The Position of the Left on Western Culture, Whites, Judeo-Christianity and Islam

A little debate here. The first quote is me defending secularism, the second one is Abiezer Coppe defending the Western Left against my charges. I reiterate after the blockquote with evidence from around the world.

It is sickening the way that the Left is sucking up to Islam. Stop it right now! It’s all because Muslims are fighting European Judeo-Christian “colonizer-imperialist” types in Israel and now in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Europe. To the Left, European Judeo-Christian civilization is evil, and hence so are all Whites. Jews are considered White. We are all racist colonizer/imperialist slavers.

The dark Muslim noble savages are fighting evil White Euros, and the Left cheers.

The Left hates:

1. Euro Whites
2. Euro Christians
3. Euro Jews
4. The West

The dark Third Worldist oppressed darkies are fighting a holy war against all four, the West can’t get enough of it. I’m not sure if the Zionists ever mention this, but I think they are right. The Left even dislikes the Jews because now they are the ultimate expression of the White Judeo-Christian Western Euro colonizer.

No Robert, stop spreading lies about the Left. The Left aren’t that racial. You’re just spouting.

A sane Left will support Christian values as highly progressive. See Slavoj Zizek on Christianity.

Support for Islamism. The Maoists and Trots do it, and that’s about it. It’s third Worldist Idiotism…if you convert to Islam YOU CANNOT LEAVE. The penalty for leaving the Islamic religion in Pakistan is six months in prison, according to a commentator on Radio 4. Is this true?

Of course it is true. That’s if they don’t kill you.

I am talking about the Western Left.

The real existing Left, the one that matters, is not anti-West or anti-Christian.

The Latin American Left is pro-West and pro-Christian. Many of them are Christians. Even the leadership of Sendero Luminoso were Christians, including Abimael Guzman, who is still a Catholic! The Filipino Left is pro-West and pro-Christian.

This is the Liberation Theology Left, and I love it. Jesus was a Commie! In those countries, priests pray alongside the rebels and in some cases even serve in rebel armies. The Sandinistas had priests in their cabinet. Hugo Chavez is very much a Liberation Theologian; this is the best way to describe him. There is a lot of good theory coming out of Cuba nowadays since believers can join the party. They are calling themselves Christian Marxists. Even Fidel says Christianity is compatible with socialism and Communism.

The Indian and Nepalese Maoists don’t mind the West or Christianity. If there is a beef with anything, it’s Hinduism.

The real existing Left in all Muslim states is not too wild about Islam! The Left in the rest of the world cares nothing at all about Western culture or Christianity.

This anti-West, anti-European, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-White shit is mostly just rebellion on the part of Western Leftists against their own eeeeeeevil religions and cultures.

Maoists in general are not too wild about Islam. The Iranian and Afghan Maoists are some of the most Islam-hostile groups in the Islamic world. They’ve basically had it up to here with Islam.

The Filipino Left has made alliance with Muslim separatists on a strategic basis and gets along with them well. The Indian Maoists support separatists in Kashmir.

Trots are always pro-Islam anymore, but they are irrelevant outside the West, which means they are irrelevant in the Real World.

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16 thoughts on “The Position of the Left on Western Culture, Whites, Judeo-Christianity and Islam”

  1. Rob, would you agree that Eastern Orthodox Christianity is more compatible with socialist ideals than, say, Calvinism? And do you know the CIA helped torture and murder those Liberation Theology priests?

  2. Orthodox Christianity is more statist and much of socialism is very statist. The Byzantine empire was a theological state and after it crumbled Moscow became the new Byzantium. The people therefore were more accustomed to a central power from above. Hence, Russian statist socialism, large power structure acting above and beyond the hands of the people. It was with the Western Catholic that the separation of church and state first occurred in the west. More princely power, more nationalism—local nationalism became more important than a universal theology being enforced over numerous different peoples.

  3. “Had it up to here with Islam” is an understatement in those quarters, Robert.

    Sadly, I now see no way out of this current ideological mess, especially in relation to say progressive and economically socialist positions, and their interaction with Islamism.

    I used to think Sufism was a means to this end, but the chances of that are perhaps nil.

  4. Look at how the Khalq faction of the Afghan Communist Party got on in Afghanistan in 1978. They had to call the Russians in because they had little support outside Kabul. The Taliban are winning back Afghanistan, slowly but surely. They only have to hang on until the US withdraws and then they will strike at Kabul. The only Afghan group I find any common ground at all with is RAWA,

    1. RAWA comes straight out of the Afghan Maoists. They don’t like to talk about it much, but it’s true. Their founder was an armed Afghan Maoist female guerrilla who got killed by Islamists. She’s their hero, like Stalin to the Russian Left. I think her name was Meena.

      The Afghan state had a lot of support from Afghan women. They had whole brigades of armed Afghan women fighting for them in their army. They were ready to die for female liberation! And the Islamists could not defeat them until the Russians took off. I think the state even held on a few years until the Russians cut off aid. The Afghan Left simply fucked up, mostly by killing the people. Idiots.

  5. Robert? What do you think of the Iranian MKO? Or at least, what is left of them in Iraq and Europe? They are “Islam0-Commies” if there ever were any. Even their blood enemy, the Iranian government, is rather socialistic in many way. Very much so.

    Probably has more to do with Shiaism than anything else. You don’t really see the same approach in Sunni countries.

      1. No, you are absolutely right. Your summation would pretty much match with any Iranian alive, minus one actually in the MKO.

        I had a date with the daughter of two prominent MKO leaders in 2001 or so. Chic was nuts. Would not stop raving like a brainwashed cultist.

        That is really what they are. A cult.

        They also are shitty soldiers. No match for the Iranian army back in ’88. Even with Saddam’s direct support on the attack.

        I actually think Saddam and his general’s knew the MKO was dead meat, and just used them as a pawns.

        I mean, shit. If you are going to pick a fight with a battle-hardened army and air force that has been in the trenches for eight years, you best know what the hell you are doing. Don’t send out of shape fat women to take on fanatical hardcore infantry. They will most likely fail.


  6. There are indeed militant Sufi organizations, Cyrus. Which are fighting U.S./Zionist imperialism
    on the battlefield.

    1. Correct Ken, and you are absolutely right. In fact, Sufi orders having been fighting occupations in Afghanistan since the time of the Mongol hordes.

      I was thinking more in terms of ideological reformation across the board, in all “Islamic” societies. Sort of an acceptance of open-mindedness. A lean towards an enlightened modernism, that does not necessarily have to go against the basic creed, and thus create conflict.

      Resistance to occupation by itself, hardly equates to barbarism. It is ultimately the nature of what it is that you are fighting for, that determines that. At least, that is how I view it.

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