Very High Traffic Returning to Robert Lindsay

Traffic to the site was extremely high today, mostly coming in for this expository Spanish language post – Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso (Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest) about a particularly nasty gore video that is floating around the Net. The video is not in the post, because WordPress won’t allow it. But maybe there is a link to the video in the post, who knows?

I have to ask you, if you wish to view this video, to please be very careful. This is one of the most fucked up, evil, diabolical, horrible videos on the whole Internet. I don’t even know why it’s even legal. So if you watch it and get traumatized, don’t come crying to me.

Traffic was ~23,000 hits today (normal is ~7,500), and about 15,000 were Spanish language speakers, mostly from Chile, coming to read that multilingual post. Interesting. Translating high traffic posts into the native languages of many of your visitors is a good idea, and can really bring in the hits. Funny that almost no one does it.

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25 thoughts on “Very High Traffic Returning to Robert Lindsay”

    1. Let’s just wait and see, ok? When you get older, you stop worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. It won’t be retroactive anyway, so quit worrying please.

      1. It’s just that I thought this country was supposed to be all about freedom and civil liberties, and look where we are today. What do you think Washington and Jefferson would think when they see that in 2010 America, a tiny 2% minority group tries to regulate the speech of the majority population and tries to immunize itself from all criticism?

        1. If you go to websites like, information clearinghouse, Counterpunch, and other leftist/anti-establishment websites, they generally paint alarmist pictures of impending nuclear war and police state martial law measures in this country. What do you make of those websites? They are pretty close to you ideologically.

        2. fpy, what’s your life like? I’m 52 years old. I have a ton of problems of my own. My problems are very real and directly effect my life. All this shit is hypothetical and I just assume it ain’t gonna happen until proven otherwise. If and when it happens, then we deal with it. Until then, just worry about real stuff. The real stuff is bad enough as it is.

        3. What kind of problems do you face in your real life? All I will say about my life is that I’m much younger than you are.

        4. I don’t want to go into it too much, but it has to do with problems with real life human beings, male and female, and relationships or lack of them with either or both. IOW, problems in living. People problems. If you’re fully involved in life, you have people problems, with real flesh and blood human beings.

          Also I have a lot of shit going on regarding money, or mostly the lack of it. Also my health. I’m so tired that I can’t even work and have to live off a trust fund. My apartment is full of stuff that never gets dealt with or put away. There is lots of stuff that I need to get done, that I just don’t go out and take care of.

          Also, I have OCD, and this creates a lot of problems for me, mostly with other humans.

          Suffice to say I have my hands full with real-life Meatspace stuff. I don’t have time to dick around with Net stuff or hypothetical bullshit like you are bringing up. Deal with your real life stuff first! Save the rest for later!

        5. How does OCD affect your relations with other people? I see what you mean about real life issues. I’ve pretty much gotten along with anybody I came in contact with. So I don’t have any enemies or anything like that.
          And I’m much younger, so I guess I think about things a bit differently and don’t face the same issues a 52 year old would have.
          Doesn’t a trust fund mean you’re loaded?

        6. Trust fund? Loaded? No way. A lot of trusters are, but most are not. Most funds are really small, like a few hundred a month or so. Mine is bigger than that, but it’s not much. Lately it’s around $850/month, which is really low, and it’s hard to live off it. I want to work, but I can’t really work at a normal job since my health is not good due to chronic sinusitis for 16 years now.

          OCD, I dunno, I think mostly it makes people think I’m weird or something. A lot of people think I’m dangerous, which is really strange. Or that I’m crazy, like schizophrenic. Obviously, I’m not any of those things, but it sure is hard to deal with all these idiots. They just don’t understand.

        7. That’s contradictory. First you said people thought you were some wimp, and now people think you’re dangerous?

        8. That’s contradictory. First you said people thought you were some wimp, and now people think you’re dangerous?

          I told you it doesn’t make sense. A lot of these shitheads who live in this complex with me, these dipshit Hispanics and Blacks, apparently think I’m dangerous. I figure they mostly feel that way because they fuckin dumb as rocks. That’s one thing I don’t like about stupid people. They don’t understand other humans very well. What particularly retarded about this is that a lot of these nonWhite idiots around here are in fact dangerous! A lot of them are in gangs, they are always getting arrested, going to juvey, jail or prison. The cops are constantly getting called to this complex, they are here most every nite. I know some of these gang idiots around here, they carry weapons, say they pimp whores, mug people or rob people on the street for money, talk about doing hits on guys for money (hit man operations). They have scars on their bodies from bullets and knives. A lot of the older ones have prison records, often for serious shit.

          But somehow, none of them are dangerous.

          And *I’m* dangerous! WTF man? Fuck these people.

          I have a Clear Teaching Credential with the state of California. I have a few convictions, but nothing serious. To keep your credential, you can’t have any convictions at all really. Any serious arrests and they pull it permanently. So I can’t get in any kind of trouble at all, period. I can’t get arrested for anything.

          I get along a lot better with Whites because they are a lot smarter and after a while, they get me and figure me out, especially the older ones. The older people are, the better they understand their fellow man and can figure him out.

          Young people of any race seem to be retards, and they don’t understand other human beings at all. They don’t get it. Not enough life experience. That’s why I am adamant that young people should never be given any positions of power in society. They are too stupid to use it effectively.

  1. Wikileaks is genuine. The guy who runs it is a hero
    of democracy. Fear sells…but it doesn’t mobilise. Alarmism sells fear.

    Counterpunch is my favourite among the ones you mention. I also like, which isn’t even Left.

    The Left needs a positive project. It doesn’t need conspiracy theories, racial slurs, and geopolitical fantasies a la Maoism. And it doesn’t need too much fear.

    That’s what Obama offered, a positive vision, but can’t deliver. What the Left can learn from Obama is that the values he espoused in opposition, and in his first book were massively popular, and mobilised millions of people. He didn’t get elected because he used fear as a tool to mobilise people. American fascism is oversold. Does the American Democrat party have a radical, antiwar wing? I guess given the splintered and fissaparous nature of the American Left, that’s where I’d find myself in the US political spectrum.

    It’s very hard in an imperialist heartland to get anything moving. The media and TV sells stupidity and ignorance. It’s almost as bad in the UK.

    Sometimes a radical politics needs to be conservative, as in conserving blue collar American jobs, conserving civil liberties, conserving American lives in useless foreign wars.

    Protectionism is radical, sane anti-immigration is radical, bringing the boys home from Afghanistan and Iraq is radical and should be popular (there is an antiwar majority in the US population, at least on Iraq, which is why Obama talked up withdrawal). Ultraleft groups often end up mimicking the very thing they oppose: fascism, but without the racism. MIM did that, too, and the WRP in this country.

    Thus the Weathermen, below:
    Good intentions, lousy result. Ultimately elitist and anti working class.

    This is from mattkapko, above.

    “The words revolutionary violence mean absolutely nothing to the American people, and probably never will. The point is this: It doesn’t work.

    Revolutionary violence doesn’t work. Americans can’t understand any violence that isn’t sanctioned by the state.” This comes from a former terrorist, Mark Rudd, reflecting on his time as a member of the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War.

    Although it was more than 30 years ago, the violent reactions of the Weather Underground are still as mysterious today as in 1970 when it initiated a bombing campaign against the U.S. government. The group directed its violence toward “the establishment” and symbols of imperialist and racist institutions, as described in their first communiqué.

    The Weather Underground, also briefly named the Weathermen, was largely comprised of middle class college students from the East Coast and Midwest. In its struggle against “the establishment,” the Weather Underground, in many ways, had everything to lose. Its members came predominantly from affluent families with the means to attend any school they chose. After working for years within the framework of the Students for a Democratic Society – still the country’s largest-ever student organization – members of the Weather Underground decided to break away from SDS in 1969 to “bring the war home” and “get it on in this country” by committing armed resistance against the U.S. government.

    It was the increasing violence in Indochina, and President Richard Nixon’s repeated broken promises of withdrawal from the war in Vietnam that caused the group to begin advocating violence. As violence sanctioned by the U.S. government in Indochina worsened and the casualties escalated, the Weather Underground decided that violence was the necessary and legitimate reaction.

    Nixon’s blatant dismissal of the anti-war movement’s relevance forced the Weather Underground to seek violent means to stop the war. Searching for a way to end the war, the Weather Underground strayed from that original focus; and its goal evolved to became the violent overthrow of U.S. imperialism.

    One of the Weather Underground’s founding members, Bill Ayers, writes that his decision to become violent was “not criminal, but patriotic—much like the revolutionaries at the Boston Tea Party or in Lexington Square.” He vividly recalls his first notice of the American invasion of Vietnam while sipping on coffee, reading a newspaper in Rome, Italy. “The front-page story was about a big American military buildup in a place I’d never heard of. Troops were on their way; more men would be called; the Selective Service was gearing up. The place was Vietnam… It was time for me to get home.”

    Within a year this would be his cause, his great awakening: “I felt the war escalating, which it really was, being waged in my name personally, by young guys I knew who might have been me. I wanted nothing now except to end the war, to end it now.” Ayers strongly believes that “people make history,” and that “tomorrow will only be what the people make it.” He wanted to be a part of that.

    1. Just curious, how do communist party members in any country make a living? I don’t see how they get their income.

        1. Don’t they know the the USSR effectively turned anti-Jewish starting from 1948? And being the most privileged elite group in America, what do they have to gain by being in the CPUSA?

    2. Ultimately elitist and anti working class.

      They were doomed by their contempt for working class white people. There is a direct line from them to the race traitor/whiteness studies crap, which Ayers are Dohrn are pushing today.

      It appears that Rudd was the only one to learn from his mistakes.

      1. Wow, race traitor / Whiteness Studies / Critical Race Theory has its roots in bourgeois White Leftist contempt for working class Whites. Of course!

        Why are working class Whites evil? Because they’re raaaaacist.

        Hell with their racism, I’ll work with them anyway. We’ll deal with the racism shit later. Let’s to class politics first.

        The whole idea that you declare the White workers as an enemy class due to their racism is simply whack.

  2. On OCD, have a look at this Robert: and this on obsessive compulsive behaviour. These articles by Dr Luc de Schepper on a successful approach to treating OCD are written for professionals but not written in a language that makes them impenetrable for lay people. I hope these articles are of assistance to you in mastering the condition. Luc de Schepper practices in California but I don’t know where. As California is two thirds the size of France it might be a long way from Madera.

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