Jews Aren’t Terrorists

Whatever you can say, Jews are not terrorists. Only Arabs and Muslims do sick stuff like that. Even when they were being persecuted in the Holocaust, they never killed innocents.

King David Massacre
Massacre at Baldat Al-Shaikh
Yehida Massacre
Khisas Massacre
Qazaza Massacre
Semiramis Hotel Massacre
Massacre at Deir Yasin
Naser Al-Din Massacre
The Tantura Massacre
Beit Daras Massacre
Dahmash Mosque Massacre
Dawayma Massacre
Houla Massacre
Sharafat Massacre
Salha Massacre
Massacre at Qibya
Kafr Qasem Massacre
Khan Yunis Massacre
Massacre in Gaza City
Al-Sammou’ Massacre
Aitharoun Massacre
Kawnin Massacre
Hanin Massacre
Bint Jbeil Massacre
Abbasieh Massacre
Adloun Massacre
Saida Massacre
Fakhani Massacre
Beirut Massacre
Sabra and Shatila Massacre
Jibsheet Massacre
Sohmor Massacre
Seer Al Garbiah
Maaraka Massacres
Zrariah Massacre
Homeen Al-Tahta Massacre
Jibaa Massacre
Yohmor Massacre
Tiri Massacre
Al-Naher Al-Bared Massacre
Ain Al-Hilwe Massacre
Oyon Qara Massacre
Siddiqine Massacre
Al-Aqsa Mosque Massacre
Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
Jabalia Massacre
Aramta Massacre
Eretz Checkpoint Massacre
Deir Al-Zahrani Massacre
Nabatiyeh (School Bus) Massacre
Mnsuriah Massacre
Second Sohmor Massacre
Nabatyaih Massacre
Qana Massacre
Trqumia Massacre
Janta Massacre
24 Of June 1999 Massacres
Western Bekaa Villages Massacre

Robert Taylor in the Comments Section

Mr. Taylor is ruffling quite a few feathers (Thank God! There is hope for us yet.) in the comments section, which indicates there is yet hope for mankind. When his comments elicit storms of praise, we need to start worrying. A lot.

Most can’t figure out where this extremely pro-capitalist person is coming from.

Robert Taylor is an extremely hardline Libertarian type. More of an anarcho-capitalist. He’s so radical he thinks most of his fellow Libertarians are socialists. Just so you know who you’re dealing with.

Libertarianism is rocket-fueled, turbocharged, Racer’s Edge capitalism on steroids to the nth power. If you’re dubious at all about capitalism as the ultra-wonderful system our parties and media say it is, trust, me Libertarianism is not for you!

Anything on the Right Worth Supporting? Well, Yeah

A commenter notes that the Far Right and Far Left advocate similar things, at least in the US. But that’s not the case at all.

Rob, what’s wrong with taking the good out of the left and the right and mixing it up? Perhaps the far left and far right are realizing that their real enemies are not each other, but the corrupt, plutocratic ruling class?

Far Right is Tea Parties, Libertardian Party and the Republitard Party as a whole. They most certainly do not support an attack on the plutocrats!

I support the Right on some things.

  • I’m for a hard crackdown on illegals.
  • I’m also for amending the 14th amendment to get rid of the anchor baby phenomenon.
  • I want to get rid of treacherous ethnic studies programs in high schools like the ones in Arizona.
  • I’m for a judicial decision amending the Civil Rights Act on “disparate impact.” This has gone too far, and it’s just nuts.
  • I want to end the Hindu 1-B program.
  • I advocate marriage licenses for parents, though it’s not happening.
  • I agree that there are intelligence difference between the races, at the moment anyway. Maybe not forever.
  • I want IQ tests for prospective immigrants from lands that are producing large numbers of problem immigrants to the US.
  • I think that PC anti-racism has gone seriously too far to the point of insanity, and that’s it’s now little more than anti-White racism.
  • I think there are hate crimes against Whites, job discrimination against Whites and hate propaganda racism against Whites, hence Whites are at some times and places anyway a persecuted race on account of their ethnicity.
  • I think the racial makeup of a city, more than income level, explains more in terms of its crime rate and desirability as a living space.
  • I believe the high Black crime rate may be in part genetically based, but is by no means inevitable at any rate, as culture modifies genes.
  • I believe that Gypsies are a criminal race.

I’ve been told that these are all a rightwing positions. So be it.

You know what the weird thing is though? Among White liberals here in California (and I spent my whole life with these people) if you get them behind closed doors when no one is listening, they will agree with me on a large number of these “rightwing” ideas. But it’s not something they will talk about in public. And they all voted for Obama anyway.

The “Screw the South” Amendment

Repost from the old site.

I knew that this amendment was the “equal protection under the law” amendment, but I never realized that this part of the overall “screw the South” Reconstruction thing, which I frankly think was a good idea. It’s interesting that it led the way not only to Brown vs the Board of Education, Roe vs Wade, pro-privacy decisions, and all sorts of cool and progressive things.

Section 2 never got enforced too much, so we needed a Voting Rights Act. Section 1 has come back into the news, since it is this section that has permitted the mass insanity of tens of millions of “anchor babies” of illegal Mesoamerican immigrants.

Sections 3 and 4 are not relevant anymore, but they were clearly intended to screw the South bigtime. I never realized that Robert E. Lee had his citizenship revoked. This section is obviously the source of the conservative “giving aid and comfort to our enemies” bullshit during the Vietnam War.

Section 4 is of historical interest because the South claimed that the human property that they owned was capital and they said they needed to be compensated for it. Freeing their human property without paying the slavemasters off was a “taking”. Yes, Americans actually had great big arguments about bullshit like this. Hard to believe, huh?

Neo-confederates, Republicans and other nefarious characters have advanced arguments against the 14th Amendment. One was that the Southern states only ratified as they were occupied by Northern troops with Northern-installed Reconstruction regimes in office, hence the votes were fraudulent.

Samuel Alito, a frighteningly reactionary man who was treacherously allowed onto our Supreme Court by wimpy Democrats, hates the 14th Amendment and has called for its repeal. The 14th Amendment is the boogieman of the Southern-dominated Federalist Movement that came out of the Reagan years.

On the more literate White nationalist sites, the Amendment comes in for regular excoriation. It’s always been a voodoo doll for the neo-Confederates.

It’s nice to understand why.

100% of Hardcore US Racists Vote Republican

Repost from the old site.

If you go to White nationalist sites, you will be damned if you ever find even one Democrat on those boards. You will find some ex-Democrats. Nor will you even find one person who votes Democrat, except some now voting Obama for racist reasons*.

I’ve made the rounds of many of these sites. The truth is that 100% of US hardcore White racists vote Republican! Year in and year out. Are there any hardcore White racists in the US who vote Democrat? I do not think so. I’ve never met one, and I’ve never seen one anywhere on the Net.

The White racists are simply a subset of US Whites. On the White racist sites, they make it completely clear that the Republican Party is the party to vote for if you are White, and especially if you are a racist White.

In looking at how White racists in the US vote overwhelmingly Republican, we can begin to understand why US Whites vote so overwhelmingly Republican. I suggest that the hardcore racists and the rest of the Whites are voting Republican for some pretty similar reasons.

James Schipper in the comments points out that the Republican Party has hardly given US Whites a damned thing for their racist votes. At the very least, he argues, it could have come down hard on illegal immigration, reduced legal immigration and ended affirmative action.

Instead, the Republican Party is 100% Open Borders and can’t get enough millions of legal immigrants to satisfy their needs. It’s true that they have made some movements on affirmative action, and it’s being outlawed by many states anyway. But private firms can still have diversity goals and whatnot, and that’s apparently legal.

The Republican Party has been winking at White racism for decades now. In 1981, Reagan went to the site in the South where the bodies of the two murdered civil rights workers were found and spoke before a crowd of hollering, hooting White peckerwood crackers, saying that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been a horrible mistake. Bush’s appointees to the Supreme Court apparently oppose civil rights, but little has come of that.

The Republicans, a plutocratic political party, have used the racist Whites in the same way they used the culture warriors, the Christian Right and the rest. Your average plutocrat is probably not very racist, not very religious and cares nothing about holy roller Christians.

Wealthy young women have abortions in very high numbers. The wealthy drink, use drugs, have promiscuous sex, have homosexual sex, and do all sorts of depraved things at a greater rate than the middle classes – they always have in most every society. At the same time, they cynically use the culture wars stuff to get the fools and suckers to vote for the plutocratic party.

Like the rich who supported the Nazis, they hope to use them for the ride and hopefully never implement any of the projects of the racists or holy rollers. When it finally gets to the point where the rich need to implement racist or holy roller policies in order to stay in power, things get awfully dicey. It’s a dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty game the rich play.

*There is a fascinating movement within White nationalism called White Nationalists For Obama. The idea here is to “heighten the contradictions” in Marxist terms. Electing a Black president will be so horrible that it will “wake up the sleeping Whites” to the White racist cause.

The resulting tumult will be so great that a vast race war will break in the US. In the course of this race war, the Whites will win. The upshot will be either the removal of all non-Whites from the US, or their sequestration to a few states of their own.

I used to think that the race war thing was only a dream of the real hardcore White power types, but even if you go to the more moderate sites, you will find huge numbers of commenters who are all for race war in the US to “shake things out”. I was appalled. I really don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but in analyzing White nationalism, we ought to conclude that many, perhaps most, of them long for a race war in the US.

Split Emerging Between CA Liberals and Left on Illegals

Repost from the old site.

Here in California (Ground Zero of America’s Mass/Illegal Immigration Nightmare) there is getting to be a serious split between some California liberals and the PC California Leftists over the issues of illegal immigration, Sanctuary Cities and other symptoms of major mental illness.

Take San Fransisco. You can’t get much more insane than Sanctuary Cities, but SF did just that. Not only do they hide illegal alien criminals from the law, they used to hide illegal alien felons, so long as they were underage! Turns out almost all of them ran away from the silly group homes they were dumped in, as we might expect.

Turns out some of them afterward went out and murdered people, as we might expect. Turns out a lot of others were really adults who lied and said they were minors, as we might expect. With blood on the sidewalk, three Italian native San Fransiscans, a father and two sons, dead, the mayor and his Leftist colleagues are incredibly holding their ground.

If you go to the comments on the SF Chronicle page dealing with these issues, you will see that there is an emerging split between SF liberals and SF Leftists. Probably 90% of San Fransiscans are Democrats, and probably 80% of the City are liberals.

Well, over and over on those pages, you see these SF liberals saying, “Hey! I’m a liberal San Franciscan, but this Sanctuary City crap has gone too far! Count me out! Up with liberals, down with PC Leftists!” And a lot of them are also saying, “And by the way, down with illegal aliens! Get the Hell out of my country!”

Keep in mind California is Ground Zero for Mass/Illegal Immigration madness. If that reality doesn’t turn any native Californian sensible on this issue, nothing will.

Being liberal was never supposed to be about being nuts or being stupid. From any logical point of view, a pro-illegal immigration (defending an invading army of lawbreakers), Sanctuary City (shielding the invader army from the law trying to arrest the criminals), viewpoint is both dumb and nuts.

Equality is Not a Prerequisite for Liberalism

Repost from the old site.

On a White nationalist blog that linked to me, I noted that it was possible to be a race realist and a socialist. This provoked the following objection:

…That makes no sense. A fundamental principle of liberalism is that of equality, of human beings being equal and interchangeable. It’s false of course, but take it away and all sorts of other leftist and liberal ideas crumble by implication.

I don’t see how one can be a race realist without that leading naturally to some sort of white supremacist / white nationalist / white exclusiveness position.

First of all, I would like to say some things about White Nationalism. I’ve finally concluded that White Nationalism is nothing but White racism and often White Supremacism.

It’s just White racism and White Supremacism repackaged with a fancy new name called White Nationalism to make it seem like it’s not those nasty things that we know of as White racism and White Supremacism, the latter being largely discredited. Well, if a philosophy is discredited, just invent a fancy new word for it and say it’s not the bad thing it really is.

It also explains why White Nationalists are so sensitive about the word racism and always put it in quotes like this: “racism”. Of course, they only do this when referring to White racism. Black racism, Hispanic racism, and all the other kinds are quite real; it’s only White racism that is phantasmagorical.

It’s also interesting how White Nationalists project. While they are denying their own racism, they are often fulminating about Black racism and Hispanic racism and whatnot. That’s clearly denial and projection.

There does seem to be a trend now with a lot of White Nationalists to come right out and admit that they are racists. This is to be encouraged. If you’re racist, what the Hell, just admit it. It’s not like you’re alone in the world – the world is full of racists. And it’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world to be anyway – as White Nationalists note, there are sure plenty of Hispanic and Black racists out there.

White Nationalists think they have excellent reasons to be racists – they’ve had bad experiences with Blacks and Hispanics and want nothing more to do with them. If that’s the case, then just admit it and make your case to an inquiring world.

There are a few White Nationalists who don’t seem to be racists, but I would say that 98% of them are.

No, onto this fellow’s rejoinder. This is a typical White Nationalist position. To them, one is either a silly race-denying liberal or one is a White Nationalist racist.

It doesn’t work that way. I know a number of White liberals and even Leftists who feel that there are intrinsic differences between the races; they just don’t think the question is very important. They date, befriend and even marry non-Whites. You might be surprised how common this type of thinking is.

One thing that always bothered me about the race realist crowd is that they insist that there are intrinsic differences between the races, and then proceed to blame races and ethnic groups for various average shortcomings and higher rates of pathologies.

But if those shortcomings and pathology rates are indeed genetic (This is what almost all race realists insist) then it follows that those groups should not be blamed for their shortcomings or pathologies. After all, it’s genetic and nothing can be done, right?

So, first of all, they accuse a group of being the equivalent of handicapped, then they throw the crutches away, kick the wheelchair to the side, throw the person into the gutter, all the while cursing them for being a cripple. How cruel can you get? Why does a realization that humans are not intrinsically equal automatically seem to lead to the cruelest sort of Social Darwinism, at best?

And by the same token, if the superior races are only superior through the luck of the dices, what on Earth do they have to feel proud of anyway? Nothing, really. Have they done anything to earn their superior status? Hardly. They just lucked out in the genes crapshoot. Big deal.

If humans are not equal, then it would be up to the state to equalize things. If Blacks, on average are always going to fall behind due to lower IQ (I am beginning to fear that this may be the case), then that is no fault of their own anyway, and it’s cruel to force them to suffer the ravages of the market, which is what most White nationalists seem to perversely want to do.

If Blacks were on average the same as we are, and the failures of their group were just due to their being a bunch of willful, perverse and deliberately wicked and stupid pricks, I would just say the Hell with them. But I honestly think that they can’t help it.

Nor can Amerindians, Polynesians, Hispanics, Aborigines, or any other group that is going to tend to fall behind. It’s really not their fault. Therefore, they should not be punished with failure for things that they can’t help.

If Black income is always going to be a lot lower on average than, say, Whites, due to an IQ deficit that they have no control over, then it is the duty of the state through redistributive taxation to equalize things a bit and make it more fair for Blacks who fail through no fault of their own.

Humans are not necessarily equal at all. Even within a race, we are born with wildly differing IQ’s and whatnot. I think most liberals would agree with that.

Even from a White Supremacist point of view, libertarianism makes no sense. Libertarianism is not only perverse for conscious White nationalists, it’s downright cruel.

If you really love your own people so much, why throw them into a Roman-type pit where they consume each other alive while you cheer on the deadliest and most homicidal of the White cannibals? Only via some form of socialism can Whites really work together to help each other and have real solidarity.

I’m not interested in supremacism or chauvinism or nationalism or any of that. What are you looking for in your acquaintances? There are smart or good or kind, or any combination of many other great qualities, Blacks, Hispanics, Amerindians, Arabs, East Indians and all sorts of other non-Europeans. Just as smart, good and kind as your European White friends.

I love my people finally (after decades of self-hate) but Whites are not the end-all and be-all. I think Whites are a bit cold, for one. Hispanics and Blacks are much warmer and friendlier, and it’s much easier to befriend them. Of course, their lower-income neighborhoods also have some big downsides too. There’s good and bad with all groups, including Whites.

If people are not equal, that’s no argument against liberalism. It actually implies we need it even more.

It means we need affirmative action, progressive taxation, humane prisons and all sorts of things you would never think of.

Is The Political Spectrum Linear or Circular?

Repost from the old site.

If you want to take the time, can someone please tell me where this guy is coming from? A lot of it looks like good Left progressive stuff, but then there seems to be this kind of Far Right Ron Paul populism too. I don’t get it. What is it? Some kind of marriage between Far Right and Far Left? I’m seeing more and more of this crap nowadays on progressive and Left sites and I must say, I don’t really like it.

While we are at it, where the Hell is Jeff Rense coming from anyway? Same place as this guy? He can write about Bigfoot and UFO’s all he wants, and there are usually lots of good articles on the site, but his politics seriously creeps me out. For one thing, he’s leaking anti-Semitism out of his pores.

My Mom has been telling my whole life, “Well, you know. It’s like a circle. When you go so far to the Left and so far to the Right, you don’t have two polar opposite ends of a huge ruler. The ruler starts bending and becomes circular. It’s a circle. Far Right and Far Left meet, and you just have a nut, a fanatic.” I always figured that was just Left-trashing, but now I’m starting to wonder.

There were some people marching against the war in Oakhurst the other day and my brother went to talk to them. Some of them handed some really weird brochures full of all this conspiratorial shit. I went to the site and it was the same thing. Anti-CIA, anti-militarism, anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War, ok, that’s good.

Then it starts taking off into all this weird conspiracy theory about the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, the New World Order, Ron Paul, black helicopters, chemtrails, bla bla bla. Kind of like this guy.

Hard economic times really brings this stuff out bigtime.

Is this what the new radical US populism is going to look like? Some Far Right – Far Left mix? I don’t mind the Far Left part, but whenever anyone starts talking about “marrying Left and Right”, I get the creeps. I hate to say it, but that tends to end up in some weird kind of fascism of one species or other. One of the favorite fascist lines was about “getting rid of Left and Right”.


Color me perturbed.

Why I Got Back Into Christianity

Repost from the old site.

Kind of a long story, but I was associating with a lot of radical Arabs, mostly Palestinians. They all had a religion, even though a lot of them were Leftists. I thought that was really interesting. It was religion as identity. I got really interested in the Arab Christians. They seemed to take all of the good out of Christianity and none of the bad.

Like Catholics, they never talked religion, but they did believe. It seemed like more of an identity thing than anything else. Everyone was either a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, or a Yezidi, a Druze, an Alawite, or some kind of religion. Everyone had a religion! I thought that was actually kind of cool. Religion as identity – like ethnicity.

I did see Gibson’s movie and read a book called The Case For Jesus which offers an empirical basis for the New Testament. But I was heading there anyway. But what difference does it really make, in any important way, if I believe? Or if I don’t believe? What are the real, hard and fast consequences? None? I’m still going to die. My life won’t change one iota. So why just say the Hell with it and be a believer?

Atheism is crap. It offers me nothing at all. I don’t care how scientific it is. I die and rot in the fucking ground. There are no morals. There is no right and wrong. There is no afterlife and no soul. Who cares if that’s the truth? I don’t want any part of it. If there’s even a 1% chance Christianity is true, I’m in like Flynn.

Christianity is good because it teaches us to be good people. Too many people I meet, Whites and non-Whites, Christians and not, are just not good people. They are mean, nasty, snake-like, vicious people. They’re rude and stupid and have no manners. They use others and have no sense of give and take. They’re manipulative, animalistic shits.

Starting in 2001, I went to the Usenet groups because I got into the Middle East. It was my first real exposure to the region and its problems in depth, and it showed me for the first time about my Christian values. At the time, I was an agnostic, having left Christianity a long time ago. But I learned that I still had Christian values even though I left the Church 20 years before.

In the ME groups, we debated Jews. These Jews had values alien to me. You were with them or against them. You were either a Judeophile or you were with those guys who threw them in the ovens. Black and white.

I was raised in a Christian culture that told me to love my enemies and try to find common ground with those I disagreed with. It taught me that we all sin, so I’m not so special, and the bad guys aren’t as bad as I think they are. Christianity is its own kind of moral relativism.

So I didn’t hate these Jewish Zionists. I don’t care how much they love their shitty little country. We’re all fucked up in one way or another. But they hated me. I mean they hated me. I could never get beyond that. It wasn’t a Christian way of thinking.

We were also taught to have gentlemanly debates and to fight fair. You didn’t bite, scratch or pull hair, and when you played “Smear the Queer” you were supposed to go light on the target, not too hard. There were rules about debating, arguing, even play-fighting.

These Jews just seemed to throw out all the rules. That was alien to my Christian values. Now, lots of Christians don’t have these kind of values, but you’re supposed to.

There was also sort of a “fair play in business” thing I was raised with. Not because it was right, but because it fostered a harmonious community.

Another one was controlling your emotions in debate. Don’t raise your voice, don’t get irritated, don’t get angry, control your emotions. Be a gentleman. I don’t know if that’s Christian? I was raised with that. That’s just civilized to me, but to me it seemed Christian. Maybe it was just White middle class.

You give and take in relationships. You don’t blatantly and grotesquely use other people. You don’t steal. You don’t demand things. When you go visit someone, you ask permission for everything. You don’t walk in the door and start demanding stuff. You don’t turn the channel on the TV or radio. Whatever is on is on. It’s their house, dammit.

You address people as “sir” and say “pardon me.” You repay all debts and even offer to pay interest. To not repay is a shame upon myself, and it degrades me. It taints my soul. You vote in elections. It’s your civic duty, and it’s the right thing to do. You work or go to school if you are able to. You don’t leech off others. You pay your workers. You don’t shaft people or rip them off.

You don’t try to sell people your stuff all the time without offering to buy some of their stuff too – this means you are just trying to get money out of them. When you pay a visit to a potential client, you buy a little something in his store, even if you don’t need it.

You don’t demand or even ask to use other people’s stuff. You don’t demand rides all the time. You apologize when you offend people or make them mad.

It took me a long time to figure out why I wasn’t acting like an asshole or an animal like so many of those around me. I knew I had values, but where were they? Where did they come from? I finally figured out that even though I had left Christianity long ago, my values were Christian values. That many were abandoning them meant that our culture was abandoning basic Christian values.

This made me realize the positive aspect of Christianity. It tries to force people to quit acting like animals and start acting like humans. It forces you to be good even when you don’t want to. It’s hard to be a good Christian. A lot of people just want to be assholes. Our capitalist society tells us to be as big of assholes as we can be. Christianity is very demanding, and many just can’t hack it. But that’s what is good about it.

Global Warming Doesn’t Exist

As you can see, there is no such thing as global warming. It's all a great big like dreamed up by Al Gore.

It’s simply incredible the number of dickhead Americans, almost all White by the way, who say that either there’s no such thing as global warming or it hasn’t been proven yet. In 2008, the figure of Americans who did not believe in global warming was 6%. Nevertheless, incredibly, it was about 100% of the Republicans in Congress. Can anyone show me even one Republican Congressman who believes in global warming?

These days, since Obama’s election, a relentless rightwing campaign run by the Republitard Party, Fox News and the Teabaggers (Yes, Teabaggers to a man don’t believe in global warming) has raised the number who don’t believe from 6% to 47%. Wow! And you know that almost 100% of those tards are White people. Even Blacks and Latinos are not that retarded.

For some assfucked reason, White nationalists have decided that global warming is a White issue. In other words, the pro-White view is that there’s no such thing as global warming. I don’t get it. Pro-White means acting like a retard then? Is that it? American Renaissance, Occidental Dissent, Stormfront, every dipshit WN site out there lines up with the 70 IQ crowd and says there’s no such thing as global warming. But isn’t their argument that White people are the smartest humans on Earth?

This just shows how shitty and evil capitalism is. What do people who don’t believe in global warming all have in common? They are reactionary capitalists and pro-capitalists, strong supporters of the capitalist mode of production. This is what capitalism does to your brain. It fries it to a crisp worse than any drug known to mankind.

Capitalists oppose the idea of global warming because they fear that efforts to deal with global warming by curbing global carbon emissions will result in serious losses to their the profits. Bourgeois White Americans refuse to believe in global warming because they believe that efforts to deal with it will cause a lowering of their standard of living. These idiots would rather blowup the whole fuckin’ planet than take a hit to their profits or their living standard. Capitalism more and more looks like mass suicide a la Jonestown or lemmings plunging off a cliff.

Wow! People would rather die and see others be killed than take a profit loss or a living standard hit? Damn. That sounds like drug addiction or alcoholism. The addict keeps on hitting the bottle, pipe or needle until he drops. He’d rather be dead than sober. He’d rather be high than alive. Same with a capitalist. He’d rather be dead than socialist. He’d rather be a capitalist than be alive.

I hang out on a site called 2Care. It’s a liberal site, full of middle class+ SWPL Whites. But it’s also full of insane rightwing Whites. The rightwing Whites are there because they often have some weird “Left” pet cause, like animal rights, religion, or even environmentalism.

The rightwingers have been getting more and more scarce lately for some weird reason (That’s because the US is swinging Right, eh Fox News?), but they are still out in droves on the global warming stuff. 2Care is a good view into the mind of middle class and upper middle class Whites. A Hell of lot of them, even White “liberals,” still don’t believe in global warming.


Rats running off the cliff.

Hot Black Chicks: Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall, Black anchorwoman on MSNBC.

Alpha was wondering when I’m going to start posting some hot Black women pics a while back.

I wasn’t sure, because my concept of Black female beauty is so screwed up. At first glance, a lot of them look pretty damn good, but then you look again, and think, “But she’s Black,” and you automatically take 50% or more off her beauty score just for her race. It’s irrational, but that’s what a lot of White guys do. You see, I was raised with this, “Blacks are ugly,” thing. I don’t care about Black guys, so all that means to me is, “Black women are ugly.” Even if they are knock-out drop dead beautiful, they’re still ugly, because Blacks and their features are simply ugly. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how we think.

Anyway, now and again, I find a Black woman who looks pretty killer and doesn’t set off my Stupid Filter that I was socialized with.

Tamron Hall, anchorwoman for MSNBC, is one. Damn this woman is beautiful! Just out of curiosity, how much White does she have in her? About as much as the average Black?

Where do White nationalists get off saying all Black women are ugly anyway? Fuck them!

Americans Are Pro-life!

Repost from the old site.

Yeah. Like Hell they are.

That’s why fully 91-93% of Americans who learn during the pregnancy that their child has Down’s Syndrome or Spinal Bifida choose to abort the fetus.

This is where all those silly abortion polls mess up. No way are 80% of Americans pro-choice, forget it. But the Americans who have Down’s Syndrome or Spinal Bifida pregnancies are surely a randomly selected lot, no?

And when it comes right down to brass tacks, a severely retarded or messed up fetus that will become a human child in months, that you will have to raise, painfully, for not just 18 years, but for its whole life, most Americans just swallow the bullet, pull the lever and say bye-bye.

This is why those polls can’t be trusted. A lot of supposed pro-life folks will have an abortion when all the chips are down, and there’s everything to lose.

Niggers* and Beaners* Wrecked the Economy and Other BS

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It’s not just White nationalists who are making this racist argument.

The business class has also taken it up. Turns out Bill Clinton blew up the economy by forcing fine upstanding loan sharks to loan to stupid, low IQ, morally depraved, irresponsible Blacks and Hispanics.

I do not agree with this argument, “Blacks and Browns ruined our economy” one bit. For one thing, there is not the tiniest bit of evidence that this is true. Social scientists and journalists, liberal or not, often tell the truth. If Blacks and Hispanics ruined our economy, that’s unpleasant to hear to most liberals, but it’s going to come out sooner or later, because a lot liberals (like me) would write about it whether it’s PC or not.

First of all, the “pressure to loan to Blacks and Browns” thing came in under Clinton around 1992 or so. There was a problem, because entire Black and Brown neighborhoods were redlined as bad credit risk. There were all sorts of creditworthy folks living there, but they could not get a loan because of where they lived.

This was back in the American Middle Ages, 15 years ago, when lenders actually cared whether or not you could repay a loan.

The economy blew up due to subprimes in 2008. There is a horrible time lag there that just does not make sense.

This argument portrays lenders as the good guys who were forced to loan to scummy non-White ghetto types who never intended to pay back their loans.

First of all, the banks were never really involved in any of this from what I can tell. One of the drivers of this whole crazy mess was the farming out of home loans to home loan institutions like Countrywide which were basically run by criminals. The banks washed their hands of the debt because it wasn’t getting paid back to them anyway.

The Countrywide folks deliberately made bad debts to noncreditworthy folks because the debt wasn’t going to be paid back to them either. Why? They were going to package it and fraudulently sell it to a bunch of sucker victims. Criminal accounting agencies gave the crap mortgage securities AAA ratings so they sold better.

Suckers all over bought the stuff, including I guess a bunch of banks?! Surely, brokerages went up to their necks in buying crap mortgage securities. Then insurance companies like AIG insured the buyers of this crap debt in case it went bad. The whole fraudulent mess blew up, as anyone with any sense knew it would. But when do scammers and fraudsters ever care about the damage they do?

This argument attempts to portray the Countrywide criminals as fine upstanding citizens, forced by Evil Big Government into making loans to deadbeat niggers* and beaners* who anyone knew would never pay back the loans.

That’s not true. These guys were deliberately making shit loans because they make ~$5,000 commission on each one. They sold the debt, so they didn’t give a damn if it went bad. The more loans the better. Standards were lowered, and subprime bullshit was invented to get noncreditworthy folks in the door and put their John Hancock on the loan they could never pay back.

Suckers were fooled about the homeowners’ real ability to pay back the loans – they were told that the home buyers would be able to pay back the loans easily, and the suckers fell for it. Hey, scammers and fraudsters are good. They fool all sorts of people, even smart people, all the time. It’s not the victim’s fault when he’s taken by a sociopathic con artist.

Furthermore, it is not up to me to decide whether or not I can pay back a loan.

Me? I’m basically insolvent.

I’d love to have a loan for $20,000, $50K, $100K or however much your fool ass is willing to loan to me.

Of course I can’t pay it back.

My credit rating will get wrecked, but if I need the cash, I won’t care, and anyway, you will be left holding the bag, and out for $100K or whatever. It’s up to you, the lender, to decide if I am a good credit risk or not. One look at my bottom line should send any lender into paroxysms of laughter.

Anyone who makes an extravagant loan to me is an idiot, deserves what they get, and odds are they are going to lose big. Lending institutions used to be sane. Borrowers were examined with a fine tooth comb and run through the gauntlet. Few loans went bad.

When the loan isn’t coming back to you anyway, there’s zero motive to care about repayability.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Here a smart commenter, turkey, offers a modified theory that offers bits of both theories and seems to make sense. Clintonite neoliberal hucksters used anti-racism as a ruse to allow (Not force, since they wanted to do it anyway!) lenders to lower standards. They tossed in the clincher of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backing of the crap loans.

This was an era in which both Republicans and Democrats were in on the increasing privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Some Clintonite Dem criminals like Franklin Raines made millions off this fraud. Republicans were basically along for the ride. Black and Brown proles were used as suckers and conned into credit-wrecking loans that they could not pay back so huckster-criminals could make a fast buck.

RL: “There appears to be little evidence to back this up. For many years, banks had different standards for Whites versus non-Whites, and many Blacks found it almost impossible to get a home loan no matter how good their credit was.”

turkey: Actually, the VDare top guy (Brimelow) pointed out in a ’93 Forbes article that the default rate in the early ’90s was the same for blacks and whites, i.e. the mortgage lenders were using correct terms and the market was sane. If blacks were held to unreasonably high standards they’d have had lower default rates than whites.

Instead during the ’90s the neoliberal Democrats used race crusading as a ruse to let lenders make quick money off marginal loans often implicitly backed by the government (which they were all champing at the bit to do – this does not excuse them), while seeming to stay on the side of the angels, and Republicans saw the angle and got down in the trough, too.

The default rate differential between whites and black ballooned under the irrational regime. I’m not familiar with the “Hispanic” analogs but there’s been so much immigration that it’s probably hard to follow.

There’s actually a PDF on the net of a response from Fannie Mae propagandists in the early ’90s trying to get Brimelow to shut up about their gravy train that you can download. The bullshitting is obvious in hindsight.

So the higher quality of white nationalists are laying some blame on the exploitation of the religion of anti-racism, not on lumpen whites and blacks and mestizos and Amerinds themselves, who shouldn’t be blamed for trusting a smiling fixer that said they could have a nice house.

*Used sardonically

I Guess I Must Be a Pedophile

Repost from the old site.

This scholar, Tobias Hübinette, a doctoral student as Stockholm University, has written papers suggesting that Western men who are Asiaphiles, have Yellow Fever, etc. are actually pedophiles deep down inside. Or, as he puts it, “…what drives (Western man’s) fetishism with Asian women is quite simply paedophile tendencies.”

The usual PC morons are calling the poor guy a racist, and I haven’t even the foggiest idea why.

He also says that the hip trend of Whites adopting East Asian kids is part of a long tradition of colonial oppression.

The university’s legal department is investigating him and he may face charges of reverse racism, whatever the Hell that means. What does that mean, “face charges”?

I still don’t understand why this guy’s work is seen as racist, but to PC dolts, just about everything is. I guess the Sun is racist because it shines on those poor Third World countries so hard and makes them sweat and get tired and stuff.

All these years I’ve been romping around with Asian women, and it turns out I was really a serial child molester. I never realized that pedophilia could be so much fun.

On the Naderists

Nader says there is a not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties, that they are both wholly owned corporate parties.

Well he’s right in a sense, but we liberals never I mean never vote Republican. I’d almost rather die than vote Republican, and I’ve been that way for most of my life. I’m a liberal! Hell, why would I vote Republican? Give it up.

There’s a reason for that. Dems are way more pro worker and pro working family than the Republicans. It’s not true at all that they both the same. That’s a bunch of crap, and it makes me mad to hear it.

Truth is, if the Dems were more pro worker = Left/liberal than they already are, they would simply lose, because the electorate is that reactionary. The Dems are just as conservative as they need to be to win. Still, I think they suck up to corporations too much, but apparently this is due to campaign contributions.

The Reps’ whole line is that the Dems are not pro-corporate enough, that they are anti-corporate. They have been beating Obama with that since he came in. The Teabaggers are simply a Brownshirt type army for the corporations, the rich and the upper middle class.

For being as anti-corporate as they have been under Obama, the Dems are going to lose 6-7 Senate seats and maybe 20 House seats. So it doesn’t pay to be pro-worker. The Electorate is wildly pro-corporate, pro-rich and pro-upper middle class, and they punish you if you try to help working families even just a bit.

Republicans and Democrats: Pepsi and Coke?

In the comments section, Bay Area Guy tosses out the typical American argument that Republicans and Democrats are just Pepsi and Coke. If the Pepsi tastes bad, go buy a Coke instead. If the Dems can’t fix the economy, then vote Republicans. Surely they will fix it! Morons.

Besides, Democrats are hardly better when it comes to elites. Although at least from an economic standpoint, they’re not as bad as Republicans.

That’s a pretty horrible argument. Most Democrats I know certainly don’t vote for them because they are voting for the party of elites. Are you kidding?

The Dems suck up to elite politics because if they don’t, they will lose.

Newsflash: A majority of Americans arguably support pro-elite politics. If you go against the elite and upper middle class (the ruling capitalist classes) you get creamed in the bourgeois media, and you lose elections, then Republicans come in, and they are even worse. I haven’t met a Dem yet who said that the Repugs and Dems are the same, both parties of the elites, so this time I’m voting Repug.

Unless you are in the top 20% income bracket for US families – $80,000+, you are insane to vote Republican. They only ever benefit the top 20% income earners.

It’s a plutocratic political party.

I have a lot of respect for folks who make over $80,000/yr and vote Republican out of their economic interests. Or really anyone who votes Republican out of economic interests for whatever logical reason. If you acknowledge that voting Right is bad for your bottom line, but vote Right anyway due to cultural stuff or some other crap, then I respect you.

When voting Republican or supporting them hurts you in the pocketbook, but you think it doesn’t, is where I lose all respect for you. So I have no respect at all for a good 70 million American adult-tards.

Of course it’s the scum Lamestream Media that promotes all of this ignorance by telling people that the two parties are just two different flavors of Baskin Robbins.

Clinton got creamed when he pursued anti-ruling class politics on health care reform. Same with Obama. The Lamestream media keeps Americans ignorant and moronic.

The Communists actually make sense when they advocate nationalizing all the media, since all the rightwing media ever does is lie and confuse people anyway.

Keep in mind that all conservative parties on Earth are liars, and all conservative politics on Earth all history has been based on a Grand Canyon filled in with lies. Conservative politics is plutocratic politics. It only benefits the ruling class of society and their hanger on’s, at most the top 20% of society. Everyone else loses. We have proven this so many times that we ought to enshrine it as Law not Theory. It’s as good as Newton’s by now.

Leykis Vs. a Middle Aged Woman Caller


This is even meaner and more misogynistic than the last one, but it’s funny as Hell. The woman goes nuts, starts bitching him out, ranting and raving, and he just turns her volume down and steamrolls right over her.

I must say, middle aged women who are losing their looks need to try to make up for it in other ways. Like being nicer. For every 5 points you lose in looks on a 1-100 scale, you need to gain 5 points in personality. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to give us a reason to go out with you, right?

I will say that the angry middle aged woman is not solely an American thing. I’ve met them originally form the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Bulgaria and Japan at the very least. I guess they have a lot to be pissed off about. But they’re competing with young women. Young women have them beat on looks. So where does the middle aged woman compete?

Personality. It shouldn’t be hard because a lot of beautiful young women are pretty mean and bitchy. Why? Because they can afford to be. If you’re young and beautiful, you can have the personality of a wolverine and they guys will still stampede over each other to receive your tirades and mistreatment in hopes of the side dish at the end of the bitch meal.

Young woman has looks. She doesn’t need personality. It’s nice if she has one, but it’s no requirement. Middle aged woman is losing looks or hasn’t any anymore, so she needs personality. Right? Instead they get meaner and meaner. Mean and homely is two thumbs down. Screw that. There’s always Internet porn and your hand.

Tom Leykis on Older Women


Damn, this is some mean, misogynous stuff here, but that’s Leykis. Unfortunately, a lot of what he says is true about White American women. So many of them are bitter and mean in middle age. Why should we bother with them?

I haven’t had a ton of experience with non-White middle aged women, but I would say that middle aged Latinas, Arabs, Iranians, Europeans, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipinas don’t seem to be nearly so angry.

I really don’t get it. The less feminism in a society, logically, the worse women are treated, but the happier they are. The more feminism in a society, the more miserable the women are. All feminism does is make women miserable. Miserable and angry. I don’t see the point, honestly.

Possible Employment Opportunity

Working for my company.

We may have a job putting together a book. It’s not my book. It’s someone else’s book that they have written.

Your job: Desktop publishing, book editing, book design.

Duties: Think up title and subtitle. Design book cover or think up one (creative director). Design interior of book. Choose font. Design attractive layout. Design and layout interior photos properly and come up with captions. Break up chapters properly and come up with good headlines for chapters.

Employment relations: On contract. You work for my company. 1099.

Wages: Should be well paid. Maybe $20/hr or so.

Contact: Contact me by email if interested.

More from Wyatt Jewell on Tom Metzger’s Show


Part 2 of Tom Metzger’s interview for Wyatt Jewell. It’s clear that Jewell puts primacy of the class war over his racist beliefs. We do see a bit of his racist beliefs here unfortunately, but they seem to be somewhat subdued.

He went over to Vietnam because he had been brainwashed into thinking he was fighting the Chinese enemies of the Whites. When he got there, he realized he was fighting for the Vietnamese, who were not his people. He said, “Fuck it, I’m not fighting for these people,” and got a honorable discharge. Then he went back home and was involved in street protests, often violent, against the Vietnam War. Good for him!

Metzger admits that, like almost all racist Whites, he supported the US state in the Vietnam War.

Then Jewell went over to Europe where he participated in the Paris 1968 Uprising. He then hitchhiked and rode buses through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan and India.

He makes some racist statements here. He says The Alamo is surrounded by a very low class Latino slum that is downright dangerous, full of criminals, pimps and whores. This isn’t so much racism as White disgust at Latino ghetto trash. There’s a bit of other racist stuff here and there, but it’s clear put on the back shelf to class.

Metzger’s agenda is clear. Metzger says little to nothing about the class war, and he keeps trying to steer Jewell back from class war to race war. Whatever you think of it, race war is just bullshit. It’ll never happen anyway, and it never liberates anyone. All it does is divide the workers, which is another plot the capitalists are always cooking up.

I really like this Jewell guy on class though, with his 1980’s Wobbly Speak.

I’ll take him over 1,000 “non-racist” corporate Republiscums and “anti-racist” bourgeois corporate Democratic National Committee Barack Obama Democraps.

So the guy’s a racist? So what. The only thing that matters to me anymore is class. I’ll ally with this guy in a New York minute. Anti-racist and non-racist bourgeois neoliberals of either party are not my allies!

Miss Norway 2010

The White nationalists/White supremacists are in arms over this, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Wow! Looks something like David Bowie's girlfriend.

A mulatto woman, Melinda Elvenes, has been selected as one of the entrants for Miss Norway in the Miss World contest. The other woman is a typical White Norwegian.

Full body shot in a bikini. Nice! Who says Black immigration to Scandinavia is all bad? She may have some Khoisan in her. Look at the eyes.

Elvenes is ½ Botswanan and ½ Norwegian. And boy is she hot!

Chinese Mafia in Argentina

Strange stuff.

I guess there are no wonderful races. Every race has its garbage and its gangster and banger types. Like most Asian mobs though, these idiots mostly prey on their own kind. Pretty much the same thing with Asian gangbangers in Fresno. There are Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese and Cambodian gangsters and the gangs are often mixed between one or more of these groups instead of being ethnically pure. They mostly just prey on their own kind or attack rival gang members. Most of the parents seriously hate it, unlike the Latrinos* in this area I live in, where their parents were probably bangers too.

*Well, there’s Blacks and niggers, Whites and White trash, so there’s got to be Latinos and Latrinos. I’m cool with that. Every race has its garbage. There are no great races. Most groups range from a little bit bad to incredibly and unbelievably bad. The lens of humanity is a prism, and the ranges are a spectrum, not black and White Manichean dualities.

Judeopedia Redux

Repost from the old site.

Via Philip Weiss, who gets the scoop from Electronic Intifada, and thence to Joachim Martillo for final comment, it seems the paranoid and delusional world that I revealed in Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia fully two years ago is finally starting to be proven true. But of course. I saw it with my very eyes.

I saw the Jewish Nationalist cabal on there and got nailed, run up by admins and then banned by them. Then I wrote about it. I don’t see how anyone could spend much time on Wikipedia and not notice these wicked little toads running amok all over that precious online encyclopedia.

The Electronic Intifada piece reveals a concerted effort by CAMERA, a rightwing Zionist lobby in the US, to infiltrate Wikipedia surreptitiously, ingratiate themselves with editors, get all pro-Palestinian editors run up on fake charges and hopefully run out, and to eventually move on up into the ranks of administrators. So my paranoid delusions about Jewish conspiracies on Wikipedia were proven true after all.

I can tell you flat out that the Administrators are already chock full of either members of this Jewish Cabal or rightwing libertarians allied with them. Jimmy Wales himself is a rightwing libertarian who has strong pro-Zionist views that he does not hide. The administrators are chosen well to carry out a specific agenda.

No one has ever run up these cackling criminal Heckles and Jeckles in this Jewish Cabal on anything yet, and anyone who mentions a peep about it gets put on their creepy neo-Nazi list (I made it on) which I guess has hundreds of names on it, in typical Jewish paranoid fashion.

Not only that, but the Jewish Cabal runs around crowing and bragging about their very project all the time; they call themselves The Cabal, The Jewish Cabal, and other names, so they are totally blatant about what they are doing. But if anyone dares to notice this and points it out, onto the Neo-Nazi list you go, and soon you will be run up to Administrators on totally faked charges and then run out of Wikipedia.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Jewish-critical or pro-Palestinian editor who lasted long there. It’s been two years since I wrote that post, and I keep hoping things have changed, but I keep getting emails from pro-Palestinian folks who just got run out of Wikipedia.

On Phil’s post, the truly disgusting Richard Witty, “Peace Now Zionist – Jewish nationalist – defender of the Jews” who seems to inhabit all of Phil’s threads is squirming around as usual. One gets the impression he is writing on a pincushion. This crap is getting harder and harder for the Richard Witty’s of the world to deny.

The usual rejoinders are employed by Witty – this happens all over the web, this is the problem with open source editing, there are cabals all over the place in our world, including the Internet.

Sure, I saw plenty of cabals trying to form on Wikipedia, usually on nationalistic or political issues. And they were crushed, one by one, but conscientious editors. However, curiously, the sickening little Jewish cabal was allowed not only to survive but to run amok across all of Wikipedia! Riddle me that!

And recently, a particularly vile and scummy Hindutva – Hindu Nationalist – Indian Nationalist Cabal has formed and this cabal has also been allowed to run wild all over all of the India and Pakistan articles on Wikipedia. The result is that most of the articles on India and Pakistan have been totally destroyed by stinking fascist Hindutva worms.

The Hindutva Cabal, of course, has formed an alliance with the Jewish Cabal, Jewish fascist dogs with Indian fascist dogs, all in one kennel, crapping on the floor, humping each others’ legs and yip-yapping away, just like in real life.

One Jayg is mentioned in the article as not a member of the CAMERA cabal, but instead a sympathetic outsider. Actually, Jayg is one of the leading members of the Jewish Cabal on Wikipedia. He’s one of the worst Jewish POV-pushers of them all.

Zeq, the leader of the CAMERA cabal, is also a well-known member of the Jewish Cabal on Wikipedia. The reason Zeq speaks poor English, I believe, is because he is an Israeli.

I am familiar with both of these sociopathic runts.

I believe they are both admins too, but I may be wrong.

Repeat after yourself: cabals exist, cabals exist, cabals exist.

Anyway, over and out. Writing this is starting to make me really angry all over again.

P. S. I would like to point out that a huge percentage of White Nationalists support Zionism (Jewish nationalism). That right there ought to stop anyone in their tracks and make them wonder why. When you finally figure it out, if you have any decency, you will realize even more than ever that WN is bad news.

The Wikipedia Jews

Repost from the old site.

More stuff on the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, from a recent commenter:

Looks like the same old gang is back at it. Here is the link, from a Wikipedia history page, showing actual edits being done to a page. This project is being managed by notorious Jewish POV-pushers Jayjg and SlimVirgin. Those two were notorious when I was editing two years ago and it appears that they are still at it.I had heard a year or two ago that some of the Cabal had adopted the cause of trying to block the famous Jews pages, though that seemed odd at the time.

Apparently, being classic cases of Jewish paranoid-masochistic character*, they are trying to stonewall these articles, especially the ones about wealthy Jews in the US, because they can be used by the evil anti-Semites to insinuate some of those “classic canards about Jewish wealth”, as the ADL loves to phrase it.

So, due to their paranoia about anti-Semites, folks are being prevented from learning some interesting information about Jews in the US who have done quite well for themselves in business. Hey, what’s so bad about that? This is a capitalist country after all, right? And the Jews sure do know how to make money, got to hand it to a sharp businessman.

It’s strange that this stupid project is still ongoing, as I think I heard about it maybe 1-2 years ago.

SlimVirgin is a young Jewish female. Jayjg is a young Jewish male. I believe that they may both be administrators. Both are passionate Jewish nationalists. As you can see from the history page, they have shut almost all of these obviously Jewish prominent businesspeople from the page unless and until actual urls can be tracked down that conclusively prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact Jewish.

Never mind everyone knows Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin and Steve Ballmer are Jews. We gots to prove it.

Strange the obsessions some of these Jewish nationalists get hot for. A casual reader of the Jewish press quickly becomes aware that the Jewish press loves the idea of Jewish business success and is not shy at all about singing the praises of these folks every chance it gets. As well they should in a capitalist society. Hell, gimme some of dat money.

In anticipation of the usual rejoinders:

My experience on Wikipedia showed me clearly that there is some sort of a Jewish Cabal running amok on there unobstructed, and they have seriously damaged most articles dealing with Judaica and Israel – Palestine. I got run out of Wikipedia on faked charges after I blew the whistle on em.

Yes, there are many other folks attempting to form cabals on Wikipedia. None have been allowed any power other than the Jewish Cabal and a Hindutva Cabal from India. What’s up with that, Jimbo Wales?

It was clear to me editing Wikipedia that Wiki is swarming with Jews all over the encyclopedia. Jews are our smartest humans, and their cumulative knowledge is encyclopedic and often polymathic. Most Jews do not have a permanent hardon for Judaica. I assume that most Jews on Wikipedia are just editing stuff on linguistics, computers, butterflies or this or that.

A small group of Jews are heavily involved in editing Judaica and Israel-related stuff. They may number no more than 20-30. It has not been shown that they meet together, but they don’t need to. They came there for a common purpose, and that is what they are each doing – Jewish POV-pushing. They don’t need to hold secret meetings to do that.

That’s probably the way most cabals, and surely Jewish cabals, work in the world. I doubt most hold secret meetings. A lot of media Jews are just Jewish POV-pushers, wittingly or not. They know the line and they push, one after the other. No need for consultation.

Cabals are not automatically conspiracy theory. It is via cabals that any wealth and power is accumulated in any complex human society. The rich and powerful conspire and conspire to make their money and then again to keep from losing it to continuous challengers.

The rest of us conspire too. I and millions of other guys conspire to get women into bed, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Life’s not necessarily on the up and up all the time, you know.

It’s cool that these punks are finally getting outed. Let’s shine the light on them more and more and maybe the Wikipedia admins will appeal to their best impulses and rope these wild horses into the corral.

Got tips for me on the last crap of the Wikipedia Jews, especially with links like this? Keep em coming! Email is on the upper right, or use the comments.

*I do not mean to imply that all Jews have this salient character, however prominent Jewish psychologist Stanley Rothman feels it is prominent amongst Jews. A worthy project of any progressive Jew would be try to wiggle out of this psychopathological suit of armor, I would think.

More Wikipedia Jews Stuff

Repost from the old site.

This came to me from an anti-Semitic commenter who commented on the blog.

This post is an anti-Semitic rant, and it is not something I would publish myself. However, it was quite funny, and that was one reason I thought to publish it. I had to add sentence case and do some editing, as it was sent to me troll-style in all lower case. It also included a vast amount of evidence against jayjg, known below as jewjg.

I am not taking any position on the material below, other than to say that I mostly don’t agree with it when it goes on and on about Communist Jews.

The rest of it is just kind of funny and interesting – a Jewish culture of conspiracy, Jewish smart businessmen, Jewish white collar criminals, Communist Jews – all of this interesting information is being kept out of the preying eyes of the Gentiles as in, “What are you trying to do – start a pogrom?”

Don’t freak out about the anti-Semitism; there’s nothing really in back of it on this end. If Jews wish to engage, well, they are pretty funny too. We normally don’t run anti-Semitism on here, and two guest authors have already been banned for continuous addictive anti-Semitism. But since this is so funny, we are going to let it run for now.

The author is a White racist of the White Nationalist type. The usual WN beef with Jews is evident – that Jews screwed it up for White people’s racial project in the 1950’s. Well, I don’t think much of that whole beef, especially in its strong form – Jews brought integration!

Anyway, anthropologically interesting and also humorous.

Great Wikipedia Jews article from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Looks like jayjg is AIPAC’s point man on Wikipedia, and it also looks like the main member of the Wikipedia Jews do coordinate their activities via email, IM and IRC. The only ones that I remember from two years ago are Isarig, Humus sapiens, Zeq, IZAK and SlimVirgin.

Looks like a whole new crew has taken over. Idiotically, SlimVirgin is not even Jewish; she is just a Gentile who is obsessed with Jews in a philo-Semitic way.

The ‘Wikipedia Jews,’ ah yes. Cabals and the like are endemic to Eastern European Jewish culture, you soon find out – a ‘culture of conspiracy’ with these people – as history has shown.

This noteworthy ‘Wikipedia Jews’ episode already well known, of course, thanks to you and others – thanks Mr. Lindsay and others – for those links you have on your blog now, plus these. And don’t forget this user either.

Who they think they foolin’ with that whole Commie world revolution thing here in Amurica then, back when we Murican whites still had a strong sense of racial and ethnic conscience? All that Jew info just deleted too.

For that big American Jew businesspeople list, already been deleted multiple times by jewjg and SlimVirgin & quadell and other entrenched Zionist admins.

So many of them brilliant Occioriental Jew capitalist billionaire names – just wiped right clean away from there. Why? Really, you think they world’s smartest people? Or just world’s most greedy people? Commie materialist worldview possibly affecting your judgment here?

Nope, Jews don’t really like Gentiles messin’ in their many business affairs. They are liable to murder some Gentile folk for all of that gold, like violent & revolutionary white-collar crime maybe? You mean like both here in Amurica and in Bolsheevik Russkiiland too, at the same time?

Boy that jewjg sure does delete a lot. One time a nice and good and fair and very revelatory website existed called, but it was shut down real soon like by a bunch of Wikipedia’s big Jew San Fran lawyers or somethin’.

But on that Wikiabuse website they did post a lot of evidence, like, a lot. Remember when I said that jewjg liked to delete stuff? Well…I guess I saved some of it that I saw there on the Wikiabuse website and saved it just to humiliate these Jew Wikipedia editors later on. Gosh, I hope all of it fits on your blog?!

Wikipedia Jews Again

Repost from the old site.

Looks like some of the Wikipedia Jews are operating out of Israeli government computers and the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. Well, I guess Wikipedia has really hit the bigtime when the diplomats and spy-types start trying to write it.

This blog has obtained a secret copy of emblem of the Wikipedia Jews, used by them in internal communications via instant messenger and email to ward off spies and infiltration attempts. They make sly references to this motif throughout their communications with each other. This is the first publication of the cabal’s secret sign, and hopefully it will stimulate further research into the workings of this very secret and devious cabal.

Even read Thomas Pynchon’s book The Crying of Lot 49? It’s quite difficult to read, but if you’re smart, you can handle it.

I feel it deals with Information Theory. Supposedly Information Theory is this, but my take on that is, “He who controls information, controls the world”. Right?

Well, that’s what’s up with the Israeli government rewriting Wikipedia. Supposedly other governments are doing this too. Only problem: it’s against Wikipedia’s mission and policy of being an unbiased (LOL!) encyclopedia. So, really, it’s not ok. Wikipedia’s not ok either, but neither is government encyclopedia manipulation.

The comments are really interesting too. Lots of Zionist Jews chiming in with the usual crap, excuses and lines.

Everyone does it.

That’s one of their favorites, from murder to spying to this or that or anything.

The Palestinian propaganda network is just as bad, if not worse.


I used to hear this one all the time in the Middle East Usenet groups. Zionist Jews have this peculiar notion that there is this vast worldwide Palestinian or pro-Palestinian network that almost controls the world’s press. Sort of like the Protocols of the Elders of Palestine or something.

It’s complete crap.

The Palestinians have nothing, just some terrorists ramming dozers into pedestrian vehicles – the latest attack – 3 dead, 70 wounded – is another Hezbollah revenge attack for the Mossad killing Mughniyeh. I knew Hez would make Israel pay for that. And crappy rockets that don’t even shoot straight.

I’ve been on Wikipedia and edited articles on Israel and Palestine in a completely fair manner, usually using the Israeli government’s own statistics to rewrite articles. I was more or less alone in this endeavor. All who went before me were thrown off Wikipedia.

For this crime, I was put on a neo-Nazi list by the Wikipedia Jews and their buddies like this twit Chip Berlet, had 100% of my edits reversed, including all the stuff I got from the Israeli government, and in addition, all the edits I made to articles completely unrelated to anything Jewish or Middle Eastern, and was eventually thrown off Wikipedia and banned forever.

That Berlet twerp is in very tight with the top Wikipedia leadership, and seems to work very closely with Ape Foxman, I mean Abe Foxman, of the spies and thugs of the ADL.

Berlet seems to specialize in finding “rightwing” movements where none can be seen for miles, and in finding all manner of “anti-Semitism” that often never seems to exist either. The man’s got quite an imagination. Lately, he’s been working on the Jewish Lobby or Israeli Lobby thingie. There is no such thing, you know, sez Chip. And if you mention it, you’re an anti-Semite. Neener neener.

Chip also insists that the US is in the midst of some sort of White nationalist and anti-Semitic seizure exemplified by fascist White racist thugs running amok on the streets destroying everything gay and non-White. There’s a few of these guys around, but if I were a gay or non-White, I’d rather worry about lightning, heart disease or car accidents. US neo-Nazism is a comically minor movement with almost no support.

Since these Wikipedia toads banned me, I have received repeated letters from editors who tried to put a bit of fairness into articles on the Middle East conflict on Wikipedia. Everyone I talked to was in the process of being taken out by the Wikipedia Jews. Last time I checked, the Wikipedia Jews and their buds were in firm control over anything Jewish or Israeli-related on Wikipedia.

Yeah, Wikipedia’s a hotbed of pro-Palestinian propaganda. Snark.

Amazing the crap some folks believe. Almost like they live in some Matrix reality.

Article written by Charles Levinson, an Jewish American journalist based in Cairo and Baghdad since 2002 and in Jerusalem since 2006. Charles did a great job here. Shout out!

Wikipedia Jews Redux

Repost from the old site.

I’ve been informed that the Wikipedia Jews (click the Wikipedia Jews category at the end of the post for more) have been successful, incredibly, at eliminating an entire Wikipedia category called Jewish Businesspeople. The list had 550 names on until a while ago, and now it has zero. The Wikipedia Jews win again. The crusade to get rid of it was led by Jayjg, one of the Wikipedia Jews’ top henchmen.

Now the Wikipedia Jews are going after the list of Jewish Sportspeople. For what reason, I haven’t the faintest idea.

A little background. The Jewish Businessmen category was eliminated by the Wikipedia Jews in order to hide the truth about Jewish success in the US. Jews have been very successful in this country, and reportedly 50% of the richest Americans are Jewish. The Wikipedia Jews are trying to hide the story of Jewish success in America because it is common fodder for anti-Semites.

All through the centuries in the ghettos of Europe, wanted Jewish criminals were always hidden by the Jews. Why? Probably in part due to fear that a Jew accused of a crime would set off a pogrom. The same mindset is afoot here with the Wikipedia. Knowledge of Jewish business success in the US, it is feared, may feed anti-Semitism in the US. Letting this information get out is like “trying to start a pogrom”.

When I was on Usenet, every time a Jew would relate something uncomplimentary about Jews, for instance, the blatant racism of Hasidim they knew, the others would actually scream that: “What are you trying to do? Start a pogrom?”

Jews can talk about this stuff behind closed doors, but please, not when the Gentiles are listening. This is why the Israeli press is much more critical about Jews and Israel than the US press is. The Hebrew language press is the most uninhibited of all, because they assume that no Gentiles are reading it.

My mother went to school on the South Side of Chicago in a mostly Jewish school, apparently one of the same ones that Barack Obama now sends his kids to. Whenever a Jewish criminal was captured, the Jewish kids, many of whom still spoke Yiddish at home, would always say, “Oh, this is a bad day for the Jews!” She never heard of any other ethnic group saying such a thing.

What she describes is what Kevin MacDonald calls Jewish hyperethnocentrism. Understanding Jewish ultratribalism and hyperethnocentrism is one of the keys to the riddle of Jewish Question.

The deletion of the Jewish Sportspeople category is much stranger. The stereotype of the Jew is that he is a wimpy intellectual, he’s not much of an athlete, and he would rather run than fight.

Israel’s bristling, in-your-face, land-working, salt of the Earth, fight-to-the-death Sabras were supposed to put an end to all of that. On Usenet, Jewish ultranationalists loved to wave the few Jewish athletes in everyone’s faces. “See? We’re not all neurotic, myopic bookworms!” they seemed to shout.

The recent Wikipedia article on Samir Kuntar is another example of the Wikipedia Jews and their allies running amok. Kuntar is a Lebanese guerrilla formerly with Abu Abbas’ notorious Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) who has been in an Israeli prison for the past 29 years. He participated in a raid on Nahariya, Israel in 1979 that went down as one of the more grotesque and criminal Palestinian terror attacks.

I won’t go into the lurid details of this attack, although, after extensive reading about the incident, I finally learned that the purpose of the attack was not to wantonly murder Jewish parents and their toddlers, but to capture some Israelis as hostages to trade for Palestinian prisoners.

When their getaway was thwarted, yes, Kuntar killed Danny and Einat Haran. The description of the killings is pretty horrible, but one wonders exactly how the Israelis were able to figure out down to the last detail every word uttered and motion undertaken by Kuntar and his victims, since the two Israeli hostages were killed, two of the terrorists were killed, and only Kuntar and another terrorist were captured.

Kuntar has always maintained that the killings did not go down as described, and that the Harans were killed by Israeli bullets in the shootout on the beach.

The Wikipedia article on Kuntar is a wreck. There are long, windy passages describing the Israeli account (They figured this out how?) of the killings, complete with emotional and heartrending prose.

A look at the Discussion page shows there was a huge fight over whether to call Kuntar a terrorist. Wikipedia is not supposed to use the word terrorist to describe anyone.

AnonMoos, a notorious US neoconservative, wildly pro-Israel, Gentile Democrat I know from Usenet, has apparently landed on Wikipedia, is now part of the Wikipedia Jews team (some of the worst of the Wikipedia Jews are Gentiles, so the name is somewhat misleading).

The wreckers of the article are mostly Jewish and/or Israelis.

Kuntar has become famous again since he was just part of a prisoner swap between Hezbollah and Israel.

Much is made of Hezbollah wanting child-killer Kuntar back, but the truth is that their focus on Kuntar is because he is Lebanese, not because he’s a child-killer. Hezbollah is a Lebanese nationalist organization, Kuntar is a Lebanese prisoner, so they want him back for nationalist reasons.

The problem on Wikipedia is not that there are a bunch of little Jewish shits running around on any article remotely Jewish-related, censoring and POV-pushing. There are little cabals all over Wikipedia, including many ethnic cabals. In most cases, sober administrators stop the cabals cold, and the articles end up pretty fair.

But the Wikipedia Jews have been running amok from Day One, due to deep connections with a little shit named Jimmy Wales, an ultra-rightwing libertarian who runs the place. Why do the Jews get away with murder on Wikipedia while all the other cabals are put in their place? In this way, the Wikipedia Jews are a microcosm of America, for all intents and purposes now a Jewish country.

For more on that theory, see Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century and Alfred Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears, the 20th Century and the Rise of the Jews. Jews help man the commanding heights of America, just as they are in with the top dogs on Wikipedia, and the Gentiles are all de facto “Jewish”.

Nobody can say shit about them in America or on Wikipedia, and their critics in both the US and Wikipedia are destroyed mercilessly. The story here is the familiar one of the corruption of power, along with the testy paranoia of a tiny ethnic group.

Chip Berlet is also a top Wikipedian who is in very, very deep with the ADL, the Wikipedia Jews and the upper echelons of Wikipedia leadership. A commenter posted comments on here recently implying that Chip Berlet works for either the CIA or the FBI or both. The hero-worship of Berlet on Wikipedia makes no sense unless he is some kind of agent.

Wikipedia is run by a far-right crowd of super-libertarians. Communism and socialism are trashed in most places, and radical freemarket economics of the sort that is now devastating America are pushed relentlessly.

Most articles on Communism and socialism are grossly unfair. Hard-right fascist Jewish nationalists and hard-right fascist Hindu nationalists have formed an alliance and destroyed most articles relating to India, Israel or Jews.

Chip Berlet is supposed to be some kind of a Leftist. He’s reportedly even a hardline Communist. Ok, so why is he the hero of and hobnobbing with some of the most extreme anti-Communists and radical Right types around? Furthermore, Berlet helped the ADL spy on many Left and even Communist groups in the US on the grounds that they were anti-Semites (anti-Israel). What kind of a Communist spies on the Left?

An agent.

New Interview With Me Posted on VOR Radio

Here it is. It’s now available for download. I’m working on my speaking voice now so I don’t sound like the aging permastoned Southern California surf bum that I am.

Topics include:

  • How feminism has destroyed marriage
  • Sexual socialism
  • The sexual revolution
  • Female hypergamy and the Sodini phenomenon
  • How the end of marriage destroyed the Black community
  • Interracial dating

The Wikipedia Jews, 2010 Update

A commenter disputes my notion that Wikipedia is still seriously Jew-fucked by the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal.

Here is my original, and actually now famous, article on the subject: Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?. The wildly anti-Semitic site Ziopedia actually was inspired to take its name from that article.

Your experiences on Wikipedia sound like they sucked, but I think you are too hasty on exiting the battleground and dismissing Wikipedia as impossibly Jew-corrupted.The fact is, for heavily trafficked articles subject to heavily ideological warfare from all sides, over 99% of edits are reverted regardless of the political affiliation of the edit.

As you know, fights in Wikipedia are long and slow battles of attrition fought mainly on talk pages and through committees. You have to play the game and compromise to get anything done (sort of like real-life politics).

Maybe things have gotten better since I wrote that in April 2006, 4 1/2 years ago. But I doubt it. It’s not true that most articles are huge edit-wars. Most of Wikipedia is fair. There are tons of cabals always trying to get formed, and there actually exist all sorts of cabals, usually nationalist ones, on Wikipedia. But most don’t get anywhere because the admins stop them dead in their tracks via fairness. But for some reason, the Libertardian, Jew and Hindutva Cabals have been able to run amok, probably because Jimbo and his admin pals sympathize with them.

Everyone who was in my boat also got thrown off Wikipedia and banned by the Wiki Jews. I looked into it. It’s a tight cabal, but the group is not large, only 25-30. Also the Wiki Jews deviously sneaked some of their own people into the top echelons of Wikipedia, like admins, etc. Those admins would always side with the Jews on the bans. Also, the Gentiles on Wiki are mostly insanely Judeophilic. Jimbo himself is wildly Zionist and gives speeches before big Jewish groups. He should just convert already. Also, there were a few Gentiles in the Wiki Jew Cabal. One is called Slim Virgin.

I checked back a couple years later and they were still in firm control. Also they had thrown off almost all of the strong pro-Pallie types.

The reverts those shits do was just flat out fuckin vandalism. I changed a lot of their fucked up lie data, using the IDF’s own surveys. This was on pages called Terrorism Against Israelis. Their figures were all lies. I contradicted them via the IDF’s own stuff. I spent hours and hours doing it, and it was all reverted instantly with no debate. I tried to comment, but my comments were immediately deleted or no one would respond to me. Soon after, I was put on a Wikipedia Neo-Nazi List, and soon I was indicted on fake charges and all of my edits were stopped.

I did factual edits on many other subjects before the Jew thing, and they all stayed. Then the evil Wiki Jew Scum went back to all my non-Jewish shit that I worked on for months and reverted all of it out of sheer vandalism. Next they launched fake charges against me to run me up against one of their Wiki Jew Kangaroo Courts. That’s when I posted my Fuck You commentary on my homepage and then life-banned me.

Some concerned Wiki editors said the life-ban was unfair and done for ideological reasons, but the Wiki Jews overruled them.

The Wiki Jew thing is an excellent example of a Jewish conspiracy in real life, how it operates.

I now do edits anonymously on grammar, and 100% of it stays.

I ain’t a masochist. I am not getting a new account and going back to Judeopedia or Ziopedia or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Note that the only Jew-corrupted stuff is Judaic, about Jews or Israel. They leave the entire rest of Wikipedia alone. And 98% of Wiki Jews are not part of the cabal. They are just doing edits on Sudanic languages or butterflies or something like that.

There is also a Hindutva Indian nationalist Cabal on there that is just as evil as the Jews. My friends are Pakistani nationalists, and they said all the articles about India and Pakistan have been destroyed by Hindutvas. Plus all Pakistani nationalists are very quickly banned by the Hindutvas, usually Wiki Jew Cabal techniques. The Hindutvas, like the Jews, have wormed into the top Wiki echelons. The top tier of Wikipedia are non-Indian Gentiles who love Hindutvas and Jews. Most of them are “libertarians.” Jimbo Dickwad himself is a libertardian.

Wikipedia is fucked. Jew-fucked, Hindutva-fucked, Libertardian-fucked.

I’m done.


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