Great Anti-Racist Show from Disneyland


From the highly racist and tumultuous year of 1964 in the USA, the “It’s a Small World” show at Disneyland. Of course, it’s a glorious show, and I’ve been on that ride many times. I probably even rode it in 1964.

After you watch the video for a while, you realize that it’s a great anti-racist and even anti-ultranationalist message. There’s no need to elaborate on it; it speaks for itself.

Sure, humans are different, but the more time you spend with humans from all over the world, you realize that they really are not all that different.

Men act like men, everywhere on Earth. Women act like women, all over the world. And humans act like humans, around the globe. To me, this implies that despite Communist idiot theory, maleness, femaleness and humanness are not really social and societal constructs and formations after all. Instead, these identities are probably coded heavily in our genes. If you don’t believe me, make a friend from or in another part of the world. You’ll be surprised how much they are alike the Americans around you.

This one video is worth 100 Tim Wise lectures and Abagond posts. If you’re talking anti-racism, what more is there to say than this simple message?

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6 thoughts on “Great Anti-Racist Show from Disneyland”

    1. I don’t trip anymore. I have enough problems as it is, and I’m already crazy enough as it is. But I logged 30-40 trips back in the day on a variety of substances. I am quite sure that psychedelics do not damage the brain in the way that most other stuff does.

      OTOH, I could probably handle just about any drug out there. The one drug that is hard to deal with is PCP! That is one fucked up drug. I only took it maybe 10 times, but that was enough. I have heard ketamine is pretty weird too. Salvia is said to be so weird that I’m scared to even try it. So is DMT.

      But psilocybin, LSD, LSA, mescaline, coke, speed, downers, nitrous, the strongest pot out there? No problemo.

      1. There’s one you haven’t mentioned, man. Iboga.
        I wouldn’t try that stuff. Sounds reallly disgusting. Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck is a very entertaining hallucinogenic itinerary. He devotes a chapter to iboga. He ditches his hard-boiled Western materialism on the way and starts playing with some very odd ideas about the construction of reality…evidence of brain damage? Well, not exactly. The guy can certainly write. It’s just that after trying every hallucinogen he can get his hands on he lands on an entirely different planet….Salvia is legal here in the UK. It’s an entheogen.

  1. LOL. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make a bit of fun of the shemites sometimes? Oliver Stone’s apology was pretty funny, right enough.

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