James Flynn on America

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James Flynn is an Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He has also done a lot of work on the Flynn Effect, which shows IQ’s rising all over the world in the past 80 years for unknown reasons. We’ve written about at a lot on this blog.

For reasons that remain unknown to me, White nationalists (almost all of whom are just White racists really) are driven into a frenzy by the mention of Flynn’s name. I find this very mystifying.

First of all, White nationalists insist that Blacks are defective, and present a lot of evidence indicating that Blacks as a group do have a lot of problems and that this group does do a disproportionate amount of damage to society. All of this is noncontroversial to anyone whose brain has not been turned to mush by political correctness.

Low IQ is frequently cited by White nationalists as one of the reasons for Black dysfunction and the resulting serious problems inflicted on society.

Other reasons are given too, but all of these are chalked up to genetics for some odd reason. It’s an odd White nationalist who thinks culture or environment is behind Black pathologies. Fair enough.

But when someone like Flynn comes forward and notes that Blacks have gotten dramatically more intelligent in the past 80 years, White nationalists for the most part just go ballistic and see red. Why?

If Black dysfunction really is caused by low IQ, and these problems cause massive damage to society, would it not be better for Blacks, White racists and everyone else for the Black IQ to go up, and problems resulting from the low IQ to diminish? Sure, right?

Think again. White nationalists are furious at the notion that the Black IQ is rising. Almost nothing sends them battier.

This is very strange. It implies, despite all of their rhetoric, that White nationalists really do not have the best interests of Blacks at heart. They don’t want Blacks to get smarter, better, or less dysfunctional. The more fucked up, stupid, violent and criminal Black people are, the more joyous White nationalists are.


Excuse me, but what a bunch of cruel, perverse assholes White nationalists are! You bitch that Blacks are incompetent, violent idiots, but that’s just the way you want them to be. If that’s the case, then maybe you just deserve to live with them and their messes after all?

There must be some other motivation here. The only thing that makes sense is a hoary cliche that I usually don’t consider.

White nationalists want Blacks to be stupid, dumb and fucked up because that way White nationalists can feel superior to Blacks.

White nationalists are the insecure punks from high school rejoicing in the failures of their rivals. White nationalists have an emotional investment in feeling superior to other races, and anything that suggests that the folks they dislike are gaining some ground in the footrace sends them into conniptions.

Sheesh. How petty and childish can you get? As long as this is what really motivates White nationalists, I’d say they have no right to diss Blacks for being pathological. Looks like White nationalists are plenty pathological themselves. We need to feel better than others because we’re a bunch of insecure weenies! Waaa waaa!

Grow up.

Anyway, Flynn has a very good article on the stupidity and uselessness of US liberalism from a sane First World point of view. He points out quite well what a bunch of political morons we are. But if the Democrats took up Flynn’s philosophy, they would get massacred. America is a center-right to conservative society at best, and liberal pikers like Obama are the best we can do.

Flynn also talks about US Blacks. He points out that between the ages of 25-45, there are only 57 Black men likely to be permanent (or even semi-permanent) partners for every 100 Black women. Sure, Black women could marry out, but few non-Black men want them. If you’re a Black female, you either have a kid out of wedlock with some Black loser, or you forego now and forever your chance to have a kid.

I think that most people have a right to have kids. As such, it’s reasonable that Black women are going to figure out a way to become mothers one way or another. That’s reasonable. I’ve made this argument to some White “liberal” Americans and they frowned. “Having kids isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” a mother of four (!) grimaced. Hmm.

Flynn points out that for every 100 Hispanic women, there are 96 promising males, hence their single parenthood rate is 50

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4 thoughts on “James Flynn on America”

  1. Dear Robert
    When Flynn says that only 57% of American blacks can be permanent partners, does he mean that the other 43% are in and out of jail or that just don’t make good husbands.
    Part of the reason why pathologies among black men in the US have increased in the last decades is the massive inflow of low-skilled Hispanics. Without this inflow, it would have been much easier for low-skilled black males, the majority, to find jobs that pay a decent wage.

    Regards. James

    1. Hmm.

      Another argument against open borders, it seems.

      Although most anti-racists are gung ho in favor of open borders, regardless of the damage it does to poor/working class blacks.

      Once again, they reveal themselves for the bourgeois elitists that they are.

  2. Part of the reason why pathologies among black men in the US have increased in the last decades is the massive inflow of low-skilled Hispanics. Without this inflow, it would have been much easier for low-skilled black males, the majority, to find jobs that pay a decent wage.

    I mentioned on Nezua’s blog that illegal immigration is a disaster for working class people of color who are already here. He dodged it, and started talking about white supremacy and how he doesn’t want the most vulnerable to suffer. He’s really big on that word, vulnerable. If a black guy no longer has a job, thanks to an undocumented migrant taking his place, doesn’t he become the more vulnerable one?

    Nezua knows damn well undocumented Mexicans are hurting black employment, but he doesn’t care. Obviously all the white anti-racist activists calling for open borders know this as well. All they care about is looking like they are good and moral people, regardless of the real effect of their actions.


    THE NATION’S 10% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is feeding anti-immigrant sentiment. Laws aimed at immigrants are ultimately divisive, and giving in to a fear that expresses itself as punishment of the vulnerable is a weak and poor human response to stress.

    What an asshole. Giving into a fear? What the fuck else are you supposed to do when you lose your job and are unable to find another one? Read Dale Carnegie?

    Trying to ensure one’s own survival is not punishing someone else. Nezua pushes the myth that the only jobs being taken by illegal immigrants are the shitty ones like farm labor, rather than formerly good jobs like construction and factory work.

    I hate these kind of bullshit emotional arguments.

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