the guy was socially inept at all. Considering the extreme abuse he was experiencing, he showed little amazingly little anxiety and seemed to handle himself very well. I was surprised at how normal he came off.

He does have extreme sensitivity to light, sound and other sensations so he may be Aspie, but he seems awful normal for an Aspie.

The fact that this guy has come out is a good thing. More of them should be encouraged to do so. The guys who are out like this are the last ones who are going to do anything with a kid.

Your attack on his website is peculiar. You say he is “encouraging people to get off looking at little girls.” But honestly, the only people going to that site are going to be pedos anyway, right? Why would a non-pedo go to the site? Het pedos don’t need any encouragement to get pleasure by looking at girls. They already get that pleasure. So he’s not encouraging anything that’s not already there.

There may be other reasons the site is problematic, but I can’t think of any offhand.

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