Female Bosses Suck

I’m not really into sexism and I actually love women and even prefer them to my own sex for some psychotic and masochistic reason, but you keep hearing this stuff over and over. Yet another study of both males and females say that female bosses suck, everyone hates them, and both sexes would much rather work for a man.

Here are the reasons given, as if I had to tell you:

  1. hormonal (read: moody, “that time of the month”)
  2. incapable of leaving their personal lives at home (read: emotional)
  3. only too happy to talk about their staff behind their backs (read: gossipy)
  4. backstabbing (read: manipulative, fake)
  5. loose cannons (need I say more)
  6. feel threatened by colleagues (read: insecure)
  7. sharp tongued (read: bitchy)
  8. too cliquey (read: catty)
  9. too competitive (read: aggressive)
  10. spend too long worrying about their appearance (read: vain)

Feminist articles on the Net are saying that these are all stereotypes, but they are only stereotypes after all because they are true. So the problem with female bosses is, in a word, that they act like women. Here is another article along the same lines from Forbes a while back. Same thing, both men and women want to work for a man. Forbes even polled a Facebook group of female employees:

The real surprise came when the ForbesWoman Facebook community was canvassed: “Would you rather work for a man or a woman?” The majority replied, “A man any day of the week,” to use the words of Stephanie Rovengo.

No surprises there either. An article appeared in the British press recently by a feminist who had formed an all-female TV production company, in part, as a move for female empowerment.

After a couple of years, the company disintegrated, ruined, apparently, by its female employees. They fought all the time, spent hours at work screwing around with their appearance in the bathroom, fought over every man who showed up in the office, formed ever-shifting cruel cliques that excluded some employees, gossiped about their sex lives, were constantly falling out with each other and then kissing and making up. Employees regularly burst into tears in the office when other women ganged up them. They left work and asked for stress leave. On and on.

The woman who started the business eventually folded it, chastened, and said next time she would hire at least 5

I’m not really sure what to do about this situation. The stuff the bosses are accused of is typical female behavior, but I doubt if women are forced to act this way. I’m sure they could knock it off if they tried. If they can’t, maybe they’re just hopeless.

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21 thoughts on “Female Bosses Suck”

  1. All bosses suck. I’ve had a few bad female bosses, but overall they’ve been slightly better than men for me. YMMV.

    It is much better to have a mixed gender workplace, however. Too many women make it a henhouse, and too many men can produce a vicious fratboy atmosphere. Having some of each checks the worst qualities of both genders.

  2. You should have seen what hell it was to have women around in the army.

    “Fun,” don’t get me wrong, but hell none the less.

  3. I’d rather work for a man than a woman any day. And I’m female.

    Look at any female dominated profession –teaching, nursing, etc. — ask around for people in said professions, and listen to the horror stories about bickering, backstabbing, and lack of good decision-making.

    Most women seem to suffer from arrested development. They never move past the pettiness of, oh, fourth grade or so.

    1. I love women and I’m even something of a feminist, but I keep hearing stories like this. I don’t know what to say…I’m convinced that aren’t any Woman Genes that actually force women to act stupid like this in the workplace. Surely they could shut it off for 8 hours a day. Turn on the Crazy Woman program when you get home and on the weekends.

    2. I generally agree with this article. I hate to bash my own sex, but I’ve only ever worked for women and it’s the same story everytime.

      I’m in my mid 20’s and have a Masters degree, which usually places me near mid-level management in most companies. Making the majority of my peers Middle-aged women and/or baby-boomers who (for the most part) had to work their way to this level over the last decade.

      With every “I could be your mom” comment I feel their bitterness. They hate that I’m young, attractive and worst-of-all I’m on their level. I stepped into this position straight out of school and they had to work years to get where they are and they HATE me for that.

      So they use every catty tactic they can find to discredit me! I’m a woman too, so they’re not fooling me, but I’m the minority and my hag of a manager is more likely to believe a fellow hag than me. A man would not do this! Sure I might get sexually harassed by a man, but I’d take that over this emotional terrorism!

  4. At my workplace, I thought my two female bosses were fine.

    They were both lesbians. Not much backstabbing or gossiping.

  5. I’m a woman and I pretty much agree with this article, although I think the level of education, how high the woman is in the company, and what her pay rate is, very much matter. I’ve worked for some women in the oil industry who started out as engineers. They must have begged, borrowed, or stolen their balls along the way but they certainly needed them in order to survive in that male-dominated industry and they were some of the greatest bosses I’ve ever had. At the same time, I’ve worked in health care, education and finance where women are moved up to satisfy some quota and it’s been an absolute hell for employees working for some petty, catty bitches who are only out to abuse their newly-found power at everyone’s expense. One such organization who let one such bitch trample over employee rights without ever once putting her in check finally got the big fat suppository of a lawsuit they so rightly deserved. I’m just so sick of the every day drama and ridiculous bitchiness in the spot that I’m in that I’d just as soon go work for a man any day.

  6. My female boss was never straight forward. You had to guess what she wanted half of the time. If you needed to get feedback on a project you had to wait for her to be in a good mood or the entire project would be shut down. She overworked everyone below her and then would give everyone a guilt trip because she wouldn’t take her own vacation (which was her own fault not ours).
    The company was a good company but working under her was horrible. She was extremely insecure and would become defensive over comments that were not even aimed at her. She was incredibly charming to the higher up men in the company but it was all a show. Deep down she was a nasty person.
    I am a female and I have managed people successfully before so I find it extremely frustrating when I see or work for a women in a high position that acts like such a jerk. I have had good women bosses but I think I have had more bad female bosses then men.
    Tips for women bosses: You do not need to push your power around to prove a point. You do not need to know everything about peoples personal lives to work with them nor should you think less of them if they do not want to include you in their personal lives. People do not need to cater to your moods in the workplace nor do they need to become part of your personal dysfunctional “family” to do a good job. Your insecurity just tells me that you shouldn’t be in the position you are in.

    1. I had this type of female boss once!!! gosh as i was reading this i was doing a mental checkoff and all fits!!! I totally understand how you feel. these women are better off staying at home than bringing their whole load shit of insecurity to the office.

  7. I only had one female boss who liked me- the rest where passive aggressive bitches who ended up hating my guts for no reason other than I just did my job instead of kissing their a$$.

    Really leave the soap opera at home and just be civil!

    1. Female bosses do not respond to anything less than soul-wrenching sycophancy. Especially pretty female bosses who’ve been indoctrinated with the “daddy’s little princess mentality” since age 2.

  8. ohh my god everything u describe is exactly like my female boss…i left the company after 3 weeks as i couldnt deal with her crap no longer!!

  9. I hate female bosses.I have never once seen a women promote a man.All of them have this im to pretty to do my fucking job attitude.They got to there position because of some quota or a discrimating female boss put them there or they minipulated and backstabbed there way to the top or they sucked someones dick to get to where there at.I hate most women in general for the mirror fact that there all fucking ungrateful,overly emotional,selfish,leaching,lazy,manipulative,conniving,catty, cold hearted cunts.I would go queer but I love pussy to way much.The dull useless apart around the vagina is called the woman.Dont trust fucking women under any circumstance.They will cut your throat the first chance they get and stand clear of the snicker lickers.They like nigger dick.Lesbians are the worse.They think everything is a goddamn tragedy.They blame men for there sexuallity.Thats funny I thought being gay was’nt a choice you stupid fish taco eating whores! How aboutyou dikes earn your way for a change.rather then hiding behind the protective pary act like abunch little bitches.You cant handle earning your own way.Because you dikes are to weak.Sorry if I offended anyone.But I needed to vent.Now im gonna go share an article on why I hate Mexicans and the Jews.Especially the jews.

    1. “I hate female bosses……Because you dikes are to weak.”

      Well done.
      One of my personal mantras I learned as an older teenager and thought was a joke, has proved out to be quite truthy……..

      ‘All women are evil. There are just varying degrees.’

  10. I have to agree with the general premise of this article. There have been exceptions. But the general rule is guys are generally easier to work with and have as a boss.

  11. The difference i see is women want the workplace to resemble her mido downline. men are more political. we have a bad habit in this country to discribe sitting in an airconditioned office as work. i come from a different industry were work was knowledge and physical work. Now every women who gets a degree thinks she is quallified to do the same job as a man and few i’ve seen while requiring the same pay dont have the same qualities. I’ve had bad man bosses but 100 percent of the female bosses were complete idiots. and as someelse said” i wasn’t favored cause i wouldn’t kiss thier ass”.
    I’ve yet to meet a women who understands a mortgage(even those giving them out) or credit cards. When the finacial in the U.S. falls apart we will find out what those women with degrees are good for. and thats firewood. Also each women boss is a single mother of a basement dweller. soo lets see she has a degree but she can’t change a tire or fix a toilet. i say put all those women that want to be the boss together and see what iq you come with as a collective. I will not work for another female boss thier too stupid to watch my dog much less a company .

  12. Male bosses are much more manipulative, but in a subtle way. Also, for male and female; the more attractive they are, the more manipulative they are.

  13. We are currently on vacation from school. I am a woman and I dread going back to work on Monday. Way to start the New Year! I have only had male bosses until last August.
    I am a hard worker and experienced – very good at what I do.

    As soon as I arrived at my new assignment, the other assistant who was a co-worker with the principal at another school before this proceeded with the female clique to ostracize me. The clique consisted of other members of the school. At one point, there was a fight in my cafeteria, and instead of doing what a man would, run over from her cafeteria, she got on the radio and said that everything was fine where she was. Typical woman.

    When the clique was meeting in September, one of them slammed a door in my face. I forged ahead, despite receiving, after I asked some questions restating what our conversation was about and telling me her expectations. The funny part is that we have a large school and I am tough, especially with discipline. So the women started calling me for problem students, now my job description has changed twice since then with more duties. The other two women now have fewer duties than me now, but the kicker is…Women think that everything is just fine after a while. That you somehow have forgiveness. Yeah, right. The conversations about personal lives do not belong in the workplace. Period.

    Happy new year all. My resolution is to shift careers now to a more male set workplace.

  14. I’m male and work in a mostly female environment and thought I was going crazy… until I read this article. The 10 main points listed are spot on true. I just cannot tolerate my estrogen work environment anymore. In 6 months… I’m fucking gone! Yeah… That’s right… I cursed. Something us guys do all the time, but don’t freak over it.

  15. Some horror stories here that’s for sure but try working with a proud latina boss. Sapnish women are known for being crazy, but give them just a little power and…..wow. How I was able to last a year was a miracle. It was a school district and at first I was more than happy to work for them since it was good pay and benifits. The intial first few months were good to me and I thought I was onto something good. BUt then the attitude started changing. I was being micromanaged to death. Singled out for the most minor of details. She was writing me up for basicaly nothing and always threating me that any day I could be fired. And she would go on and on about how she was such a good Christain woman and went to church every Sunday and had it in her head that everyone around the district loved her. Well after a year of stressing out and noticing a few new gray hairs popping up I got the fuck out of there!! I didn’t care about unemployment benifits or anything like that I just had to get out before my head exploded. And the funny thing when I left they re=posted my job………TWICE! Yes, she the one who thought everyone loved her so much could not find anyone to take my old position. That’s because she has a reputation of being a psycho cunt in the district! And suposedly the rumor was they even brought in a guy from a temp agency to try and work on my old run, and he lasted only a week. Now I’m back on a older job I had before, the pay is less and the benifts are pretty much non excitant I’m at least respected and valued there. And even though my boss is a woman she’s been good to me. Even though she can be a bit crazy and overdemanding herself at times I would still much rather work for her then a insane latina anyday!

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