That Can’t Possibly Be a Word in English


It’s not often that a commenter throws up a new English word at me.

Not that I know every word in the dictionary, though I wish I did. In my Linguistics Program at university, we had a visiting professor from the Netherlands who not only was gay but also supposedly knew every word in the dictionary and could define it for you. In the English dictionary, yet. A Dutchman. I wonder if he could give you roots and history too.

Some minds are simply amazing; I have to hand it anyone who can do such a thing. Who cares if it never gets you laid? Women are petty and nonsensical anyway in their desires.

Nietzsche says you’re supposed to rise above all that petty quotidian sex, love and relationships Female Mind/Emotional Mind stuff anyway. That’s what the Ubermensch is all about. The guy that rises above all of the scattered and blowing litter of the quiet and desperate ordinary lives of people and things to live in the world of pure ideation. Or, I would add, to find the God within himself, and thereby discover genius, or the Male Genius anyway.

Anyway, back to the word. At first I thought it had to be a misspelling. So I Googled and what the Hell, it’s actually a fuckin word, though surely not among the 10,000 English words that is all your average peabrained American can cram into his meager skull.

You know, I’ve just read three daffynitions of this word and I still don’t know WTF it even means. Someone explain it for me in good plain English.

No wait, forget it.

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3 thoughts on “That Can’t Possibly Be a Word in English”

  1. Hmmm. “The quality of having real existence”. Wow.
    What a useful word…
    Here are some more useful words:
    fartleberries (use your imagination!)
    gynotikolobomassophile (this one’s easy!)

  2. My favourite of the above has to be dharna:
    “In India, a way of sitting on the debtor’s doorstep until the money is paid or the collector has starved to death.”
    Nimptosical simply means drunk.
    Galeanthropy is the delusion that one has become a cat.
    A gynotikolobomassophile is one who likes to nibble women’s earlobes,
    Contrectation is fondling before lovemaking, or the act of caressing a woman, especially furtively and against her will,
    Fartleberries refers to excrement clinging to the hairs arounds the anus,
    Parthenology is the medical study of virgins and virginity,
    Dwergmal is dwarf language,
    Dasypygal is hairy buttocks,
    An espringal would be very useful were you laying siege to a walled city in the Middle Ages: it’s a medieval stone throwing contraption,
    Nothosonomia is the act of calling someone a bastard,
    Omphaloskepsis is meditation while gazing at one’s navel,
    and anililagnia is sexual desire for older women.

  3. More rightly, dwergmal is the echo from rocks … From the belief that dwarfs liv’d in the rocks and naughtily repeated the ends of words and sentences spoken by those on Midgardr so as to try and befuddle them.

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