Women, Men and Racial Loyalty

tulio asks:

Here’s another question. Is the stigma just as strong amongst White females? It’d be best to hear an answer from one of them, but I don’t think too many White females post in here. Do they ostracize one of their own the same way White men do? Like would a White woman who is married to a White man refuse to make friends with a White woman who is married to a Black man? I’m sure some do, but how widespread is it, I wonder? Is there a White sisterhood that also expels White women who like the brothas?

I think a lot of this stuff comes from the men. White men consider themselves superior to Black men across the board. It’s always been that way and still is. So the ultimate slap in the face to him is to see one of his own women prefer not only a guy he considers inferior, but from the race he considers MOST inferior. It’s totally a male ego thing I believe, and if it’s true that this sentiment is much less pronounced amongst White females, then that makes the case even more plausible.

I don’t think women do this stuff to their sisters, but I could be wrong. With women, it’s all about who you love. If her friend falls in love with a Black guy, well, hey, it’s wonderful, and you support her. If it didn’t work out, well, it’s sad, but he was bad, and she was just following her heart.

Women simply don’t have racial loyalty like men do. Men don’t really either, but they often at least won’t breed with the other races. They will just have fun with them. I actually know some insanely racist WN Nazis who are sex maniacs, and they have actually told me that they would bed a non-White hottie, just never marry or have kids with one. But women will actually marry out of our race and stir up the nice clean White gene pool. That’s why we need to police them and keep them in line.

Even White women who would never touch a Black will support her friend’s decision to go with a Black guy. It’s all about the sisterhood. It’s about finding a guy and breeding with him during her reproductive years. If your BFF found and bred with a Black guy who then left her, well, that’s sad, but it’s her decision, and she was following her heart and her biological clock. With women, it’s all about whoever you fall in love with (chance – could be different race or even either gender).

Ordinarily, it’s about finding a man, mating, and breeding in that short time span. A woman doesn’t have much time, and her options are limited. If she found a Black guy, hey, it was meant to be.

Men are much more into this racial loyalty/ethnic nationalism stuff than women. They’ve always punished women for sleeping outside the race while letting the men do it if they wanted to.

In Medieval Spain, if a Jewish woman had sex with a Gentile man and was caught, the rabbinical courts (who had jurisdiction over this matter) would sentence her to having her nose cut off. In this way, Jewish women were kept in line. Jewish men would have sex with Gentile women. Any children were lost to the Jews anyway.

But the Jewish women had to breed pure and true with Jewish men. That’s why the line was judged matrilineally. You always know who your mother is, but you might not know who your father is. If your mother was a Jew, you’re a Jew.

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23 thoughts on “Women, Men and Racial Loyalty”

  1. I am a white woman and I don’t mind my friends and relatives dating non-white people. I am fine with being white, I’m just not an ethnic nationalist.

    I am annoyed by self-hating cwazee whiteys who ruined the left with weird theories of “abolishing whiteness”, as you can probably tell, but other than that, love the one you’re with, brother.

      1. Yeah, I thought LeFleur was a guy too. I mean I did wonder why his handle was “The Flower” and that should’ve been a giveaway. LeFleur has a very masculine style of writing and thinking. I’m rarely fooled, I can almost always tell a woman from a man by writing style, but she had me this time.

    1. Throwing my vote in with people who thought you have a “masculine” writing style.

      People often like to say that writing styles are engendered, but I don’t think a double-blind trial has ever been conducted on the matter.

    2. I thought she was a guy too.

      Though the “love the one you’re with” thing is a classic female sentiment, along the lines of “It’s all about who you fall in love with.”

  2. Speaking of cwazee whiteys:




    The only sane response, that I can think of, would be autogenocide, to actively work against the interests and prosperity of the white race, because it is increasingly apparent that these interests and this prosperity is both the direct result of these crimes, and its perpetuation is merely a continuation of those crimes until present day.

    I wish these people, especially “linden branch,” would start with themselves and clean up the gene pool a little.

    LOL at the black woman trying to talk some sense into the self-hating whiteys.

    you can’t separate Eurocentrism and Christianity. The European attitude to have the right to subdue earth (and therefore also all living beings) comes from Christianity and with this also the attitude to have the right to take whatever we Europeans think is necessary. Invading other nations or continents etc.

    They can kiss my Christian Marxist ass.

  3. This whole post is the complete opposite with blacks.

    Black women have way more “race loyalty,” in my experience. And they, along with black men, will make negative comments about a black women with a white man. Some black women will support the relationship, but there are a lot more than don’t, especially older black women.

    On the topic of white women, I have seen some snub their nose at white women who are in long-term relationships or marriages with black men. It’s like they think they are better than them. But it’s not outright ostracism.

  4. If you want to dig deep enough, you’ll investigate why the switch was made from patrilineal though, which had been extant for centuries prior.


    Both the Biblical and the Rabbinical traditions take for granted that ordinarily the paternal line is decisive in the tracing of descent within the Jewish people. The Biblical genealogies in Genesis and elsewhere in the Bible attest to this point. In intertribal marriage in ancient Israel, paternal descent was decisive. Numbers 1:2, etc., says: “By their families, by their fathers’ houses” (lemishpechotam leveit avotam), which for the Rabbis means, “The line [literally: ‘family’] of the father is recognized; the line of the mother is not” (Mishpachat av keruya mishpacha; mishpachat em einah keruya mishpacha; Bava Batra 109b, Yevamot 54b; cf. Yad, Nachalot 1.6).

    1. It’s telling that they have nothing better to do than discuss beer commercials in language that no one outside of academia will understand. LOL. Most of the people who post there are just SWPL in sepia. They’re angry because they feel excluded from the same soulless yuppie world they complain about.

      Occasionally there will be a good thread there. Once Macon invited POCs to discuss their experiences of reading the classics in school. It was truly eye-opening, and more enlightening than 100 Tim Wise speeches.

      Unfortunately, there is far too much bullshit like this thread on Obama:


      We are not giving this black man credit for always looking for the middle-ground; avoiding conflict by forging towards the center. We forget just how intelligent and discerning he is.

      Intelligent enough to play you for a chump, while he hands your children’s futures to the banksters.

      I don’t think anyone has ever been held to such a high standard as President Obama. And white people are, essentially, expecting magic.

      No, you idiot. They were dumb enough to fall for Obama’s own marketing. Dumb enough to believe that they could take Obama at his word, and to believe Obama wouldn’t fuck them over just as bad as any white politician. Also, the liberal media like MSNBC does NOT hold him to anything like the standard they held Bush.

      Adolph Reed and Glen Ford saw through Obama from the beginning. What is the SWPD crowd’s excuse? They continue to make the intellectually bankrupt choice to defend Obama because he’s a brother.

      Stuff white anti-racists do: make ridiculous straw-man arguments like “White people feel disappointed because Obama apparently isn’t a magic negro.” Anti-racist writers love them some straw men.

  5. Racial loyalty is a form of tyranny. The worst kind as it’s usually pushed on you by peers and family. Fuck peer pressure and family. Especially with family, they use food, shelter, protection, friendship, etc. to enslave people.

  6. People should be free to marry who they want. People like certain types of men/women just like they like certain types of food. Ultimately, the women who do like men of their own race, really do like them, it wasn’t forced on them by their family.

  7. I would discourage a friend to marry interracially, from another nationality, faith and culture because it is too complicated, families are involved, different customs and mindsets are involved, even food can become an issue. But if the friend wants to, then it’s their problem. I would not recommend it.

    Marriage in itself is too much work and too complicated by itself, even with much compatibility and similarities. Love does not necessarily keep a marriage together, especially if that love is just some feeling that can come and go. For a marriage to work, there has to be as much similar background as possible, what cannot be if the two involved people are from different race, faith, country, culture and mindset.

    1. I have a lot of non-White friends who agree with me that White women are superior in looks, so racemixing seems like a big inside joke against White women.

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