The Sexual Marketplace for a 50 Year Old Man

I’m 52. At my age, almost everyone is fat. Further, I can’t really get hot chicks anymore like I used to be able to. Maybe the hot ones my age, (Yes! There are some very hot women over 50, and even over 55!) but they are very hard to get, and you’re fighting all the other guys for them anyway so it’s almost not worth it. Plus all the hotties my age all want money bigtime, I mean bigtime. I dated one a while back, and she kindly let me go telling me I didn’t make enough money.

There’s not an incredible amount of competition. Keep in mind at my age 22% of all men are impotent. I guess that means can’t get it up without Viagra.

A lot of married couples my age, at least the White ones, have simply given up on sex. The typical line is that the White women put up with sex for years until she had her kids, then she pretty much gave it up after 35 or so, and the guys didn’t really complain, just got fat, drank beer, competed in the workplace instead, or watched football, all the while bragging to us single guys how great the married life was and when am I going to take the plunge like they did? How bout never , tools!

The young women who do like me are often at best average, or fat. If you can get an average young woman at my age, you are doing great. Forget all the hotties you got when you were young. That’s over forever. The only guys who have a chance with them are guys who have money and or fame or power. Even then, it might be a bit of a tough sell.

So if you’re going to be picky like you were when you were younger at my age, you are simply getting no sex at all, period.

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11 thoughts on “The Sexual Marketplace for a 50 Year Old Man”

  1. Okay, limiting the analysis if possible to the span of white American working-middle to white American upper middle demographic.. and if not, let it be as broad as possible, no pun intended…

    is there a significant difference in natural or
    socio-biological reduction of sex drive in men and women spanning the ages of app. 45-55?

    1. It goes down a lot in men. Between 45-55, a lot more men become impotent, meaning they need Viagra I guess.

      In women, I don’t think so. I have seen analyses of female sexuality showing it plateauing at a high level at age 45 and staying that way far into old age.

      This was a chart of “sexual responsiveness.”

  2. Finding a decently priced, classy and pretty escort who actually loves her work, will let you go bareback after she trusts you and who likes deep kissing can be a chore.

    Right Kris?

  3. Are you sure? These days it seems most women don’t start having babies until they are in their forties or at least late thirties, therefore no sex after 35 doesn’t hold up.

  4. Nope.

    I paid the price early in my life of being the healthiest I could be, through discipline ( exercise and great diet ) and research. The reward is having aged at a rate remarkably less than 99.999 % of men.

    That means although I am early 50’s , I am perceived by others to be mid – 30’s . (That’s their statement when guessing my age, not me coaxing them ) .

    Another reward that follows is that I get girls typically anywhere from 18 to 27 .. depending on whether local or overseas. Think back to your mid – 30’s , if you were in great shape and looked it, what was your successfully approachable female age range ? That’s what it’s like for me.

    The cost? Very little partying, alcohol, no smoking — all things I really didn’t miss that much . There is the significant expense of nutritional supplements, and attention to what I eat. There are remarkable products out there for those who open their eyes.

    I just don’t get why guys can’t be bothered with the effort to extend their youth. It’s all very real now, but strangely enough, little commented upon.

  5. Yes, there’s The Metabolic Anti-Ageing Plan, by Stephen Cherniske Msc. All the anti-ageing routines are in there. He’s in his mid-50s and looks a lot younger. I’m 5’10” and 185 pounds, but I should be 15 pounds lighter. Not fat by any means, but could lose a stone.

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