Soviet Anti-Semitism

Exhibit A: Zionology.

Exhibit B: Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public.

A touchy subject, but it’s clear that Stalin became anti-Semitic at the end of his life. He outright murdered leading Yiddish writers for no legitimate reason that I can think of. There’s controversy about whether or not he was going to purge the Jews to Siberia (population transfer) around the time of his death. There’s also controversy about whether or not there was something to the Doctor’s Plot, that is, some Jewish doctors may indeed have poisoned him, but no one knows this for sure. The impetus for their killing him was presumably his planned Jewish population transfer.

After Stalin died, most agreed that the USSR entered an anti-Semitic phase. The theory of Zionology and the persecution of “rootless cosmopolitans” and “rootless cosmopolitanism” was the low point in this shameful episode for a Communist state committed to anti-racism.

Similar nonsense went on in Poland in the 1960’s, where in the previous 20 years, Jews had played a major role in the revolution. Yitzhak Shamir said Poles learn anti-Semitism at their mother’s breast, and I guess that applied to Polish Gentile Communists too. Too bad. If the Left is anything, it’s anti-anti-Semitic.

The refuseniks, etc. were probably just a reaction of Soviet Jews to the increasing anti-Semitism of the state. It’s clear that the formation of Israel screwed up everything for Soviet Jews and pretty much led to the end of the dinner party they were having. Did wonders for those Arab Jews too. More pogroms than you can count.

Such a liberatory project for the Jews, that Zionism!

Interesting that even during the worst years of anti-Semitism, Jews continued to win the vast majority of Soviet chess competitions, even though there was doubtless discrimination against them. Just goes to show that the Jews seem to rise above everything, even anti-Semitism, to succeed. Amazing people. That’s why I get tired of all the Blacks “Da White man is keeping me down” BS. Grow up.

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31 thoughts on “Soviet Anti-Semitism”

  1. Rob, why would the USSR be friendly Israel, a state that was in bed with the enemy? Don’t you think you’re making too many excuses for jewish misbehavior?

    1. Nah. This is all a big front anyway. I learned my lesson earlier when I got pegged as an anti-Semite. Now the Jews and Zionists are linking my site calling me a Judeophile. Makes no difference to me, I’ll play whatever role I feel like playing, but this Judeophilic stuff gives me a better chance. I’m broke. I’m hoping some rich Jew will fall in love with my Judeophilic act and give me a job or something.

      1. You didn’t answer my question. Why would the USSR be friendly to Israhell? And considering that the Soviets defeated Hitler, isn’t it pretty damn ungrateful that they turned on their rescuers?

        1. Why would the USSR be friendly to Israhell?

          Dunno, why should Israel have played nice with the USSR, as they were supporting the Arabs?

          And considering that the Soviets defeated Hitler, isn’t it pretty damn ungrateful that they turned on their rescuers?


        2. What kind of fucking answers are those!
          Are you trying hard to suck as much jewish cock you can? You yourself said that if Operation Barbarossa succeeded, the jews would be gone, well looked who defeated the Germans? You’re telling me that’s not ungrateful as hell?

        3. Rob , can you please answer my legitimate questions intelligently and stop being a smartass? There’s so much goddamn inconsistency in what you write that I can’t really figure out what you really stand for.

      2. Now the Jews and Zionists are linking my site calling me a Judeophile.

        Really? I’d be curious to know who linked to your site and called you a Judeophile.

        1. Well, they are not explicitly calling me that, but some Jewish “fight the anti-Semitism” sites have been approvingly linking to some of my articles against anti-Semitism. That’s good enough for me. And lately my commenters are calling me a Judeophile, which is very nice. I’m starting to like this new role!

      1. Some questions I don’t want to deal with. For one, I don’t know the answer to the question. That’s the main reason. Not sure if you are right or wrong, so I take the 5th.

        1. Based on your previous posts, it seems you thought a lot about these issues, so why would you have no valid answer to give?

        2. Fpy3p is one persistent dude isn’t he? It’s like you’re the fox and he’s the fox terrier on you case…No-one Gets Out Of Here Alive!

        3. fpy, you know, you really need to get a new name. Every time I say fpy, I spit all over my keyboard. Enough is enough, man!

          Seriously, social skills dude, social skills. You know? The things you are lacking, fpy? Well, anyway, I’m sort of lacking them too. So is Abiezer. So are lots of us. Anyway, unlike you, Abiezer and I recognize, Houston, we have a problem, and we try to do something about it. I keep fucking up, but I think I keep doing better too.

          Social skills lesson #1: A lot of skilled social actors simply refuse to answer various questions. When you get to be a diplomat or an attorney, you can refuse to answer every other question asked of you by saying, “No comment.”

          It’s perfectly acceptable to do that in civilized (= White) discourse too, except if you’re being confronted with a crime or transgression, in which case it’s smartass, but I do it anyway.

          Well, when a person says “No comment,” you just let it go, man. You drop it move on. That’s White, that’s civilized. Hell, I think even Blacks and Mexicans play by this rule.

          People get really subtle about this. A lot of times you will say something and they won’t answer. Or they will pretend not to hear, or “go deaf.” Or they will experience “sudden amnesia.” Or they will ask you to repeat in an aggressive tone of voice like, “PARDON ME!?” That sounds like they want you to repeat it, but actually they do *not* want you to repeat it.

          One of the fucked up things I do is when people “go deaf” and “don’t answer,” I think they didn’t hear me, so I ask them again. In which case, they say something dumb like, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

          When someone takes the 5th or doesn’t want to talk about anything that’s not a real serious matter, you just forget it and move on. To fail to do is to be a social retard. And yes, you often are one, like many of us.

    1. LOL. Now you know why Koreans typically want to get the f*ck out of Korea. And why a high IQ country could be so backward.

  2. At least this stuff increases your chances of staying online when net neutrality ends. Looking at the way things have gone with the Poles and the Russians, the problem is they weren’t antisemitic enough by a long shot. Anyway, it’s well known that all this whinging is a pack of lies. The jews define antisemitism as gentiles wanting a vote.

  3. Bob’s inconsistent posts don’t perplex me.

    What I want to know is why Oliver Stone made certain less than sympathetic references re Jews if he was going to apologize immediately thereafter.

    Well, I’m an optimist despite being a Germanic Tragedarian. So I kind of believe Stone, like Bob wanted the sequence of events, predictable, to be didactive.

  4. What I think it really is, is that Robert is probably an INTP on the Myers-Briggs, with an extremely high P; meaning that he tends to perceive all possible answers to any question, and though he can often narrow down the answer to a few possibilities, on complex issues he knows he’ll never know or feel that he knows with certainty what the definitely correct answer is. Over the years he’s found that being stuck in indecision, “keeping an open mind eternally,” just doesn’t work most of the time. The heuristic he’s developed to deal with this is choosing whatever answer will be most pleasant to believe. Naturally if an unpleasant and very obviously true truth is staring him in the face he can’t make himself believe the very obviously false opposite; but when dealing with complex issues that don’t have a definite answer, but several likely interpretations, he’ll go with what makes him feel better.

    I’m not sure if this explanation is correct, but Robert’s “inconsistent” opinions, which usually aren’t strictly speaking inconsistent (but still very strange), seem to make sense to me with this explanation. I actually am going to start using this system myself. I don’t mean to make him sound like a coward by saying “he’ll go with what makes him feel better”– that’s really the only sensible thing to do in many situations.

      1. So you’re admitting that a lot of what you write may actually be bullshit that you yourself don’t believe in, but you’re taking the easy way by not facing unpleasant realities?

        1. Not really. But as far as the Jews go, why the Hell should I be an anti-Semite? Why not be a philosemite? It’s not like either one has proved their case anyway. Eenie meenie minie moe.

          I also like to play intellectual roles. Anti-Semite yesterday, philosemite today!

          Truth is fpy, if you stick around this world long enough, you will see that this is what most folks believe. They believe what makes them feel good. Right, wrong or indifferent.

  5. It’s largely matter of realizing that many supposed examples of “ideological consistency,” are more often than not non sequiturs.

  6. Yes, Bob but “what makes people feel good” applied on a long term scale, (rather than short term impulse) might just hint at Absolute Truth.

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