The Most Anti-Immigrant Ethnic Group in the US

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The American Indians of USA.

Obviously, they are all a bunch of ranting, raving, seething, vicious, genocidal, hate-filled scum, right? No, wait. They can’t be. Only White people can be racist. I forgot. Silly me.

So where are the Nutcase Liberal-Left and the Minority Professional Victims when it comes to abusing these vicious, evil US Amerindians? Nowhere to be seen. Why is that? They’re all busy beating up on those vile White folks.

Why are US Amerindians so anti-immigration? Think about it. Real hard.

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8 thoughts on “The Most Anti-Immigrant Ethnic Group in the US”

  1. Rob, aren’t the Mexican Amerindians close kin to American Indians? I have a hard time believeing American Indians would see the brown Mexicans as some alien, hostile invading force like they used to see the Anglo-Saxons.

    1. Of course they are, but US Native Americans don’t like Mexicans, even if they are Mexican Indians. LOL. I worked for them for 1 1/2 years and I know all about them. I would tell them that the Mexicans are Indians just like them and they would say, “Yeah, but that’s not us.” Most Native Americans don’t even like other Indian tribes. I kid you not. They only like their own tribe, LOL.

  2. That is in part why the incomers from Europe found it so easy to sweep them aside. They couldn’t even communicate with other…how many aboriginal American languages were there? In addition, new European diseases decimated their numbers early on, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometimes the diseases were deliberately introduced into the Indian population: smallpox, for example, in infected blankets.

    They weren’t one nation, they were more than 500! Some of them made alliances with the whites.

    America wasn’t Israel. The Israelis are having a harder time, and their colonisation project may even go into reverse. The answer of course, if it fails, is for all the rich Israeli Jews to move to Judaeophilic America, and consolidate their power there. Many of them will. There are quite a few Israeli Jews in the States already. I haven’t seen accurate figures. 350,000 is one figure I’ve seen, 500,000 is another.

    1. You maybe right. Being of Jewish origin myself, I feel America is increasingly becoming a dangerous place to life. Thanks to the Marxist, Communists and Nut Jobs of the 1960’s (Yes many of them sadly were and still are Jewish).

      I think increasingly we will loose the US South-West to Mexico and I would not be surprised if this Nation eventually Balkanized.

      There will be too many squabbling nationalities and ethnicies and other “Groups”… in America within the next 10-20 years (there already is). Washington has become a Special Interest Group Lobbying Government. They care not for the common man.

      Yes you are probably right. Israel will untiimately FAIL…. It is already failing. Many will die in the process but as usual the Elites have their US or European passports and provate jets on Stand-By shout the Sh*t hit the fan!

      I really hope we are wrong, as a lot of innocent people will die. What the Elite Zionists have done is a disaster in Israel/Midd-East. The vast majority of regular jews and Israeli want Peace….. Just like the vast majority of Americans (Including Jews) was Mass (Never Ending) Immigration and the Southern Border Fortified… But Alas the Elites/Internationlists have their own plans, and don’t care for the common person (has not cared at least since the 1970’s.

      Thank you.

        1. Hi Robert –

          I was just wondering what is your take on the future of the United States, in terms of our lack of unity (squabbling nationalities / ethnicities) and of course increasing “Hypenated American”…. Do you envisage America to be the America we know in 2050 – 2100? Or else a more fragmented/balkanized America?

          The only “glimmer of hope” (beyond that I am quite depressed for the future path and fragmentation of this once great country) I see is the very substantial Inter-Marriage Rates between whites and Hispanics + Asians I think its something like 30%, much nearer to 50% for US Born Hispanics and Asians!

          Unusually American Blacks still have a low inter-marriages rate (about 5% overall)…. So I am assuming (potentially) a more mixed race/hybrid America (composing of Whites/Asians and Hispanics)… A Brazil of the North, what do you think?


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