On Korean Women

A Chinese American or Korean American (Which is it?) commenter, Hacienda, who is also a great writer, discusses the wonder of Korean women:

Korean women can be extremely sexy, to the point of absolute sexiness. I used to hang out in some Korean bars before the LA riots caused the police to crack down on the really seedier (but extremely hot) ones. You’ve not experienced sultry until you had experienced some of the women there. Unfortunately, these places are now mostly closed and ones left are too stiff, too regulated to be interesting. But, for we who know, our loss.BTW, I think white women need to be trained or acculturated to Korean (or East Asian) ways to reclaim the prized hotness they once possessed too. Rap and crap just makes them bulgy and unattractive.

Korean women are very submissive to men. If you treat them right, they treat you like a God to be worshipped. Japanese women can be like that too. They aren’t really bitches at all, though a few have developed a bad attitude towards men, and if you piss them off, some can just go fullon fuckin psycho with no way to turn it off.

They are less bitchy, demanding and castrating than White women by orders of magnitude. They’re also highly intelligent, even just the ordinary working class ones, which is an interesting find in a group of women. An average, uneducated working class Korean-American woman is smarter than an average White American female junior college student.

I don’t know how Korean and Japanese men treat their women, but you always hear that it’s a fullon sexist patriarchal culture. I’ve had a hard time verifying that though, or the extent to which it exists in the US.

These East Asian seem to assume you’re going to be a typical sexist male bastard like all guys, and then when you’re not, but you’re not a pussy either, you’re like God’s gift to women.

To the East Asian guys complaining about how their women are leaving them for White guys,  I feel sorry for them and don’t know what to say.

I would say this though: East Asian guys should try to act like White guys when in the US. The media elevates the White man all over the world. All over the world, women, except US White women, want a White man more than anything else. East Asian guys are in the US, and Whites run the show. I think their women are going for Whites due to media brainwash.

So the best course for Asian guys would be to try to act like us White guys.

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61 thoughts on “On Korean Women”

    1. Black guys, I guess. Or they go out with us but they hate us, think we are wimps, pussies and fags and dominate us, or that we are macho pricks and they hate us for that.

      BTW, I finally figured out how White women can go for Black guys when they hate White men so much. It all makes sense to me now. A post on this soon.

      White women, Black men have a common enemy. The common enemy is the WHITE MAN! It’s so perfect and it makes so much sense. I’m glad I figured this out, and it didn’t make sense for so long.

        1. Ah, but White men don’t hate, or even hold a grudge to, Asian men. Black men have a history with White men. What of White men and Asian men? It just isn’t personal for them.

        2. Nope. We don’t give two shits about you guys. You are nothing to us. We like you, but we have no reason to hate you at all. Asian guys are not part of our radar. They don’t attack us, and they are not competition either. They’re just part of the scenery.

        3. Well China for all intents and purposes owns this country. And Asians are the only nonwhite group that is socioeconomically similar to if not somewhat higher than whites. So I don’t get these condescending remarks.

        4. Ah, but White men don’t hate, or even hold a grudge to, Asian men. Black men have a history with White men. What of White men and Asian men? It just isn’t personal for them.

          not the same level of distrust but there is a History there.

          Vietnam and the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

        5. Well Chic, and Fpy3p, I would argue that white men do have a level of inferiority in the modern day to that of the Asian man, as well as western society of the East Asian, as a whole.

          Perhaps one could call it a level of jealousy.

          It does exist, but it is more intellectual in nature. The root of the “yellow fever,” so ripe ammiosgt many white men.

        6. Besides Chic. In both wars that you mentioned, and Hollywood aside, the “white man” killed a hell of a lot more of the “yellow man,” than the other way around.

          Bitterness should exist, but outside of the WWII generation, I rarely see it anymore.

      1. Dude, you’re crazy. 99% of white women marry white men. I’m a good looking black guy. I’ve messed with a few white women here and there, but I don’t have them throwing themselves at me either. The average white woman could give a shit about black men.

  1. There are some beautiful Korean-American girls from LA, I’ll tell you that.

    I like them way better than some semi-masculine stuck-up and bitchy white girl, who thinks sleeping with the pool-man is a conquest.

    White brawds are way overrated.

  2. Robert,

    “Follow white men”. A needless prescription for Asian men. A few premises need to be straightened out here.
    1. Asian men are doing badly in sex wars.

    This may be true for some, but a lot are doing just fine. Check out the latest stats in the 2010 census. Also, just hang out at any school where there are large numbers of Asians.

    2. Colored women prefer white men.

    Hate to break it to you guy. No.

    3. The preference for white men is media driven.

    Actually you insult white men with this comment. As much as I don’t like to admit this, some Asian women like their white partners because the men are just good guys.

    I’ve lived in Asia. Speak the language. Sorry, but until you learn an Asian language and live there awhile, you’re like a man looking through a window at people talking. And just assuming you know what they are saying and thinking.

    As far as following Hollywood for cues. No way. That’s suicide for Asians. And why? There is now plenty of Asian entertainment made by, starring Asians that are vastly popular in Asia. Only Hollywood blockbusters can make in Asia these days. Asians no doubt will follow Asian media. And Asian Americans now have a choice in entertainment. Only the completely out of touch Asian would limit himself to Hollywood models.

  3. Robert, you must be talking about the FOBiest Korean women. Even so, Korean women, especially the fairly attractive ones in Korea, are known to be some of the most materialistic women on earth. You need to spend some time Seoul or Pusan. You also need some money.

    Even the ones that grow up here (that can be said about many East-Asian women) can be pretty stuck-up. Then again, just about every woman here in Toronto is stuck-up. Toronto has a reputation.

  4. Want to hear about my experiences in the swinger community, LOL. I was a member of a swinger web site, mostly to creep the pictures (I did not attend the functions but met one girl (more on that later)). I can tell you that there were many “internet groups” called “black dick for white pussy,” “hot woman for black cock,” groups centered around gangbanging, etc. The great majority of the women in these groups had white husbands (they had pics on their site) or white BFs. I always thought it cray that these white guys would allow their GF/wife get done by blackguys, but it happened all the time. Honestly, I only say maybe 3 profiles featuring asian guys, who like me tend to be vary modest in this regard (i.e. want to be closeted and not want to show their pics); but it is hardest for them and probably easiest for the black man, followed by white or hispanic.

    (Tangential: swinging used to be called wife-swapping before it got all PC, but that is what it is in effect. If you are a single guy forget about it, it is very very had to meet women. All the couples and single women (whom there are very few, especially very few non-cows) want a single women or a couple, but then when they meet the couple they are mainly interested in the woman. BTW the women are like this just as much as the men, lol. When couples meet it is all about meeting the female half of the couple, but the wife/girlfriend of the other guy will do the male half of the couple they are meeting because he is part-of the deal, but they just want to get to the female half. After many e-mail blasts of a template I created (best strategy for online dating by the way) I was able to get 2 women interested, this is without sending my pic as I was too embarrassed to get my pic out publicly. One was fat the other had surgical scars on her stomach and a blah face; met the latter woman, did not score but messed around; reality hit me: do not want to get herpes (cannot be prevented by a condom) or warts. Out of site now. I am contradicting myself but a guy can do okay in the scene if he is halfway decent looking (like myself) and is willing to go to the functions (i.e. meet and greets); I for one was too embarrassed to go to these events. By the way, the community is chalk-full of cougars, mostly married or in some sort of relationship.

    P.S. I was a member of the site lifestylelounge, which by the way has a big presence in CA.

    P.P.S. Robert I disagree about the white man controlling all media across the world. India, China, Japan, & other countries’ media is controlled by the groups who make up their dominate population. The consumers drive most of the light skin frenzy. The truth is, most people, especially guys, prefer light skin on a woman versus dark. There are countless exceptions, but this is generally true across all cultures.

  5. Herpes & genital warts, the main reasons why I have not visited a whore. Does Sexamanic man feel the need to tell women that has have these or do you just figure that so many women have them who cares?

    1. He’s had genital warts before. So I guess he still has it, as it never goes away. Most women have it anyway. The young ones all need to get vaccinated. I think he said he wouldn’t tell them bout warts unless they specifically asked.

      As far as the herpes, hmmm, I think he said sometimes he tells them, and sometimes he doesn’t. I know for a fact he gave it one woman already. 🙁 Problem is if you tell them, they might just take off, so probably better not to tell them unless they ask. You can’t transmit unless you’re active anyway, and I think you can tell when you’re active as you can feel it.

      Pretty soon everyone’s going to have herpes too. Sexguy told me when he first got it he was screwing all these new women all the time and he kept catching herpes over and over in all these new places, lol. So it seems like there’s a lot of women out there who already have it.

    2. I would not tell any women if I had a history of warts. If I had active warts, well, you need to tell them, you know.

      As far as herpes goes, tough call. 95% of the time you can’t even transmit anyway, so no worries. If you’re obviously active, well, you need to say something, otherwise you’re just being an asshole.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of pretty hot Korean models, but I’ve heard that they have all had double-eyelid surgery, giving them an appearance of a rounder eye than they naturally have. I like slightly Asian looking eyes on women, which is why I like Euro-Asian hybrids, but the extreme epicanthic folds on the Koreans and Japanese tend to leave me cold.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. Did you know that I find freckles on white skin gross. Just a fyi in your direction.

      1. Oh. And the transparency of white skin. The way the blood vessels show through. Really, can’t you can’t you do something about that?

  7. Herpes transmission woman to man. Any differential in transmission possibilities. I believe medical establishment says there’s a week or more when an average active woman doesn’t know she’s active and can transmit.

  8. Hey Robert, what’s your take on why Asian women are desirable but their male counterparts aren’t, to non-Asians?

    I have my own views on this but would like to hear yours first.

        1. Fpy3p, you’re funny.

          They are technically from the modern geographic definition of Asia.

          When Americans consciously think of “Asian,” at least in racial terms, they are thinking of East Asians.

          Indians have forced themselves to be lumped in with East Asians in the United States, for the benefits of services such as affirmative action and minority business contracts, and other various political advantages. It is always beneficial to be the minority in modern America. Unless you are white, of course. For Indians, it sure beats being labeled as “Caucasian.”

          As it is, the Indians need the East Asians less and less.

        2. North Indians, who are tied to Indo-Iranians, could plausibly put in the Caucasian category, but South Indians are definitely not.

        3. And they defiantly are not East Asian, either.

          You might want to ask yourself why there isn’t a “South Asian” check box on “race” questions pertaining to hiring and educational applications?

          Benefits Indians. Screws East Asians.

        4. East Asians don’t receive affirmative action benefits. In fact, it hurts us. What did you mean by Indians “needing” us?

        5. Jesus, Fpy39, you are like a nagging five year old with all these fucking questions.

          Do I have to spell it out for you?

          It would be like a certain group of white Anglos getting to say they are Black, and thus gain access to resources and benefits, such as jobs and loans, set aside for Black people. It would also overwhelm the “Black political caucus” with white Anglo Americans, and the agendas they hold dear. Thus, real Blacks get screwed and weakened as a group in the process.

          See the comparison?

        6. Are you saying South Asians are favored over East Asians, so that they pick South Asians over us and have a clear conscience that they fulfilled the Asian quota?

  9. East Asians don’t receive affirmative action benefits.

    Bullshit. You probably are still in college. Just try applying for a government job, or getting a new business loan specifically tagged for “minorities”. It is very beneficial to be an “Asian.” You get “points.”

      1. I already graduated. What about you, do you as a Central/West Asian get any benefits?

        Then go look up the terms “United States” and “protected class.” You are one. Enjoy.

        Central and West Asians are counted as “white” by the Labor department, as due to the legal definitions set forth by congress, and recommendations of the OMB.

        One can be a Mongol looking Uzbek, a Black looking Egyptian, are a “Hispanic” looking Iranian. One is still “white,” no matter how whites of European descent may perceive these them. One cannot also sue whites on racial grounds. Only ethnic and national origin.

        You, as an Asian, can.

  10. Yes, of course we Indians are Asians. Anyone from the continent of Asia is Asian, just like anyone from the continent of Europe – is European. But I think the best way to describe Indians in America is South Asian. Over here in the UK, the people from the Indian Subcontinent are known as Asians while East Asians are referred to as East Asian, Oriental or by their country specific title e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.

    fpy3p, what would you describe South Indians as? I think the Tamilian speaking people are considered to be a different racial type to rest of the Dravidian speaking peoples of the South. But not all Tamilians look alike. I have seen some Tamil women who actually look a little Asiatic in their appearance like this woman (and she is full Tamil) http://www.zonkerala.com/movies/actresses/nayanthara/tamil-actress-nayanthara-1.jpg

    Also, some people in the North have Asiatic admixture, especially in the Eastern regions (which is close to Southeast Asia) as well as some in the Extreme North, close to Tibetan regions. But you are right, many North Indians are thought to be Indo-Iranic peoples. Then there are some Muslims who have relatively recent West Asian and Central Asian mixture.

    I think the tribal people (some 8 to 9% of the country) are considered to be Austroloid and/or Mongoloid, although I am not completely sure.

    But in regards to this particular question I am asking Robert, I am referring to East Asians.

    1. I think the dark Dravidians are an isolated, quasi-Australoid people with no close ethnic relations anywhere outside South Asia.
      By the way, what do you think is the reason for Asian guys not being as desirable as the females?

      1. You are probably right about the darker Tamil people.

        I will get back to you tomorrow about why I feel Asian guys are not as desirable as the women. I am feeling extremely tired now and barley staying awake so need to be off to bed.

        I will get back to this tomorrow.


        1. What about “Gay Asians?” AKA “Gaysians.” Homosexual White men can’t get enough of them.

          I had it explained to me why it is they do, but I shall refrain from sharing such knowledge in polite company.

        2. Nah. I been told it’s ’cause homosexual men don’t like “big dicks.” It hurts their butts too much, when they’re on the receiving end of business. Smaller dicks equal less pain, and therefore a better time. Hence, the popularity of “Gaysians.”

          Now, if you pardon me, I think I really need to go upchuck by spaghetti dinner in a really bad kinda way… 😐

        3. Hey Cyrus, I don’t know where you live, but how is the Asian male dating situation wherever you live? Do white chics give them a chance, or do Asian women remain loyal to them?

        4. What’s your take on India’s question about why Asian guys are not as desired by non-Asian chics and Asian chics are non-Asian guy?

    2. True. In Canada, Iranians are all counted as “Asian.” West Asian, but Asian none the less. In the U.S, they draw the line at the Khyber Pass.

      I do agree, though. Indians should be in their own South Asian category in the U.S, that includes Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.

  11. You enjoy espousing stereotypes of Asian women as being ‘easy’? Are you being honest when you say hurtful things about White women?

  12. Black males are most masculine and asian females are most feminine – they are biggest winners in USA

    White men –> Asian women
    Black men –> White women (and black women)
    Asian men—> Some asian women left overs

    Best thing asian men can do in USA is start somekind of ortodox jewish kind of religious cult which dont allow intermarriages.

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