A Paean To the Jews

One commenter described the Jews as nation-wreckers, and another commenter responded by saying that Jews were nation-builders, not nation-wreckers.

Nation wrecking? Come on.The Jews are damn smart, and that’s about it. I’ve never met a stupid Jew. They have talent; they’ve got brains. They are influential in some way or another, and they like to run things. Go to most major cities around the world, do a web search for a Jewish youth hostel, and you’ve got a great place to stay with good conversation and good prices overall, except extra charges on towels and pretty much anything else. Hah.

Jews assimilate well and contribute a hell of a lot to their perspective nations. But they’re still hated! No wonder they try to build up defenses not to get torn down in the countries and try to liberalize the people around them.

I realize they take care of their own first, but I don’t buy this crap about them being the “most ethnocentric people on earth.” Not with American Jews at least. They’re pretty damn self-critical and consider themselves Americans before Jews. Hell of a lot more than the American Muslims I’ve met. Most American Jews I’ve met aren’t about marrying into their race, but they might eventually, just to please their parents.

I don’t know how they do it, man, but they’ve just got amazing brains. Every time I hear about some new eminent mathematician or chess-player (or past one), I have to go look up their origins, and only very rarely do I find it’s not a Jew. Like Grigori Perelman. Look up your influential Russians, and you’ll find well over half of them have at least some Jewish heritage. I almost wish it weren’t true, it occurs so often. It seems unfair to all the other groups of people, but that’s just the way things worked out.

Hitler was effectively exterminating the smartest group of people in Europe. He nearly gave that continent a lobotomy. I’m sure Europe is missing those Jews now. I’m sure they just love the Muslims who have grown as large or larger in numbers than the Jews ever were in Europe and contribute only a fraction what the Jews did.

It seems almost impossible how well they do, but it’s true. They’re the ultimate overachievers. They help nation-building more than nation-destroying. They have something even the East Asians have, because they have consistently done well without large numbers.

Of course, they’re not perfect. I don’t really like their religion much and prefer them to be secular. They don’t make very good painters or poets. They’re “NT” left-brain types for the most part. I definitely don’t have a Jewish mind. Bloom is the practical, thinking Jew in Ulysses and I’m skinny, unserviceable Daedalus talking to the sea-rocks. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m still going on about them and trying to defend them. I’m stopping.

I agree with all of this except that I think that the Jews are indeed hyperethnocentric. There are few if any White groups in the US that are as ethnocentric as the Jews. Some maybe used to be, but they are not anymore.

A friend of mine grew up in Chicago in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Whenever something bad happened to a Jew and was written up in the papers, even a Jewish criminal getting caught by the police, all of the Jews at her school would go around saying, “This is a bad day for the Jews…” She said she never heard anyone of any other ethnic group acting this way. “This is a bad day for the Italians….or this is a bad day for the Irish…” Never happened.

Even the secular Jews who are marrying and breeding out are remarkably ethnocentric. I’ve been around them my whole life and have had Jewish girlfriends for a long time. It’s often hidden, but once you bring it out, oh boy! It’s like a thunderstorm that had been hidden for years and never came out. You see it in full force, but with these secular, liberal Jews, they often keep it hidden around their liberal, secular Gentile friends.

One of the reasons people are not wild about Jews is fear of their prowess. I actually agree with this fear. I don’t really want 5 million hyper-competitive, ultra overachieving Jews to move from Israel to the US to compete with me and my White Gentile friends and monopolize our politics even more. We have more than enough Jews here to deal with. I have heard Chinese say much the same thing about not wanting Jews to come to China and I can’t say I blame them. It’s not really anti-Semitism; it’s just fear of a formidable competitor in a capitalist and meritocratic society.

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50 thoughts on “A Paean To the Jews”

  1. Why would Jews go to China of all places? The Chinese are not like stupid cattle here in America. Chinese are a high-IQ, nationalistic people that won’t tolerate any mischief from the bastards.

    1. I can tell me your language in previous comments (e.g. Jewish supremacism, referring the passage about “boiling semen”) that you read David Duke. I used to be in to what he said, when I was younger. Bluntly, his following is largely because he is a pretty good looking guy; guys do not realize that they follow guys for this reason because they do not want to realize that they may have a man crush, and themselves not being homosexual, do not want to think a whole lot about this. Guys want an intellectual leader to be a good-looking manly presence which explains why there were no Sam Francis followers.

      An aside: Duke is not the leader of the WN movement, and especially not the Jew-friendly version (obviously); if anyone it is Jared Taylor (explicit) or Pat Buchanan & Peter Brimelow (implicit). (An aside: Brimelow has money so he has a very hot young wife — and me, a 28 year old guy with a negative net worth cannot currently afford — see my jealousy?) I find Kevin MacDonald very interesting; I suppose he is the leader of the faction which tends to be critical of Jews and Duke, with his baggage and sub-high IQ, cannot rise the the ranks of Buchanan, Taylor, or KMac.

      1. Is that really you, Shawn? Damn, never seen you write like that before. You were always an ok writer and thinker, but something happened and this prose and thinking is really nice. Did you upgrade your brain or get a brain transplant or something?

        1. LOL thanks for the backhanded compliment. When I write comments it is all brain dump. and I rarely edit (redo sentences, restructure paragraphs) myself (as many can probably tell) except to correct a misspelling that I notice. I do try to write like how I talk & I save the academic prose in the waste bin of yesteryear.

        2. You know Shawn, I don’t really consider the pro-Jewish faction within the movement to be all that influential, which is all to the good. To be honest, since the jews have everything under control, they should leave white nationalism and not infiltrate and ruin the movement like they have done with other movements.

        3. Ruin the movement? That’s funny. The only way the so-called movement will ever accomplish anything is if it comes under the stewardship of the Jews. So yeah, I agree that they should definitely leave it alone.

        4. Angela, you are in need of some serious bedroom action.

          We need to hook you up with a man. A big, strong Black man. Jewish guys don’t seem to be doing it for you. Your needs aren’t being met.

    2. stupid cattle here in America

      That’s real stealth there; just dress up your anti-Americanism as anti-Semitism and we’ll never know the difference. So what makes Americans so different from, say, Europeans? Or are they stupid cattle too?

      1. I’m not dressing up anything. I’m both “anti-Semitic” as well anti-American in that I think the curreny system sucks balls. Go post at the JDL website.

        1. Here’s a list of ethnic Jews who I deeply admire and have no hatred for whatsoever:

          1) Israel Shamir
          2) Gilad Atzmon
          3) Brother Nathanael Kapner
          4) Henry Makow
          5) Benjamind Freedman
          6) Israel Shahak
          7) Bobby Fisher
          8) Murray Rothbard
          9) Alan Sabrosky

  2. Good points, Rob. I should have thought a little bit more. Their organization makes them difficult to compete with because they act as an entity as opposed to individuals within mass society. And what society would want to be playing chess with the Jews, especially ones who are working together?

    1. An admission of your group entitativity assumption bias, straight from the horse’s own mouth.

      FYI, Jews don’t behave as an entity. There is plenty of evidence if you just open your eyes and look. For example, Jews participate in disparate and conflicting political movements. They are well-represented among leftists, anarchists, libertarians, and neoconservatives. There are Zionist Jews and there are anti-Zionist Jews like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Oliver Stone, and plenty of others. (I’m sure that fpy3p can furnish you with a comprehensive list.) They are also well-represented in business, as well as in academia, which tends to be critical of business.

      Remember that Oliver Stone is a half-Jew. A half-Jew who behaves in a way that the anti-Semites don’t approve of is considered a Jew. For the sake of consistency, shouldn’t Oliver Stone also be considered a Jew? So, here we have a Jew, Oliver Stone, who makes false, accusatory statements about other Jews. He in turn is criticized by his fellow Jews for making those allegations. The anti-Semites conveniently ignore these crucial facts about the Oliver Stone brouhaha because they don’t fit into their “Jews are entitative, clannish, tribalistic, ethnocentric, arrogant, blah, blah” narrative.

    1. it killed me to see the jews blacklist oliver stone after his comments.

      “jews control the media”

      “no we don’t, but we’ll silence you for saying that”

      proving oliver stone’s point…

      1. What is with the melodramatic hyperbole? Oliver Stone was neither blacklisted nor silenced. He was merely criticized for making false, accusatory statements. Freedom of speech doesn’t exempt one from criticism.

  3. Fpy3p! I have a funny story to tell you…I had a roommate in college(actually half Jewish, but he was 100% full militant Jewish guy).

    He had a fixation for all things Asian. Namely Japanese Asian. He only ate Japanese food, for instances. He was also taking Japanese lessons. He was mastering in economics. He hooked up with a rich Japanese girl who was studying in the states. She was really rich! Father owned a Japanese industrial group. He intended to marry her.

    Funny thing is, for a young guy, he had a plan. He already was scheming to take over her father’s industrial group. He was certain after his marriage to her, even as a foreign white barbarian like himself, he would be given a position of power in the corporation. He would be family by then, of course.

    Really tripped me out at the time. The guy was so young, but thinking so big. Not to mention, the confidence to inject himself into such an alien culture, and with a notion to “win.” Simply amazing. So calculating.

    How do you feel about that story?

    1. Asian countries should bolt the doors tightly to any jews who wish to come in and infiltrate. I will be goddamned, if Asians, the only remaining civilized race not totally co-opted by the kikes, are also swallowed into their filth.

      1. Well, I expect an Israeli move on political influence in the People’s Republic of China, but I doubt it will come to real fruition. Israel simply has little to offer.

        American Jews have rather large business involvement in China, but that does not equal direct political influence in anyway.

        I have to ask? What happened in NYC that set you off in such a way about the Jews? You are not the first Asian-American I have known to say such a thing. NYC seems to be the focal point of this. What caused it?

        1. Their generally arrogant and clannish behavior. I also don’t like how they cry like a bunch of bithces when you say the slightest critical thing about them, yet they have no problem trashing other groups, Asians, Arabs, or whoever, in media portrayals.
          In the end, a kike is a kike is a kike.

        2. and they are EXTREMELY clannish.

          i recently learned that the jews who live upstate pay Gentiles to turn on the lights and air-conditioners during their Sabbath.

          establish religious laws and then find a way to avoid them….your religion is bullshit. it’s a mafia, it’s not a religion.

          i don’t like the insular culture, but i don’t hate it either. i am feeling insular lately about american culture. we have other insular groups in this country like the Amish and Mennonites and Hutterites, at least they walk the walk. the jews circumvent their own laws! fucking pussies.

        3. Randy,

          there are more Jews in NYC than there are in Israel.

          There are 972,000 Jews in NYC. There are 5,500,000 Jews in Israel.

        4. Randy,

          and they are EXTREMELY clannish.
          i recently learned that the jews who live upstate pay Gentiles to turn on the lights and air-conditioners during their Sabbath. establish religious laws and then find a way to avoid them….your religion is bullshit. it’s a mafia, it’s not a religion.

          Tsk, tsk, if you just recently learned that, then obviously you’re not as wise as you think. Did you snooze though AS Wisdom 101? That practice is the genesis of the “Shabbos goy” expression.

          Projecting much? How exactly does the Jews paying the gentiles constitute “mafia” on the Jews’ part? Last I checked, mafias extorted money, not payed it. If anything, the mafia are the gentiles who are taking the Jews’ money.

          The people who established those laws are not the ones who are “avoiding” them.

          And how does this have anything to do with the purported “clannishness”?

        5. What happened in NYC that set you off in such a way about the Jews?

          Allow me to showcase my cold reading skills: Poor wittle fpy3p couldn’t cut it in the big bad apple, so obviously it must be Teh Joos fault. Yeah, that must be it. I mean, what else could it be? Taking personal responsibility is for the others, you know, the stupid cattle.

        6. I went to college there for 4 years, so I didn’t have to “make” it there. It’s not even my home state. Could you please stop responding to every fucking post people have made here about your kind? Speaking of personal responsibility, the fact that you guys were kicked out of practically every country in Europe has nothing to do with your own behavior right? Nah, it’s just irrational “anti-Semitism” on the part of the diverse Europeans peoples who ever came in contact with you.

        7. Their generally arrogant and clannish behavior.

          All groups believe that they’re superior. What makes Jews different is that in their case it’s actually true. Therein lies the rub.

          I also don’t like how they cry like a bunch of bithces when you say the slightest critical thing about them,

          Apparently, you like those groups that, when you say the slightest critical thing about them, make YOU “cry like a bunch of bithces”.

          yet they have no problem trashing other groups, Asians, Arabs, or whoever, in media portrayals.

          When was the last time they trashed any of those groups?

          In the end, a kike is a kike is a kike.

          Well, gee, who can argue with such impeccable logic? But what does any of that have anything to do with the Jews?

        8. So basically you think jews are superior and every one else should bow down before them? Yeah right. What glorious civilization can you lay claim to, other than that shitty little desert kingdom called Judea that has been repeatedly put in its place by the Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, etc.?
          What groups are you talking about that I like that “make me cry like a bitch”?

      2. If China is representative of other Asian countries, as per your earlier comment, then why would Jews want to come in there anyway? On second thought, if Cyrus’ story had a happy ending, it might already be too late.

    2. The way you describe it makes it seem that him dating a Japanese girl was an outgrowth of his interest in Asian culture, but surely it’s the other way around; his “fixation for all things Asian” must have been a cover for his world domination scheme.

      If he expected to be GIVEN a position of power, then why would he also need to “scheme” to take over?

      If his girlfriend were Jewish, how would your perception of him be different? Would you be so quick to attribute the “scheming” canard to him? Or would your entitativity bias kick in?

      even as a foreign white barbarian like himself

      Wow, do you mean to tell us that Jews consider themselves White? No, you don’t say, it cannot be.

      1. Hi Angela. I presume you are Jewish. Jews are welcome here, but if you’re going to fight anti-Semitism, you’ve got your work cut out for you here. This comments section has more anti-Semitism than there are fish in the sea. You’ll be shoveling against the tide til your hands freeze and you can’t type anymore. Just sayin.

  4. “Jews assimilate well” really??? They will not even engage you in conversation. The orthodox ones anyway.

    1. I thought the stereotype was that Jews are too chatty.

      The ultra-Orthodox/Haredi Jews (which is probably who you have in mind) are not big on engaging non-Haredis in coversation. It’s not a Jew/gentile divide. I’m sure that the Amish are not big on engaging the English in conversation, either.

      Besides, if they don’t engage you in conversation, how can they brainwash you?

  5. The Jewish power elite in America might be well on their way to assimilation but it came too late for the Iraqis. They have paid with hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million lives, between
    1990 and the present. The Palestinian total is also huge.

  6. Jews assimilated? LOL We take the jews money? Just our politicians? Where did the jews get all this money? Where are their shipyards and coal mines and engineering plants and their working class?

    Here’s a good little recent piece on something I’ve been saying to you repeatedly. Watch Battlestar Galactica the miniseries (the remake – the first two and a half series are good too) – the humans get exterminated because the Cylons have access to all their codes and take over their computers. There’s a message there.


    ” …published information on Israeli penetration of the telecommunications, security and cybernetic systems in the US since the 1970s and 1980s, the movement of Israelis (with or without dual nationality) or American Jews serving Israel across the US and Israeli governments and lobbies like AIPAC, and the presence of Israelis (again with or without dual nationality) and American Jews serving Israel throughout the US national security apparatus for decades …

    … one thing seems painfully clear to me. This is that Israel has had ongoing access for decades to US nuclear codes and systems, and may well be able to override safeguards here to obtain command and control (and therefore targeting and launch capabilities) over at least US land-based strategic nuclear systems.

    Think about it. With those technical means, oversight of security and especially in-place human assets, Israel would have had to make a deliberate decision NOT to acquire that access and obtain those capabilities in order not to have them now, and that flies in the face of everything else Israel has done in its national security and espionage fields. That may be the club Israel holds over US presidents…”

    1. It seems “Angela” is either a Mossad internet operative or a contemptible shabbos goyim defending the kikes at a time when they are hated almost universally, with the exception of the stupid masses in America.

      1. >Mossad internet operative

        I think Mossad is probably too busy planning political assassinations on foreign soil to devote time to trolling Fascists on an eccentric Leftist Californian’s blog.

    1. I assume you’re being sarcastic? I love it how a freakin Israeli tries to act like a super-American patriot. Hey kike, ever heard of Jonathan Pollard and USS Liberty? It would be funny if it wasn’t so devious.

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