“Black Ingratitude, and Other Sins,” by Alpha Unit

The cries of “Black ingratitude” ringing out here lately are nothing new among Whites.

Anyone familiar with post-Civil War history knows about a similar attitude displayed by many former slaveowners. There were slaveowners who were actually stunned that their slaves took off from the plantation upon emancipation! They couldn’t believe that the former slaves didn’t want to remain with them – not even for wages.

Not only did they berate Blacks for “ingratitude,” they even voiced feelings of betrayal. They had actually come to believe that their slaves had formed some kind of unwavering devotion to their enslavers. One slaveowner in particular couldn’t believe that a slave woman who had been his concubine actually took off, once she had a chance to be free.

The newly freed Blacks actually valued freedom over their ties to their former owners. The former owners just didn’t get it.

“After all I did for them!”

And now, here we go again. “After all we’ve done for them!” Only this time Blacks are not grateful enough for their civil rights.

Not only should we be grateful for having the Constitution apply to us, we should be nice to Whites for their generosity in upholding these rights that they’ve granted us. Smile, be nice, be polite, don’t ruffle White feathers. A sentiment my grandparents would instantly recognize, were they alive.

And for God’s sake, don’t let on that you’re upset or unhappy! Don’t display any of the dreaded “attitude” under any circumstances. Smiling, happy, easy-going, ever mindful of White reactions – that’s how they liked us then, and apparently that’s how some of them want us now.

Why? To make themselves feel better.

Heaven forbid that a Black person act as free as any White person. No, Blacks must always, in perpetuity, tailor their behavior to White demands. Is that what some of you are saying?

Look: if someone is causing you harm in some way, you have every right to tell him to stop it, or to take action to make him stop it, if need be. But what makes you think you have the right to dictate what someone’s attitude should be, or what his demeanor should be? What makes you think you can demand that someone be nice to you – all the time?

If you have authority of some kind over someone, I might see it. Do you think you have some kind of natural, God-given authority over Blacks?

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15 thoughts on ““Black Ingratitude, and Other Sins,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. If someone has done you greater benefit than they have done you harm, it is justifiable for them to complain about insolance from you. Whether or not they should have the right to force such benefits on you and then expect gratitude is another matter. If you have chosen and consented to someone doing you greater benefit than harm and you complain about it (or even just about the harm bit) to a greater extent than you are grateful, then you are being a whiny little bitch about it. Is there enough equivalence between the balance of benefit versus harm in what Whites do for Black people now and what Whites did for Black people during the civil war to make your essential analogy valid? I don’t think so.

    But what makes you think you have the right to dictate what someone’s attitude should be, or what their demeanor should be? What makes you think you can demand that someone be nice to you – all the time?

    There is no such legal right, nor should there be (hate laws – laws against spitting on the floor around someone and so on – are absurd), but near everyone thinks they have a moral right for the respect of others. Every society works on a foundation of mutual respect. This is simply a de facto thing. It comes from the same place any moral right comes from, which is our moral intuitions (got from whatever means we have them, custom and evolution) taken as facts and constructed as a social norm and no other. And if this is unjust then all moral rights are without foundation.

    For Americans, I think all the “Well, let’s see how Blacks like it when the Hispanics and Asians are on top!” vindictive stuff is a bit weird, but it’s definitely worth telling the Black people that if they continue to vote and agitate the way they have, then there may be an outcome they won’t like. Drop a rock, it’s gonna hit the ground some time – there’s no crime in telling someone that, nor is there in saying “If you continue to act in the way you have, there will be bad consequencess for you. I will not be able to save you from these, nor will I have any obligation to do so”.

    1. It isn’t my claim that slavery is the equivalent of the situation in America today.

      This post is about certain expectations Whites seem to have of Blacks, regardless of the status of Blacks.

  2. “Look: if someone is causing you harm in some way, you have every right to tell them to stop it, or to take action to make them stop it, if need be. But what makes you think you have the right to dictate what someone’s attitude should be, or what their demeanor should be? What makes you think you can demand that someone be nice to you – all the time.”

    Whites aren’t asking for “nice” all the time. We are simply asking for civility in the public sphere and not to be berated, assaulted or shot in the head when pointing this out. I don’t know what’s more terrifying on a cross town bus sitting next a loud and unruly group of Black teens, or a chine of rabid meerkats.

  3. I don’t believe that you have shown justification for your responses/ reaction to this old man that angered you. There are plenty of other ways that you could have responded with more civility, tact, and intellegence. Your rather emotional and uncivilized way is not showing that you are anything but a reactionary– (you react rather than act)! You demean yourself. By your reaction you are in some ways justifying his prejudiced opinion of you.

    If it is ok for you to react in this aggressive way to this old man who offended you then why would it be wrong for me to react aggressively to blacks, who thousands of times in my life have berated me for being a ‘white-boy’, ‘white shit’ cracker, ‘worthless white’, honkee etc.? And if whites reacted aggressively to the many racial insults ( and also to the government enforced descrimination against them), the way so many non whites do react to such, then how much more of a violent uncivilized world would we have?

  4. “If you’re the “Dave” I’m thinking of, I was well aware that I’d be providing grist for your mill by relating that story. People like you, who’ve already decided that every other racial form on earth is so vastly inferior…”

    No, I doubt that I am some guy ‘ Dave’ that you are thinking of as I don’t post here or other places that often. I have not ‘already decided that every other racial form is vastly inferior’. No, I believe that there are collective similarities amongst many groups- both racial and ethnic- some of these difference are not neccesarily inferior or superior to others, yet some I believe are. For example, I believe that although I know some blacks are as smart as I am and some smarter, that as a group blacks are not nearly as smart as whites as a group. The reasons why are debated but facts are facts. Yet on the other hand some groups, like Jews, Koreans, East Asians, etc., ARE smarter than whites as a group.
    So I am just a race realist trying to find the truth about racial differences and how those relate to problems and solutions in a twisted world where we are not supposed to discuss such facts. In my research I have also come to appreciate a group I belong to’s traits, white caucasians- (which includes you), and overall I believe that our group is the best suited for what I believe a society should be, i.e., a free democrocy of responsible, honest, neighborly, polite, and respectful people,
    ( but not so polite as to let their own group get crapped on by other groups who are not so respectful).

    “Eg, A 20-item customer refusing to allow a 1-item customer through at a checkout, accompanying it by, “I’ll not step aside for a wog like you!” In this case, he’s not under obligation to, but the accompanying comment would be sufficient grounds for a tounge lashing in my book”

    Well, I often would allow someone in front of me like that but if I were running late I sure would not. This doesn’t have anything to do with ethnicity or race, I just don’t always let them in. But then again the ethnicity of someone trying to cut in front of me wouldn’t matter (and I can’t see myself calling someone a , what is it,… a “wog”).

    I wanted to say you were wrong for being a hot head because I have endured a lot of racial slurs, too, and generally did not get lippy back. But someone wanting to cut in front of me when I am in a hurry and got lippy when I said sorry, no, I’m in a hurry? Well that whould make me throw down a bloody fight right then and there. So in that way, I’m a hot head.

  5. Plus, you have to pick your spots; with just an unreconstructed redneck asshole like this and myself alone together, you bet I’ll take the opportunity to put him in his place.

    Sure. Why not? A lot of anglo guys wouldn’t think twice about giving some stupid geezer what for. It’s ridiculous when white people expect others to be much more gracious in the face of rude assholes than they would be.

    Not only do I think you’re entirely justified in doing so, I encourage you to do so. To answer your question, I think it’d be a much less violent and uncivilized society (eventually).

    I agree. The PC nonsense has accomplished exactly nothing. But free speech goes both ways.

  6. Great post, Alpha Unit.

    It comes down to the (possibly unconscious) desire to maintain the upper hand.

    Heaven forbid that a Black person act as free as any White person.

    Equality means granting yourself and others the same freedom of thought and speech. If a black person’s resentment about historical wrongs are directed at you, you haven’t necessarily done something to deserve it. There are forces of history you can’t do anything about.

    Black anger can be scary. An angry black person brings up the subconscious fear that he may go Nat Turner on your ass. However, forcing people to keep it inside won’t make it go away.

    Regarding people on the internet, most of them, no matter how militant they come across, are just venting. The internet allows millions of people to howl harmlessly into the wind. It’s the greatest pressure valve ever invented.

    We live in a fucked up world and a fucked up country. You can’t control how people really feel about you. If someone directs anger at me that I’ve done nothing to deserve, I may defend myself verbally, or I may just stay out of their way.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. I agree with you that certain things – like the attitudes of other people – are just beyond your control.

  7. alpha unit writes, But what makes you think you have the right to dictate what someone’s attitude should be, or what their demeanor should be? What makes you think you can demand that someone be nice to you – all the time?

    Back at ya.

    1. If by this you mean that everyone should stop demanding political correctness from everybody else, then we’re in agreement.

      1. I said nothing about “political correctness”. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of someone black lecturing whites about “demand[ing] that someone be nice to [them]– all the time.”

        1. It was someone White demanding that Blacks be nice to them all the time, in case you don’t know it. I am responding to what he said.

          I don’t think anyone has any business requiring anyone to be nice all the time. There is no right not to be offended by people.

  8. Well, for one thing, the slave-owners whipped the slaves with bullwhips. Even though such punishment was common then (also given to those who went AWOL in the military), obviously, the slaves didn’t enjoy it. Considering the treatment of the slaves, why is it no shock they would say “Fuck this shit!”, and take off? Why would anybody, unless they were some sexual deviant, feel affection for someone who bullwhips him/her?

  9. WHAT???????

    1. Whites fought a WAR killing tens of thousands of our own to free you.

    2. We beat each other to death so that Rosa Parks could sit on a bus.

    3. During the Civil Rights Movement we could have chosen to kill you all. Instead we voted in favor of your rights.

    4. The Spainards, Brits, Krauts/Huns, Porkies, and the sand niggers are the ones who sold you to us AMERICAN WHITES. Guess who sold you to the Euroclowns? African blacks. Why are you not crying for reparations to AFRICAN BLACKS? Why are you not screaming racism at European whites? Why are you ungrateful to us AMERICAN whites? Those European clownhead barbaric savages and those spearchucking African niggers sold you. We fought a war giving our lives to FREE you ingrates.

    5. We are still the majority. We could STILL choose to exterminate you. Instead, we build liberal medias such as CNN, ABC, etc, and we create affirmative action plans, Section 8, EBT cards, and even a BET (which is WHITE OWNED btw).

    6. We have given you guys what Africa could not. We have given you modern technology, science, medicine, and humanitarian treatment. If Africa is such a paradise free of white oppression, GO BACK!!!!!!

    7. Only 2 percent of Whites living Antebellum ever owned slaves.

    8. See how Whites are treated in Africa. See how Blacks in America are treated.

    9.VTrayvon Martin, who beat the fuck out of some fat spic with a Germanazi kraut dad, was shown sympathy by whites. Even though police ruled HE was following Zimmerspic, and he beat Z boy to the ground. Worse yet, the media called Zimmerspic a WHITE MAN. Hello? Does that spic beaner wetback look remotely white to you? Huh?

    10. We went through integration.

    Now thank us. We have earned it. AMERICAN whites deserve a thanks, European savages can go to hell. I agree that Eurowhites are barbaric Asiatics who are just as bad as those Chinks and gooks who bombed Pearl Harbor and those Asiatic sand niggers who did 9/11. But AMERICAN Whites deserve a thanks. I hate Euroclowns just as bad as any black American should. Europeans are Asian savages and I would not hesitate to nuke them to hell. But AMERICAN Whites are noble saviors.

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