Evolution of High IQ’s in Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese

A commenter asks the reason for the high IQ’s of Ashkenazi Jews:

What accounts for the higher Ashkenazi IQ? Is it from living in a cold climate in eastern Europe instead of in their original sunny Mediterranean homeland? Or perhaps Slavic genes?

Apparently selection. When the Ashkenazim went to Europe, Talmudic Judaism unfolded around 1000 CE or so, and in order to be a Jew, a man had to read the Talmud and the Torah in full and study it all the time. That’s hard to do, and a lot of men couldn’t hack it. If you could not hack it, you left the community and converted to Christianity. The only ones that stayed were the smart ones.

After a while, they developed a preference for brains like the Chinese have. The Jewish girls would all fight each other to marry the smartest boy in the village, as he was seen as the best catch. Rabbis would have contests where they would invite all the young men around and ask them these convoluted Talmudic questions that might take a day or so to figure out. After a day, he comes back, and all the guys compete to answer the question. Whoever has the best answer (the smartest guy) gets the rabbi’s hottie daughter.

One reason I’m a Judeophile is because I like Jewish chicks. They often like me too, because I’m a brain. Another reason anti-Semitism is stupid is because Jews obviously have a better culture than we do. Jews value brains and possibly even sexually select for it via their women (their women sexually select for the brightest men). American women value near-retardation, tattoos, and monosyllabic, double digit IQ brutes. Conclusion? Jews are superior to White Gentiles.

Chinese society may be similar. I was reading a lot about China for a recent article, and I came across a couple of stunning anecdotes.

The first was about a creative writing class for adults that was held in some rural city. There were all women in the class and only a few guys. One of the men was clearly the best writer in the class. So naturally, all the single Chinese women were fighting over him!

He would go back to his room to read and write, and all the Chinese female students would make up these BS excuses to come to his room and ask him fake “student questions.” By the end of the class, one woman finally landed the guy, and she was the envy of all the others. The women were competing for the smartest man!

Another anecdote told of a village in rural Southern China. One young man was said to be the smartest guy in the whole village. I don’t know what he looked like. Anyway, every hot young Chinese chick in the village wanted him. He was the prize man of the village, and they were all fighting over him. Once again, all the women fighting over the smartest guy!

This is one reason I’m a Rice King. Asian chicks love smart guys. I remember one time I got involved with this Chinese woman. She was always saying, in awe, “You’re so smaaaart.” She was a typical Chinese, no dummy at all. I listened to her say that, and I thought, “You know, no White woman would ever say that to me, especially in that tone.”

Apparently centuries of this sort of thing has resulted in very high IQ’s for both the Chinese  and the Ashkenazi Jews. The Chinese IQ is 108, and the Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is ~119. In Zhejiang Province on the Chinese coast, the average IQ is 118.5, as high as the Ashkenazi Jewish IQ.

Total opposite of this idiot society we have now where the smarter you are, the less likely you are to get a date, and the more women hate you. The dumber you are, the more women want you. We have truly evolved a retarded society nowadays.

In White society, the more tattoo-covered and monosyllabic you are, and bigger your Harley is, the more stupid White women want you. In Hispanic society, tattoos, gang membership, criminal behavior, sociopathy and a prison record gets you the hottest chicks. In Black society, rims, grills, tats, a Cadillac, gang membership, a drug dealing enterprise and a rap label contract lands you the best women.

You could excuse young women for this nonsense, because young people in general are stupid, but unfortunately, there’s evidence that this continues through life, even into middle age from what I can tell. American women and American society are quite hopeless. Tarded to the depths.

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206 thoughts on “Evolution of High IQ’s in Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese”

  1. Why China can not produce any great scientist,inventor,economist working at their home while the Bengal region and it’s capital city Kolkata has produced more Nobel,Oscar,Grammy than any other city in Asia.

    In 4 different category(excluding peace) it has won Asia’s first Nobel prize and other luminaries like Bengali polymath and inventor Sir JC Bose,physicist Satyendra Bose(whose work has already brought 10 Nobel prize winners,known for boson partcle and many other),current test tube baby baby technique creator of the world Subhas Mukhopadhya,or greatest structural engineer of 20th century Fazlur Rahmn khan,you tube co fonnder Jawed Karim,micro credit pioneer MD.Yunus,,Amar Bose(Bose speaker) and many others…

    The comparison between Chinese or Jewish is a real joke considering the fact In next 500 years China will not match what Jewish have already achieved in last 100 years.

  2. Sure and the other thing you have to factor in, is the effects of porn on global female tastes. If you are black or hispanic and are stupid, have a drug business or a hip hop label, you might not appeal to the woman wanting brains, but you would be respected and desired among the large vagina crowd and you may find that being a porn star allows you to make much more money than the average small dicked brainy guy. In america today because of porn, your prong size is the measure of manhood.
    God has sort of created a world where the arrogance and intelligence of the caucasian or asian is humbled by the size of negroid and latino mixes.
    measure of your manhood. Effectively it means that no one can boast before God. You might be a genius and gifted in a variety of skills, but the large black man will put you to shame and your girlfriend might want him for his one great gift which eclipses all your others.

    My guess is when chinas internet becomes more porn tolerant, then you will see chinese women going more for western size and God help the Chinese men then. Itelligence does not always satisfy sexually!!
    I agree that brains is probably better, but you can´t police the genetic flow of largesse into china. It is inevitable that the chinese women, even though they only need small penises, are going to become hooked on largeness.

  3. You are a narcissist with “hot for my brains” because underneath it all you know how painful you are to look at.
    Men who have fetishes for certain races are just racists, the women know this and dislike you in secret, they know you are relating not to them but their race.

  4. Interesting.

    I’ve always done well with Asian chicks, yet simultaneously, I can literally breathe the antipathy from Jewish women. Jewish women seriously have this innate dislike of me!!!!

    I was especially aware of this on my last job. I had a very “close” Asian girlfriend who no one knew I was dating. Being Asian, this Jewish bitch got along with her. Not knowing our alliance, she told my gf shit she felt about me all the time (workwise). And I never knew her from Adam (so to speak). Fucking JAPs hate me 🙁

  5. Some cultural and population subsets of American “white” with some degree of endogamy in their breeding cultures are interesting to look at and may be a more useful proxy for comparison to jews.

    Mormons, oft derided by some here, test around 106 in IQ. Their leadership has much higher scores similar to the New England gentry from which they derive genealogically and culturally (Congregationalists later became Unitarian, Episcopalian and in some cases Mormon in the 19th c.).

    Episcopalians, Unitarians, and Quakers often outperform jews on both math and verbal components of SAT testing and IQ tests (see Steve Sailer for details).

    Whites gaining admission to Harvard, ceteris paribus, outperform jews in academic achievement routinely and consistently.

  6. I was reading about the Ashkenazi lately and i learned that maternally they are %85-90 Italian and paternally almost completely Jewish. Now this means that Ashkenazi today are around %40-50 Italian.
    We also know that iq of the mixed race children are somewhere between two races (let’s say white iq-100/black iq-90 mixed children iq will be=95) If the full Jewish Ashkenazi males married to Italian females (avg Italian iq around 97) and the average iq of Ashkenazi today is around 115-117 what was the full Jewish male iq? Wouldn’t this mean that full Jewish males before they marry with Italians and becoming Ashkenazi had an iq of something like 130?

      1. Wealth naturally selects based on intelligence. Most Jews come from Phoenician colonies which were based on trade and distribution of goods and services therefore, like today, they probably married into powerful and wealthy families which leaves them with superior advantages over the majority of people.

        It is no different than Harvard, Yale, M.I.T. and Princeton graduates only marrying other graduates from their schools.

  7. Jewish culture is not superior to white culture. You make the mistake of comparing postmodern absence of culture in white america (brought on by left wing intellectuals who are often Jewish) with Jewish and Chinese culture.
    Victorian Europeans were speculated to have had IQs about as high as the ashkenazi and it was this society that the Jews lived under and lived off of.

    You are correct in your criticisms of whites today but white culture is the crowning achievement of humanity.

    1. Many Victorian Europeans weren’t even literate let alone properly educated. Education was for affluent white men. The so-called Victorians with IQ’s as high as Ashkenazi Jews were probably from that demographic. Nowadays, the rates of people pursuing tertiary education are often over or just under 50% in most developed countries, AND we have the highest literacy rates ever recorded in history. Finland has a 100% literacy rate, and is a pretty liberal country, too. In fact, the most liberal places tend to have smarter people. The national IQ for countries has also risen. I am with you on Western European countries being superior in many ways, but remember that civilisation started in the Middle East and that Middle Easterners contributed a lot.

  8. On another note, the Chinese data is probably unreliable. Most of China is poor, so one would probably get the more intelligent flocking to the more advanced areas and being capable of competing.

    The best looks at Chinese IQ come from countries where large populations of them reside (Singapore, Canada, Amerca) and it seems to be around the same as the general E. Asian average.

    Also, I would like to point out that my earlier comment regarding Jewish intellectuals pushing leftism on the Gentiles is not conspiracy mongering, but it is pointing out that a lot of Jewish political thought is shaped by them living off a greater society and liberal policies are designed to help groups that do that.
    If left to their own devices and culture these left wing values would destroy their culture as well.

    Feminism has allowed white women (who used to select for intelligence as well for providers back when they largely could not work as they were unfit for the labor and had no borth control) to sleep around with whomever they find physically sexy rather than the kinds of men who make good fathers and providers (who tend to be intelligent).

    But I stand by my statement that Western European culture is the best and produced people of superior intelligence before it was eroded by affluenza (reducing the need to marry the smartest guy), wars (which are inherently dysgenic) and liberal policies which reject biology by and large.

    This is why groups like Mormons, Quakers and various other white sects that have preserved their culture have higher IQs that rival or even surpass E. Asians and Jews.

    1. The study from Harvard found that the sole reason more Jews are graduating from Ivy League Universities is that Jews dominate the boards and rig the selection process so that Jews are over-represented. That in fact, there is no correlation between race and I.Q. That the same percentage of individuals (1%) in each race are genius-level I.Q. and no race creates more than any other.

      1. @Dave Mowers Please give a reference to this “Harvard Study”. I’ll be surprised if one exists that came to such a conclusion.

        1. The study is quoted as an internal effort by Harvard to counter assertions of preference for Jews against Asians. The effort and statistics were from a number of articles on the subject matter not all of them have I been able to find with just a Google search but these are some;






          One of the articles about the Richwine controversy cited Harvard’s own conclusions based on historical applications that no one race held more than 1% of its own as genius therefore intelligence was no different between the races the only true difference is access to money, resources, education and culture.

    2. The smartest man in the world is a Chinese born in Australia called Terence Tao.
      Millions of white Australians in “their own territory”, with better opportunities, more money, better education and health, and his best man is a Chinese. Sorry but I do not think it is coincidence.

  9. The tattoo thing seems more like a rite of manhood. Nowadays, if you don’t get one you come across as a boy. It’s kind of like those rite of passage things in primitive cultures.

    1. The tattoo stuff is becoming “bandwagon”. Every guy is wanting it, cause they want chicks, and they don’t want to get left out. However, perhaps, tattoos are no longer for the true “free spirited” rebels, as they once were.

  10. http://harpending.humanevo.utah.edu/Documents/ashkiq.webpub.pdf

    It is less Jewish culture and more the unique pressures that faced the Ashkenazim in Europe.

    Jewish culture played an important role but no more so than any religion, since religions often tend to be good reproductive strategies justified by “god wills it.”
    Hence why Episcopelians also have high IQs, along with Victorian Western Europeans being speculated to have had higher IQs than modern counterparts.

    1. Oh, this also occurred to me. Support for the fudged Chinese numbers.

      They certainly have a higher average IQ than American whites (being 103 versus 105-106 based on the best sources) but 108 sounds odd.

      1. The percentages should be based on population alone. Asians are over-represented because of the size of their population.

  11. First of all, Jews ARE white – they’re mixed with European and Middle Eastern ancestry. Second of all, Americans do not represent all White people. Europeans and other English-speaking countries like Canada and New Zealand for example have far superior intellect to your average White American. And you shouldn’t generalize all White people as being the way you described. Yes, we all know that in general Americans aren’t as intelligent as people from other developed countries (no offense to Americans. I’m not saying Americans are dumb), but Americans do not represent all White people. Of the top 10 countries with the highest average IQ’s, six of them are European countries. Developed regions like Europe and English-speaking countries have the best education systems and the highest literacy rates – higher than China.

      1. That strikes me as simple dismissiveness on your part.
        But it does make sense given what one sees when one makes racial distinctions in the US. White US whites being fairly high, and US Asians higher but a noticeably amount.
        Makes sense with the average IQ being 3-5 points higher.

        However, blaming white culture for the issue is erroneous as it was white culture which was the most overarching once they regained trade autonomy from their Arab neighbors. As the Dark Ages were largely caused by that, just as Japan was feudal and underdeveloped compared to China for a long while due to isolation.
        Really, it is the tacit expectation that white culture is shameful and should not be practiced that accounts for the idiocy of white women in contemporary times.
        As there are really very few differences between E. Asian and White culture in terms of gender roles and breeding habits. So the cultural differences (as you describe them) accounting for different IQs evolving is far fetched.
        On an anecdotal level, Asian girls raised in the West also have the same issues as white girls raised in the West (at least outside of very conservative WASP enclaves) The price of female sexual liberation.

        The East Asian IQ is best explained by the cold climate theory, since they probably trekked through Siberia. It is not set in stone but it is the dominant theory for the development of larger brains.
        It’s just evolution, not culture that is responsible for the IQ difference coming into play.

        Same with the Jewish, as non-Ashkenazim are about on par (or lower in the case of oriental Jews) with their neighbors in IQ despite having the same religious practices. It was the Ashkenazim being forced into white collar jobs when they came to Europe.
        Again, more evolution than differences in culture that account for the development of higher IQs

        1. With Ashkenazi Jews I agree the white collar jobs and high status of intelligence and learning were important factors. But I also think the continual threats to survival by persecution necessitated a consciousness of vigilance and a need to consider many scenarios and possibilities. Just as the cold created challenges to overcome which led to higher IQ in various peoples, the particular TYPE of persecution Ashkenazim faced also did. They were fulfilling functions within the general society as white collar workers yet they had to watch their step because there was hostility that might emerge that could become dangerous, and often did. That necessitated a denial of gratification, and much thinking and planning of alternatives should X happen, should Y happen, etc.; great training for many mental endeavors. Ashkenazim did not have the luxury of letting down their guard, getting drunk whenever they felt like it, or walking down the street whistling. Their daily consciousness was different because of that. But I don’t think it was just the European experience. After all, the systematic legal tomes that were written by Jews (before they were called Ashkenazi, Sephardi, or Mizrahi) in the 2 main Babylonian academies up until about 1100 A.D were very complex formulations of legal questions and answers. When the Babylonian Jewish communities faced persecution and went into decline did the most intelligent leave and go to Europe to become founders of the Franco-German Jewish centers of learning and help elevate them to the high level to which they arose? I don’t think history has yet answered this question.

        2. Jews got smarter cause they can’t fight back. They are forbidden to kill. This has been there ‘survival tactic’, taking it like a wuss. Granted they have grown smarter and more resilient in other ways, but one shouldn’t forget this very important weakness jews have. Which is quite inhumane since kicking ass is a natural human instinct.

    1. rose, dont be LIAR.
      Jews are semites, like arabs. But jews Ashkenazi are descendants of khazaks, a Turkic tribe.
      Of the top 10 countries with the highest average IQ’s, all East Asia countries are in the top. 3 smartest men in the world are Asian.
      europe has not better education system than China/Asia, they are superior in average and in top level, look PISA and Mathematics and Physics Olympiads,or just take a look in American universities.

      You seem to be another white power baby that can not accept the reality.

  12. Hey Rob how about Australian Aborigines? Apparently their visual IQ is 119? Wouldn’t that mean that South East Asians, like Filipinos, Indonesians and Malays would have high visual IQ?

  13. Also since Iranians plot close to Italians and Greeks, in terms of genetics, why is there IQ in the high 80s, instead of low 90s? Is it Islam and cousin marrying or lack of resources?

  14. Why do you think that a skewed Chinese sample (coastal IQ’s) are at all meaningful? People who are successful get to move to the coast, meaning only the smartest Chinese live there. Asian women value intelligence because they want a man who will make money. It seems as though you believe that is a demonstration of a greater depth of character. Most Chinese are extremely poor and only care about making money, so finding a smart husband to be their sugar daddy is their number one priority. I see the points you think you are making, but I can’t agree with any of your reasoning. Jews are probably the only ethnic group that actually has a genetic IQ potential significantly higher than other races. FYI: Asian IQs are higher due to a diet far superior to that of the west’s even after considering the fact that the Chinese diet generally has low caloric content.

  15. Yeah, hillbilly white trash are the master race. Yeah I believe that. 😆 Those tattooed dudes at the local pen, sure look smart to me.

    1. I’m not talking about white trash at all, just saying that Asians and Whites probably have the same genetic ceiling for intelligence. Looking at SAT scores, I’d say that the intelligence of Whites and Asians is already pretty similar in America. The only section of the test that doesn’t benefit from any degree of studying, critical reading, is almost identical for Asians and Whites, and that’s after the fact that most Asians in the USA are descended from people who were only allowed to move here because they could perform a high-IQ demanding profession, which means that their scores are not at all indicative of the average scores of Asians in Asia. Obviously the sons and daughters of white doctors and engineers would also handily beat the average white scores as well, yet Asians only really accomplish this in mathematics, which is of course the section that benefits most from studying.

  16. Chinese and Jews are smart alright, but incredibly arrogant. As sad as it is to say, sometimes I’d rather be around Nazi trash, as those people.

    1. Even though I hate what Hitler, Henry Ford, or Nixon said (or did), it’s not hard to understand, why certain groups are viciously hated. Certain groups seem to have no soul, and are incredibly elitist, and domineering.

    2. It seems to me, that the more “pure” a race is, then the more arrogant. So why is that something we need to aspire to? Also, the more homogeneous a population (no cultural diversity), then also more arrogant. Some diversity is needed keep people humble. For instance, people are less likely to be racist jerks, if they groups they hate are nearby.

      1. Take Chinese, they think they’re “hot shit”, but they’re no different than anyone else. How did they get to think like that? Well, they have no real contact with other cultures (except on TV and internet).

  17. I don’t think it’s genetic. Both Asian and Jewish cultures value education highly, while other cultures don’t (as much). If you raised a white, Latino, or black kid in an Asian culture, my guess is he would be much smarter.

  18. Interesting post. If mental chronometry is anything to be believed in (and there is scientific evidence of a correlation between basic/complex reaction speed and intelligence), it seems as though whites have dumbed down significantly over the past 130 years or so. The difference in reaction time suggests that the white IQ has decreased about 14 points since the 1880’s.
    Possibly a dysgenic effect thanks to our stellar welfare system, or our absolutely abhorrent nutritional standards, or our exposure to massive amounts toxic pesticides/phthalates. I’d be interested to see a study that compares pesticide usage and phthalate presence in western and asian countries to see if there is a significant difference, but I doubt there’s a big difference since phthalates are found in most plastics and personal care products, and everybody uses pesticides.

    Let’s take a quick look at nutritional factors to see how they play into this IQ gap:
    Omega-3 intake is obviously a huge factor in increasing Asian intelligence. Westerners rely on the ethyl ester form of omega-3 from fish oil pills, which has been demonstrated to be biologically inert and poorly absorbed, which is what westerners rely on, compared to Asians who eat real fish in high amounts (omega-3 in triglyceride form)

    Asians enjoy consumption of large amounts of fermented foods (which reduces severity of SIBO, dysbiosis, and leaky gut, contributes to more stable mental state, energetics move away from immune system to combat infection towards brain development, and more efficient absorption of micronutrients)
    http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-is-average-iq-higher-in-some-places/ (a paper that makes an iffy connection between infection rates and intelligence by country, if true SIBO and dysbiosis could contribute to improper brain development)

    Lower fructose consumption. Fructose has damaging effects on brain energetics, which are partially ameliorated by omega-3’s. Western diets are high fructose and low omega-3’s, so most of us have no protection.

    No/low gluten bread consumption in favor of rice. Research conducted on Japanese school children showed that rice consumption in favor of bread (just for breakfast!) resulted in slightly more than a 4 point IQ increase, after controlling for wealth, gender, other dishes eaten with breakfast, frequency of eating breakfast, and other factors.

    Higher iodine intake (the west still hasn’t enforced salt iodization despite the fact that we tell everyone else in the world to do it). Even mild iodine deficiency results in cognitive deficits, and Japan and Korea have excellent levels of iodine in diet. To this day, 67% of women in the U.K. are deficient in Iodine (and some even think the western Iodine RDA is much too low).

    Asians also consume way more vegetables and less fast food, but I don’t really feel like looking for studies about their effects on IQ since most of the studies on that probably suck. They also consume offal and bone broths, which westerners stopped doing long ago, despite their massive health benefits.

    Include the fact that there is a higher illegal drug usage rate in the west due to the powerful influence of the mexican cartels, leading to more developmental problems during fetal stages and wider societal issues

    Considering the sum of all these differences, with conservative estimates on their effects on intelligence:

    Omega-3’s: Asians +3 IQ points
    Fructose: Asians +1-2 IQ points
    Fermented foods: Asians +2-3 IQ points
    Iodine intake: Asians +3-4 IQ points
    Bread avoidance: Asians (Study found 4 iq point difference) +4 IQ
    Vegetables/fast food/offal/bone broth: Asians +1-3 iq points
    Lower drug usage due to lack of cartel presence and stricter government: Asians +1 (very conservative estimate, as this has societal impacts beyond fetal developmental problems)

    And we come to a grand total of 15-21 IQ points explained by environmental factors alone. Of course, some of this could be completely off, but there are undeniably a host of environmental factors working to significantly reduce western IQ. I know it would be fun for Asians to think “we’re simply genetically superior in terms of intelligence, let’s leave it at that”, but it’s a highly simplistic approach that is certainly incorrect.
    It’s interesting that we may have had a 14 IQ point decrease since the 1880’s, and my estimates of environmental impact on western iq are in that ballpark.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

      1. Well, there are PISA scores, and Asians do score quite a bit higher on those than whites. But again, their diets are much different than the average American. Also, Asian Americans are not representative of Asia as a whole, because they or their parents or grandparents are usually only in America because they could perform a certain high-skill job (like doctor, nurse, dentists, engineer, etc). Asian Americans score higher than all other Asian countries, even with our terrible education system, which just goes to show how skewed towards intelligence the Asian population is in America.

        Here it can be seen that Asian Americans outscore all Asian nations.

        Singapore isn’t worth considering because it’s a tiny little nation where Chinese millionaires often move to (their immigration policy is designed to attract them). Singapore has the highest number of millionaires per capita out of any nation as a result.
        Hong Kong is essentially just a small area to do business in, where people from all over the world come to work (best and the brightest). So again, not worth considering.
        Shanghai is a single city in China, where again the best and the brightest of China’s 1.4 billion go. If I took the highest scoring city in America and compared that to the rest of the world, I’m sure it would fare pretty well also. The entire state of Massachusetts scores 5 points higher than American whites- now imagine if I took a single city.

  19. http://qz.com/316329/new-evidence-that-fast-food-is-bad-for-kids-learning/
    Another study on how Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. Even after controlling for socioeconomic and other factors, children who ate fast food everyday scored 79 points on a science test whereas those who never ate fast food scored 83. And that’s not even necessarily saying that those who didn’t eat fast food were eating healthy foods, since there are tons of crap foods you can eat at home. It’s interesting to see that White Americans, despite their fast food consumption, still compete pretty well with European countries. We’d probably be the top white population in terms of PISA scores if we ate like the Europeans. But hey, capitalism knows best.

  20. American Jews actually show their greatest ability in the verbal ranges and not sciences, math or even spelling.

    Hence they become the great entertainment lawyers, Hollywood directors, copywriters. Engineering or science…no.

    Moreover they do not have the social pathology that we see in poor whites. Young girls are not regularly raped by drunken stepfathers and have children out of wedlock at 17, so of course their kids tend to do better in school than Bobby Jo the stripper’s son. Jewish men do not abuse their wives or kids as frequently, just as Asians do not.

    Go to Atlantic City or the East Coast if you think Jewish gangsters will not use violence or kill you for next to nothing. Some are extremely violent.

    Jews are not terribly athletic or tough so of course they are not going to try and make a living as muggers. When they are criminals, they get into sex work like human trafficking or pornography or high-end pimping. They make far more money doing this than Fernando the Cholo with his bodega stick-ups.

    Like Chinese in Southeast Asia they demonstrate some impact above their demography in business but this more due to ethnic networking-as GAY STATE GIRL calls it-than anything else. Warren Buffet and Henry Ford and Sam Walton were not Jewish.

    Jews are not the great engineers, architects or military strategists of the world (Though a few Russian ones have excelled at chess).

    They were the original refugees into Europe from the chaos of the Middle East as oppose to a Hermit Kingdom like China-to some extent they are interdependent upon those countries into which they semi-assimilated.

    They are not particularly impressive at running their own country and have required enormous amounts of outside money and advice.

    Script-writing, stand-up comedy, deal-making, law. Asians have far exceeded them in technical-entrepreneurial sectors and whites seem to be more mechanically-inclined as well as possessing better spatial ability.

    After a thousand years of bartering and trading and negotiating in ghettos and flee markets of course the Jewish verbal IQ is now quite high. They are good talkers, more than anything else.

    Chinese are a different matter. Their verbal IQ is not very high-some can be inarticulate and they have never produced the great thinkers. They are good at math, science but many of these subjects have no great practical application in the everyday world.

    Through proximity and comparative ability they dominate tropical Asian countries like Philippines or Myanmar. However, not Korea or Japan or neighboring Russian countries.

    1. China dominated korea and japan throughout history in philosophy, language, culture, technology…. the examples are countless. The decline of China was only in the last 200 or so years, and now china is on the way back up again.

  21. There are relatively so few Jews in the flyover states that you could not accuse them of being a ruling class in Utah or Wyoming. They only congregate along the East Coast and the Great Lake states. East of Chicago you do not really find many Jews “dominating the economy of Salt Lake City” or “Tulsa”.

    Sure, a few are tax lawyers but they do not form a ruling class.

    Their verbal abilities make them hot property as deal-makers and script-writers in Hollywood of course, but they are not particularly mechanically inclined.

    Nor do most of them have leading-man looks either. Their stars are usually goofy comedians. American movie-goers seem to prefer Irish and Nordic looks.

    While there is some overlap, one thing you notice is that German-Scandinavian States like Northern Michigan, Minnesota and the Dakotas do not have the huge pathology of Anglo-Celtic/Hispanic ones in the South.

    Anglo-Canadians have the same genes as Southerners (Scots, Anglican) but their living standard is quite high. In the North of Canada where people are purely indigenous there is poverty and violence, however.

    The same might be said for the Yankees of the East Coast.

    As for Chinese, they show a great deal of technical-entrepreneurial ability but no much verbal agility.

  22. These high IQ Chinese have produced 2 Nobel laureates from China while Bengali Brahmins of Kolkata with less than half million population have produced 2 Nobel prize in literature and medicine.That says everything.

    1. “while Bengali Brahmins of Kolkata with less than half million population have produced 2 Nobel prize in literature and medicine…”

      That says everything.

      1)You’re highly insecure when it comes to comparing India to china

      2) Education achievement/intelligence is highly skewed in India. What u said is quite typical of Hinduwadis apologetics. Examples abound

    2. See this is why I hate insecure Hinduwadi fags, they just make gas out of their ass and present it as facts. Where did this guy come up with Chinese producing only 2 nobel prize winners? What are his sources? This concept of facts and sources is alien to the Indian mindset. Here people just make gas out of their ass and everybody accepts it as fact.

      Check out the facts

  23. Hers are the nobel prize winners of India

    Only Eight are ethnic Indians. Dalai Lama is Tibetan, Mother Teressa is Albanian/Serb, Ronald Ross and Rudyard Kipling were ethnic British of British India. are Indians by nationality but not by ancestry. Only 4 people of Indian ancestry have won Nobel prizes in the Science.
    Secondly Sampan, of the two Bengalis (3 if you add Yunus from Bangladesh) only one of them Tagore was a Brahmin, Amartya Sen is Kayastha. Even Bose, the one Indian who could have got a Nobel prize in the sciences was Bengali Kayastha, not Brahmin. Kayasthas are upper caste too but are not Brahmins.
    Typical hinduwadi desi idiot fag making a fool of himself by claiming nonsense.

  24. East Asian girls getting turned on by intelligence might be true. There is a famous opera of a Chinese girl falling in love with a handsome scholar.



    ” It is the most popular play of the Ming dynasty, and is the primary showcase of the guimendan (閨門旦/闺门旦) role type.”
    “The performance tradition has focused on the love story between Du Liniang (杜麗娘/杜丽娘) and Liu Mengmei (柳夢梅/柳梦梅), but its original text also contains subplots pertaining to the falling Song Dynasty’s defense against the aggression of the Jin Dynasty.

    It is the last days of the Southern Song Dynasty. On a fine Spring day, a maid persuades Du Liniang, the sixteen-year-old daughter of an important official, Du Bao, to take a walk in the garden, where she falls asleep. In Du Liniang’s dream she encounters a young scholar, identified later in the play as Liu Mengmei, whom in real life she has never met. Liu’s bold advances starts off a flaming romance between the two and it flourishes rapidly.”

    Did you get that??? A pretty girl from a rich family falling in love with a scholar. While European girls were dreaming of knights in shinning armour and African girls dreamt of being one of many in a harem of some chief, Chinese girls were dreaming of scholars!!!

  25. I”m like you. My last girlfriend was an Ashkenazi Jew and that was a big reason I liked her. I”m mostly British but I know that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent. I grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and I loved the people I grew up with. Their culture is also better too because they emphasize education more than most cultures. I went to university and was the first person on both sides of the family to do so. I had no support and nobody in my family had any idea how to get the most of the experience. I had never heard the term Phd in my life until I had been at University a few months. Can you imagine a Jewish family being that ignorant? Education and intelligence is what I value most in life. I don’t believe everyone is like that but I am, and anyone who is like me would be nuts not to love Askenazi Jews. Genetically they are superior and I have always felt that way. I almost married my Jewish girlfriend and quite frankly, I would have loved to get some Jewish blood in my family.

  26. Thats a nerd feeling better than the others because he had sex.
    Still carrying your retarded indian clasist mindset.

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