White Women and Black Men: An Object Lesson

A Black commenter takes issue with my point that White women have a thing for Black men:

Dude, you’re crazy. 9

No way is it 9

Anyway, White women don’t marry Blacks or have kids with them, they just have sex with them.

Let me tell you a story. I used to be friends with this Black guy who had schizophrenia. For about a year or so, I hung out with the guy every single day. He would show up over at my place, and we would go do whatever. Eventually I had to cut it off with the guy because he had too many problems, but I still feel bad about that.

The illness was in the early phases, but it was paranoid schizophrenia, which is milder and preserves the personality more, and he had a great personality and good ego before, so he was yet well-preserved. He was ~28 years old.

We went all over the place in a rural White town, very conservative. Everywhere we went, young White women came right up to the guy and smiled and started talking to him. Or he would walk up to them and talk them up, and they all just loved him to death. Young White chicks were checking him out and smiling everywhere we went. The guy was a chick magnet. He was very goodlooking, but he was also 1/2 Black. OTOH, not one of those young White women would give me the time of day, look at me, smile at me, anything. They all wanted my Black friend. And he had schizophrenia for Chrissake!

I learned something then about the animal appeal that a Black man has for a White woman.

Also, I run a Yahoo group for people who either want to stop or were victims of the burgeoning Internet romance scams. At least half the group are women, mostly middle aged.

A very large

Some of these middle aged White women used to throw “Internet parties” where they would have “Check Out the Big Black Cock” voice conferences. They would invite these young African men into the conferences and get them to whip it out on cam. Supposedly these guys were pretty big. The chicks would sit around and look at the big Black cocks, and I guess ooh and ahh. Now these were nice, respectable, middle class, middle aged White women.

Quite a few of them followed the scammers all the way over to Nigeria to try to marry them. Some even married their scammers.

There’s clearly something going on with White women and Black men.

The Southerners were apparently aware of the Manichean spark that could launch an interracial prairie fire and simply banned Black male-White female sex altogether.

It was cruel, but I see their point.

A race that can’t protect its women anymore is pretty much through. That’s an essential Darwinian imperative.

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23 thoughts on “White Women and Black Men: An Object Lesson”

  1. That’s why Asian countries need to quit pussyfooting around and crack down HARD on white guys lurking around our women. I assume China could very easily go the North Korea route and simply ban this bullshit. After the ZOG empire collapses, South Korea and Japan should kick ALL non-Mongoloids and criminalize interracial sex and marriage. If the Jim Crow South tried it, good enough for us.

    1. All this BS is from jealousy of white English teachers. Asian guys aren’t entitled to anything. Why don’t they get off their asses, and go the gym? Maybe then, they would attract their own women. What a bunch of fucking whiners.

        1. Yeah, that’s interesting. Could it be Stalin Tonks and other WNs have a small penis, hence their disdain for NAMS, especially blacks, and those whites who side with them.

    2. Yeh too right. Asian men are small, weak, have tiny genitals and don’t know how to treat women. You won’t be able to stop the white plague from stripping your nation of it’s women. I love asian women but I despise asian men. Asian men have the opportunity to treat their women like queens but they instead treat them disgustingly, oppress them (especially muslims). I hate to see these gorgeous and luscious asian women oppressed by these seedy ugly asian men who have no idea how to look after them. Why shouldn’t we steal your women? Our women are trash who sleep with anything and are only after money. Your women know how to treat a man and I am going to get in on this action. From now on, White women are going to the back of the line for their attitudes and desire to humilate men. It’s all about those beautiful asian women now. I have a particular taste for Pakistani/bengali women, some of them are just so beautiful. Part of it is the taboo too, knowing that if you’re found out, she will be on a flight to pakistan to marry her cousin in a forced (they call it arranged) marriage. Well bad news, I’ve been deflowering your women for a long time. A few of them went on to get married after being destroyed by me haha, they don’t ‘give blowjobs’ well, they don’t like sucking your little asian cocks, they want white meat. I’m fortunate to be quite well endowed so after being with an asian man, these asian women are especially grateful to receive my 100% British Beef hahahaha! Say goodbye to your women, you seedy oppressive asians, they’re coming home with us whites. You can have our women, they only want money and don’t care about the man for who he is, that’s what you deserve for not treating women like the equals that they are.

  2. “Anyway, White women don’t marry Blacks or have kids with them, they just have sex with them.”

    yeah i was about to say…black men don’t marry anyone. nor do they stick around after they put a bun in the oven. serial impregnators…

  3. If every black male were to marry a white woman tomorrow, the result would be the destruction of American blacks as an identifiable ethnic group, not the destruction of whites. Blacks are only about 13 percent of the population, and it’s possible for one to be up to 25 percent black (or more even) and not look black at all. Mexico once had a black minority, but no more. The Mexicans didn’t kill them — they wiped ’em out by intermarrying with them.

    1. I had never met an Afro-Mexican until last year. I take it they are extremely rare. She was young, college aged and quite a cutie. and If you looked at her, you would assume she was maybe Dominican or Puerto Rican, or Afro-Cuban. But she told me she was 100% Mexican. She was from somewhere in the S. of Mexico I believe.

      1. I keep thinking that I see these Mexican chicks who look like they might have some Black in them. It’s so little that you can’t obviously tell. Some of them are seriously beautiful. One thing I noticed is very full lips. In some Mexican states, the Black genetic footprint is said to be pretty high. Guerrero is one. For sure, there are Afro-Mexicans down around Veracruz.

        1. Remember that on National Lampoon’s Vacation where they went to St. Louis and some blacks scribbled “Honky Lips” on their car. 😆

  4. “Also, I run a Yahoo group for people who either want to stop or were victims of the burgeoning Internet romance scams.”

    One of my soon-to-be hobbies revolves around messing with the Nigerian scammers, e-mailing them, etc., playing their game. I want to waste their time, at least then they will not be able to screw others while they are attempting to screw me over.

  5. “not one of those young White women would give me the time of day, look at me, smile at me, anything. They all wanted my Black friend. And he had schizophrenia for Chrissake!”

    Robert, I can’t help but be reminded of a routine by black British comedian Lenny Henry, about asking white girls to dance and having them refuse.
    He asked a girl, “Why don’t you wanna dance with me, is it because I’m black?”
    To which she replied “No, it’s because you’re an ugly bastard.”

    So it’s not always about race…

    1. If I was out with a goodlooking male friend my age, none of those girls would have given him the time of day either.

      1. He was goodlooking.
      2. He was charming and personable.
      3. He was BLACK

      It’s so obvious that that had something to do with it. As far as why they were ignoring me, I was 44 years old at the time, and young women didn’t like me very much. Same thing now. They liked me just fine when I was younger. It’s all about age.

  6. Do you think it could be more a “rarity” phenomenon?
    I live in Brazil. I am a blonde of germanic origin. No one cares much as long as I am surrounded by white or mixed people with lighter skin, or where these phenotypes are majority. But when I go to a neighborhood or state where there a predominantly black or dark skinned mixed people, everyone stares and comes up to talk to me. It has always been that way, since I was a very young girl.

  7. I don’t personally have a problem with anyone dating outside of their race. I am a white male, but I do get tired of constantly having to hear from some harpies about how I am not man enough and then have to hear a bunch of stereotypical self hating racist nonsense. Women forced white men to abandon their masculinity by feminizing the schools and higher education system, and now resent the product they said that their social engineering created.

    1. I agree. White women have been oppressing us white men for a long time now. They seek to immasculate and humiliate us. Quite frankly I’m done with white women now. These asian women know how to look after their men and I am looking to look after some asian women too 😉 They feel it’s a respite from what they’re used to (ie. Being told what to do and being beaten and forced to cover their entire bodies because of petty jealous little muslim men that can’t accept a woman’s beauty.) so when they get a secure white man who treats them as an equal, they will NOT be able to get enough of you. Trust me friend, I know this for a fact. I could not get this girl of Bengali heritage to leave my dick alone. She always said ‘It’s so big’ and just wanted to handle it, even in a non-sexual way which is weird but it was like she just had to have it in her hand, mouth or pussy. But really though, once you go out with an asian woman and realise how they desire to meet your needs and to look after you, you will realise what you’ve been missing out on. White women only want to know if you’ve got money? Asian women don’t care as long as you aren’t the type of guy who will try to oppress her. If you treat an Asian women nicely, she will treat you nicely and it will make you wonder why you even bothered chasing white women in the first place when these muslim beauties will go to the end of the Earth for you. Trust me, middle eastern asian women are beautiful, intelligent and know how to look after their man. Do you know what they want in return? To have freedom and be treated as an equal, something their men cannot provide. Follow my advice good sir, you will thank me if you do!

      1. I suspect you’re a troll or its just that you’ve never met enough white women.The women in Southern European are just drop dead gorgeous and they dont want money!?!.They look out guys who are good looking and a nice personality pretty much like most women.I assume in Britain most women are average to ugly looking and a lot them are into prostitution.Ive never met or heard of a white guy who hates white women in general.Sure there are some of them but its just their choice.Have you checked you swedish,russian,italian,spanish etc. women?Please look em up on google and tell me how you feel.The Indian girls just dont get on my nerevs because they are too ugly for that.The bollywood types are extremely rare if at all possible to get becuase they usaully go after richies.Sir,Please dont make white women look bad.They’re one of the most beautiful in this planet.

  8. I would like to meet a girl . I am a black guy living in ecuador. I am tall, if anyone wanna knw more abt me shud send me skype . victor.toms94.

  9. I don’t think black guys should abandon white women. Nonetheless, people should be free to date and marry who they want. You can’t force people like each other (I’m sure WNs are well aware of that saying.) Likewise you can’t force white women to like white men. People like whoever turns them on.

    Anyhow, I would like to add, that a lot of white men, are fucking around and getting girls pregnant. Also, far more importantly, the divorce rate in the USA is skyrocketing. Therefore, no race has any integrity.

  10. A white female 14 years my junior asked me out the other day to see if I want to have dinner or a drink. She’s facially ugly, but has a decent body. I’ll probably pass, though young pussy is hard to pass up.

  11. Niggers definitely think they are gods gift to white women. I love the stupid bitches who hook up with these losers, get abused, beaten and cheated on, then are surprised their nigger ended up acting like a nigger.

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