Public Service Killings and NHI Cases

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Public service killings – a recent case in Fresno. I think the killer is a hero. The gangbanger pushed his way into the guy’s house, sat down, demanded a drink and a cigarette, and I guess refused to leave. A fight ensued and Brian Waldron, a fine, upstanding citizen, defended himself against the Bulldog gang member animal, hitting him with a stick and killing him.

Then he buried the body, which not a very smart thing to do. Furthermore, you foul God’s Earth by placing such dead nastiness in it. Chopping up the body is pretty horrid too.

Cops call some cases like this (good guy kills bad guy) “public service killings”. I agree. This guy just got caught is all. Looks like he’s going down on homicide charges, but I vote to acquit.

Cases where one gangbanger or criminal scumbag kills another are referred to by cops as “NHI” cases. NHI means “no humans involved”.


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2 thoughts on “Public Service Killings and NHI Cases”

  1. NHI actually has a slightly different meaning in cop jargon, at least according to my cousin who works as a cop in a medium-sized Texas town.

    He told me that they use NHI simply to refer to any dead black person, irrespective of class, or to a dead prostitute (male or female of any race).

  2. What would you do then, with the savage’s carcass? Leaving it in your home befouls your home (More than its original entry did, I mean), can’t just shove it into the toilet…

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