Three Types of Genius, Male, Female and Black

New commenter LaFleur, a great combination of a Leftist working class person who has had it with anti-White crap, Cultural Marxism and illegal immigration, had everyone fooled.

I was worst of all. I was sure she was a man. I still almost can’t believe it’s a woman, though I think I should, since she just said she is. She does have a masculine writing and even thinking style, which is good, since I’m a chauvinist. I think there is a male genius and a female genius. LaFleur tends to show more of the male genius in her interesting mind. The classical female genius is like a couple of women who are hosts on the radio show I listen to. One is named Caroline Casey. I forget the other one. They both sort of wander about as they talk, but their brilliant. As they wander, there is a lot of talk about emotions, a lot of tangential stuff. It’s awesome, it’s genius, but it’s not male style. Male style is boom boom boom point 1 point 2 point 3 conclusion. Onto the next! It’s much more logical in a scientific or Socratic kind of way, not as tangential. I’m not really sure one is better than the other. They’re just different.

I also think there is a Black genius. You see it in Michael Eric Dyson and especially in Cornel West. It’s almost like intellectual rapping. Cornel West is an utter flat out genius, but it’s not a White way of thinking. It jumps around a lot too, like a jazz solo or a great rapper, and it can be sort of sloppy, but it’s also sort of male in its logic and power. Bam bam bam bam ba-boom!

The female genius kind of wanders around like this great river spreading out into this 100 mile, no round estuary where you can’t even find your way. It’s brilliant, but it meanders about in a jaunty or even loopy way.

Just some of my piggy and race realist feelings.

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12 thoughts on “Three Types of Genius, Male, Female and Black”

  1. Rob, aren’t Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West precisely the Cultural Marxist type blacks that you despise?

    1. There are geniuses to be found in pretty much any ideological, ethnic, or social group if sufficient numbers are involved (academia also self-selects for genius). You don’t have to agree with them.

      1. Agreed. I know of many people I consider my literal ideological enemy…Yet, I respect their knowledge and intellect.

        Always respect intelligence. Especially someone you consider a foe. 🙂

  2. Robert, I thought LaFleur was a man too. Likely you, I was thrown off by her writing style, which has a very masculine vibe.

  3. Well, then, the history-revisionists do have one good point. We do judge all types of genius based on the model of white male genius. But we should still keep the idea of standards around.

    I’ve noticed the female and black genius difference, too. Virginia Woolf’s novels come to mind. Hell, even Toni Morrison before she got a little too “black only” for my taste, had that meandering genius. I posit black female genius is more similar to white female genius than to black male genius.

    1. Ooh! My own thread. I’m flattered.

      The thing is I’m feminine but I’ve always been bored by too much typical girl talk about feelings and such. I like being around guys joking around and riffing on stuff. I’d rather talk about ideas than what somebody did today, unless it was interesting.

      Have you read Jean Rhys? I love her.

  4. Yeah, I read Wide Sargasso Sea and gave it a B. I like women writers, or at least I think I do. I’ve tried like forty times to read Jane Austen but for the life of me I can’t get into her. I want to try George Eliot, but I have a feeling it won’t work either. Maybe I’ll just have to stick to the French, sexy stuff like Collette. Among women poets I love Marianne Moore and Emile Dickinson.

    1. Rhys’ earlier books, like Voyage in the Dark, are much better. By the time she wrote Wide Sargasso Sea she’d been putting away a bottle of scotch a day for some time.

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