Is There a Decent Movement Anywhere in Fascism/Neo-fascism/Quasi-fascism?

A commenter notes that I am an anti-fascist. Truth by told, I’m almost an antifa.

Robert’s a pretty damn solid anti-Fascist, it’s one of his best traits.

I don’t even know why, but I totally hate the fascists’ guts. My immediate reaction to them when I think of them that they should just simply be killed outright, but then I think again since we have some fascist commenters on here, and I don’t want to kill them. But that’s my gut feeling.

Fascists keep trying to sell this Left Fascism stuff to me like 3rd Positionism or National Bolshevism, but all that stuff just leaves me cold or even gives me the shivers. I don’t even know why I dislike it. I think it’s visceral. A lot of it has to do with WW 2, but not all of it. I’m willing to bury the hatchet with these guys.

I’m not some ideological Left nut on the issue, and I don’t automatically hate everything that some Left idiot sticks a fascist label onto. A lot of stuff Left dipshits call fascism is actually reasonable (opposition to illegal immigration, etc.).

Honest, I keep trying to find some “fascist” movement that I could get behind if they might be reasonable and palatable, but I never seem to find one. But I keep looking, because I don’t want to write them off altogether. It’s hard to believe that 10

Also there is something deeply wrong with the fascists who keep trying to recruit me to “Left fascism.” I’m polite and friendly to them because, well, I’m not Jewish, and these are “Left fascist” types anyway, so they are not out to kill me as a Leftist.

But there is something terribly wrong with their whole anti-Semitic, tribal, racist, blood and soil, and frankly profoundly reactionary worldview. It smells like barbarism to me. I thought the Left was supposed to be about washing away all the detritus of barbarism?

So we have a long history of “fascism” as a species, so what? We’ve been glorified Cavemen most of our time on Earth. The Left Project is social engineering, to create a new man, and leave all the barbaric life of Old behind. Leave that stuff for the museums and history books. We are moving along now, you know? Remember? There’s a reason we are called progressives. It has the word progress in it, you know? As in moving forwards? Not backwards? Tribal, conservative, racist, anti-Semitic, blood and soil BS can’t possibly be a forward-looking ideology for mankind. I just can’t see it, sorry.

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23 thoughts on “Is There a Decent Movement Anywhere in Fascism/Neo-fascism/Quasi-fascism?”

  1. Right…., and the current neoliberal plutocratic system in America is so progressive right Rob? Come on, man. “Fascists” are the only people in the world standing up to US imperialism and plutocratic capitalism.

    1. They aren’t progressive at all, and neither are the fascist scum.

      It’s like the Iranians who used to tell me that the Shah was so much better than Khomeini. Who cares? WTF kind of choice is that? It’s like offering me a choice of two different ways to die and then attacking me because I don’t rejoice over the way to die that is, like, so much cooler and less painful and all! Fuck it, you’re still dead in the end. The dead person doesn’t care how he died.

      1. I could not agree with you more. It is like, do you want terminal brain cancer, or AIDS?

        Same shit, different package.

  2. Rob, if you’re against US imperialism and parasitic plutocracy, that’s what “fascism” is fighting against.

  3. Rob, you seem to base too much of your worldview on the Eastern Front in 1941-1945. Isn’t the Cold War between America and the USSR a more defining event in history and a more accurate predictor of whether one is for or against the current disgusting system? And if looked at from that angle, how can you say Mr. Yockey, who supported the Soviets in the Cold War, is worse than a bunch of jews who sided with US imperialism during that time?

    1. After the Axis Orcs were defeated in WW2, he spent the rest of his life trying to revive their fascist project! No pasaran!

      I don’t blame him for hating Blacks though. He got into a car accident with Blacks as a young man, and just like Blacks always do in car accidents, they attacked the person driving the car who hit them. They beat him so badly that his teeth were ruined for life. His front teeth were gone and he had to wear dentures for the rest of his life.

        1. Can you name any prominent jews in the Cold War era that unconditionally supported the USSR against the Americans?

      1. “He got into a car accident with Blacks as a young man, and just like Blacks always do in car accidents, they attacked the person driving the car who hit them.”

        rofl, so true.

  4. Actually, Jews are not as cutting-edge hip as the “anti-semites” like to believe. Fred Farrel used to point out that after Stalin turned against Zionism, large numbers of perennially pro-Soviet
    American Jews just did not get it and went on for years supporting the Russian “Commies.” (Great Russian National-military Socialists in disguise)

      1. What is this, a fucking video pasting contest? That video wasn’t even about “Nazis”, it was National Bolsheviks; a movement that this country could use right about now, instead of the misguided and retarded “Tea Party” fags.

  5. Rob, were the majority of Soviet jews loyal to the USSR during the Cold War, or were the refuseniks and Zionist spies more representative of the majority?

    1. I don’t know. The creation of Israel messed up everything. There’s good evidence that the USSR was anti-Semitic during that era though, so maybe the Jews were just reacting.

      1. What evidence is there that the USSR was anti-Jewish? Why can’t you understand that maybe the jews acting against Soviet interests was the reason for Soviet “anti-Semitism?” Considering that the USSR defeated Hitler, isn’t it pretty damn ungrateful for the jews to have turned on the USSR?

  6. I thought you liked Putin, fpy

    As far as I can tell, Stalin was anti-semitic, however, perhaps this is proof that just anti-semitism isn’t enough (shouldn’t that be obvious) as I’m not a big Stalin fan. I think that perhaps Stalin beat the Jews at their own game, “out-jewed the jew,” but you don’t necessarily make life better for your people by that alone. I dunno though, I need to do more research into the matter.

  7. Putin put out some fires, man. More man than our mulatto yuppie.

    “Anti-semitism” was once “anti-Judaism” before the “modern era.”

    Look, to put a very metaphysical subject in essentialist prosaic terms. When the Diaspora
    came to a potentially welcoming Christian European continent, the rabbis held their subjects out from assimilation to maintain their own power. Centuries hardened the animosity, entrenching it into a dichotomy one has to fight to extricate oneself from.

    As a Euro-American loyalist, I prefer the “self-hating Jews” do the extricating. lol.

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