The Scarlet Letter of Modern White Society

It’s not a red A but a red B that many White women must wear in White society. It means she dates Blacks, and to many White men, she’s no longer White. If you look White and you act White, you’re White. These women have broken the second rule. Though they look perfectly White, they no longer act White, so they have been expelled from Whiteness.

An Asian commenter who is upset about Asian women dating White men and abandoning their race was somewhat comforted when I told him that we White guys, to a lesser extent, deal with the same silliness from our women:

Rob, so you’re saying that a white woman will, if she’s going to outmarry, choose an unemployed ghetto hoodlum over an Asian guy who makes good money from a software engineering company?

Of course. But mostly she won’t marry him, she’ll just date and sleep with him. But she won’t give the Asian guy the time of day.

Don’t lose any sleep over it. Why do women do this? Because they basically suck. Just recognize that women suck, accept it, accept that there is nothing you can do about it, and then you will be happier and start to feel a lot more peaceful.

What much of White society does, even White racial liberals, White liberals and White Leftists, is draw the line at White women who date Blacks. For a lot of White men, that’s a supreme violation, and White women who do that are excised from the White race. I know many White men who tell me that they will not touch a White women who they know has a thing for Blacks. In this way, even liberal White society is still quite racist.

I actually don’t mind this too much, but I don’t practice it myself. It’s OK because it disciplines our women. I think we should allow them to date tulio and Car Guy (commenters on the site) type Blacks no problem, but when it comes to the ubiquitous more or less Black thug/semi-thug type, the shunning is a great idea.

Most of these White guys don’t lose any sleep over the issue. They tell me, “I don’t care about White women who go with Blacks. It’s only a certain type, and most don’t do that. To me, those women are simply lost to us, and I won’t touch them, so they don’t worry me one bit.”

These guys simply expel these White women from the White race, move on, and don’t get all upset it. Maybe it’s something Asian guys should consider?

Truth is it’s a certain type of White women who likes Blacks. Obviously, she’s the polar opposite of the Jewish/Asian women selecting for Einsteins. The White woman who likes Blacks likes jock type guys. A lot of women like jocks. Blacks are the ultimate jocks. But a lot of White women don’t go for the jock type, so this interracial dating is somewhat limited.

Black guys go on and on about how much better they are in bed than White women and how they treat White women better. I think that’s a bunch of shit. How many different ways are there to penetrate a vagina? What’s involved? Is it some sort of an Olympic sport?

So I won’t grant them that one, plus for sure they don’t treat White women better. In general, they’re abusive, controlling, possessive, and super-aggro. Lot of sick chicks like that. That’s called a masochistic woman. Leave the sickos to their neuroses.

In deference to Black men’s egos, I will say that they are better than Whites in a couple of ways:

1. Sports! Yes, they’re the ultimate jocks, and if there were as many jobs in sports as there are in White collar jobs, Blacks guys would be cleaning up and living large, that is if they didn’t blow every paycheck as soon as it hit their palms. But give credit where it’s due.

2. Rap! Yep, Black men are the ultimate talkers and the world’s premier charmers and bullshitters. Women are pretty stupid (as in gullible), and they are always falling for charming liars and sweet-talkers. Black men probably tell White women what they want to hear. They talk the talk. Women like that. They fall for the talk, even if the guy’s an abusive semi-thug.

Also, a White woman is a jackpot for a Black man. Even an unattractive or fat one will be treated like a queen because he’s so happy to have her. Homely and fat White women are everywhere in White society.

Most White women in their teens and 20’s are going for the Alphas. The Alphas are ~15

Plus no matter how fat or homely they are, like all women, they want to be worshiped like Jackie Onassis. Most White guys, if they get with a fat or homely woman like this, will say, “Hey, you’re ugly! LOL! To make things even worse, you’re fat! LMAO! Now get over on that bed right now.” This is the painful and crushing truth, and if you are a fat or homely woman, you should expect to be treated this way. But being treated like this makes these women angry.

A Black guy will treat even fat and homely White women like they are angels fallen from Heaven.

Another thing going on here is revenge. I have a Yahoo group that is full of single adults. Many are middle aged.

At one point, the group was full of angry single middle-aged White women. They were furious at White men, livid with rage, and like most women, they didn’t make sense.

They particularly hated macho White guys, and they took an ultra-feminist stance. They belittled, attacked, and castrated the White men in the group. Whole mobs of them engaged in regular episodes of what they called “ball-busting” of White men. They were also furious that White men were macho pigs who did not treat women right. Later I found out that a huge number of these women were dating Black men. Who, of course, treat them much worse than we do.

None of this female behavior makes much sense, but women are unfathomable in the best of times.

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27 thoughts on “The Scarlet Letter of Modern White Society”

  1. Rob, your second to last paragraph was spot on and pretty funny. I love it how Asian women who outmarry say they are “escaping oppressive Oriental patriarchy and oppression”, yet they go for white trash who will most likely treat them even worse! Talk about fucking retarded! I don’t get it, women say they want to be treated well and want guys who will basically roll over for them like wimps, yet they then go for semi-criminal savages who beat them up and cheat on them?

    1. I’m glad you’re finally catching on here. I don’t think you should be blaming Hollywood or the media or Jews for this shit. Our women and your women are both acting all fucked up in the same way.

      I agree the Asian guy with a software job is going to treat the Asian woman better than the abusive White derelict who refuses to work and just sponges off her.

      There’s no point getting angry at crazy people. Our women are nuts, and yours are too. In each case, it seems like they are abandoning the good guys of their own race for abusive thugs who live off them like pimps.

      I wouldn’t get too worked up over your fucked up women if I were you. Just say the heck with them.

      Maybe you Asian guys should start shaming them too, maybe refuse to date Asian women with a White fetish and more or less expel them from your race. If you let women run loose, they run wild on you. I think the men of every race should try to keep their women from getting too out of control.

      1. In your opinion, are there enough loyal Asian women that Asian guys have the luxury of shunning the crazy ones? Perhaps white guys can afford to do this because they have a much larger pool to choose from, but for us, not entirely sure. Although I was a bit relieved to read that Filipinos, who are the 2nd largest Asian group in America, almost as much as Chinese are outmarrying at much higher rates than Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans.

        1. Middle Eastern guys seem to have no problem keeping their women in line.

          LOL, stoning, child marriage, genital mutilation, honor killings, burqas, illiteracy, higher rates of domestic violence than US blacks.

          But hey, I guess we can’t bash it ’til we’ve tried it.

        2. That’s a strawman comment. I’m just pointing out a modern population of guys who are not total wimps who are dominated by their women and tolerate humiliation and insults. I’ve heard that eastern European Slavs and Central Asians also have no problem in this arena. There is such a thing as being “overcivilized”.

          1. But there is no such thing as being “oversized”.
            “I don’t practice it myself.”
            Then prepare to be cucked.

  2. If you let women run loose, they run wild on you. I think the men of every race should try to keep their women from getting too out of control.

    LOL. Control issues.

    All I have to say about this is that it isn’t true that once you go black you never go back. I have white relatives, both male and female, who have dated black people and then gone back to dating or marrying white people.

    1. True. I don’t know one black guy that hasn’t bedded a white woman. I’m sure the majority of them end up marrying white men. Their husbands may never know that a brotha was tapping that a few years ago.

  3. For a lot of Black guys, it’s a supreme violation for a Black woman to be with a White guy.

    They don’t hide their contempt for that sort of thing at all. You’re seen as a “sellout” to the Black race.

    1. Are you “removed from the Black race?” Looks like a similar thing going on here. OTOH, Black women shunning their own men to go with White men doesn’t seem to be a crazy thing to do. It’s often a rational act. Black men could lessen this by getting their shit together, but that’s another matter.

  4. A lot of Nordic models seem to like blacks. Heidi Klum and Elin Nordegren come to mind. I tend to see a lot of blonds with blacks. Rarely brunettes for some reason. And before I left SanFran I started seeing a lot of Asians with them. Kind of a weird combo, I have to say.

    American whites are still pretty damn jocky, though, so I don’t think it’s too easy for the blacks to just make an all around killing. I’d say whites are the second most masculine race in America. Hispanics are macho, but for white girls they’re a bit short, squat and sometimes just funny-looking. Middle-easterners are pretty masc, too, but always in a money way. I’ve never understood it. They seem like they get bigger hard-ons about their wads of cash than their women.

    1. I’ve noticed the same, but it could also be true that the black guys that prefer white women are more aggressively pursuing the blonds, because well…everybody seems to want blonds. Except me, I like the Med brunette hotties, like the Paz Vega types.

    2. “Heidi Klum and Elin Nordegren come to mind.”

      I think that it might be a German thing. I’ve talked to more than one Boer online from Cape Town who says that a a lot of German males will go down there to screw black women. Germans are probably only second to the Japs when it comes to beign sexually disturbed. They probably get off on the interracial thing. I bet the first time that Heidi Klum introduced Seal to her father they had to go and do it because they were so hot.

      It probably sounded like something like this:

      Heidi: OOH vater, Ich bin schwarze ficken.
      Dad: Wir mussen preserve der Aryan Rasse!
      Heidi: OH Seal, put your big black Jude in my oven!
      Seal: Ye-ah! It dun beez like Auschwitz down dere ‘n sheeit.
      Dad: Ja wohl! Der Schwanz ist tolle! Sieg Heil!!!

      Germans are sick. Just watch Church of Fudge.

  5. The archetype of the dumpy or ugly white woman who dates black guys has been around forever and I saw plenty of that type in high school. But I think in the last five years or so a lot of those barriers have broken down, and I’m seeing a lot more high-status white women with black men than I used to. I live in a relatively conservative red-state area, too, so I’m sure this trend is stronger in the coastal cities. Hipster girls in particular really flock to black guys.

    In general it seems as though the younger generation coming up is a lot less racially conscious than even the older half of Gen Y. For instance, if you look at popular music it’s way more acceptable for a white guy to be a rapper than it used to be and black music has ripped off super-white euro dance music for a while(though arguably that’s the continuation of an older trend).

    At any rate, I think the way things are going it won’t be long before most young women have experience with black men. In fact I’d say there’s a good chance we’re already there. I don’t have a problem with that in theory, but in practice I have mixed feelings. White women fucking white male douchebags en masse is bad enough.

  6. The funny thing about this is it’s very explicit, no code words required. Whites tend to use code talk with many racial issues; i.e. “this area has better schools and less crime,”=”we moved here because it’s whiter.” But when it comes to women you can just say “she likes black guys.”

    I remember one specific instance when one of my best friends, ultra liberal, and this was long before I was at all into race realism/WN, was talking with a hot German girl, blonde, hot accent etc. One day I asked him what was going on with her and he said, “oh, I think she likes black guys.”

    Nuff said. It would have been awkward if I had asked him, “and what are the implications of this fact?” At the same time, if you had asked either of us any question on race we would have given you the standard white self-hating PC BS, but all you need to say is “she likes black guys,”– instant mutual feeling of “she’s dead to us.”

    1. Yep, I think you described 99% of white males right there. However, if a black guy found out that a black girl dated a white guy in the past, it would be a non-issue. And if it was a black girl who prefers white guys, he might even enjoying the challenge of trying to reel her back to the black side.

      It’s like white men think any white woman that’s been with a black has “cooties” for life. Just a very strange mindset. I think it’s mainly an American thing that goes back to slavery. I don’t think any such thing exist amongst whites of Latin America and I don’t hear too much of it amongst European whites. But amongst American white males, this “she likes black guys” unspoken code is virtually ubiquitous. Robert should do a post just analyzing the origins of that.

      1. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. It’s like she’s contaminated for life or something. It is a good way to control our women though, I will say. It’s a serious punishment for White women to do this.

        Not only will we never touch them again, it’s worse than that. We basically kick them out of the White race altogether. We revoke their Whiteness card and pull their White license.

        I say on here, if you look White and you act White, you’re White. White women who go with Blacks are seen as revoking that last part. They’re gone to the whole White race. They may as well just move to Jamaica or Detroit and go join the Black race. We don’t mind either. We basically say good riddance.

        It’s not like it’s such a common thing anyway, and it’s almost like White guys don’t want the mudsharks polluting the nice White chlorinated gene pool.

        There’s a more rational aspect to it too. A White woman who goes with Black guys likes the jock type. If she went with Whites, she’d be looking for thugs covered with tats who ride Harleys. After Black guys, most White guys probably seem pretty wimpy.

        It seems like the White women who like Blacks are the same ones who are always berating us White men for being wimps and fags, trying to dominate us, undermining us, etc. We can’t measure up to those guys. I’d almost reject her on those grounds right there. I’m not a musclehead jock, so she’s going to see me as unmasculine compared to her Black thugs of the past. Bye.

        Same thing with White women who like Mexicans. You’re starting to see a bit of that around here. The White women are always fat, homely, covered with tats, trashy, etc. The Mexican is usually sort of thuggish and gangsterish. I figure I don’t stand a chance with a woman like that anyway. She doesn’t want a guy like me, and there’s going to be nothing but bullshit if we ever get involved about how I’m not man enough or whatever. Bye.

      2. Here’s another question. Is the stigma just as strong amongst white females? It’d be best to hear an answer from one of them, but I don’t think too many white females post in here.

        Do they ostracize one of their own the same way white men do? Like would a white woman who is married to a white man refuse to make friends with a white woman who is married to a black man? I’m sure some do, but how widespread is it I wonder? Is there a white sisterhood that also expels white women who like the brothas?

        I think a lot of this stuff comes from the men. White men consider themselves superior to black men across the board. It’s always been that way and still is. So the ultimate slap in the face to him is to see one of his own women prefer not only a guy he considers inferior, but from the race he considers MOST inferior. It’s totally a male ego thing I believe, and if it’s true that this sentiment is much less pronounced amongst white females, then that makes the case even more plausible.

        1. Yeah, I think you’re right. It doesn’t mean much since I’m a man, but I’ve never seen any evidence of white women ostracizing fellow white women for dating black guys.

          And of course it fits with the evolutionary psych explanation. Women want new genetic material for their children, and men don’t want competition for theirs.

          White women don’t really like it when white men date asian women. I wonder what they’d think about white men dating black women?

        2. White women do not care, unless they are White racists, and few are. Most assume that a man will screw anything. At worst, it’s a joke and it means you can’t get a White woman, but it’s mostly guys who think that way.

  7. “Black guys go on and on about how much better they are in bed than White women, and how they treat White women better. I think that’s a bunch of shit. How many different ways are there to penetrate a vagina? What’s involved? Is it some sort of an Olympic sport?”

    A large part of sex for women is mental. And I think the taboo element of it all heightens the sexual pleasure. For the same reason people get into BDSM and all types of stuff. I’ve read some statements before from white women that have fetishes for black men and they talk about sex with a black man like it’s entering an altered state of consciousness type high or something.

    Of course I’m sure the majority of interracial b/w unions are just normal people who met under normal circumstances. I used to date this white women. She had no sexual fetish for black men. Actually she was the first white woman I was ever sexually involved with and I’m pretty sure I was her first black guy. We never even mentioned the word race even once during the time we dated. And I like talking about race, but for some reason it just never came up. I don’t talk to her anymore but she’s been with this white guy for a few years, they’ll probably end up marrying. I doubt he’ll ever know I existed.

    I’m thinking of all the black guy friends I have that have dated a white woman here and there. It seems like to me they just met under normal circumstances for the most part and it wasn’t about some weird taboo sexual thing.

    Unfortunately, I have seen that “white woman as jackpot” thing too much. This is an example of inwardly directed racism amongst blacks. They devalue their own blackness because they live in a society that devalues blackness and exalts whiteness and blacks are programmed with this thinking just like the whites that created it. So thus you have this mindset. I feel like I’ve freed myself from the matrix. I appreciate black women, recognize them as beautiful, and also appreciate and respect white women as beautiful too. They are just different, that’s all. I don’t value white women above any other nor put them on any pedestal. I’d never date one as a means of trying to escape my blackness. If I did, it would be because I thought she was the right type of person and that’s it.

    If there’s any woman I have a fetish for, it’s Brazilian mulattas with nice round asses sitting on the beach of Rio. That’s what I’d like my future wife to be. Not some fat slob of a white woman from Arkansas. For all these dumb ass black guys chasing fat low class white women. Wake the fuck up! Take the money you’re spending on them and fly down to Rio for a week or two and find out what you’re missing out on.

  8. Having you noticed how debauched and washed-out white women who are in that “life” look by the time the NAM child is born.

    The drugs, the fringes of petty crime, the sexed-out cumdrunk street hookerish look, the abandonment by the NAM.

    When you visit the white female a few down the roads she is washed-out, pregnant, blank-eyed. It finishes them off.

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