Dunlap Disease Kills You

It’s what we all feared, but denied all the time.

I’m 5’11, 185. That’s 25.5 BMI or so. My waist is 38, not 36 anymore. Those days are over. All the 36 waist clothes are heading to the thrift store. I’m not sure what this article is saying to me, except that I find it nearly impossible to lose weight, have a great diet, and frankly hardly even eat any food at all, other than a bare minimum to survive.

Take home point is that 47 inch waist in men and 42 inch waist in women is out and out bad for you. That ought to be enough for now. Comments section is full of very healthy dipshits, all men, worrying their pussy asses off about their waist sizes. If they complain anymore, they’ll be eligible for a sex change operation.

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