What Do Hispanics Think of Asians

A commenter asks:

What do Mexicans, Central Americans think of Asians? Surely they know that they are descended from Siberian Mongoloids who crossed the Bering Strait ages ago.

We will deal with the second half of the question first. Those people are so stupid that they don’t even understand that they are part Indian and part White! If you tell them that, they either look puzzled or get angry. The ones in the US get angry because they are Latino Nationalists who don’t like whites, and it’s an insult to tell that they have White in them. They want to be 10

One idiot had a (hopefully useless) university BA degree, and he got mad when I told him Hispanics were mixed Indian and White. Also, he was mostly White, and I pointed that out. He was into Latino “hate Whitey” politics, and he wanted to believe he was all Indian. Not only that, but his people went back to the original Californios before California was a state, when it was part of Mexico. Californios were mestizos, but they were quite White (Spaniard). Dumbfuck.

Most of these people have no understanding that Indians are descended from Siberians. Even here in the US, many Native Americans reject that view. I worked for a tribe for a while, and they all rejected that view. Their ancestors told them that they were always here, so that’s what they believe. Retarded.

In many anthropological documents now, the “Indian view” is given first. It’s totally retarded and says we were always here or we crawled out of the mouth of a whale or some stupid shit. Then there is the “Anthropologists View” which is the real science.

Most Indians hate the anthropologists, and a lot of them reject all of the ethnographic work that was done back in the old days as “lies told by evil White anthros.” They even reject a lot of the linguistic data. I kept running into this emotional shit over and over when I worked for them, and it was hard to deal with!

I’ve spoken to many Mexicans and told them that they look a little Asian because they have Indian in them and Indians came from Asia. Usually they’re never heard of that, and a lot of times they get sort of mad.

Mesamerican Hispanics are not stupid, but they are frighteningly ignorant. Native Americans are just willfully ignorant. It’s a pride thing.

As far as what they think of Asians, they don’t seem to have anything against them. Asians have lived in Latin America in small numbers for a long time, and the Hispanics have gotten along quite well with them. In the US, Asian numbers are small, and Asians are just not important to any racial group, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, no one. No one cares about a group until they get some numbers.

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16 thoughts on “What Do Hispanics Think of Asians”

  1. You are full of shit, Robert. Amerindians didn’t come from Asia, but they were brought to the America’s from another planet by flying saucers. I hope that I don’t have to repeat this.
    I see no reason to doubt your words, but I find it hard to believe that Chicanos deny that most Mexicans have at least partial white ancestry. In Mexico itself there is discrimination against pure Indians, so how could they not know that mestizos are partially white?
    The US has created this fake race called Hispanics, and the Hispanics in the US seem to have started to believe that nonsense.
    According to the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, he lost the presidential election to Alberto Fujimori in part because because of race. Since Fujimori, nicknamed el Chinito = the little Chinaman, is yellow, he was not hated by any of the 4 major racial groups in Peru, the blacks, whites, mestizos and Amerindians. Llosa, on the other hand, was hated by many because of his whiteness.

    Regards. James

    1. I see no reason to doubt your words, but I find it hard to believe that Chicanos deny that most Mexicans have at least partial white ancestry. In Mexico itself there is discrimination against pure Indians, so how could they not know that mestizos are partially white?

      The ones who say that are either born in the US, or else they came to the US when they were 3 yrs old or so. Basically Chicanos raised in the US. And frighteningly ignorant people! Yes, they do think that their race is “Hispanic.” LOL!

      1. Hey, don’t be harsh, most Americans are equally as frighteningly ignorant. As a matter of fact, many believe “Mexican” is a race (which is absolutely idiotic). Also, you say that thinking Hispanic is a race is ignorant, yet you keep saying “White, Asian, Black, Hispanic” and it seems like you use Hispanic in a racial sense.

        1. This is “Beyond Highbrow”.
          We seem to all know this here, so it does no harm (it’s just the most convienient term)

          But when you guy to some uber prole Website (like AmRen) those Geniuses DONT know, and they should honestly stop.
          I pointed this out, and got comments deleted (DONT GO AFTER THE BLESSED LEADER) type thing.

  2. I’m an Indian and I have no issue with our Asian origins but I know many Indians who do. Don’t mena anything to me though. Fuck the dumbass whte anthros who lay down for this shit. I’ll bet a lot of them are kike j*ws tryin to keep us ignorant.

    1. Why do those Indians have a problem with their Asian origins? Isn’t it obvious to them when they look in a mirror that they are Siberian in origin?

      1. Their like rapture bunnies lol. The old stories say it so they believe it. Some of them think it takwes away from our claim to the land but we were still first lol.

        1. Actually there are still two tribes living in Siberia, near the Urals, that have the same paternal genes as American Indians, the Kets and the Selkups. You should look them up. They are the two remaining Asians who are closest to you guys.

  3. Asians in Peru were liked, or just treated as regular folk, from my observations while being there. Some of them were quite Christian, I noticed as well. In Argentina, however, the people didn’t like them. The The kids I knew tried not to shop at their shops because they were “chinos sucios” (“dirty chinese”). Anyone who’s seen the dog shit on the streets in Buenos Aires wonders how they could ignore than and consider complain about decent convenience stores.

  4. ‘In many anthropological documents now, the “Indian view” is given first.’

    Man, anthropology is such a minefield of bullshit. I cannot believe that it is the degree I ended up with. Wtf.

  5. Huh? Not ALL mexicans are half white half native. Some are fully black, some are fully white some are fully native.

    And what about the hispanics THAT ARE ASIAN?

  6. As a “Hispanic” (term that we Latin Americans can’t understand why the idiotic Americans use to refer to us, yet we end up using just because we get tired of explaining our origins,) all I have to say is that your article is full of BS, and some of your commenters are ill-informed. And no, we (the ones who actually have some of it) don’t deny we have some Spaniard (who descend of Arabs, by the way) in us, but we don’t consider the Spaniards to be fully white. And, in Latin America you can find big numbers of 100% blooded Amerindians (there are a big number of jungle tribes that have no contact with the westernized civilization, for example) and a little bit of full-blooded whites, blacks, middle easterns, and Asians (most of which end up mixing with others as is common in LA though.)

    And, as long as the USA and its idiotic citizens reduce us all to be “hispanics” and treat us differently as soon as they learn we speak Spanish or come from Central America, South America, a Caribbean island, or Mexico, we cannot consider ourselves white. Simple as that. It goes from being a race thing to a culture thing, which is why the Latin American blacks cannot relate to the American blacks. Same with the Asian and middle eastern Latin Americans; they don’t relate to the Asian Americans and Middle Eastern Americans.

    BTW, for the idiot who says that Peruvians didn’t vote for Vargas Llosa because of his supposed whiteness, you are VERY WRONG.

  7. We are 550 million of Latinos in the Americas. Latin American population is composed :
    – 36% white people (most of them living in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina)
    – 12% native people (Amerindians, most of them living in Mexico and Central America)
    – 10% black people
    – 42% mestizos (mixed-blood)
    Most of mestizos, are an intermixing between Europeans and Native Americans or Europeans and blacks.

    I understand when a white American call us just “hispano”. In Latin America, everyone who is Asian descendent is called just “chino” (Chinese) . That is wrong, because there are more than 20 countries in Asia with more than 5 different religions, languages and cultures, but it’s “easier” for us to call them chinos, maybe because we are kind of ignorant and we don’t know too much about the complexity of Asia. That’s why I understand when Americans use the word “hispano” to make it easier. I don’t expect most Americans know too much about my culture, I do not get mad to be call hispano. I do not understand other Latinos does.

    Mario Vargas Llosa indeed, lost the presidential election to Alberto Fujimori due to racial and social economic issues. Fujimori, a Peruvian-Japanese descendent, represented “technology” because his race. Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian-Spaniard descendent represented the “continuity” of the upper white Peruvian class in the power of the country. If both were mestizos, Vargas Llosa easily would win that election.

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