I May Have My Own TV Show Soon

Still looking into it.

I have a good connection with some folks who are doing this now. They used to live in Brentwood, near West Los Angeles. That’s Ground Zero for the Entertainment Industry in LA, and I suppose that’s where they picked up these skills and contacts. They have just now moved up to Fresno near me. I understand that a lot of folks are leaving LA for the Central Valley. When I lived in LA, that would be considered a joke, but I guess LA is starting to suck so hard now that a lot of folks are just taking off.

My friend is already doing shows. I need my own video camera, and I don’t have one, and they cost at least $800, which I don’t have. However, I think I can use my friend’s video camera instead. They already have a studio set up in Fresno. The shows will be like that radio show, mostly politics and sociology stuff. They may be just me talking, or me with guests, or possibly call-in. The shows will originally be on Internet TV, but we be moving to Cable TV or maybe even radio after that.

Let me know if you have any ideas about this.

I’m actually totally terrified about this, but maybe I should not be.

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9 thoughts on “I May Have My Own TV Show Soon”

  1. That is really good news. You are a journalist, so this is just another medium to delve into.

    Something tells me your preference for a TV show is not going to be for a local variety show format….

  2. What sources does Lindsey use exactly for his research to base his opinions on especially historical issues?

      1. That’s not very good way of doing research especially when you don’t know who funds these organisations and the sources used?

        Anything in the west regarding Russia, China, Belarus and Serbia is useless as it is financed and run by people with a political agenda against Russia who want to overthrow the Putin government reinstall the Oligarchs.
        Carnegie Endowment in Russia which is a Rothschild front and linked to the Rothschild’s affiliated Oligarchs wrote 3 strategic papers outlining possible scenarios for the destruction of Russia starting with the assassination of Putin in December of 2008. A Tajik sniper was arrested was arrested in Moscow during Medvedevs inauguration planning an assassination attempt. Interesting!

        As of 2006 there were 450,000 official registered NGO’s in Russia including non-registered 600,000 which has surely increased since then.


        George Soros owns Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, numerous media websites, etc which range in the hundreds if not thousands. He even helped set up and establish the international show trial court in The Hague who killed Milosevic.

        Amnesty International was set up by former lawyer who worked for the British Foreign Office and includes people like Brzezinski as a former Director which follows US foreign policy.

  3. Go for it Robert. But I wonder how you could recapture some of the hilarious stuff that happens in the comments here in a tv show format. If you could, it might be a big hit. Alternately you might get arrested.

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