Musings on Dual Loyalty, Judaism as Zionism, and Anti-Semitism

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Always-perceptive commenter James Schipper makes some astute, terse and cut to the chase comments on my post, The “New Anti-Semitism.” In it, he moves beyond the typically vulgar anti-Semitism that much modern anti-Zionism descends into and offers a perfectly logical explanation for the dual loyalty accusation leveled at Jews.

He also brings up some very difficult questions about the differences between Judaism and Zionism and whether there is really any difference at all.


If criticism of Israel = anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism, then we should be proud to call ourselves anti-Semites.

What is really wrong with Israel? It is not such a bad country for Jews, or even for the Arabs in Israel proper. I would rather be a Jew in Israel than an Arab in any Arab country. Israel was born in sin, but so was every country in the Western hemisphere. Israel is oppressive in the occupied territories, but by historical standards, this oppression is hardly unique.

The real reason for opposing Israel is that it does not see itself as the country of its citizens but as the country of all the Jews in the world. According to Israel, Jews in other countries are living in exile, are really Israelis and should be loyal to Israel.

In other words, Israel expects the Jewish citizens of other countries to behave like Israel’s fifth-columnists, and that is exactly what Zionists outside Israel are.

No political party outside Israel should accept Zionists as members, and no government outside Israel should appoint Zionists to a senior government job. Instead, Zionist should be encouraged to put their bodies where their loyalties are: in Israel.

Suppose that Italy saw itself as the country of all Catholics in the world and expected Catholics everywhere to defend Italian interests, then it would be behaving exactly as Israel does. That would also be a good reason for non-Catholics in other countries to look at Catholics with suspicion and to regard Italy with hostility.

The late Arthur Koestler wrote in an essay that after 1948 all Jews should choose one of two options: go to Israel or abandon Judaism altogether. He is right insofar as Judaism implies Zionism.

Judaism has always posited that Jews are a people and that Israel is their promised land, which is also the position of Zionism. If Judaism implies Zionism, then Jews outside of Israel, it they want to remain Jewish, should emigrate to Israel or else detribalize and deterritorialize Judaism, which may be denaturing it.

Theological question: Why does Obama allow bad things to happen and evil people to prosper?

More seriously, why did Obama appoint a hard Zionist as his chief of staff? It is not a good sign.

I agree with several things in this post.

First of all, he attacks some of the usual broadsides leveled at Israel and dismisses them.

What I find disturbing, and many Zionists have noted this, is the particular vehemence many Israel-critics level at Israel’s oppression of Jews inside Israel, while they are silent or even supportive of even worse oppression by states against minorities outside Israel.

White nationalists think it’s awesome for Whites to treat non-Whites like shit, except when it comes to White Jews versus “muds” in Israel. Kurds in the Arab World are treated awfully bad, Berbers less so but still poorly, and the Shia are oppressed all over the Arab World. There is open oppression and violence against Christians in Egypt and Iraq.

Baha’i are treated horribly in Iran, Sunnis less so but still poorly, and the Ahwaz have some good beefs. Turks treat Kurds horribly in Turkey. Russia has massacred 20% of the population of Chechnya in what can only be termed a genocide. China’s treatment of the Uighurs and Tibetans is disgraceful. Treatment of Hindus in Pakistan is shameful, and NE Indian Asians are treated poorly by the Indian state.

Japan treats its Koreans, Burakumin and Ainu pretty badly. The Hmong are still treated like shit in Laos, and the Montagnards are not done well by Vietnam. Pygmies are openly genocided and cannibalized as a matter of custom in Zaire, and the Khoisan are nearly murdered at will in SW Africa.

There is a real genocide of Arabs against Africans in Darfur, and another one, Arabs versus Christians, has just ended in South Sudan. Africans are routinely enslaved by Arabs in the Sahel.

We could go and on, but you get the picture. What is disturbing about all of this is that most Israel-critics are either indifferent to, ignorant of or even supportive of, the maltreatment of minorities above. Zionists are correct that this is either ignorance or anti-Semitism.

All, or most all, modern nations were born in sin.

This was due to the nature of the modern nation-building exercise, which typically involved ethnic cleansing or some sort of mass killing or genocide of any existing indigenous people, sidelining, subjection, forced assimilation (cultural genocide) or outright genocide against anyone not part of the dominant nation of the nation-state, and forced destruction of all languages but the one chosen by the nation-state or that is the dominant nation.

The Modern Left in the West, which has adopted Third-Worldism, minority-hugging and European hatred with gusto, errs in singling out Europeans for particular abuse in terms of nation-building. It’s been bloody and awful everywhere and at all times.

Schipper also points out that although Israel is oppressive in the Occupied Territories, by comparative standards, they are relatively mild. Considering the outrageous provocations and attacks of the Palestinians, I am amazed Israel has gone as easy on them as it has.

Arabs do not believe in fighting wars in a civilized manner, and the Geneva Conventions are regarded by them as Western comedy. Any Arab state faced with Palestinian-type provocations by non-Arabs would have been vastly worse than Israel.

Truthfully, just about every nation fighting an insurgency has been more horrible that Israel by orders of magnitude.

Consider this: according to counterinsurgency doctrine, enshrined by the US military and state and promoted by the US media and both US political parties, any civilian who “supports” an insurgency needs to be arrested, beaten, tortured and killed. All counterinsurgencies supported by the US have routinely massacred, mutilated and tortured to death insurgency “supporters.”

This has been true in every counterinsurgency in Latin America, in Indonesia in 1965, the US counterinsurgencies in SE Asia during the Vietnam War, the counterinsurgencies in Mozambique, Algeria and Angola, Russia’s counterinsurgency in Chechnya, India’s counterinsurgencies in India proper and Kashmir, in Sri Lanka against the Tamils, in Indonesia against the Acehese and East Timorese, in the Philippines against the NPA, and in Nepal’s recent Civil War.

In these counterinsurgencies, hundreds of thousands of “supporters” of insurgencies were murdered, tortured and mutilated, while the US cheered, poured in money and looked the other way.

In contrast, almost 100% of Palestinians seem to support the Palestinian insurgency. Clearly, Israel has not been going around killing “supporters” of the insurgency. If they did, they would have killed tens of thousands of Palestinians so far.

Considering the provocations of the Palestinians, Israel has fought one of the cleanest counterinsurgencies in modern times.

Zionists are correct that these criticisms of Israel, combined with support for to indifference to much worse behaviors by non-Jews, are evidence of either ignorance or anti-Semitism.

But Schipper does hit it on the head.

The reason to oppose Israel is that it is not a state of its citizens. Israel openly says that it is the state of all Jews on Earth, not of its citizens. Hence, it is perfectly reasonable for non-Jews in every nation on Earth containing Jews to look upon their Jews as possible traitors and dual-loyalists. Dual loyalty, rather than being an “anti-Semitic canard” as many Jews shrilly screech, is actually grounded in immaculate reason.

Schipper also suggests that the wall between Judaism and Zionism may be little more than a wall of sand, and one that has been hit by so many waves that there’s almost nothing left.

Although anti-Zionist Jews offer various reasons for their non-support of Israel, the fact remains that Judaism has always said that Israel is the land of the Jews. Assuming the Messiah returns tomorrow, even Naturei Karta is willing to head to Israel and become fervent Zionists.

Hence the uncomfortable notion, typically parroted by ferocious anti-Zionists and some vulgar anti-Semites, that it is not just Zionism that is the problem, but Judaism itself, is lent some troubling weight. I don’t want to go near this thesis because to be honest, I’m a pussy when it comes to the Jewish Question.

Schipper finally suggests that the Jews of the world either renounce Judaism or practice what you preach and head to Israel. Once again, troubling stuff.

There’s nary a trace of anti-Semitism in Schipper’s comments, but the issues he raises are toxic as Hell.

Just some thought-meals.


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99 thoughts on “Musings on Dual Loyalty, Judaism as Zionism, and Anti-Semitism”

  1. What is disturbing about all of this is that most Israel-critics are either indifferent to, ignorant of or even supportive of, the maltreatment of minorities above.

    Fair enough.

    But the difference is that the Japanese, Arabs, and other groups do not possess a powerful lobby here in the U.S. that influences our foreign policy and gets us entangled in costly wars.

    1. In other words Robert, you’re right to point out their false outrage and hypocrisy.

      But at the same time, it’s the hypocrisy of certain Jews that animates criticism of Israel. If Jewish organizations such as the ADL and others would stop promoting diversity and open borders here while supporting the apartheid state of Israel, this wouldn’t even be an issue with them.

      I guess they’re being hypocritical in the process of denouncing hypocrites.

      1. But to my credit, I at least don’t shed fake tears and feign outrage over the treatment of Palestinians.

        I make it clear that my opposition to Israel has to do with disastrous U.S. foreign policy it encourages, the anti-American hatred it engenders, and the hypocrisy of Jewish liberals/neocons.

        1. Why should critics of Israel play fair and be objective, non-hypocritical when the Zionists sure don’t play by the rules?

        2. Because, that way we don’t sink down to their level, and open up ourselves to the charges of hypocrisy.

          If there’s one thing I admire, it’s consistency.

          Even I’m not always consistent at times (I cannot remember a specific inconsistency at the moment), but I strive to be.

      2. Jews can’t be hypocrites. It is not possible. As the Chosen people all our lies are exposed to God, whose due punishment awaits in precise accountancy fashion. Minkowsky/Einstein space time precludes Jew hypocrisy for the ledger is balanced even as moral funds are being spend. Ipso Facto, no Jew hypocrisy.

        Some Rabbi’s Future Justification. Given to you here first.

      3. Quote : But at the same time, it’s the hypocrisy of certain Jews that animates criticism of Israel. If Jewish organizations such as the ADL and others would stop promoting diversity and open borders here while supporting the apartheid state of Israel, this wouldn’t even be an issue with them.

        This has always had me a bit confused , what do “they” have to gain by diversifying America and turning it into a third world cesspool ? , They live in America, investment central is in America, why drag it down ?,

        1. This has always had me a bit confused , what do “they” have to gain by diversifying America and turning it into a third world cesspool ? , They live in America, investment central is in America, why drag it down ?,

          Jews, at least the leftist ones, want to turn the U.S. into a turd world country for various reasons.

          -By weakening the white majority and creating various weakened and divided minority groups, their status will be more secure.

          You see, Jews don’t want to live in a country where there is one dominant majority (unless, of course, that country is Israel. In that case, they do want to be the majority), because they’re more vulnerable that way.

          Of course, what they need to realize is that once their precious “people of color” take over, their position will be even more vulnerable. I don’t think they realize just how good they had it under a powerful white majority.

          Believe me, these non-whites, unhindered by white guilt or belief in minority rights (the only minority rights they believe in are rights for themselves. They’re only pro-social justice types out of their own interests, not some sense of altruism or belief in minority rights) will not be as tolerant of Jews, especially considering that they cannot blend in, like they could to a certain degree within white America.

  2. “Schipper also points out that although Israel is oppressive in the Occupied Territories, by comparative standards, they are relatively mild. Considering the outrageous provocations and attacks of the Palestinians, I am amazed that Israel has gone as easy on them as it has.”

    This is pretty rich, Robert, coming from you. You sound like one of the Israelis, with their famous rhetoric of “restraint”. I never thought I’d say that about you.

    Comparative with what? The Rwandan genocide?

    Ok, it isn’t Chechnya. You have a point.

    Suicide bombing started in 1994. It took a long time – 46 years – for the Palestinians to get around to that. An estimated 35,000 Palestinians were “cleaned up” (massacred) during the 1967 war. Another quarter of a million were driven into exile.

    This happened last week, inside the Israeli state:‘you-will-not-erase-it’ – the demolition of an Arab village in the Negev, apparently because the Israeli state wants to plant a forest there. 200 children made homeless. Quite why the Jewish state want to plant a forest in the middle of one of the hottest deserts in the world has escaped me…
    Many of the destroyed Arab villages of 1948-51 also had forests planted over them (Meron Benvenisti:
    Sacred Landscape).

    The Arabs have it really easy in Israel don’t they? Especially the Bedouin. Especially the villages that were never given any legal status in the Jewish state.

    “What I find disturbing, and many Zionists have noted this, is the particular vehemence many Israel-critics level at Israel’s oppression of Jews inside Israel, while they are silent or even supportive of even worse oppression by states against minorities outside Israel.”

    I agree with this. The singling out of Israeli Jews as uniquely evil starts with the error of disproportion.

    From this erroneous starting point an essentialist theology of Jewish Evil is constructed, and, of course, the Old Testament is roped in to prove the point, Joshua and Esther in particular. Mr Atzmon in particular is very good at this line of illogic.

    James Schipper is judicious, as usual, although Jordan is a nice place to be an Arab: Excluding Zionists from political parties on grounds of dual loyalty is a very good idea. I’m not convinced that Rahm Emmanuel is a Zionist hardliner, a Netanyahu revisionist type. The Israeli Right is now discussing extending second class Israeli citizenship to the West Bank Palestinians (the Gazans can continue to starve):

    Anything to keep the Jews on top.

    I would rather be a Palestinian in Jordan than a Palestinian in Israel proper at the moment…the mood among Israeli Jews is turning very nasty indeed…

    “I’m a pussy on the Jewish question.”

    So are we all, so are we all…

    Otherwise we’d just end up hating Jews, an ancient
    tradition in the West.

    I invited Mr Atzmon to comment on this post but he has just declined. He prefers Oliver Stone. what did Sone ever say about Israel? I’m not up to date.

  3. Socialists have moved beyond the race conflict thesis. It’s antiquated and barbaric. Fascist parties are the only place for it.

  4. Because you’d have to invent one. Fpy3p – why not go and read some political theory? It’s an education. You’ll emerge a more rounded man. I don’t know: you could do worse than Joseph A Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Ralph Miliband’s The State in Capitalist Society, and Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time. Ok? I hope that’s a help.

      1. No condescension intended. Who is this guy Yockey? I thought he must be a sports personality. Baseball maybe. Not something I know anything about.

  5. OK, he sounds like a worthy opponent. This from

    “IMPERIUM was written in the service of an ambitious cause. The author, Francis Parker Yockey, holds that it is the destiny of the West to found a universal empire, the core of which will be a Nazi Europe. His book promotes European unity and the expulsion of the United States from the continent’s affairs, as well as a fascist revolution in the United States itself. “Imperium” is a reprise of history and political theory, designed to show why the outcomes of the world wars of the first half of the 20th century were only temporary setbacks toward the ultimate goal.”

    What exactly is the appeal of fascism to a Korean? You know the European fascists regarded the yellow races as Untermenschen? I guess you could always get into Japanese fascism.

    1. Well the Germans never considered yellow race as inferior. They allied with Japan with no hang-ups and in Mein Kampf, the Fuhrer wrote that East Asians were worthy of respect.

      1. “If Hermann Rauschning, former president of the Danzig Senate and confidant of Hilter, is to be believed from his publication in 1939, then Hitler actually thought that the Aryan race would go through a sudden metamorphosis (perhaps as dictated by the cosmological cycles outlined by Blavatsky in the 19th century), a blooming and transformation into another race that was far more superior than the current homo sapien. Hitler believed that National Socialism was a tool which would safeguard this transformation, and his alliance with other fascists like Mussolini were artificial and secondary compared to this objective. And of course, East Asians would be excluded from this transformation of the “Aryan” race, since they were not “Aryan,” or to use a better term, Indo-European (although there is no “pure” physical stock for this cultural-linguistic group, albeit the Nazis thought the Nordic type was the original).

        Due to messianic and millennial beliefs embodied in the theosophical occultism of the Nazis, Hitler became convinced that he was the messiah chosen by the cosmos to lead the Aryans into a new age of domination. The Jews and Slavs were just the first to go, largely due to political expediency of uniting the German people and the desire to turn Eastern Europe and Russia into a gigantic “Aryan” German colony to expand the living space, or “lebensraum”. But also because the Nazis believed that the Jews and Slaves were cosmologically-ordained enemies. I have no doubts that Hitler intended on eradicating all living things from Africa, Asia, and the Americas that did not fit the profile of the Aryan. Strange enough, he would meet this goal by using new-wave ideas of theosophy that had been influenced by Indian Hindu cosmological cycles.”

        1. There are many such fake quotes floating around, I don’t care which website you got it from. The truth is Hitler wanted a regional European bloc dominated by Germany, nothing more nothing less. It is in fact your country, the British Empire, that attempted to conquer the world.

  6. fyp3p…have you read Theodor Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality? Or Erich Fromm’s The Fear of Freedom? Or Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism?

    Just asking.

      1. Irrécuperable, mon ami! The main vibe you give off is hostility. Va rejoindre tes petits amis nazis!

  7. This is shameful stuff, Robert. This ” if you don’t know about and support every other oppressed group in the world but you support the Palestinians then you must be an anti-semite” is the sort of the professional zionist internet partisans like GIYUS seed into every thread on Israel. That sets an impossibly high bar for supporting ANY oppressed group.
    I never argue with stuff like that. Normally, I just don’t go back to any site that permits comments like that, but I know you’re just winding people up for a laugh – not funny!

    Others have made some good objections above, but they missed the big one, the big reason for Americans to single out the Israelis transgressions for special attention – YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!

  8. I can’t speak for fpy3p. Possibly he believes in the core ideology of fascism, but not with Europe and the center. Possibly Korea at the center. Which would make quite a lot of sense, for the world.

  9. The Modern Left in the West, which has adopted Third-Worldism, minority-hugging and European hatred with gusto, errs in singling out Europeans for particular abuse in terms of nation-building. It’s been bloody and awful everywhere and at all times.

    For a noxious take on this, check out J. Sakai’s “Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat”, which has become a bible for Maoist-Third Worldists and their fellow travelers:

    There is a link to a PDF of “Settlers” in the postscript.

    Others have made some good objections above, but they missed the big one, the big reason for Americans to single out the Israelis transgressions for special attention – YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!

    Exactly. Both financially and in terms of blowback.

  10. I thought only the Far Left was third worldist and minority hugging, Trots and Maoists. E.g. Socialist Review’s (British SWP) big article for their current issue on LGBT liberation: “Queer is anti-capitalist.” Huh? Hasn’t the writer heard of pink capitalism?

    The Morning Star Communist newspaper isn’t like that. I guess New Worker (NCP) is even less so. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush, Robert, unless you have good reason. Are the CPUSA cut from exactly the same cloth as the RCPUSA, RAIL, SWP, Freedom Socialist Party, Socialist Party and other groups?

    Third worldism is a very attractive option when your own society looks stuck. When Straight Left split from the British CP under Sid French, some of joined the Turkish CP. That was where the action appeared to be in ’78, before the coup.

    This is a Communist blog, avowedly. So where are the US comrades? I don’t see them arguing on here. There are Jews who are oppressed in Israel, who can’t even meet their basic needs. Israel has gone from a social democratic society
    (for the Jews only) in the 1960s to one of the five most unequal rich countries in the world today (New Internationalist). 20% of Israelis live below the poverty line. More here:

    Good point, Lafayette and LaFleur. That’s the main issue for Americans. Israelis have been spying on you and stealing your technology since the 1960s. Some ally! I don’t think Israel started the Iraq war, but the Jewish lobby would have lined up behind the drive for war.

    Don’t get sidelined though. American imperialism would have gone ahead with or without Israel’s “regional security concerns”. It’s Operation Iraqi Liberation. OIL.

    I’m taking a break from commenting for several weeks. I have some writing to do. Ciao.

  11. Bob,

    Neturi Karta is already in Israel but refuses to pay taxes. Your specific criticism is more aptly applied to Satmar.

    For geopolitical strategy the US nationalist must also emphasize Israeli oppression compared to the others, for the enemies it brings us. The oppression itself the Israeli government has somewhat calibrated according to what it believes it could get away with.

  12. Abiezer if you research the analysis of Ray McGovern and Congressman Moran you get the essentials. The Jewish Lobby was not the only factor but was pivotal in driving the US into Iraq.

  13. Yeah, same guy. I created this new name so that I could log onto Robert’s blog and publish that piece about Frank Zappa. The old name Abiezer Coppe was taken. I couldn’t use it. So what do you think about Frank Zappa fpy3p? Genius or what? Does he make you laugh? Go and listen to Jewish Princess and report back lol!

      1. That’s OK. He was a rock musician and composer of modernist classical music.
        Listen to this, then. (Jewish Princess)
        this, (Bobby Brown)
        and this,
        (I’m the Slime – a political song)
        These are three songs I referred to in my brief appreciation of Zappa’s work:

        There are more links to Zappa’s music in the discussion that follows, a jazz improvisation and a classical piece. I hope you’re a music lover. Maybe you’ll have something to add when you’ve listened to the music. Enjoy it,

        Here’s a nice Zappa quote:
        ‘So, when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, if you go for all these fairy tales, that “evil” woman convinced the man to eat the apple, but the apple came from the Tree of Knowledge. And the punishment that was then handed down, the woman gets to bleed and the guy’s got to go to work, is the result of a man desiring, because his woman suggested that it would be a good idea, that he get all the knowledge that was supposedly the property and domain of God. So, that right away sets up Christianity as an anti-intellectual religion. You never want to be that smart. If you’re a woman, it’s going to be running down your leg, and if you’re a guy, you’re going to be in the salt mines for the rest of your life. So, just be a dumb fuck and you’ll all go to heaven. That’s the subtext of Christianity.’

        There’s more here:

      2. Well he’s dead. He died a while ago. Go to my article, fyp3p, then look up Bobby Brown, Jewish Princess and I’m the Slime on; they’re the three songs I mention, then if you like play the music in the links mentioned in the discussion that follows my article “I still love you, Frank” by Abiezer Coppe. Leave a comment if you like.

        Here’s one of the things Frank said about Christianity:
        ‘The whole foundation of Christianity is based on the idea that intellectualism is the work of the Devil. Remember the apple on the tree? Okay, it was the Tree of Knowledge. “You eat this apple, you’re going to be as smart as God. We can’t have that”.’

  14. “What the Jews do is create a psychological No-Talk Rule around themselves.

    They’ve done this during this round by making themselves The World’s Sad Victims. If you even speak of them they immediately evoke Adolf Hitler and “gas chambers.” It’s just a big psychological ruse, and they use the German camps thing expertly to maintain the “no talk rule.” There is evidence Jews (esp. the rabbis) ACTUALLY HELPED CREATE the German camps thing (and the gas/ovens myth) — explicitly to get the world’s sympathy, get Israel, get rid of the Jews they didn’t want — and to create a “no talk rule” that would last a long time.

    What happens when you create a “no talk” rule around yourselves?

    You get Psychological Invisibility. Pretty soon people don’t even SEE you, as evidenced by IncogMan’s tableau showing all the Jews in the media, right in front of our face. When it’s not permissible to talk about a thing for a long time — no matter how bizarre it is — people tune it out and actually stop seeing it.

    What happens when you have invisibility? You can Do As You Like, manipulate as you like, network as you like, steal and do other crimes — as you like. You are free to do whatever you like unobstructed and un-criticized.

    What happens when you are so free to do as you like? You take advantage and damage other peoples.

    You also corrupt yourself; you become corrupt and wicked. This has happened to the Jews. (Witness 9-11, Jewish porn, Sarah Silverman, ad infinitum).

    So all Gentiles should TALK ABOUT THE JEWS to save them from their own corruption.”

    — Julian Lee

    1. I thought you weren’t into anti-Jewish politics. That site would be considered “anti-Semitic” by the Jewish overlords.

        1. No one seems to know. Possibly the wild anti-Semitism. WP does not allow hate speech. WP are serious dicks in that after they shut you down, often they don’t even tell you why. Plus they confiscate all of your material and refuse to refund your money, both of which are probably illegal.

        2. Fpy3p, it’s not a first amendment violation. WordPress is a private for profit company, operating over privately owned channels. It’s all contractual. When you do business with them, you agree to their rules. You sign the doted line.

          Now, if the contract said you have the right to say whatever the hell you wanted…That would be another story. A “civil” one, so to speak. Even then, they could still kill your site. They might just owe you something in return. You would have to prove financial harm, though. Good luck with that. Attorneys cost money. They know it.

          Make sense?

        3. Fpy3p, I am not entirely sure I follow?

          They own the server this this site is on. They own the software. When you sign up with WordPress, you are borrowing their facilities. You agree to their terms, regardless how much you pay, or how shitty the rules are. They are not just the referee. They own the court and the league you are playing in.

          About the only thing governing them is the laws of the state they are based in, or where the server is physically located(the law is way behind on this, and it’s interpretations vary from state to state).

          You can ask Robert, but I am certain they reserve the right to remove any and all content they feel violates their policy. As a commenter or poster, you are literally nothing to them. Just some IP address.

          What is the solution? Buy you own server and software. Physically own the website. At that point, you are just dealing with a local telcom company for access to their landlines. They could care less what you post. At least until they are subpoenaed by a federal court, upon request of the FBI. 🙂

        4. Dude, it’s their server. They can allow or disallow whatever they wish. If you don’t like it, go get your own server. I have spoken to these guys before. They threatened to shut me down too. They don’t fuck around at all.

        5. They can’t do anything about commenters, but if commenters post stuff that violates WP contract, they will probably delete the comments. They also tend to shut down the blog for a while too. So you can’t let your commenters mess around too much on the site.

        6. This blog is not hate speech. I know the guys at WP who shut down the blogs on a first name basis just about. We get along very well. I know what to do and what not to do. They threatened to shut me down too a while back, but we stopped that. This blog is not hate speech. You don’t think Incogman is hate speech!? WTF dude?

        7. And nothing I’ve posted was illegal right? I’m just trying to be cautious with all these new Internet surveillance and freedom destroying laws that are being passed by the bastards.

        8. he’s being sarcastic. -RL-

          heg @ “comrad” Robert Lindsay: lf he was sarcastic, why would he nearly spell my nick right?

          Do you know that everything in the JEW run marxZiZm is jew codewords? “comrad” is jew codeword for – Useful non-jew idiot. That would be YOU Robert Lindsay.

        1. Ah, heg cracks me up.

          I really love this blog. I honestly do.

          You get so many interesting topics and amusing characters.

  15. re Frank Zappa. He was the Spike Jones of his generation, a skilled musician with a clever novelty act. People who think he was a genius, like Lech Walsea and jacobbauthumley, are simply uncool. The Frankfurt School was uncool. Whether it’s Zionist or Jewish, organ harvesting and trifficking is uncool. When has adding the 2% solution to the mix ever made anything cool?

    Dunderstein Song

    There was a clever picklesnoot
    Whose name was Dunderstein.
    He specialized in organ sales
    Of kidneys and some spleens.
    He made the finest transplant deals
    That you’ve have ever seen.
    And one day he invented
    A liquid nitrogen machine.

    Oh Dunderstein, Oh Dunderstein (CHORUS)
    How could you be so mean
    To ever have invented
    A liquid nitrogen machine?
    Now all the little boys and girls
    They’ll never more be seen.
    They’ve all been shipped to Hollywood
    In Dunderstein’s machine.

    One day David Crosby* came walkin’
    A walkin’ in the store.
    He bought himself a liver
    And he laid it on the floor.
    He began to whistle
    And he whistled up a tune.
    And soon the little liver
    Went dancin’ round the room. (Repeat Chorus)

    Oh Dunderstein, Oh Dunderstein
    How could you be so mean
    To ever have invented
    A liquid nitrogen machine?
    Now all the little boys and girls
    They’ll never more be seen.
    They’ve all been shipped to Hollywood
    In Dunderstein’s machine.

    One day the darn thing busted.
    The problem was to know.
    So Dunderstein, he climbed inside
    To see what made it go.
    His wife she had a nightmare
    And walkin’ in her sleep.
    She gave the crank one heck of a yank
    And Dunderstein was spleen.

    (Repeat Chorus)

    * David Crosby – rock star and successful liver transplant patient. Lives in Hollywood.

  16. Now I know whodareswings is Thomas Pynchon. No-one else writes songs as bad as that – well, Tolkein maybe, but he’s dead.

  17. I have not heard of Felix Draeseke before. My father’s favourite composer was Johannes Brahms.
    If Draeseke has written anything comparable to Brahms’ fourth symphony he is indeed worth investigating.

  18. Draeseke was considered Brahms’ equal during both’s time. The National Socialist regime portrayed Draeseke as the ideal classical German prototype and thus his post-war street cred suffered.

    1. Muah-hahahahahahahahahahaha!

      Oh lord, they never quit.

      What about Chavez? I’m sure the evidence is forthcoming.

      You know I heard someone else was a jew…….

      Wait for it………


      1. Jesus Christ was not a kike j*w. He was a pure Christian Judahite. He was the first great fighter against the kike j*ws.

  19. The Reverend Mao? That’s a new one on me. In addition to being a Jew, he was a Catholic priest as well? Very talented guy…AND he led a revolution.
    So this Jew Catholic Communist priest the Reverend Mao was a bit of a shape-shifter. Heg, help me out here man, isn’t this what Jews do? Shamanism?

  20. Heg, help me out here man, isn’t this what Jews do? Shamanism?

    heg: The jew will tell you any BS to keep your mind from what REAL political power is – what is your state really?

    The state is ten top university, top ten TalmudVision, TV channels, top ten papers and top ten radio channels. That is 40 offices. Who holds the Mastekey to Whore House? Aka White House and who have the copier at FED?

    They are all jews. Some 50 offices is your state and the jew is in all those 50 offices.

    The Soviet state was also some 50 offices. And what did the Soviet state and the USA state 2010 have in common? The JEW was in total control of all those 50 offices.

      1. Lol!

        I remember a Simpson’s episode where Krusty had to show that episode since they banned Itchy & Scratchy.

  21. Anytime a crank tells you as part of a monolith Jewish conspiracy, “Marxist Jews” will effectively persecute “religious Jews”, ban or significantly limit rabbinical training, etc. as occured in the late Soviet, dismiss him out of hand.

    This is tantamount to, but even more absurd, than saying Hans Kung, by attacking orthodox Catholic doctrine and the centralized control of the infallible Papacy, was working as part of a cohesive World Romanist conspiracy.

    1. j*wseph stalin was a marxist kike j*w and a ordained rabbi. Theyll tell you he went to Christian seminary but thats a lie. All you have to do is look at his jaws and teeth that he tried to hide with that cheesy mustache to see he was a kike j*w. his real name in Russian means “jew rabbi.”

      1. Stalin was a Jew?!

        First Jackie Chan’s mother and now this?!

        I don’t know, man. Saying stuff like that causes you to lose credibility.

        1. I think i proved I was right about jackie cohen. But I dont have such a big ego that I need people to hang on every word I say. Just look into it for yourself.

  22. this is one of the most accurate articles on zionism that i have read. most opponenets of israel focus on their oppresion of the palestinians and than zionist say they are anti-semitic because they ignore chinas oppresion of tibetans and turkeys of the kurds. my reason for opposing zionism is their philosophy that all jews are israelis and are encouraged to become a fith collum which is treasonous to the nations they reside and is bad for jews because it will cause all jews to be viewed with suspicious.

    I would be a hypocrite to say israel does not have a right to exist since this nation was also stolen but i do beleive that all zionist should be viewed as traitors in the diaspora.

    1. Mothe*(*&^, I am an American Jew and I support Israel and its right to be there. I do not live there and neither am I interested in going there. Israel was never stolen and was created through UN recognition including the participation of Jew-hating USSR. Jews fought the British Colonialists and put their own lives for that sliver of sand, most were there because Jew haters like you forced them to be there in the first place. Palefruits were incited into rejecting the land they were accorded by other Arabs and through time evolved into tools of Cold War through convenient symbiosis of hate amongst leadership of USSR and Arab World. Through careful grooming and indoctrination they retained conspiratorial and guerrilla skills that their leadership acquired in Patrice Lumumba U in Moscow. It is sad that their existence and struggles were “played” with by foreign interlopers for it is easy to mess-up with undeveloped “child’s” head. As far as dual loyalty is concerned, its a non-issue – why not go around and ask the same questions of an Italian American, Greek American, Armenian American, etc. In fact, I see much more Italian Americans displaying their Tricolore flags everywhere inluding their own skin. For most part, Jews are the most Americanized of the bunch and more loyal to American values including hard work than anything I see today in most of America’s cosmopolitan centers. In some areas they are the only ones that can be referred to as intellectual and have much to tell about America’s past. Not, the current crop of Albanians and vodka stinking Russians that are openly America haters and have entered the country for one purpose – to profiteer from prostitution and crime.

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