Colorblind Racism – A Good Video

This is actually a good video.

It shows a White kid and a Black kid both obviously trying to steal a bike in broad daylight in a park. 100 people walk by the White guy and do nothing until finally someone goes for the cops. The Black kid is immediately surrounded by angry White crowds (Or mobs?) as soon as he is seen. One White person confronts him angrily, and then others swarm around. Some even get quite aggressive with him, trying to steal some of this stuff in return for what he’s doing to the bike.

The Whites who stopped the Black later say that they “did not see color,” or that color didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was that he was a thief. This is the very definition of colorblind racism, so obviously it exists and it’s not good for Blacks. Colorblind racism is something the Critical Race Theory types like to rail about all the time. It’s the latest flavor of racism. They’re always ranting on and on about it. They have a point, but I’m not sure what Whites are supposed to do about their colorblind racism. Colorblind racism is said to be largely unconscious, so how exactly are we supposed to combat it?

A classic anti-racist line is going to be that this sort of thing is responsible for elevated arrest rates of Blacks in the US, and artificially spikes their crime rate. That is, Whites commit just as much crime as Blacks, they just don’t get caught is all.

Let’s keep in mind here that Blacks commit ~8X more crime than Whites in the US. That’s based on household surveys of crime victims, not on arrests or convictions. If we go by arrests and convictions, the Black rate is actually a lot lower than the White rate. That means that arrests and convictions underestimate Black crime, and that Blacks are less likely to get arrested or convicted for any act of crime than Whites are. That is, for each act of crime, a White is more likely to be arrested and convicted than a Black. If we want to play antiracist games, we can turn the tables on them and say that the criminal justice is biased against Whites and in favor of Blacks.

So much for bias in the criminal justice system, statistically anyway, though supposedly it does still exist (And I think it should be fought). The other implication is that White arrest and conviction rates overestimate White crime.

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3 thoughts on “Colorblind Racism – A Good Video”

  1. can’t we just fucking cross-breed this out of our population please?

    i know…black women hate white guys…and white women don’t want to have black babies…but once we get past that first generation, there will be some gorgeous interracial kids for that second generation.

  2. was actually chomping at the bit for a nice race article on here today…earlier…when i read this NY Times op-ed about racial profiling in NYC.

    The incredible statistic from the article was this: “Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of reported gun assaults.”

    Basically the article began by stating that 55% of stop-and-frisks targeted Blacks while they only make up 23% of the population…obviously out of proportion.

    But the higher rate of criminality justifies the 55% rate of police stops.

    That 98% number was just mind-blowing. But when I think about it…NYC is getting sooooo exclusive…so expensive. There are no poor whites left here. I think plenty of crimes come from desperation, and there are no desperate whites here. Just SWPL-type whites.

  3. It’s interesting that the white flight attendant who jumped out of the plane on the tarmac is being billed as some sort of Joe six pack type hero, sort of like the Joe the Plumber of flight attendants. I have a feeling if the guy was black, we’d be hearing none of the fanfare. People would be talking about how unprofessional he is, how impulsive, angry, how this is another example of the bad black attitude and lack of temper control that marks black people and the guy would probably never get another job again. But when he’s white, he’s a folk hero.

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