Be Careful What You Wish For, Blacks

Blacks are saying that the White line of, “You just wait, Blacks,” about White decline is disingenuous and is not being said out of concern for Blacks at all. These Whites don’t even like Blacks.

Truth is it doesn’t matter why Whites say it or what they feel about Blacks. The truth is the truth. A White majority nowadays is good for Blacks. A non-White majority will be less so.

We know objectively how Hispanics, Asians, etc. feel about Blacks. They don’t like them. They are way more racist towards Blacks than Whites are anymore. It’s quite common to hear Hispanics say that they hate Blacks. There’s no guilt in saying that. In White society, you don’t hear that too much. Whites will say that they like Blacks, even while they won’t date one, vote Republican, live in all-White towns and go to Tea Parties.

What you’re seeing is White anger at Blacks for rejoicing in the reduction of the White majority, and in many cases, egging it on. Whites know full well that Blacks see Whites as the enemy (you can see it even in some of the Black commenters on here now and then, when they let if peek out).

The grudge is largely historical, and in that sense, it’s preposterous. It’s over and done with. Sure, Whites have been really shitty to Blacks in the past, even the near past, but there is probably no group on Earth as non-racist and as tolerant of minorities as Western Whites these days, 45 years on from the 1960’s.

The Abagonds, the Tim Wises, can argue all they want about the evil racism of Whites, but I know my people. I grew up White and lived White almost my whole life, except for the past 2 years. I’ve socialized White most of my life too, once again except for the past 2 years. I know my people! Yes, we did used to be much more racist. You can see that in politics and in society. But in the past 30 years, even in the past 20 years, White racism has dramatically declined.

These Hispanics and Asians are like what we used to be, in the 1930’s-1950’s. They are unashamed of being racist or being called racist and are often mystified that it is some kind of a thought crime.

In Los Angeles, Hispanic street gangs are actually ethnically cleansing Blacks from entire neighborhoods, presumably to the cheers of the local Latinos. Around here, the Blacks I know hear Hispanics yell, “Pinche mayate!” at them a lot. If they go to a nearby White town in the foothills, no one’s going to yell “Nigger!” or anything else at them. That’s not done anymore.

Also in Los Angeles, in Lynwood, a Black town that is turning Hispanic, Hispanics recently became a majority. The local Hispanics engaged in a clear conspiracy to cleanse the Blacks out of local politics. In the elections, they ran Hispanics against Blacks in all the open seats. All of the Blacks lost, and the local government is now 100% Hispanic. The Hispanics went door to door to Hispanics with their plan telling them exactly what they intended to do, and they did.

The local Blacks are like 40% of the town, and they are angry. This is just a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Whites don’t do that anymore. In a town that is 60% White and 40% Black, Whites won’t organize or win a campaign to throw the Blacks out and replace them with all Whites. Even if they did and somehow succeeded, it would be all over the press, TV and blogs for weeks. The Black caucus would call for Civil Rights investigations against the town government. Obama would throw in a few words. The PC Cultural Left Anti-Racism Industry would talk about nothing else for a couple of weeks.

But the Hispanics can do it, and no one says a word. See how that works. Only Whites can be racist, you know.

It’s not that Whites say this out of any concern for Blacks, but we feel that we have a bum rap in Black World these days. We are treated as evil racists and as the enemy. The Abagond/Tim Wise crowd and the whole US Left makes this clear. But it’s increasingly hard to make that case as White racism recedes into subtlety and shades of its former self.

The Blacks gloat as we decline. We see this and it makes us angry. “Those Black bastards, Goddamn them,” we think. Not only that, but these Blacks are total idiots. They laugh as we lose power, but they won’t realize how good they had it. Things are going to get worse for Blacks as the White majority declines, not better. Look to Latin America as a model. It won’t be pretty. Further, the Hispanics are mostly Mexicans and Central Americans, and they don’t like Blacks at all in their societies. Just do some research if you don’t believe me.

A conservative Black writer recently wrote that a White majority is good for Blacks, and a non-White majority will not be, as it will be worse than the Whites. She’s right! She said that Blacks should strive to keep a White majority and a White culture in the US, not because Whites are wonderful, but because nowadays US Whites are better for Blacks than any of the alternatives.

As usual, Blacks think emotionally and can’t figure this out.

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13 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For, Blacks”

  1. None of the Black people I know would ever say that only Whites can be racist. I personally never expected love from Hispanics and Asians, so it doesn’t come as a shock when they express their anti-Black sentiments.

    And who are these Blacks that are egging on White decline?

  2. What do Mexicans, Central Americans think of Asians? Surely they know that they are descended from Siberian Mongoloids who crossed the Bering Strait ages ago.

  3. Whenever a White person says, “Just you Blacks wait until Whites are no longer in charge,” this is an expression of White anger and resentment, then. Nothing more.

    Got it.

  4. Actually a non-white majority may be good for blacks, but not in the way you’re thinking. It might force blacks to wake up, not depend on whites or affirmative action, and become more self-reliant and start our own businesses, like what the prosperous blacks of Tulsa, OK had in the 1920s before the Tulsa race riot. There were other communities like Tulsa as well, such as Rosewood. And Atlanta has always had a middle class black presence. There were black communities even during the darkest days of segregation that were almost like self-sufficient city-states with their own black doctors, grocery stores, black banks, mom and pop shops, industry and all. After integration, the black middle class moved to the suburbs with the whites and what was left behind became the ghetto and it has never recovered.

    So maybe a Hispanic majority racist America will make blacks wake up and revive some of that self-sufficiency that people like Booker T. Washington were calling for all along. In some ways, Washington was an uncle Tom, but he had a lot of important shit to say too that unfortunately got sidelined when black leadership made integration and an appeal to white people its main goal. Washington’s main goal was not ending racism per se, but black education and self-sufficiency. Though I’m happy at the progress we as black people have made in this country as well as the diminishment of white racism, I fear that blacks have become too dependent on white people.

    Btw, I know you feel that whites have become way less racist, but you also live in a relatively liberal part of the country. You can drive an hour outside of Atlanta and you’re right back in the OLD south and not much has changed and the white folks want Obama out “by any means necessary” if you get my drift. One hour outside Nashville where my family lives there are still Klan rallies in the streets of Polaski. So how much things have changed also depends on where you live too.

    One other point, and that’s that I think much of the conflict amongst blacks vs Hispanics is an issue of class more than one of race. Most of this fighting is between poor blacks vs poor Hispanics. Once blacks and Hispanics have educations and become middle class, you don’t really see that kind of stuff. The dirty looks I get from Hispanics are the shaved head lowlife cholos. The majority of my friends however are middle class Hispanics and there are no problems between us. Most educated Hispanics tend to view blacks as a model for “fighting the power” so to speak. Groups like MALDEF and La Raza have taken inspiration from the black civil rights struggle. And most these educated Hispanics become culturally left wing and admire MLK, Malcolm X and probably voted for Obama. Now your typical old school Mexican abuela that lives in E. L.A. and has little interaction with blacks never went to college will probably carry on the same racist views as she brought from Mexico. I don’t think the younger generation is like that. I walk around and see young Hispanics everywhere listening to HipHop and wearing Kobe Bryant jerseys. Many have even incorporated some black slang into their Spanglish. Some may still have stupid racist views, but it’s diminishing over time. By 2050, I doubt it’ll be the same problem as today.

    1. Being as self-sufficient as possible is probably going to be a good strategy for anybody, or any group of people, in the years to come.

    2. This is an excellent comment. I agree with almost all of it.

      One thing you left out.

      That is that the *Whites of the US as a whole* have gotten way less racist. Reagan opened his 1980 campaign by going to that town where the two White civil rights workers were murdered and saying that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a mistake.

      Goddamn sonofabitch! How many of the 53% of the Americans who love Reagan know that he did that? He should be hated forever just for that act alone.

      More importantly, no Republican Presidential candidate could ever do such a thing as that again. Or if he did, he would lose badly. It’s unthinkable.

      Think back to 1988 when Jesse Jackson was running for President. No liberal Black Democrat could have won the Presidency back then. And that was a mere 20 years ago.

      So you see, the whole nation, taken as a whole, is less racist than 20-30 years ago.

      I’ve met these liberal middle class Hispanics that you talked about, and yes, they have an alliance with middle class Blacks. Basically an anti-White alliance, from what I can tell.

      1. Yeah, good points on Reagan and Jesse Jackson.

        Damn, that Southern Strategy was something else. Bush even pulled out the SS card on McCain with the black out of wedlock child issue. And that wasn’t even long ago.

      2. Reagan brought in the 1986 ‘amnesty’, which in retrospect sealed the fate of white America.
        – The man was a stupid, vile, evil piece of shit.

  5. This article makes more sense when you read it in Strom Thurmond’s voice.

    I have no use for the hand-wringing whiteness studies crowd, but come on.

    1. Not really. Strom Thurmond wanted to treat Blacks like shit. We liberal Whites don’t. We want to treat them well, and we’ve been trying very hard. Instead, Blacks say we’re the enemy, and they cheer our decline, because that’s screwing the White Enemy. But it won’t make sense for them, because the other groups are not going to be nearly as nice to Blacks as we have been. And we have been quite nice lately, and that was the right thing to do. And Strom Thurmond would not agree with that last sentence.

      You misunderstand this piece. It’s a White liberal’s lament. This view is quite common in the White circles I run in. White liberals are very frustrated with Black people.

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. My Mexican brother in law is extremely racist against blacks. If whites did the same it would be an abomination. As for South Korea, the prejudice against them is unbearable, but they will, at the moment, worship blonde, blue eyed westerners.

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