Ethnocentrism Yes, Ethnic Nationalism No?

A commenter asks how one can be ethnocentric whilst rejecting the ethnic nationalism that seems to naturally grow out of it as a branch from a trunk:

Ethnocentrism seems to walk a fine line with Ethnic Nationalism IMO; how have you been navigating this line?

All humans are naturally ethnocentric. Just Whites have had it beaten out of us lately. I was a race-denying White self-hater PC posturing Whiteness Studies “Whites are inferior LOL” type for decades. I thought it was cool and hip. Then I moved to an Hispanic city and felt what it’s like to be a minority. I started waking up every morning thinking, “Thank GOD for making me White!” It sure feels better!

Ethnic nationalism is a bunch of shit, obviously. I still hate it. But as a natural outgrowth of perfectly human ethnocentrism, it’s unfortunately a phase of normal. But then so’s fascism. Read the original Left theorists on fascism from the 1930’s. The menace of fascism is that it taps into such basic human needs and roots. The fascist is simply the “ordinary man.” The “shirtless ones” under Peron. This is what makes it so dangerous, it’s potential popularity.

Same with ethnic nationalism. It’s like crime and wife-beating. Normal for humans (part of our natural behavior), but you have to fight it anyway.

I don’t begrudge these White nationalists, for instance, as some kind of freaks. They’re engaging in a quite normal human project for any race. I oppose it because I’m against it, not because it’s abnormal. It’s not abnormal at all, and that’s why it’s a bit scary. If anything’s abnormal, it’s race denial and self-hatred.

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30 thoughts on “Ethnocentrism Yes, Ethnic Nationalism No?”

  1. Fascism is a drug.

    It taps into the basest human instincts.

    It sets the id loose.

    The very thing that needs to be held in check.

  2. I don’t begrudge these White nationalists, for instance, as some kind of freaks. They’re engaging in a quite normal human project for any race. I oppose it because I’m against it, not because it’s abnormal. It’s not abnormal at all, and that’s why it’s a bit scary. If anything’s abnormal, it’s race denial and self-hatred.

    Well Robert, I want to thank your for your understanding. You at least know where I’m coming from, and know that I’m not some deluded freak.

    You certainly disagree with some of what I say, but as you’ve said, nationalism feels so much better than race denial and self-hatred, which is what I used to believe in.

    Thank you for this post.

      1. Easy.

        Just go to the video, and then copy and paste the exact website that shows when watching the video on youtube.

  3. One of the strengths of fascism is its flexible, malleable character, unlike Marxism. It also appeals to the deepest, most primal instincts of mankind, although some would say these are base instincts.
    Also, unlike international Marxism, fascism stands for blood and soil. Even Stalin had to emphasize Russian nationalism rather than Marxism when he rallied the Soviet people to fight against the Germans.

  4. Sometimes I put on Wagner real loud and just let out my fascist rage while I pace around, drinking a beer, throwing pillows and punching the walls. Seems to get it out.

    1. White people seem to be more Angsty than the other races. Why is this? Even in Haiti there’s a Zero suicide rate. Crazy shit. And the East Asian high suicide rate seems more related to shame than inner hatred.

      1. I’ve never found Anglos to be particularly full of angst. In fact I can’t think of a single Anglo I’ve ever met who was. Apparently Anglo anthropologists tend to hate white/Western values for its singularity and monolithism. But the only problems the typical Anglo seems to face is an overload of smug. Even Anglo political leaders seem pretty relaxed, pretty confident that foundational Anglo pluck and common sense will win out.

        The Irish seem to have a Irish angst. I’ve met some Irish who still have issues with the English and even the English language. Not with English itself, but with having the chauvinism of the converted. Like, if they had to learn it, then damn, every one else should learn it.

        The Jews have 16 layers of angst, ticks, nervous defenses, verbal buffer zones, visual feeler mechanisms. Just a vast array of shit to get through.

        I’ve met white Mexicans who were angst ridden about their poverty and estrangement from mainstream whites. But mostly just about their poverty.

        Italians seem to possess a large scale germanic ironic sense of fun as well as Arabic vengefulness. This can be mistaken as angst.

        Russians seem to have a lot of pure racial angst in all directions. As an Asian I find Chekov and Dostoevsky to be bitchy. But both possess a clearly Russian kind of angst.

        East Asians definitely have their own angst. Lots of young Chinese I’ve met are really edgy. And you see it in the mass murders going on in China. A lot of Chinese kids edginess reminds me of the edginess white American kids used to have in the 50s, 60s, 70s. Very competitive, finicky, status conscious.

        Koreans have a lot of angst. Highest suicide rate in the world. Some Koreans are probably proud of this fact. I’m kinda proud of it. It shows that Korea is a high strung society.

        Blacks don’t really have angst. Most of their stress seems to be directed at and coming from their own violent environments. Angst is too intellectual for most blacks. Poverty and violence is not.

        1. Robert,

          Thanks guy! You know the line between bullshit and brilliance is very slippery. Nice to have a compliment from the moderator.

  5. There’s nothing more amusing to me than the commie obsession with/fear of fascism. You guys ought to try checking out your anti-fascist spiels through the eyes and ears of someone without this commie predisposition to obsessive paranoia of fascism– not necessarily a right winger, more like a barely political centrist. It’s quite similar to Jewish paranoia of gentiles; in fact it may be a product of commie-Jewish connections; yet also reminiscent of the excessively paranoid anti-semites (the type who thinks everyone on jewwatch really is Jewish, Jews really are the ONLY problem in the world, Picasso was Jewish etc.).

    You’d think fascism was still mainstream the way you guys talk about it.

    Plus, is it really so bad? Mussolini wasn’t so bad as far as I can tell. Even with your extremely low estimates of Stalin’s death toll, his body count is still higher than Franco or Mussolini’s, no? Plus if your pro-commie opinion polls should be taken seriously, shouldn’t the polls showing Italians generally liked Mussolini be taken just as seriously?

    I have some fascist sympathies but don’t think it’s the way for America. Though perhaps Italy and Spain would do well to re-fascistisize imho.

  6. Picasso WAS a Jew! That’s right, J-E-W, Jewy Jewish son of a Jewwhore Jewboy… JEW!

    How many times do I have to say it in complete seriousness for you to get it? Are you unable to tell when a man means what he says and says what he means?

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