Comment from a Hispanic on an Article About the Arizona Immigration Law

From the comments at the end of an article on the Arizona immigration law, from Rosio:

our kids are future of AMERCA! can’t you see WE ARE HUMAN BEENS WE ARE NOT ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS’


Let’s forget about the fucked up sentence structure. Syntax lessons come later. Spelling is first.

You love America, but you can’t even spell it.

Yeah, you’re human beens. Or is it human beans? Pintos or refried?

Rosio’s Tard Outburst was followed by a lot of snarky comments telling him to go back to Mexico and make tacos. That’s shitty, but he asked for it, no?

On a lot of these forums, the Hispanics come on there and make all sorts of dumbass misspellings. Obviously, Hispanics are stupefyingly ignorant. However, having been around Mexicans most of my life, I can say with confidence that these folks are not stupid. They are way smarter than you think. And most of them are way better looking than your average fat White person nowadays too.

Blacks do this on forums all the time too. They go on forums and “fight the White racists” by making posts full of all sorts of idiot misspellings.

Way to go, tools! Fight the evil White racists spreading lies about who stupid you are by acting like a Special Ed student.

People please. Spell checker is your friend. Comes built in with any recent Mozilla build. Mozilla checks your spelling on any forum, blog or other posts you make. It’s like your Mom looking over your shoulder correcting your mistakes so you don’t look stupid on the Internet in front of much of humanity the globe over.

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147 thoughts on “Comment from a Hispanic on an Article About the Arizona Immigration Law”

  1. I saw a post on Alternet that said “we” should just allow anyone who wants to come over the border in because of what American imperialism has done to the third world. There was no discussion of the fact that it is exclusively the working class that has been paying for NAFTA since it was enacted. I saw Luis Gutiérrez on Rachel Maddow say “we all need Maria to watch our kids and clean our house.” I don’t and neither does anyone I know.

    My question to the liberal bourgeoisie is this: Why is it only up to the American working class to pay for for NAFTA and imperialism? When are you going to pay your fair share of this debt you insist we as Americans owe the third world and people of color?

    They think they can distract us from this question by focusing exclusively on race and forbidding discussion of class. Until they face this issue, white working class people will continue to turn right in frustration.

    I don’t blame the people that come over here in desperation, I blame the elites that use us as pawns.

  2. If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard
    If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.
    If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.
    If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.
    If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from
    If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy
    and your fate will be sealed.
    If you cross the Mexican borders illegally you will jailed for two years.
    If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political
    prison to rot.
    If you cross the United States border illegally you get:
    1 – A job
    2 – A driver’s license
    3 – A Social Security card
    4 – Welfare
    5 – Food stamps
    6 – Credit cards
    7 – Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
    8 – Free education
    9 – Free health care
    10 – A lobbyist in Washington
    11 – Billions of dollars in public documents printed in your language
    12 – Millions of servicemen and women who are willing to – and do – die
    for your right to the ways and means of our constitution
    13 – And the right to carry the flag of your country – the one you walked
    out on – while you call America racist and protest that you don’t get
    enough respect.

    1. Well Dave M, this is one of the many reasons that the world laughs at us and doesn’t take us too seriously anymore.

      I mean, seriously, would any other country (particularly a non-western country) put up with this shit?

  3. Blacks do this on forums all the time too. They go on forums and “fight the White racists” by making posts full of all sorts of idiot misspellings.

    I know, right?

    Yeah, pal, way to refute stereotypes regarding black and Hispanic intellectual inferiority!

    Of course, you have idiot white spellers as well.

    But by far, I’ve noticed that blacks are the worst in this regard.

  4. I’m curious, what do many of these pro-immigration Hispanics think of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian movement?

    1. Who knows?

      But I’ll bet that they’ll support whatever is good for Hispanics and bad for whites.

      They want the reconquista to happen, one way or another.

  5. This Nezua guy really irritates me. In this clip he goes on about the UFW “take our jobs” bullshit:

    He fails to mention that there’s more at stake than shitty agricultural jobs. Nezua talks about meatpacking jobs. Back when those meatpacking jobs paid more than $7.00 an hour, plenty of Americans were willing to do them. For bourgeois liberals to say “you’re lazy because you don’t want to work dangerous, miserable jobs for minimum wage or less” is a neo-liberal argument. It amazes when liberals say that. They don’t seem to realize they sound just like republicans.

    The bourgeois liberals who guilt-trip us with “we all benefit from cheap third world labor” don’t seem to mind working class Americans taking all the blowback.

    Liberals like Nezua say “go after the companies that hire them” – but they never do that, because they want the cheap labor or the ability for their relatives to come up here at will.

    1. Nezua’s a piece of shit.

      I wonder how tough he actually is in real life when not dealing with a bunch of wimpy white liberals.

      Like I said before, if he could pull that stunt you mentioned with a white militia or skinhead group, that would be impressive.

      Somehow, I’m guessing he’s just another mouthy bourgeois brown radical who’s mostly rhetoric, but no real substance.

    2. An exchange from Nezua’s site:

      I take it you want to destroy what is left of the US welfare state, then? You cannot have both a generous welfare state and unlimited immigration. There is no longer a safety net in the US for workers who have been displaced by cheap undocumented workers. The latter is directly connected to the former. Is it your desire that the entire US become a third world country, with a tiny elite and an impoverished majority? Since when do leftists embrace the race to the bottom?

      Politically correct “leftists” who support mass immigration are only playing the capitalists’ game. Mass immigration is good for corporations and for rich yuppies who want cheap domestic slave labor. In the ongoing economic collapse, it is a disaster for the working class that is already here, particularly people of color.

      Why do you bother with the yuppies at Netroots, anyway?

      Nezua’s response:

      Please find for me where I stated I wanted “unlimited immigration.”

      What I want is for the workers that this economy (and your comfort as well as mine) currently requires be treated humanely. I want racists called out for what they are, and I want those who preach violence for my people to be attended to properly. I want white supremacist valuation to be destroyed or ridiculed, and I want trade policies with other nations that do not destroy their economies. If US policies do attain this, I want that remedied. Most of all, I don’t want the most vulnerable to suffer for national confusion or governmental intransigence. Finally, I am ready to go toe to toe with any creeps who think they can take advantage of this time and hunt me or people like me. That is what I want.

      I suppose I bother with the yuppies for the same reason I answer comments like yours.

      Am I mistaken, or is he dodging the questions?

  6. “Way to go, tools! Fight the evil White racists spreading lies about who stupid you are by acting like a Special Ed student.”

    I take it that was a joke?

    Actually Mexico until the mid 70’s was a fairly competent country until Henry Kissinger enacted a policy of depopulation control which targeted Mexico and US lead economic measures were put in place to demolish the economy where all domestic food production and banking where taken over by international companies and the country put it in the hands of CIA connected Mexican drug lords.

    LaRouche did a good video referencing this called NAWAPA-PLHINO: The Future of the Americas

    Dennis Hopsicker has researched and written some great work detailing US/CIA history of drug trafficking through Florida in including the 9/11 hijackers.

      1. How can he be a fascist when he is the most anti-fascist person on the planet?

        And the canard of “anti-semitism” is laughable given his organisation is dominated by Jews.

        You have fallen for the well organised and funded anti-LaRouche propaganda campaign.

        1. Nowadays, fascists in the US anyway often say that they are anti-fascists. That’s one of the very strange things about them. That way they get the support of antifascist types at the same time that they promote a fascist politics!

        2. How exactly is LaRouche a fascist?

          Care to explain or are you just going to regurgitate propaganda levelled at LaRouche and his organisation by other who no doubt are probably backed by people with a political agenda like how Bush senior arrested and convicted him in a farce trial?

          There are left wing fascist like anti-Russian Lenin and Trotsky which thanks to Kruschev, a covert Trotskyite and suspected British intelligence asset anti-Stalin propaganda blitz Lenin is regarded as a progressive while Stalin a tyrant with the opposite being true at least to the point where he could operate given the restraints he had to work with.

  7. Are you sure using the article “an” before a voiceless glottal fricative is correct in this case? I thought the only literary exception was for the word “historic.”

  8. No, there are many “literary exceptions” but they are all derived from British Standard English and not even necessary in American academic writing. Still, I find them creeping into my speech more and more and, frankly, it’s creepy. I’m starting to believe it’s more euphonious to say “an heroine” than “a heroine” or, better yet, “an hereditary trait” than “A Hereditary Trait” which begins to sound like you’re speaking to a deaf man. And I’m definitely not an Anglophile.

    1. You mean you can write “a American fascist” in American English? I think we could just about get away with that. Sounds odd, though. You are a Germanophile are you not, erranter? A much more interesting philosophic culture. I am a European temperamentally, though I was born in England. I need to learn a fourth European language. Logically, it has to be German.

      1. AN must always precede a word beginning with an A. Whether or not it must precede a word beginning with an H is more up in the air. It really depends on whether or not the H is silent. In an historian, the H is pretty much silent. I would still like to say, “He’s a historian,” though. There are phonological reasons for the use of AN. With A preceding H, you need to say, UH-HUH in kind of a hard to articulate way. Much easier to AN IXXXX. The N glides right into the vowel perfectly.

  9. But emotionally I am drawn to Italian, which would complete the triad of Romance languages. Difficult choice.

  10. Oops, I wasn’t sure what you were talking about . . . I thought you just meant the H thing. Yeah, the AN with a vowel following is mandatory in American.

    I’m not sure if I’m a Germanophile. Having lived among them, I have to say the Germans kind of piss me off, but most of their philosophers were pretty pissed off by the Germans also. Kind of like the Jews, the Germans are. So focused on Ideas before Data and Facts. Lost in the world of dreams. Pure thinking, with pen and paper and closed windows. Rather unBritish. I like the analytic and empirical philosophers also, but Berkeley is just insane. That shity is rightly named after him. I like Dr. Johnson’s attempt to refute him.

    1. Beautiful country.

      You are right about the people. A nation full of pseudo-intellectuals and wannabe artists types.

      I had a lot of good discussions at German coffee shops with such folks. Real focused on ideas, as you said. Outside of that setting though, they are not the friendliest people around.

    1. Persian. I really want to learn Persian. More than German or italian. I know it’ll be harder. Italian would be a cinch, Portugese even easier.

      1. Persian? Really? I have to ask…Why?

        Is is because you like the way it sounds? Or perhaps you wish to work for the CIA or FBI? 😀

      1. I’m thinking about it. Debating between that and Japanese. I find the Russian women very attractive and the language is sexier than French. Seems like they might be hard to get in the sack without a wad of cash though. The Japanese, on the other hand, are a cinch.

        1. Quote : The Japanese, on the other hand, are a cinch.

          Please be careful how you talk about Asian Women.

        2. So Ged, now is not a good time bring up the fact that I love Asian women for their nice, tight little pussies?

          I also like the way I make them moan, to. It’s so cute… 😀

        3. Quote :

          So Ged, now is not a good time bring up the fact that I love Asian women for their nice, tight little pussies?

          I also like the way I make them moan, to. It’s so cute… 😀

          lol….Hey dude , what ever makes you happy, i think it’s cool, but i was just saying to be careful about touching that subject so soon least you get anybody riled up.

        4. I didn’t say Asian. Just Japanese. I mean, come on, there’s bars you can go in Japan and if you’re American or European you’re guaranteed to get laid. The bars seem made for that specific purpose and what’s different is that the girls aren’t whores. And most of them aren’t that feisty, unlike the ruskies. No harsh words meant toward Asian women at all.

        5. Of course, Japan being a lapdog client state of Uncle Shlomo would go a long way of explaining those bars.

  11. JohnUK, until I know more about Larouche he’s a populist with fascist leanings, AND SOME VERY WEIRD BELIEFS. What’s this about the Queen of England? What does Mr Lindsay think of Lyndon Larouche? However, the video is valid.

    1. LaRouche is very, very, very strange. However, some of the articles on their site are quite good. It is worth a look to read some of that stuff.

      Your first sentence describes him very well.

    2. a) What exactly makes him a fascist? and b) what is so strange about his belief system which you probably heard from other people and ill-informed?

      I will probably post videos which explains his positions mainly that historically Empires run on an Economic system which today is controlled by City of London Banking system as a means of central control and today’s academia, history philosophy, economics and government is based on an Imperial mindset which the founding fathers rebelled against.

      Rothschild’s control England not the Queen or any other Royal family member.

      His documentary film 1932 covers the basic history of this.

      And good documentary as well which is not a LaRouche video going over the history of Central Banking is The Money Masters which is on Google video and YouTube.

  12. Here’s a quick way to change the minds of hypocritical liberals on illegal immigration. Let’s take a vote, state by state of whether we support illegal immigration. Everybody that checks yes will see their taxes increase in order to pay the social costs of their children’s education, their healthcare in public hospitals, extra policing and county services, etc etc. When they are the ones that have to pay for it, I bet every one of those liberal hypocrites will check “no” on the box. I know this isn’t possible IRL, but in theory, I’d love it.

    1. The issue that liberals refuse to discuss is how this race to the bottom is eventually going to turn the US into a 3rd world country. There will be a tiny elite and an impoverished majority. Liberals either benefit from falling wages, which makes them hypocritical elites, or they’re too guilt-ridden to object, which makes them stupid.

      I wonder if people like Nezua are too stupid to see where this is going, or if it’s exactly what they want.

    2. Hey, why couldn’t it be possible IRL?

      Especially here in California, where propositions come up left and right?

      1. I mean, my god, to hear the open borders crowd tell it, illegal immigrants…cough cough..excuse me, I meant “undocumented workers,” are a godsend.

        They boost our economy, give us “energy,” have much better values than us decadent Americans, are these wonderful law abiding people who commit absolutely no crimes, etc.

        Damn, we ought to be getting as many of these wonderful illegal immigrants as possible!

        Every country in the world ought to be begging for illegal Mexican immigration for that matter!

        1. This is proof that liberals are just right-wingers who hide behind a pseudo-leftist stance on cultural issues.

          Some of them are benefiting from the race to the bottom, and the rest of them are just deluded.

        2. They are a godsend to certain business sectors that want cheap labor, but that’s about it. One of the arguments that pisses me of the most is that illegals have brought down the cost of goods for all Americans by working for so cheap. Funny, I never saw houses decline in price here in California after illegals made up the majority of construction workers. I’m guessing this happened in the 80s and 90s. I only saw house prices continue to spiral upward despite how much cheaper labor became. So all that extra profit margin went to the construction industry. It was not passed on to buyers.

          Funny thing is, you can buy a much better quality home in Latin America and for way cheaper. We build our homes out of stucco and plywood. They use sturdier materials down there.

          As for your other points, to many people, they believe immigration is some sort of natural right, just like the right to free speech or the pursuit of happiness. They believe it’s a human right to be able to come here. One liberal I know posted on her facebook page, “Compassion sees no border.” This was from a 40 year old college educated white woman with a professional job. There are a lot of people like her out there that don’t look at border issues from a pragmatic perspective but entirely from an emotional perspective. Once in college a professor of mine was taking up some sort of food collection for a poor immigrant woman that had a lot of kids. One student spoke out and said, “if she’s poor, what is she doing having a bunch of kids in the first place.” And damn you should’ve seen the look of contempt on the professor’s face.

        3. One of the arguments that pisses me of the most is that illegals have brought down the cost of goods for all Americans by working for so cheap. Funny, I never saw houses decline in price here in California after illegals made up the majority of construction workers.

          Exactly. The argument is that corporations were forced to hire undocumented migrants or outsource to the 3rd world because of some demand for low prices by “the consumer”. It was corporate profit-seeking, not consumer demand that first drove these two things. An example is WalMart demanding lower prices from suppliers, who were forced to move their plants to the third world to make a profit, which gave WalMart the ability to undercut mom and pop stores. The people who then lose their American factory jobs are forced to shop at WalMart rather than the more expensive mom and pop stores because their incomes have been slashed.

          Back when my relatives had good unionized blue collar jobs, shopping somewhere besides WalMart wasn’t a problem. There were no picket lines of consumers outside American factories demanding that they lower prices.

          This is why the Nezuas and the Third Worldists are wrong.

        4. One liberal I know posted on her facebook page, “Compassion sees no border.” This was from a 40 year old college educated white woman with a professional job.

          I’m sure she doesn’t have the same compassion for some white family living in a trailer park.

          Her short-sightedness is going to bite her in the ass eventually, but even then she probably won’t be able to add two plus two.

      2. Problem is, your ballot would have to be linked to your tax ID number or social security number and that would cause all kinds of privacy issues and would undermine the secret ballot. Sure the government may know what party you are affiliated with or who and who much money you donated to what party/cause, but they don’t know the contents of your ballot. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that step.

    3. Tulio, I know plenty of affluent white liberals who would have no problem with the notion you put forward. They always tell me; “I make plenty of money. I have know problem paying a little more in taxes.”

      I do not understand this upper-middle class “coffee shop” liberal concept. From my perspective, it all boils down to basic efficiency. Why spend more taxes on illegals, when you can rebuild and expand your own infrastructure instead? A nation should use that wealth to further it’s own technological advantages, and it’s inherent scientific base. To fund the knowledge and education needed to sustain this edge. This, as opposed to feeding an illegal immigrant with five children. A person who in the end takes away much more than they ever put back in. A person from the tenth or eleventh richest country in the world. A country that is so corrupt, it hordes everything at the top, and has no shame in watching it’s poor flood north into it’s neighbors lands. To watch it’s poor work in the fields, and do the lowest of the low in labor.

      In my experience, Black liberals have a better notion of what is going on. Of course, they generally bite their tongue in this matter, and I cannot say I blame them.

      1. Yeah, if you want some real sense on this issue, it’s actually better to talk to flesh and blood black Americans as opposed to affluent white yuppies.

        White yuppies are more interested in saying the right things and coming across as PC than actually making any pragmatic, substantive points.

  13. Tulio, how would you characterise your political views? I always follow your comments with interest, and frequently, approbation. What do understand by “Left” in America? Does it exist in form you could give (even critical) allegiance to? What about Ralph Nader?

    1. Someone once called me a political schizophrenic. I have a hard time putting myself into any particular ideological camp. In fact, if there is any way to define me, it’s that I don’t like ideology and I believe ideology is the enemy of pragmatism. Ideology makes people believe in things that are demonstrably false. So I don’t like it. Saying things like “compassion sees no border” is ideology. Pragmatism tells me that the border is the only thing stopping the U.S. from becoming Mexico. I don’t dislike Mexico, Mexican culture or people. I’ve vacationed there and it has things I like about it just as any culture, but I don’t want the U.S. turning into Mexico, warts and all. I think we’re better off as a culturally western country.

      As for other matters, I think I’m centrist to center left on economics. I don’t believe in neoliberalism as an ideology, though some countries like Cuba could use a good 20 years of it just to get back on track to a mixed economy.

      I kinda, sorta believe in national healthcare though it also scares me on some levels. Ideally, I’d rather have an affordable private system. But if it’s not affordable as it is now, then I let the government bring down the costs.

      I believe the right to have arms, I believe we’re not tough enough on crime. I believe most people’s problems are from lack of personal responsibility, there are just too many dumb parents having too many kids. I hate out of wedlock births and people who openly flaunt that choice.

      I’m strongly pro environment. I believe in population control. There are way too many people I believe for the planet to be sustainable with billions moving from developing nation status to industrialized. The thought of 2.3 billion Chinese and Indians living with same foot print per capita as the West freaks me out. I try to ride my bike to run errands, meticulously break things apart and recycle. I rarely turn on the air conditioner, even when it’s very hot outside. Most the world has no air conditioners and they get by just fine. I don’t need mine running 24/7 either. I’m pretty much a left wing hippy when it comes the environment. I believe in sustainability and I hate suburbs. I think we need to get back to urban planning and people living in dense, walkable cities like they do in Europe.

      On race. I believe most whites are racist and I believe racism is embedded in society at every level. I believe white privilege exists. That is whiteness is most valued and blackness is most devalued. Most whites view their whiteness as a privilege. I don’t believe racism is anywhere near as bad as it was. I don’t think most whites hate blacks, but I think blacks have a higher hurdle to jump over to be respected as individuals than a comparable white. I think racism will eventually die out in the future and David Duke type of racist is already on the endangered species list. I don’t believe people are born racist anymore than they are born Christian or born Muslim. It’s an ideology. So that gives me hope it will eventually die out. The more subtle racism will linger on but I don’t think it’ll last forever. Despite all this, I still think most of black people’s problems these days stem from poor choices and the culture of the ghetto. I don’t like ghetto people, have no desire to be around them anymore than middle class whites want to be around meth-smoking trailer trash. I love my fellow middle class blacks however. As far as race and IQ, I’m agnostic about it. I’ve seen so many studies that point in both directions(hereditary vs environmental) that I’m not sure what to make of it all yet. My gut feeling is that all races probably do not have the same exact IQs, but the difference isn’t anywhere as wide as what we currently see from the tests. I think the gap will converge in the future, if from nothing else because of racial mixing. I see so many mixed race kids now when I’m out and about that I’m convinced the U.S. will be the Brazil of the north one day. I think if theoretically, you took babies from every race and raised them in the same environment, most the gap would be erased though probably not completely erased. I tend to believe Malcolm Gladwell when he said that “IQ may be an indicator of how modern you are more than what your innate intelligence is.” Whatever the case, I’m open on the matter.

      On immigration. Illegal immigration needs to be ended. Right away. Legal immigration should be based on need and also reduced. I also believe in environmental sustainability and zero population growth, so immigration can’t cause our population to grow. I wouldn’t allow any restrictions for those Americans that marry foreigners and I’d allow automatic citizenship for spouses. I believe the constitution needs to be revised with regards to immigration. If both of your parents are non-citizens, you don’t become a citizen just because your mom snuck here in the 8th month of pregnancy and had the kid on American soil. Fuck that. And she should not be entitled to any section 8 or AFDC. We need to crack down on employers.

      As for American power and the military. I wouldn’t call myself an imperialist or an isolationist. Maybe something in between. I think we need a pragmatic foreign policy and we need to learn how to work with alliances to meet goals. I don’t think we should have so many bases in other countries, and I think we could easily trim back our military spending and still be the baddest boys on the block. I don’t think we need to meddle in other country’s affairs. Creeps like Hugo Chavez will eventually implode on themselves in time without our interference. Same for communism in Cuba. Let ’em be. After Afghanistan, we need to seriously get the hell out of the middle east. Americans have no idea how much power is actually in our hands. If we drove the most fuel efficient cars we could find, we could damn near eliminate need for middle eastern oil. As for nation building and other things paleo-conservatives hate, I’m not ideologically opposed to it, but it has to make sense to me and I judge it on a case by case basis, and that’s it.

      On political correctness. I can’t stand it. It’s another ideology and like I said, I don’t believe in ideology because it makes people deny reality.

      On religion, I’m an agnostic. Very religious people annoy the hell out of me. People need to learn the difference between belief and evidence. I don’t mind moderate religion or swearing on a bible or having the cross on L.A. County seal or any of that stuff. I just don’t care.

      So I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

      1. Tulio, we may have many disagreements, but that was one of the most thoughtful things I’ve ever heard any person of any background say.

        At the very least, you have shown yourself to be open-minded and willing to tolerate dissent.

        Your views on immigration are particularly spot-on, although as you’ve admitted, most of your views come from that Doug Mcintyre (spelling?) guy.

        I ought to listen to him more.

        And I think people like Tulio, down in LA, have way more authority on this matter than liberals up in Northern/East Coast states. They even have more authority than Californians like me.

        From what I’ve heard, immigration obviously hasn’t greatly improved the lives, opportunities, and purchasing prospects of non-immigrants.

        Unless some open borders nut prevents me with some compelling, non-emotional, non-self-righteous/moral argument that illegal immigration is good, I’m going to take Tulio’s word over theirs’.

        Yeah, you are right that most open borders advocates use purely emotional/moral arguments.

        (ie. we stole the Southwest from Mexico, kicked them out during the Great Depression and Operation Wetback, exploited them through bracero programs, we’re a nation of immigrants, you’re all immigrants, they’re just coming here to feed their families, etc, ad nauseam)

        But as for a practical argument, the only thing they mention is that they provide cheap labor and help businesses. That’s it.

      2. From a article:

        “About 85.5 of every 100 new workers are new immigrants in this decade,” he said. “At no time in the last 60 years have we come close to this. They’re really displacing young workers at a very high rate.”

        This will end well.

        But even Sum would concede that the U.S. economy is larger, and growing faster, due to the supply of illegal immigrants, and that most Americans with higher job skills are better off for their presence.

        Good for them, I guess. The working class majority doesn’t matter as much, obviously.

        If immigration reform pushed wages higher for lower-skilled workers that would probably stop many average Americans from hiring household help they can now afford. The same is true for some manufacturers and service sector employers as well.

        I don’t consider people who can afford nannies and gardeners to be average Americans. Why should I give a damn about their ability to hire slave labor? I clean my own house.

        “The average wage of the low-income American would be higher. But some of those jobs wouldn’t get done at all and output would be lower,” said David Wyss, chief economist for Standard & Poor’s if immigration reform reduces the low-wage labor pool.

        It looks like the only people who really get a “boost” are the wealthy.

        1. I’m getting the feeling the blogosphere is vastly more intellectually exciting than modern academia. And provides a hell of a lot more truth.

    2. tulio is not on the Left in any way, shape or form really. He’s a bourgeois Black who makes very good money and follows his class interests very well. I suppose in a US sense, he is not exactly a hard rightwinger, but he isn’t really a liberal at all. Maybe he’s a Democratic Party type, and I don’t mean the Left wing of the Democratic Party either. More like the Centrist, DNC wing. He’s either that or he is an independent type not affiliated with any political party at all.

      To give you an example, in Latin America now, he can’t stand Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa or Evo Morales (who “go too far”). Truth is that these are the only chance for solving the region’s horrible problems. Instead he likes Lula in Brazil and Bachelet in Chile. Interesting but their politics were so mild that IMO they got next to nothing done.

      He seriously hates Communism and won’t even give it it’s deserving due.

      I was thinking of tulio when I wrote about how bourgeois Cultural Left Blacks have an agenda about a beef with the White bourgeois on the grounds that the Whites are not splitting up the loot well enough with the Black bourgeois.

      His politics is mostly Cultural Left stuff, and he’s not interested in Left stuff as far as class goes. However, he does hate the Black Underclass, though he won’t admit it much, mostly because he’s not one of them.

      His politics is mostly racial.

      However, he did support Obama’s health care bill, he hates illegals and he supports Obama in general.

      He’s pretty damn smart. Every time I read the racists saying how Blacks are all low IQ morons and those who are not are very rare, I think of tulio, because he seems to shoot that argument down.

      So he’s sort of Obama/Clinton Democrat type. Centrist, DNC Democrat, or even Left independent.

      1. I loved when Chavez handed Obama “The Open Veins of Latin America.” Heh heh.

        I don’t think he’s perfect, but Chavez appears to have acted more democratically than Bush or Obama.

        If Mexico had a Chavez, isn’t there at least a chance more Mexicans might choose to stay in their own country? With Mexico’s current horribly corrupt system, we’re guaranteed a steady stream of illegal immigrants.

        1. Although there is the EZLN, that has a lot of support throughout the country, and another group, the ERP, that is an actual revolutionary armed group that claims that they have supporters in every state of Mexico. They have done some truly amazing attacks lately. The state says it’s just 10 guys or something, but I think that is a bunch of crap. Mexican politics is just shit. It’s been screwed by fake revolutionary politics for too long. Most Mexicans probably still think that they live under a revolutionary government! And there was a lot of fervent in Oaxaca lately.

          You meet actual Mexican from Mexico here and they are another breed. I wear a Che Guevara tshirt and no one notices or cares. Except the Mexicans from Mexico. He’s a national hero with working class people. He’s sort of a national hero period. I told some that I’m a Communist, and they were floored. They were not exactly opposed, but they could not believe it.

          Your average hip, working class young Mexican is almost a Guevarist Communist in a sense. A friend of mine is going to school with Hispanics at the university here in CA and he described them as “practically Communists.”

      2. What’s your beef with Chavez, specifically?

        A Chavez type would be great for Mexico, but most Mexicans don’t think they have a fucked up class structure there that demands a revoulutionary situation. They have low consciousness. The revolutionary party there has grown stale and is totally corrupt. It is shameful that they are still members of the Socialist International, a great organization.

        A Chavez type would be great for Mexico, and the Left won the last election, but the Right stole it while the corporate media lied and cheered it on. Only problem is that the Mexican bourgeois would hate him, and *they* would start pouring up here, like the Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Cuban, etc. bourgeois came here, though granted the Mexican bourgeois would not be too much of a problem.

        1. I’ll admit I need to do more research on him, but I don’t know what news source to trust. Some say he’s building a political machine and doesn’t let criticism from the left be fully heard. Others say these reports are greatly exaggerated. I worry about reports of his authoritarian tendencies, but I honestly don’t know who to trust. Is he for or against greater autonomy for the unions?

          Where do you get your news about Chavez and the rest of the South American left?

        2. No, none of that is true. He’s the finest Left hope in the whole world! Get behind him, he’s great! Venezuelaanalysis website is good. He has no authoritarian tendencies, not really. It’s just that the people are with him. The opposition are completely evil, are out to destroy him and his revolution, are all traitors as they supported two coup attempts, and I have no sympathy for them. He cares nothing about criticism from the Left, and the Venezuelan Communist Party is part of the government faction now anyway.

          It’s probably the most democratic country in Latin America. He keeps winning because the masses love him. The opposition owns like 75% of the media and they are so insanely anti-Chavez it’s not even funny. They are like Fox News on steroids. There’s really nothing in the US to compare to the Venezuelan oppo media, except maybe Fox News. The oppo media is dangerous because everything they say is lies and there’s a danger that they will brainwash the people into supporting them, like how they do here, and thereby derail the revolution. Nevertheless, they basically say anything they want to.

          The “authoritarian tendencies” thing is just a big lie put out by the sickening and lying US media. This is class war to the death. The media in the US and in the West must lie about Chavez – it’s do or die. He represents a serious threat to their money and power so they will say any lie they can make up about him and broadcast it 24-7.

          Venezuelaanalysis is great. Check it out. Almost nothing the US media says about him is true. Venezuelaanalysis usually has a refutation out within a day or two of the latest lies.

          The unions and the working people are running everything in Venezuela. It’s this radically decentralized revolution where all the power has been democratically devolved down to the lowest levels. The workers are all with Chavez.

        3. I will definitely check that site out.

          What do you think about Some people on there think Chavez is just doing “state capitalism”, or is just a social democratic reformist. I guess there will be people on a site like that who don’t think he’s enough of a revolutionary. Plus there are a lot of anarchists on that site. Anarchists just seem silly to me.

        4. RevLeft are idiots. My late father said that politics is the art of the possible. Are the political projects that RevLeft wants coming to fruition anywhere? Chavez works. He’s actually been able to implement his project. He’s just radical enough. If he goes any further to the Left, he will probably start losing elections, the Opposition will take over, reverse all the gains of the Revolution, and the whole thing will be through.

        5. That makes sense.

          RevLeft is pretty funny. There are more flavors of radical on there than Baskin-Robbins. There are actually people that call themselves Hoxhaists.

        6. Hoxhaists are funny. But I saw a video on Albania. In 40 years, they built that nothing place up into a great modern developed country. I don’t see why that is not a good model to use in developing your backwards 3rd world capitalist shithole country in a few decades into a modern developed country.

          I mean, look around at your average 3rd World country. In 1980, Sendero declared war on the Peruvian state. Here it is, 30 years later, and I swear, there has been virtually zero improvement. I don’t like Sendero at all, but something makes me with they would have won. What good was the alternative.

          Peru is shit. Just get rid of it. Wipe it out. Take out the whole old system, wipe it off the face of the Earth and start all over.

      3. I don’t have a problem with Tulio’s politics, even if he does have an element of that black bourgeois resentment you spoke of.

        Sure, he uses the whole “white privilege” Critical Race Theorist line of reasoning every now and then.

        But I really don’t think Tulio’s some angry, bitter black man who despises whites. Of all the online blacks with a somewhat anti-racist orientation, he is by far one of the most reasonable ones I’ve spoken to.

        He even says that internal issues are what plague black people the most these days, which is basically what Bill Cosby says.

        (in many ways, you could say Tulio is more representative of flesh and blood black people because many of them do buy Cosby’s message. It’s mainly those radical anti-racist types who attack him. But I digress)

        Tulio’s hardly a radical, white hating, bourgeois obsessed black person. Who knows? Maybe after spending a decent amount of time reading Ank Mie, Tulio seems very mild by comparison.

        But I really don’t have a problem with him, regardless of our disagreements.

        With regards to his non-racial politics, such as disliking illegal immigration and Hugo Chavez, I still don’t have a problem with his views.

        I agree with him on immigration. And while I don’t really focus much attention on Chavez or other far left leaders, I’m not exactly their biggest fan either.

        I think Tulio has a good mix of views. He’s well aware of issues of race and racism, he recognizes the flaws that exist in our society, and yet I believe that he has a glass half full attitude, loves the U.S. and has a reasonable outlook on race, even if I disagree with him on issues that relate to black people.

        I think he’s a true black patriot. Abagond and those other radicals believe that being a true black patriot means frequently bashing the U.S. as the great satan, using that “tough love” rhetoric.

        Well, Tulio can bring the tough, but unlike those Abagond types, I also feel the love. He’s truly concerned about the well being of this country, and doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against whites as a whole.

        Yeah, he’s fine by me.

        Of all the blacks to criticize as bourgeois non-truly progressive types, Tulio isn’t the one who deserves such criticism the most.

        1. I agree with what Robert said about Chavez. I think Cuba-style socialism is the best bet for the third world. Cuba has stable demographics, good health-care, good environmental record and no huge class divides. I don’t think it’s ideal, because I don’t think there’s much intellectual activity and innovation going on there (unless someone can prove me wrong) but if we were to institute similar governments in Africa it’d be a hell of a lot better than what they’ve got going on now. I think we could send revolutionaries and managing classes of 1,000 people per pop. 1 million, taken mostly from Asia and the West and set up stable govt’s. That’s my way of solving Africa’s troubles, but it certainly wont happen any time soon.

  14. Tulio, I would also like to know how you characterize yourself politically. I like your comments. Basically I’m just a liberal who dislikes illegal immigration. I also am quite protectionist because I don’t like the idea of irresponsible foreign nation’s problems becoming everybody’s problems. Things are only manageable on so large a scale. Imperialism only creates more problems. For example, I have no problems with Islam in their countries, but don’t especially feel we should tolerate most aspects of the culture here.

    Frankly, there’s no good argument for illegal immigration. Nope. Can’t think of one. There are stupid emotional ones for individual cases. But they don’t solve any problems in the end, they just spread suffering around.

    I mean, we white Americans are seeing a huge demographic transition but blacks have seen their “largest minority” status go away over night. And I mean Jesus, all the music, food, writing and culture of black Americans goes back to the earliest days. Seems like a startlingly sudden change?

    1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Black folks are getting screwed by this more than Whites are. At least for now. The “newer” immigrants lack the notion of “white guilt.”

    2. Oh, and I agree with keeping the “Islamic” types out. 🙂

      Seriously. Why not? You can legally immigrate to the U.S from any nation where Islam is the majority faith, so long as you are an atheist or agnostic. After all, it is not a question of culture, but one of faith.

      I know plenty of immigrants from “Islamic countries,” and they take an affront to being labeled a Muslim. I like that. My kind of people.

      It would never happen, but…I can only dream.

      1. I know some Egyptian Coptic Christians who are pretty cool, too. They don’t necessarily have to be atheist-agnostic in my book. Some asylum seekers is okay, as well, but in general, I’m just opposed to immigration for the population issue. But, like Nobel prize winning scientists and dissident artists should be allowed entry. That’s part of the reason France was such a happening place in the 20’s. A whole lot of smart foreigners.

        1. Yah. Most Middle Eastern folks in the U.S are either not too religious, or just plain not Muslim, be they a Christian sect, or Jewish, or something else.

          Or maybe they belong to a minority sect within Islam, thus not really being “Muslim.” Shias, Bahais, Sufis, Ahmadis, etc.

          Europe has an issue with large numbers of “Muslim” immigrants overrunning their towns and cities, namely from North Africa, and South Asia to a lesser extent. In the U.S, it is barely a trickle from these places, if even that.

          Our problems are with Mexicans and Central Americans, and the issues they bring across the border, and those issues are many.

          I am far more afraid of the religious converts to Islam within the U.S. being a real problem. American born converts who become dumb-ass fanatics overnight. They are the potential psychos in my judgment. Sort of like our abortion clinic bombing evangelicals, but maybe even worse.

          They tend to care about things like “Palestine” and “Sharia law.” Certainly far more so than literally any immigrant I ever met from the Middle East, with few exceptions.

        2. No idea about Mizrahi Jews and Arabs.

          The second and third generations of Mizrahi Jews in Israel are pretty fanatical to the state, so any relationship to the surrounding Arabs would be through that lens. They are no longer “Arab Jews,” since they speak Hebrew, and view the Arab as the “other.”

          Mizrahi Jews from Iran, aka “Persian Jews,” never had a problem with the non-Jewish population. Not in any real sense of the word, like say in Europe or Russia. At least not until the current government came to power. Kind of explains why so many Iranians refer to the current regime as the “second Arab invasion.”

          The Persian Jews you meet in Los Angeles for example, tend to describes themselves as Persians who happen to be Jewish, and not the other way around. Just like how most groups from Iran do. The overall culture sort of trumps everything else.

          My own hunch is that the Jews from Arab countries might have a more bitter remembrance of their formers cohabitants. Hence, why they never refer to themselves as “Arab Jews.”

        1. Hey Tulio, at times, you can also be as funny as Chris Rock.

          Your “some of my best friends are white” line still cracks me up.

        2. tulio cracks my butt sometimes. I mean he cracks me up. I could not stop laughing when he was fighting back against fpy on the Asian women/White guy thing.

          fpy needs to realize that we’ve got some really mean Blacks on here, and if you call Blacks niggers, etc. (We do allow that, but don’t publicize it too much) these really mean Blacks will gang rush you and kick your ass really bad.

          I actually encouraged the Blacks and Jews to do this. Some were threatening to leave, and I said, “Don’t leave! Stick around and fight back! Stick up for your people.” A lot of them did and it works pretty well with the racists. After a while, most of them watch their language at least.

        3. …and if you call Blacks niggers, etc. (We do allow that, but don’t publicize it too much) these really mean Blacks will gang rush you and kick your ass really bad.

          I don’t think it’s mean to kick somebody’s ass for that! It’s well-deserved.

        4. You guys can call me a “sandnigger” if you like. I used to get called it all the time. Kinda like it, in fact. Sort of gets me off.

          My shrink tells me it has something to do with my early childhood. Not sure, though.

        5. Alright the picture’s gettin a bit old now. I didn’t even direct any of my vitriol at him, I was pissed about those African students and yet he started talking shit to me.

        6. Alright the picture’s gettin a bit old now

          Fair enough.

          I just find it funny. I’m not trying to disparage you or Asians in general.

          And yes, you weren’t directly addressing him, but when you insult anyone’s race, they’re going to get upset on a personal level.

        7. I call Asians that do things that are dishonorable “gooks,” so if someone of another race does something unworthy, I will call him whatever slur fits, for instance would you refer to a black who murders and rapes an “African-American”?

        8. Make sure you don’t take his advice with the wrong Black person.

          Well of course not. I’m hardly advising him to go around insulting blacks with such slurs. I’m not even suggesting that he use these slurs online.

          In general, I think slurs should just be avoided, as they don’t make you look good.

          (although in the case of Nezua and his bullshit, I did call him a beaner)

          The point I was trying to make, in a humorous and offensive manner, is that dropping N bombs should be avoided.

        9. Besides, from what fpy’s told us, he got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

          I bet he could kick some ass!

          But no, Alpha, I wasn’t trying to encourage him to go around using these slurs. I was just trying to make a humorous point.

        10. *he’s got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do*

          He got? Yuck!

          Through a typo, I just inadvertently used ghetto black English. 🙂

        11. Tulio says he’s black, but his writing style and subjects of interest remind me of someone else. Ironically enough, a rather well known “HBD” blogger, Steve … Oh, it escapes me 🙂

        12. Actually BAG, believe it or not, I used to be somewhat of a “chigger” myself. I didn’t use ghetto slang or dress ghetto, but I used to listen some rap when I was younger. I guess it was just the environment that my generation grew up in. I used to listen to Bone Thugs & Harmony. But I grew up only around whites.

        13. @ Alpha

          Yes, Uncle Ruckus does indeed crack me up.

          The episode where he teams up with that legendary racist musician was absolutely hilarious.

          @ fpy

          I don’t know if I would consider you a chigger for that. To me, listening to rap alone doesn’t make you a wigger/chigger. Many non-wiggers/chiggers listen to rap.

          It has more to do with your dress, speech, and attitude.

        14. tulio is nothing at all like Steve Sailer at all. And lately, Sailer is a racist asshole. Pushing some really nasty White racist Tea Party crap. Like, “Niggers and beaners caused the recession by buying homes they could not afford.” Simply sickening, and it’s not true either.

        15. Actually BAG, believe it or not, I used to be somewhat of a “chigger” myself. I didn’t use ghetto slang or dress ghetto, but I used to listen some rap when I was younger. I used to listen to Bone Thugs & Harmony.



        16. To me, listening to rap alone doesn’t make you a wigger/chigger. Many non-wiggers/chiggers listen to rap.

          It has more to do with your dress, speech, and attitude.

          I think I’m turning into one. I walk with that swaying, swaggering Underclass pimp walk. I have an ego as tall as the sky.

          I greet people with. “Suuup dawg?” “Suuuup nigga?” “Suuuuup Gee?” Shit like that. When people say, “Sup G?” back to me, I turn around, point at them real hard and say, “That’s Oh Gee!”

          I really think there is something wrong with me. I grew up in a nice middle class White suburb and here I am, strutting around like a fuckin gangster. Even worse, I’m 52 years old. Actually, it’s pitiful, come to think of it.

        17. Rob, you’re joking right? That’s pretty hilarious if you actually do act like that.

          Yeah, I think it’s from living around all these niggas and gangstas. Plus, the surfers I grew up with always kind of swaggered around like gangstas in a way, even though there were none back then. They were just badass tough guy White dudes from the beach.

        18. Yeah Robert, that is pretty amusing.

          But you’re right. The fact that you’re 52 years old is what really makes it bad.

          At least in my experience, most wiggers are ignorant adolescents who want to be cool.

          But a proud white man with many years of wisdom on his belt ought to know better! 🙂

        19. Robert, do you, a 52 year old white man, actually say “sup nigga?”

          I don’t know, man. Something about is just too weird for me.

        20. Robert, do you, a 52 year old white man, actually say “sup nigga?”

          Yeah, what can I say? I’m a nigga.

          Everyone around here talks like this. I even wear shoes with an N on them, for Norteno. 😉 I’m not involved with them, but everyone here pretty much claims. They are like the home team I guess.

    1. Yeah, just depends on how you define. Are most whites the David Duke type WN racists? I’d say no. But do most whites think they are superior? Undeniably.

      When I say superior, I don’t mean simply better at doing certain things than blacks. Afterall, blacks think they are superior to whites at dancing and sports. But that doesn’t mean blacks think whites are inferior. I think whites have an overall feeling that whiteness in and of itself makes them better. Which gets into all the whiteness studies stuff you read out there.

  15. Hey Rob, you’ve written a lot about Stalin and Mao, what do you think of Comrade Kim Il-Sung and his project in North Korea?

    1. I don’t like him or his son. I’ve had with them, and they are making Communism and socialism look so bad these days. Plus they kill, torture, persecute and hurt so many people. It’s sickening.

  16. Robert, would you say the Stalinists were more pragmatic while Trotskyites were utopians who didn’t understand the concept of compromise? And what do you think of Kim Il-Sung?

    1. Dunno, the Trots never ran any state anywhere. Stalinists ran the biggest states on Earth for decades. But I still don’t like them, because they killed and persecuted too many people. My position is Commies should quit killing people.

      1. I thought you said the people that the Stalinists killed was because of security concerns and the possibility of imperialist subversion?

      2. Not really. Stalin was just a murderer. Maybe some he killed were Hitlerite traitors. Probably most were not. Most of the people he killed were revolutionaries, Communists, good people. Stalin just went insane with paranoia that one year. And it was wrong to deport those minorities too. I just cannot support that shit, sorry. It’s a pretty typical view on the Left nowadays. Most don’t dig Stalin’s murdering.

        1. Actually I’ve seen many leftists who support Stalin come hell or high water. There’s this guy was born in the UK but is of Indian descent. He has some youtube videos but I can’t remembe his name. Do you know who I’m referring to? Critics call him an “unreconstructed Stalinist.”

      1. Ok, apologies fpy3p. the guy at the back is NOT Joti’s dad, who is Harpal Brar. The guy at the back of her is the economist Taimur Rehman of the Pakistani Communist Party (Maoist). Here he is explaining the economics
        of socialism, with reference to the Soviet Union

        I think he’s pretty good here (the trouble is that the CPGB(ML) go overboard and exonerate Stalin of any wrongdoing. Hence they are not credible). And what he describes is very different from fascism. In fact it was the only thing which could defeat fascism in Europe. Fascism is the rule of big capital, and is anti-union and anti-working class.

        In addition to being an economist, Taimur Rehman is a musician in the Communist
        Laal (= Red) band. Here is a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Urdu, set to music by the band, subtitles in English,

        1. Fascism is opposed to international finance capitalism and is good for the workers because it puts the nation first, not an international cartel of parasites.

  17. I can see why a disciple of Francis Parker Yockey
    might support The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Harpal Brar. That is his daughter speaking. Brar is originally of the Indian Workers’Association I believe. The CPGB(ML) support the DPRK. They publish Lalkar: They are classic third worldist Maoists. When Kim Il Sung farts, he farts proletarian perfume. I agree with Robert about the DPRK – it’s not a good examplar. Emma Rule is another CPGB (ML) figure. She is here, speaking about Iran, and you can link to to 132 CPGB(ML) videos at this address. Emma Rule’s vowels are distinctly upper middle class. Girls’ private school, I would say. Interesting. Good speaker, though.

    1. What do you think of the fact that Kim Il-sung and his comrades were former independence fighters against the Japanese imperialists when they colonized Korea, and that North Korea rapidly industrialized and grew faster than South Korea up until the 1970s?

  18. LaRouche is a pretty strange guy. He started out anti-Jewish I believe, but he now has two prominent Jews in his organization, Jeffrey Steinberg and Phil Rubinstein. LaRouche PAC was once having a street event, where they were handing out pamphlets, and the guy that was in charge of the event for LaRouche PAC was a Ukrainian Jew! I just don’t get that LaRouche character.

  19. Thank you for pointing that out. It is helpful to watch the CPGB(ML) videos to get a balanced picture of Kim Il Sung. So long as you don’t take them as gospel. Read the recent report of Amnesty International on North Korea as well. Leaders go to the bad sometimes. Look at what has happened to Mugabe in Zimbabwe. In fact there are quite a few paralells in the economic indicators between North Korean and Zimbabawe . Would you want those kind of conditions to prevail in the United States?
    Would you like to have to forage for roots to survive?

    1. I honestly do not believe conditions in North Korea are as bad as the plutocratic media says it is. If things were as horrible as they say, there would have been a massive rebellion by now, along with internal regime change.

  20. An interesting article from the Exile:

    You’re probably expecting me to bitch and moan and whine about American aggression and all that. No, not me. The reason I don’t get worried or worked up about immigration is because I know my team will eventually win, period. It’ll take some time, sure. But there can be no doubt about the final outcome.

    Call it what you will: slow invasion, irony, Aztlán, whatever. The reality is that those states will again be filled with Mexicans, and it won’t happen because of some Chicano call to the homeland but rather something more simple, and much older. The best part is, Americans know deep down inside that they can’t win this war. It’s doomed to defeat, just like the rest of America’s occupations.

    We’ll be using the oldest, greatest military strategy known to man, what the War Nerd calls the “War of the Babies.” Aka: population growth. That’s right, we’ll smother you with our masses.

    At least he’s honest.

    1. Yup. Correct, to.

      He is probably right. There is no point in “fighting it” from an American standpoint. The American system is so flawed and hopeless now anyways.

      Just except the change, and do everything to be a member of the upper “ruling” class.

      It really is that simple.

      1. Or if you can’t do that, follow the advice of one of the commenters and embrace frugality, live very simply and stay out of the way of the worst cultural and economic collapse, i.e. big cities.

        If the system breaks down to the extent I think it will, the race to the bottom will eventually hit bottom.

        Reading this blog has helped me to figure out there’s really no point in getting upset about the Tim Wises of the world. It made me very angry, when I spoke of NAFTA hurting my family, to have some guilty white yuppie liberal wagging his finger in my face. Like it’s up to me to suffer for all the sins of the white race, while he lives in a huge house in a rich neighborhood. Realizing these so-called leftists didn’t give a shit about me angered me. You’re right, the American system is so hopelessly corrupt, one can only wait for its collapse.

        The college industrial complex that supports this psyops program is at the top of its bubble, and its collapse will get rid of a whole lot of crap in academia. There are millions of young people graduating today, deep in non-dischargeable student loan debt, with no job prospects at all. Once young people figure out that taking on $100K in debt is a waste of time, enrollment and tuition will collapse. All of the upper middle class “white privilege” pimps will be left wondering what happened.

        I will be waiting with my popcorn.

        1. I think anything is possible.

          The only strategy I have is to stay out of major metropolitan areas when things start to get rough. I don’t see how the government has the resources to go all East Berlin outside of big cities. I could be wrong though. I’m no military expert.

          I don’t have the money to worry too much or make big plans. I just can’t help indulging in schadenfreudy thoughts from time to time, that’s all.

        2. I have a sinking feeling that while ordinary people are getting screwed, the greedy plutocratic pricks will ride out the storm.

    2. Quote : Aka: population growth. That’s right, we’ll smother you with our masses.

      Wow….. re-create Mexico , when things go sour where will they go to next, Canada, Alaska ,maybe Russia

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