More on the Male Genius Versus the Female Genius

People seem to be misunderstanding these latest posts of mine.

I am getting pretty abstract and heavy duty here, so try to bear with me. Most people are going to miss the point. I am attempting to make a philosophical point, along the lines of say a Nietzsche essay.

Suffice to say that when I discuss the Female Genius, I do not necessarily refer to very smart or talented women at all. I refer only to the brilliance of a particular type of thinking that can be present in either men or women, but is better done by women.

My position is that there are two types of minds, the Female Mind and the Male Mind. Both are present in both sexes. I also say that genius is present to some extent in everyone, though that might seem hard to believe.

It follows then that the Female Mind often produces in its best form the Female Genius. The male mind often produces in its best form the Male Genius. However, great female minds nowadays often display the Male Genius, and I suppose it’s possible that great male minds might display the Female Genius, though I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

A lot of the really smart women running around pontificating and making everyone think they are really smart nowadays are really using the male part of their mind. People like the Male Genius because it gets right to the point and it’s easy to follow (it is rational and nonemotional). Logical, rational, point 1, 2, 3, 4, it follows that 5, 6, 7, 8, conclusion. The Male Genius is active, rational, conscious, and seeks to rise about sex and relationship stuff (quotidian everyday life). Most really smart men and women nowadays are often utilizing the Male Genius, because it’s more respected and tends to get to the point more.

The Female Genius is more confusing because it tends to wander around a lot, and it’s often hard to tell exactly what’s being communicated, as the message is largely irrational (emotional). The message is often more of a general feeling than something you can summarize with a Powerpoint demo.

I say that the Female Genius is completely different from this. The Female Genius is passive, irrational (emotional), unconscious and wrapped up in sex, love and relationship stuff (quotidian life). It’s all about the Emotional Mind and the World of Relationships. To the extent that a woman is explaining this to us well, it’s an example of the Female Genius.

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48 thoughts on “More on the Male Genius Versus the Female Genius”

  1. If the “extreme male brain” is autistic, is the “extreme female brain” psychotic?

    The empathising–systemising (E–S) theory proposes that many sex differences can be explained by females typically demonstrating greater empathising abilities (understanding of the social world) and males typically demonstrating greater systemising abilities (understanding of the non-social world). Autism is argued to represent an ‘Extreme Male Brain’, with impaired empathising alongside preserved or enhanced systemising producing a hypo-empathising profile. A recent account hypothesised that a hyper-empathising ‘Extreme Female Brain’ would be characterised in terms of psychosis. The present study tests this hypothesis by investigating the relationship between levels of empathising and systemising, as well as self-report measures of psychosis, depression and anxiety, in 70 healthy female undergraduates. Results showed a hyper-empathising profile was related to psychosis, and specifically paranoia and mania (positive symptoms). No relationship was found between hyper-empathising and either depression or anxiety, consistent with the idea that an ‘Extreme Female Brain’ is specifically associated with psychosis. In addition, empathising and systemising were found to negatively correlate with each other, suggesting they are separate but related components.

    Source: “Can an ‘Extreme Female Brain’ be characterised in terms of psychosis?” from Personality and Individual Differences

  2. Here’s an utterly, utterly male mind…

    My brother Giles is a really sweet guy, very generous, often very forgiving and with a very big heart, as well as good fun to be around. We’ve just spent three exhausting days together. When it blew up he rebuilt the engine of my Volvo car at a cost of £1400 and doesn’t even want the money back. We’re total opposites, but we get on really well. He’s a builder, roofer, fitter and mechanic and never reads anything other than technical manuals about engines and building.

    He has a massive capacity for work, is built like a brick shithouse and is a human dynamo. As a macho guy he’s into big motorbikes, boats and Land Rovers, his favourite vehicle. He collects them all. He also collects and flies remote control model airplanes, loves building things, fitting kitchens and bathrooms, and fixing and rebuilding engines.

    He’s at the male end of the male spectrum, decisive, utterly sure of himself. not reflective or introspective, but a man of action and enormous creativity. He’s also a capable potter.

    Women appear to find him irresistible….

      1. Green Party. Both of us. We have 12 city councillors (out of 39) on the city council. Labour, the biggest group, have 15. I was out campaigning for them yesterday evening. As a Communist there is no political organisation in my home city that I could work for, apart from the Trotskyist and ultra left Socialist Workers’ Party. So, rather than be politically inactive, I’m pragmatic. I won’t work with Labour because I see them as anti working class, like Obama’s Democrats. Communists will always work within organisations they perceive to be pro working class. We’re pragmatists. That’s what distinguishes us from the Trots. The (unofficial!) CPUSA slogan once upon a time was “A Chicken in Every Pot, and a Pick in the Head of Every Trot”. Nice, huh! Comradely…I wouldn’t describe the Green Party as Communist, but social democratic and reformist. UK Green Party program here if you’re interested:
        Are you active in a political organisation? Or do you just vent your frustration on the internet all the time?

        1. I am not in an organization. But I am on a emailing list from LaRouche’s organization. There very strange ideologically, you can’t really pin them down.

        2. I used to be active in the local Greens in Oakhurst, California. But they were PC idiots. They wanted to shut down all extraction industries in the US and “re-wild” the lands. WTF? I used to tell them how we needed to preserve grazing in the Sierra foothills because if the grazing goes, it’s all going to go to subdivisions, probably.

          Grazing in the foothills is nasty, but I will take it over subdivisions any day.

          There are still many wild animals in those grazed areas, including mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, badgers, ringtails, roadrunners, golden eagles, Ferruginous Hawks, redtailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, striped racers, gopher snakes, rattlesnakes, kingsnakes, garter snakes, grey foxes, etc. There’s a whole great ecosystem out there.

          These idiots thought grazing sucked and wanted to get rid of it. But here in CA, grazing preserves our open land. They would shut down grazing and then “re-wild” the land. How? Buy it up? Ridiculous.

          Also, they were totally pro-immigration and worked actively to defeat Democrats all the time. They said that Republicans were better than Democrats. They were trying to defeat Diane Feinstein!


  3. I’d like to find out more about LaRouche, from a non-hostile source. He’s till alive, right? What time is it where you are? It’s 5.30am here, but I’m an early riser. The sun isn’t even up. What am I doing on my computer talking to a Korean on the other side of the world? You must be at least a 7 hour flight from me…

    1. The LaRouche website has a lot of good material lately. They are actually coming from a fairly populist, pro-working class, pro-middle class POV. Especially they seem to favor the US worker and oppose the US elite.

      In US politics, they are far more progressive than the Democrats, who are just another wing of the multinational Wealthy – Upper Middle Class – Corporate – Bourgeois – Finance Capital Elite and who oppose the US middle and working class. I don’t know if LaRouche is fascist or not. At this point I don’t even care. The Dems are so sold out, we need to do something, anything.

        1. What if fascism is the only alternative to the current corrupt, degenerate neoliberal, finance capitalist, imperialist, plutocracy?

    2. US Greens sound extreme. I couldn’t work with them. I get the impression Green Parties vary quite a lot from country to country. UK Greens will certainly work with Labour, and in fact have sometimes moved Labour in a progressive direction, as in the current Labour leadership campaign. Ed Miliband has been influenced by the Green Party. I won’t join the UK Green Party because I have some differences with them, but I’m still working out what they are. They have quite a lot in common with Old Labour, big state interventionist social democracy.

      1. What’s your opinion on SDLP and the Irish Nationalists? Do you view them as solid Leftists or as partisan hacks?

        1. SDLP – very lukewarm, like UK Labour. Six counties nationalists. Do you mean the Unionists? Opposed. Sein Fein; not keen. IRA and other paramilitary groups: opposed. Northern Irish politics is split along ethnic/religious lines so I don’t know who I’d back. All the Left groups are also Republican.

          Irish Republicanism in the North is supporting an unrealistic project; the reunification of Ireland. According to my Belfast friend John the North is fantastically racist, against all newcomers, and the Irish Catholics, of course.

          The Protestant majority in the North will always oppose reunification. More realistic would be more autonomy for the North from the UK, and eventually home rule and political independence. The North is an economic backwater of the UK: therefore they deserve funding from the EU, which they’ll only get if they’re separate as a political entity from the UK. Maybe reunification after that, if the population support it.

  4. What if fascism is the only alternative to the current corrupt, degenerate neoliberal, finance capitalist, imperialist, plutocracy?

    I pray to God that is not the case, my friend. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, ok?

    1. You wouldn’t actually take the side of the “system” in the case that fascism was the only alternative would you?

      1. Now you’re getting all theoretical on me again. I don’t do theoretical nightmare future stuff better of two evils shit. I’ve got a ton of problems of my own, remember?

  5. “I say that the Female Genius is completely different from this. The Female Genius is passive, irrational (emotional), unconscious and wrapped up in sex, love and relationship stuff (quotidian life). It’s all about the Emotional Mind and the World of Relationships. To the extent that a woman is explaining this to us well, it’s an example of the Female Genius.”

    And you are clearly a male moron because there is no way to logically prove that with a “Powerpoint demo”.

    Ever heard of Ada Lovelace who wrote the first computer program before they were even invented? I bet that was all just an “emotional haze of random numbers”, huh? Or how about Grace Hopper who was emotionally able to be the first programmer of the emotional Mark 1 computer? Invented “debugging” which helped computer programs through their fears and developed the first compiler that told computers what desktop colors were the most flattering.

    I bet this comment won’t be approved.

  6. In order to get a genius-level IQ, you have to get a genius-level in EVERY category, that includes math, verbal, spatial skills and other LOGICAL tasks. A woman with a genius-level IQ didn’t score a genius level because she score ‘genius-level’ in some specialized category that only tests emotional intelligence and relationship, sex stuff. Also, only .003% of men were famous inventors (and not to mention mostly white). You weren’t responsible for that just because you’re a white male. Most serial killers are white men so it would make just as much sense to be “proud” and point that out to. The male ego overestimates it’s limits and never learns it’s place.

  7. The Male genius, as you said, is linear and constructed of a logical procession of ensuing cause/effect results and abstractions. The Female genius is more of a “dart board” of cognitive perceptions. All options present themselves but are not tackled with their sequential nature in mind. I think some people might “genderize” what you’ve laid out here. Ultimately, this is a fluid dynamic that ebbs and flows mutually between the genders. The Male and Female genius similarly reign over specific eras. For this reason, I differ from this statment:

    A lot of the really smart women running around pontificating and making everyone think they are really smart nowadays are really using the male part of their mind.

    I do agree about the pontificating but I believe we live in a “Female genius” era in which the feminine paradigm shapes current society. Ironically, the Male genius inventions and technology that have brought us to this point (computers, cell phones, the internet, Blackberry’s) are now ennobling the Female genius! The genius is misleading of course because many times it has nothing to do with intelligence, but merely a “path.” The fact that a woman can write a sophisticated computer program does not discount Male or Female genius.

    1. Yes males are disproportionately represented among the profoundly gifted; they are overrepresented amongthe profoundly retarded by a ratio of 2.1:1, among severely autistic by 4.3:1, among the learning disabled by 3:1, and among general low IQ by a ratio of 1.69:1.

      1. This should play out, at least in pre-modern eras, that many males either die before breeding or don’t breed at all due to mental unfitness. Seems the situation is reversed now where the male types (especially among the learning disabled and low IQ’d) you list are more disproportionately prone to breed than ever before.

        1. I do believe that there’s more to it than genetics. Historically, males have had higher fetal and infant mortality rates, and are less resistant to infection during infancy. This may explain the higher rate of mental retardation and higher ratio of low IQs among males. It can also support the theory that autism is caused by the MMR Vaccine as young boys are more susceptible at a young age.

          Specific learning disabilities are more often than not a result of genetic make up, though it is unclear why they disproportionately affect boys.

      2. The autism ratio is nuts!

        I don’t doubt that more men are autistic but I also wonder if female autism isn’t correctly diagnosed or recognized for a multitude of reasons. Ties in to the whole Cult of ADD and pathologization of masculinity.

        1. No. It is impossible for severe Autism to go undetected or misdiagnosed. It is not in the same family as ADD. You ain’t seen nothin like it.

        2. True, you did specify “severe.” I had a friend through my 20’s and 30s who was autistic. Apparently it was quite severe as a child. He greeted adults not by name but by license plate number, and he was prone to bouts of rhythmic bouts of social seclusion (that’s my own description from what I was told of his behavior). As an adult he improved to the degree he was able to lead a reasonably normal life but anyone could tell there was something “off” about him.

        3. I was referring to the low functioning form of autism, in which the person is nonverbal and out of sync with the world around him, is unable to perform mundane tasks such as using the bathroom and eating, and throws violent tantrums regularly.

        4. Wow. Surely the 4.3:1 gender ratio covers all ranges of autism. Oddly my friend occasionally displayed sporadic glimpses of the severe behavior and it was damned scary. They usually accompanied periods of stress. I’ve read that the prevalence of “severe” autism is about 15% of all ASD. A lot no matter how you slice it.

        5. I meant to add that I suspect the 4.3:1 M-F ratio is not constant through all ranges of autism. I would venture to guess that the ratio is even greater for severe forms, and consequently, smaller for “milder” cases.

        6. The ratio is narrower in milder cases of Autism because there is a wider definition, and mild Autism has multiple causes.

  8. The Autism gender ratio is evening out, especially with the advent (yes I use that tongue in cheek) of more mild versions, of which the cause is disputed or unknown. Many of us were brain damaged at birth. But the gender ratio of severe autism (which can not go undetected) still remains constant. I believe males, who historically have had higher fetal and infant mortality rates, are less resistant to the strands of MMR. I’m going to take that to the NIH and CDC, who do not publicly recognize that MMR is the cause for autism.

  9. Lindsay
    You could tell I was a female from the get go, even though I did not use a gender specific screen name. No self respecting straight man would call himself “La Fleur.” I can usually identify a person by gender through the tone and word choice that they use.

  10. Another thing I found was that the gender ratio for the profoundly retarded (under 20) 2.1:1 has a higher percentage of males than the gender ratio of the highly gifted (over 180) approximately 5:7 in favor of males.

  11. Biological female here that has until very recently only exercise the ‘male mind’… I think what you are talking about is what some traditions call the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine… Yes, you are right we live in a very masculine world. Even women must learn to exercise the masculine mind in order to be successful in the current world. Sadly, are Care has been all the cremated… you might have some success finding examples of feminine genius by studying white witches, matrilineal pagans, or modern esoteric sisterhood organizations like Eastern Star Sisterhood. one difference that you will probably have to accept is that examples of feminine genius may be manifest collectively in the context of a small group of women working together rather than manifest by a discrete individual as we are used to identifying it.

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