Fresno Has a Bad Rap

Fresno, 30 miles away from me to the South, has a bad rap. It’s just another large city in California anymore. There are 440,000 people living here now, and it’s not that different from other California big cities, except that in a lot of ways it’s nicer.

There’s nothing particularly unpleasant about it except the weather. The crime rate is not that high. There are few Blacks. The traffic is excellent, and even at rush hour, it is still pretty much doable. There are nice parts of town and not so nice parts of town, but mostly it isn’t terrifying like parts of LA. The gangs mostly prey on their own kind. One thing though: this region has been one of the top cities in the nation for auto theft for some time now.

Many of the Whites here are derived from poor Whites – Arkies and Okies, who came here with the Dust Bowl. They have a working class base, are conservative and many practice fundamentalist Protestantism. They are often very friendly in a small town or Southern kind of way. When I lived in Fresno 20 years ago, it still had kind of a small town feel to it. Even people in stores would treat you like you were their neighbors. Not sure if that has changed.

A few areas have been taken over by Underclass Blacks and are best avoided.

Rents are quite reasonable.

All of the California subcultures are here: hippies, punks, goths, bikers, gays, preppies, emos, you name it, we’ve got it. There are art galleries and rock and roll clubs. There is even at artsy fartsy district called the Tower District.

The White politics is rather conservative, sort of like Reagan Democrats. They were originally Southern Democrats, but they’ve been registering Republican for 30 years now. The Hispanics and Blacks all vote Dem. The politics is divided between conservative White politics (some of the most conservative pols in California) and liberal Hispanic and Black politics.

Big Ag rules the day out here and is deeply conservative. They own most of the press and all of the pols. The whole Central Valley is like a company town with Big Ag as the employer.

The Sierra Nevadas are only an hour or so away, and they’re a total blast if you like mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, etc. A world-famous national park, Yosemite National Park, is 2 hours away.

Clovis is a suburb of Fresno the east. This is “White Fresno.” The Whites have moved here, and White culture is still well and alive in Clovis. Many apartments and new homes around here advertise “Clovis schools.” That’s racist code talk for “White schools.” Get the hint? Clovis schools are very hardass and really try to hold the line academically.

Fresno is just another big city school district full of large numbers of the usual Hispanics dropping out, getting pregnant, joining gangs and getting lousy grades. But serious problems on campus are rare.

Seriously hostile anti-White Aztlan Hispanic culture hasn’t really taken root here, since it’s an outgrowth of liberal politics, and we don’t really have that here.

The Hispanics have lived in the Valley forever and often grow up speaking Spanish as a first language. They learn English in school. They’re almost the majority group around here, so there’s nothing to rebel against. The Hispanics are socially conservative, often have deep roots, and are very family-oriented. Idiot liberal MECHA politics never really took hold here too much. These Hispanics are too conservative for that crap.

The Blacks are not very political either. They’re also mostly conservative working class people. There is an area called Southwest Fresno that is a Black ghetto and is best avoided, but as far as ghettos go, it’s not that bad. The Blacks around here have no numbers, so they don’t cause a lot of trouble, and mostly they hang out with Whites, Hispanics, etc. In lower class areas, Whites, Hispanics and Blacks all hang out and have sort of assimilated to some sort of Hispanic gangster culture, except most folks are not gangsters.

There are few Black gangs here, and some of the worst gangs, like the Bulldogs, are actually multiracial (Black and Hispanic).

There are White Supremacist gangs too. One is called the Peckerwoods. However, like the Aryan Nations, their White Supremacism is mostly for show. White culture is so far gone here that even our White Supremacists have gone Multicult. I understand that the local Peckerwoods mostly have Mexican girlfriends. At the local jails, they are good friends with the local Hispanics.

I was told that the White Supremacist stuff is a bunch of crap and that the whole purpose of the Peckerwoods is “all about drugs.” It’s just a way for Whites to form their own gang, sell dope and get by like everyone else.

The big drug around here is methamphetamine. It used to be manufactured in large quantity in the rural areas around here. It’s a drug of working class Whites, but the Hispanics have started to get into it. Hispanics often smoke it in a form called ice, which is one nasty drug.

There’s also a lot of very good pot around here, but it’s very expensive. The stuff around here almost all comes from the Bay Area, where it is grown in indoor gardens. The stuff is incredibly strong for an old stoner like me. I imagine the THC levels might be 15-2

There isn’t much racism here either for some reason. I think all the hardcore racists just took off for White California or left the state altogether. This area is turning seriously into the Multicult, the new culture of California and maybe the US.

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13 thoughts on “Fresno Has a Bad Rap”

  1. Great post.

    Have you read Yasha Levine’s series on the about his move to Victorville? He rented a foreclosure in a virtually abandoned subdivision. It sounds like his area is much worse off than yours.

    Just do a search for Levine and Victorville and you’ll find his articles.

    1. Good stuff. I am looking at hit now. This place is nothing like Victorville. I have been to Victorville once 20 years ago. There was not much there at the time. This is a vibrant, alive town, with people walking the streets day and nite all over town, sidewalk vendors, big parties on weekends, etc. This place is not spread out at all. It’s 50,000 people packed into a relatively small area. We don’t have a lot of those empty new homes either. This is an older town and they have not built a lot of new tracts here. We do have some areas that were hardhit by foreclosures, but there are still a lot of people living in those hoods. Maybe 20% of the homes are empty, not sure. Mostly older homes and apartments in this place. Some tracts, but they are not very new, more like older tracts that are often still well kept up.

  2. Good, detailed description. But you don’t really believe what you call Multicult is going to survive
    intact and peaceable and minimally thriving for more than a generation, if that, do you, considering the U.S. as a whole entity?

      1. First off the weather. It’s very hot in the summer. And then in the winter you have all this fog. I’ve driven though the valley before and been in a continuous blanket of unending gray for 4 hours on end. I mean I couldn’t see more than about half a block in front of me. It really depressed my mood. Fog does that to me.

        Secondly, it feels more like rural Texas than California. Both in politics and general way of life.

        There are no real attractions anywhere in the valley. Other than escaping to the Sierras. There’s just nothing to see or do whatsoever. The countryside itself isn’t even beautiful, it’s just endless flatness. I don’t think anybody moves to the central valley because they want to. It’s mainly because they are priced out of L.A. and S.F. But I guess if you grow up there or have been there long enough, it’s fine enough.

  3. Sorry, I posted the wrong address:

    The consensus is that John Dolan is the War Nerd. Dolan’s writings on the site are highly recommended. He wrote a great series about his failed attempt to start a meth lab after college.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks this article is completely racist and closed minded? ?????
    I mean really? ???? I a white entering Fresno State for the nursing program….and to make such horrific generalizations abut the black and white and Mexican community BLOWS MY MIND.

    1. Well I guess so….lmao…..well I guess I’m happy no one has responded ……..guess not many ppl read this site! THANK GOD

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